United Policyholders stands up for insurance consumers through our Advocacy and Action program.  We fight to strengthen and defend the laws that prevent insurers from putting profits before people.  We are a powerful voice advocating for good public policy on insurance matters.  This program includes our Amicus Project, educating decision makers in government and industry, and presenting consumers' perspectives in the media. 

Learn more about our advocacy work:

•  In the Media

•  With Elected Officials

•  With Insurance Regulatory Agencies

•  In Courts throughout the United States  

•  At the National Association of Insurance Commissioners

Learn more about some of the issues we are involved in:

•  Underinsurance

•  Fixing Flood Insurance 

•  Climate Change and Insurance

•  Post-Disaster Mediation Programs

•  Employee Retirement Income Security Act

•  Insurance and Economic Hardship

•  Issue Brief: Price Optimization