In this section you can watch videos of United Policyholders' live educational programs for disaster survivors. Each program segment features expert speakers guiding survivors through the post-disaster recovery process.  The topics are listed next to each video link.  For more information, email

2015 Valley Fire - Lake County, CA

February 25th, 2016 - Resolving Claim Disputes.  

Debember 3rd, 2015 Workshop - Underinsurance and Effective Claims Communication

2014 Boles Fire - Weed, California

January 13th, 2015 Workshop - Navigating the Insurance Claim Process


2013 Flooding - Colorado

Feb. 4th, 2014  

Flood Damage and Insurance 

Part 1:

Part 2:


October, 24th, 2013  

Flood Insurance Workshop - Loveland, Colorado


Aug. 26th, 2013  

Flood Damage and Flood Insurance Information

2013 Black Forest Fire - Colorado Springs, Colorado

May 15th, 2014  

"Healing and Dealing" 1 Year Deadlines and Decisions

April 3rd, 2014  

Strategies for recovering depreciation and replacement values

March 6th, 2014  

Resolving Insurance Claim Disputes

Feb. 13, 2014  

Post-Disaster Income Tax Issues

Feb. 6th, 2014  

Partial Loss Damage from Smoke, Ash and Heat

Jan. 9th, 2014  

Buy, Rebuild or "Cash Out"

Nov. 7th, 2013  

Construction 101


Oct. 3, 2013  


Contents/Personal Property Claim Help


Sept. 10th, 2013   

Tips for settling the dwelling portion of your claim, understanding "Xactimate", "Scope of Loss", lowballing, underinsurance and partial loss considerations

Aug. 1st, 2013  

Communicating with your insurer, Colorado fair claim practices, and estimating and documenting your losses

2012 High Park Fire - Fort Collins, Colorado

April 22nd, 2013   Healing and Dealing at the 1 Year Anniversary

Jan 15th, 2013   Insurance Claim Dispute Resolution Mechanisms:  
Negotiation, Mediation, Appraisal & Litigation. 

Dec. 13th, 2012      Mortgage Issues and the Emotional Recovery

Oct. 18th, 2012   The dwelling portion of the claim, including understanding 'Xactimate' and scopes of loss, as well as strategies for combating lowballing

Sept. 26th, 2012   'Contents Claim,' including strategies for completing the inventory, the concept of an inventory waiver and depreciation 

Aug. 27th, 2012   Effective claims communication, Underinsurance and Colorado-specific Claims Handling Rules

Aug. 2nd, 2012   Recovery Orientation Workshop

Roadmap to Recovery Meeting August 26, 2011
United Policy Holders "Roadmap to Recovery" 1 year check-in with San Bruno residents who lost homes in the explosion and fire on September 9, 2010.

2010 San Bruno Explosion/Fire 


Meeting #1 Navigating the Insurance and Rebuilding Process 11/15/2010

Meeting #2 Dollars and Sense: Home Repairs, Insurance, Rebuilding and Recovering 1/9/2011

Workshop #1 Inventorying and Valuing Contents

Workshop #2 Repair/Rebuilding 101

Worshop #3 - Insurance Negotiations

Workshop #4 Rebuild or Buy

ARCHIVE: 2007 San Diego Witch Creek Wildfire

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May 1, 2008   Local Building Requirements and Rebuilding "Green"
Apr. 17, 2008   Claims Handling Refresher
Mar. 27, 2008   Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution
Mar. 13, 2008   When Litigation Is Necessary… Strategic Use of Legal Services
Feb. 22, 2008   Tax Implications of the 2007 Firestorm
Jan. 31, 2008   Public Officials Helping You On The Road To Recovery
Jan. 24, 2008   Financing Issues Relating to Rebuilding
Jan. 17, 2008   Working With A Contractor to Rebuild Your Home
Jan. 10, 2008   Non-litigation Strategies for Dealing with Underinsurance
Dec. 17, 2007   FEMA, SBA, SDCBA, Red Cross
Dec. 12, 2007   Legal Issues & Scopes of Loss

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