Total loss house fire in California/Am I entitled to my full policy limits?
IN 2013 my house burned down. According to the fire department, the local news, the local paper and my public adjustor it was a total loss. I was awarded my policy limit for Personal property one week after the fire without having to itemize which goes to show how complete the damage was. I then studied my policy. I have 387,300 Dwelling Policy limit (258,200 base coverage extended by a 150% HO 28 endorsement). CSAA provided an estimate for $188K to replace a 3 bedroom, 3 bath house east of San Francisco. I was low-balled. In an effort to get my policy limit for dwelling my public adjustor had the foundation examined by an engineer. The results proved that since my fire had flashed and burned so hot, the foundation was compromised. CSAA sent in their own engineer who said it was not. A third engineer was brought in and agreed with my public adjustor. My claim was on hold for 14 months during this process. I then removed my entire foundation and what was left of my house. I left a 10 x 13 poured slab that was once the garage floor on the lot to park a box container for storage. I then expected my policy limit for dwelling as my loss was total. Instead, I received an 88K foundation supplemental which brought my award to $276K. I ask CSAA if my loss is a total loss and surprisingly they say no. That the “remaining foundion” on my lot has changed the status of my loss and now it is a repair. I then notice my entire estimate is based on a repair. I call the fire department and they tell me my loss was total, but that CSAA has the last word. I have two questions: Is it not a total loss when there is nothing left of the structure and there is no foundation to build on and 2. Am I entitled to my full policy limits in California for a total loss?
structure loss
we lost our place in the CampFire in Paradise,Ca. Our house was built back in the late 40's. It had the original hardwood floors throughout that had been covered up by carpet or other types of flooring. When our adjuster does his settlement with a "rebuild" does the insurance need to pay us for both types of flooring; or just what our feet are walking on at the time of the fire?
Time limits on ALE
My policy says I have $88,000 or 24 months of ALE. It's been 10 months and there is still $40,000 of ALE. Can the Insurance adjuster legally stop payments?
Morgage: interest on escrow account
We lost our home in Tubbs fire. We had a mortgage on our house. When we received money from insurance, the bank, First Tech, took the amount of money necessary to cover our mortgage and placed it in an account. We requested the 2% interest rate for this account. Now, the bank paid us a 0.05% interest rate and wrote us that this is not an escrow account. We tried many ways, but they still refuse. What can we do to get the bank account qualify as an escrow account and get the 2% interest rate?
Unit Owner of a Condo in NJ awarded claim against the Master policy for water damage caused in their pipes in their unit
My question is as the President of the HOA Association, the insurance company issued the check to the HOA association for the repairs. The Unit owner is saying that the check belongs to them. I am telling them that they that I will disperse the proceeds in installments to the contractors who are licensed and whom have insurance. I asked them to sign a waiver releasing me from liability in cause the contractors don't fulfill their obligations. They basically are saying that the check should go to them. Please give me your opinion as quickly as possible.
Is it correct the ins co is only obligated to pay up to 150% of the Dwelling Coverage (Additional Replacement Cost is 50% of Coverage A per the Policy Declaration), despite the higher percentage stated in their Conceptual Replacement Cost Estimate report?
Our insurance company has received the report from the construction consultant that they hired to do a Conceptual Replacement Cost Estimate on our residence destroyed in the Camp Fire. We are very pleased with the numbers in the report which are way more than 150% (173.39%, to be exact) of our Dwelling (Coverage A) policy limit. Off the bat, it relieves us of the burden of having to pay for our own Scope of Loss, a costly and drawn-out process. Per our adjuster's email, this is an "approved report from management". Our adjuster said that the report numbers appear to be high and that if we are not rebuilding but rather purchasing another house, we may not need to go to the extended portion of the replacement cost. He alluded to the 100% of Dwelling limit (Coverage A), the 100% of Other Structures limit (Coverage B) plus Landscaping (5% of Coverage A) that we have received should allow us to buy another house somewhere if we do not rebuild. We responded by telling him that, first of all, we have not decided whether to rebuild or to buy elsewhere and secondly, that the focus should totally be on how much it will cost to replace what we have lost, not what we will be buying. We said we would not start looking anywhere until we have an agreement with the insurance company on the dollar amount they will be paying us for the replacement of our lost house. We need to know exactly how much we have in the bucket to spend before we go house-hunting. Our adjuster did not put up any rebuttals. He seemed to understand that we know how it should work. Our questions to you are: 1. Is it correct that the insurance company is only obligated to pay up to 150% of the Dwelling Coverage (Additional Replacement Cost is 50% of Coverage A per the Policy Declaration), despite the higher percentage stated in their Conceptual Replacement Cost Estimate report? 2. Is the payment for Code Upgrades only payable for rebuilding and not for purchasing another house? 3. How do we go about getting an agreement on the Dwelling Replacement Cost in writing? Is there any protocol that the insurance company should follow? Thank you very much for your assistance.
