Our house fired occurred in Oct. 2013 and the rebuild will be completed in March 2015 due to delays beyond our control: 1. permitting process; 2. contents removal company was incompetent; 3. foundation work, which was scheduled PRIOR to the fire, took longer than expected and caused delay to the rebuilding, perhaps 3-4 weeks. What is the carrier's obligation to cover ALE for construction work which was scheduled on my house prior to the fire? Thank you very much.

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William Hedden

William Hedden is President and CEO of Consolidated Adjusting, Inc, a public insurance adjusting firm. In 1991, he became a licensed Public Insurance Adjuster with the California Department of Insurance. He is also a licensed real estate broker and a licensed B-1 general contractor in the State of California. He earned a law degree from Hastings College of Law and was admitted to the State Bar of California in 1979. Mr. Hedden served on United Policyholders' Board from 1997-2016.