May 12, 2011

People who lose their homes in floods, hurricanes, and other disasters look first to their homeowners or renters insurance policies for financial recovery help, and if they don't have any or enough insurance, they turn to FEMA, SBA, or other sources such as charities and loans.  But there is no question - it is almost impossible to recover and rebuild after a disaster if your insurance company doesn't pay your claim.  Individuals, businesses and communities need our property insurance system to be healthy and fair. 

Thousands learned the hard...

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April 19, 2011

United Policyholders has been helping Texas residents solve insurance problems after natural disasters since 1994.  Here is a partial list of the insurance claim and recovery help resources that United Policyholders offers to residents of the Lone Star State.   To find information on specific topics, please visit the Claim Help Library and use our "search" box.  If we are offering live educational workshops or events in your area, you will find times, topics and locations below. 


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September 30, 2010

Here is a partial list of claim tips and resources United Policyholders is offering those affected by the San Bruno gas explosion/fire. For more information search the Claim Tips Library.

Roadmap to Recovery Survey

Press Release: San Bruno homeowners struggling with...

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