Post camp renewal with same company with increased policy
Should a post Camp Fire victim renew his policy. Ie no house or little personal property with the same company?
Personal Property Coverage Exclusion
I live in a house now owned by my cousin, previously owned by my uncle. A fire destroyed the 2nd floor and damaged many of the items on the 1st floor. Under "Coverage B - Personal Property" my cousin's policy with State Farm says "Property Not Covered . . . property of roomers, boarders, tenants and other resident not related to an insured. We do cover property of roomers, boarders and other residents related to an insured." Since I am "related" to the insured, is my property covered?
Nationwide Insurance Subrogation Form requested After Camp Fire
We suffered a complete loss of our house in the Camp Fire. Nationwide Insurance has paid our claim and is now asking us to sign a Subrogation Assignment Form stating: "As provided in California Insurance Code Section 2071 and the policy of insurance, in consideration of any payment(s) made pursuant to the subject policy, the undersigned hereby assigns and transfers to Nationwide and its subsidiaries/affiliates and agrees that said Company is subrogated to each and all claims and demands against any persons, firms or corporations arising from or connected with such loss or damages to the extent of such payments. The undersigned agrees that he/she will assist the Company, its designee or assignee on the prosecution of such claims and will execute any and all papers necessary in effecting recovery. The furnishing of this is not a waiver of any rights on the part of Nationwide." Can you please explain your understanding of what this forms means, why this form is being requested and are we legally required to sign it? Many thanks.
ALE Time?
In CA how long is ALE paid
How long does an insurance company have to inspect a damaged roof claim?
Third-party investigating for insurance company as scheduled repeatedly and failed to arrive for inspection. I have selected a roofing contractor but have a limited window before he schedules other jobs that will delay my repairs.
Insurance response time frame
How long does insurance company have to respond?
Storm damage, state of emergency,deductibles
I asked my insurance if they waived the deductible on claims from the storm that went through here causing a huge amount of damage and downed trees. It was declared a state of emergency. Others told me their deductible was waived. When i asked about waiving the person on the phone said that was illegal and no one gets their deductible waived. Does a state of emergency mean the deductible is or is not waived?
Chubb won't pay extended coverage for insured who bought less expensive home out of state
I understood that Insurance code 20519(C) required an insurer to pay out based on the cost of rebuilding at the location of the loss. Chubb is refusing to pay extended coverage because the insured bought a replacement home outside the state that cost not much more than the basic coverage. This relates to the 2017 Nuns fire.
Non renewal & CA SB 894, Camp Fire
I received a notice of nonrenewal from American Reliable. It is my understanding after reading CA SB 894 that if an emergency disaster has been declared and my home is located in the burned area then the insurance company may not refuse to renew my policy for one year, or possibly two. My home is standing, but has exterior burn damage, extensive landscape and fence damage, destroyed shed, and severe smoke damage inside. They are refusing to renew because my “home is located within a wildfire or brush hazard area....”. Can they refuse to renew my policy?
insurance policy expiration and cancellation
Can your insurance company cancel your HO's policy when it expires IF your claim has not been settled?
Paying Premium on destroyed house
My Ins. co. is requiring me to continue paying a premium on a destroyed house. Do I need to pay for something that doesn't exsist? Can I lower the insured amt so that I'm still paying for liability coverage?
Using Code Upgrade Coverage to Purchase a New Home
My home was destroyed in the Camp Fire. I would like to utilize my Coverage A and Building Code Upgrade funds 25% of A) to purchase another home rather than rebuild. Our insurance provider, Horace Mann, is stating that the Building Code Upgrade can be used if code upgrades are required in the purchase of our residence. If my understanding of the CA Insurance Code is correct, I believe the use of Building Code Upgrade funds for the purchase of another home is allowable and not subject to code upgrade restrictions. Is this correct?
Rebuilding in a new location - Camp Fire - Determining insurer obligation for new structure
Hi, The question is regarding how insurance carriers determine the replacement costs for new structures. Our insurer is CSAA (AAA) and we have a replacement cost policy for our structure. After losing our home in the Camp Fire in Paradise California, we're currently purchasing a new home that is under construction in a new development in a different town (using the "rebuilding in a different location" clause of our policy. For the sake of simple figures, lets say the total purchase price of the new property is $600,000. Our builder indicated to CSAA that the lot cost is $100,000. Our total extended coverage limit with CSAA is $600,000. Our "regular" policy limit is $400,000. Our agreed upon rebuild estimate for our destroyed property is $400,000 (CSAA's field engineer created the estimate and we agreed with it) . CSAA initially indicated that the value of the new structure is $500,000 ($600,000 minus the lot cost). This makes sense as CSAA insures the structure and not the land. The new structure is also larger than our old property by about 400 square feet. Since the new structure is worth more than our rebuild estimate ($500,000 vs $400,000), we expected to receive all $400,000 for our replacement cost (we fully expect to use our own money to fund the difference). CSAA now indicates that the new structure may need to undergo an appraisal to "further reduce the value based on what new features it has different than old property". In other words, the value of the new structure may not be $500,000 - it could theoretically be reduced down to under our rebuild settlement of $400,000. For example, If it were reduced down to $380,000 because of additional features in an appraisal, we would only receive $380,000 from CSAA. 2051.5(a) of the insurance code specifies that indemnity is "the amount that it would cost the insured to repair, rebuild, or replace the thing lost or injured, without a deduction for physical depreciation, or the policy limit, whichever is less." I interpret that as we are entitled to the $400,000 of our agreed upon rebuild estimate, regardless of the size, amenities, or features of the new structure as $400,000 is the amount of money it would theoretically take to rebuild our old structure. Am I correct in this interpretation? I am hopeful that our adjuster is just confused and needs direction from their supervisor.
After the wine country fire, we sustained substantial damage to our tree filled lot. We received a payment to remove hazardous trees. Now a year later, more trees need to be removed that didn’t regrow. We already reached our limit. What options do we have
We have already been paid for our trees to be removed that were damaged by the fire. But after a year, the arborist’s “wait and see” approach to some of the trees, indicate more trees need to be removed. Our adjuster said we were already paid the maximum. What are our options to get more money for our tree removal?
extended coverage used to buy replacement dwelling
My home was a total loss in the Camp Fire. I'm curious how I would go about convincing insurance to give me the extended replacement cost up front instead of after purchasing a replacement home? I originally wanted to rebuild but am having second thoughts because the estimates are coming higher than my insurance will cover even with the 25% extended coverage and 10% code upgrades. It would be best for me to know I have those funds available in advance so I don't end up spending money I may not have. I also want to know how they determine if it is a similar replacement and not better than. There are so many variables and I don't want to get stuck paying out of pocket.
Is California SB 894 valid for Tubbs Fire?
On 9/21/2018 Gov. Brown signed SB 894 into law. I would love to know if the ALE extension to 3 years mentioned in Section 2, item 2051.5, subsection b(2) is valid retro-actively to the Tubbs Fire of October 2017, in which we lost our home. I could not find that detail in nor in THANKS!
Going above replacement cost
We had a house fire a few months ago. going through our 200+ page inventory, I've learned a lot about RCV vs ACV and all the nuances that go with it! Fortunately, we purchased replacement cost. We had a 60 inch TV that they said would cost $600.00 to replace with a $400.00 depreciation value. My question is this: If we were to purchase a better TV for say $800.00, how much would the insurance company pay? I wouldn't expect them to pay $800.00 but would expect the full replacement cost of $600.00. That only seems fair to me. When we asked our insurance company (CSAA or AAA) about this, they said verbatim: "If you go over the replacement cost, we will only be reimbursing the amount of the recoverable depreciation that withheld for that item. It is your choice if you decide to upgrade an item and pay the difference." If I'm reading that right, they will only pay the $400.00 depreciation amount? This doesn't seem right to me. Is there precedent for this? Thanks so much!
Content. Claims reimbursement
I have submitted receipts for replacement contents for the month of December2018 and January 2019. In the past my insurance company reimbursed me very quickly. We have a new representative and we are not getting the same level of service. Are there some guidelines or rules on how long the insurance company has to complete this transaction? We submit our purchases on a monthly basis.
driveway and attached patio
Hi there, Can you please advise if the driveway and patios attached to dwelling are covered under Dwelling Coverage A for State Farm? Thanks!
Security deposit
We are renting a house and the owners are requesting that we pay pay a security deposit. Our insurance company said that we have to pay out of pocket because if we were to damage anything we would be responsible because if it were our house we would replace it. But if our house never burned to the ground we wouldn't have to be renting or coming up with a security deposit. Why are they fighting this? Also, we are renting with animals so things are going to be needing to be replaced. So the deposit is going to be used. So is the insurance ALE suppose to cover it?
Coverage A maximum
Our home was destroyed in the Camp fire in Paradise, and in retrospect we were underinsured. We will not be rebuilding in Paradise and other areas of California we're considering are much more expensive. I think State Farm will settle for the maximum dwelling amount plus code upgrade(10%), "increase dwelling option"(20%), dwelling extension(10%). Is there any other factor we should consider to maximize our compensation? Thank you.
If I sent in ALE receipts how long should I have to wait for payment. Do I have to wait to get something fixed if I submitted a quote and have waited 3 wks for a reply?
Low appraisal after the Camp Fire.
Our insurance independent appraiser has submitted a very low appraisal of our home using very low comps and deducting the value of the land before the Camp Fire because that is what was on tax records. What is my best option to approach them? They keep referring me back and forth between appraiser and in house adjuster at CSAA.
Insurance Proceeds Re Complete Loss Camp Fire
We suffered a complete loss due to the recent Camp Fire. Since we can use the maximum insurance funds to re-build or re-buy, do we also have the option of using those same funds to add an addition to another of our existing rentals or pay down an existing mortgage rather than re-buy? Many thanks.
Purchase after Campfire
My husband and I lost our home from the recent Camp Fire. I’ve read the CA laws several times, but some of the language is still confusing. We had 50% Extended Coverage in our policy. Our insurance co. Is saying that the rebuild is about $30,000 short of what we owe. We are thinking about purchasing a new home. Does the Extended Coverage help us?
ALE expenses
We had a total loss of our dwelling due to the camp fire. Our insurance did not offer any housing advice due to lack of availability for such a large disaster. A family member owns a house that I can lease at fair market value. Is renting from family under ALE in this situation legal in California? I have not found this specific info here, Thanks in advance.
Receiving 100% value of content
I lost my house in the camp fire in Paradise California. I’m dealing with nationwide insurance. I have receive 75% on my content. In order to receive 100% I have to itemize everything above and be on the total limit. How do I receive 100% without having to prove my value? They are also holding out on my additional living expenses on the values and how they calculate it. I have contacted the adjuster’s manager. Without any results. I express my unhappiness with a representative of the line and now I’ve been sent to another nation wide representative manager who is dealing with people like me. That’s what I was told. What can I do. ?
Loss of Use
I have received 4 months of fair market rental value and am in an apartment. There are no comparable rentals due to the number of evacuees. I have not decided if I will rebuild or buy elsewhere. If I buy a home now to have a place to live (not necessarily a comparable home), does loss of use end?
No Inventory Settlement - Camp Fire
Hello, I just learned that a fellow Paradise resident, that has the same renter's insurance company as me, was given 100% of his personal property limit without an inventory. I was given 25% with no inventory and for the rest of the 75% they're requiring an inventory. I'm wondering why my settlement cannot be the same as my neighbor's. Please advise. Thank you, Mark
camp fire rebuild or not
Home was destroyed in the camp fire. We still have a mortgage, the insurance company has issued a check for the total amount of the dwelling coverage to both us and the mortgage company. Funds are being held in an escrow account with the mortgage company until we decide whether to rebuild. What are the pros and cons of rebuilding or paying off mortgage and taking the balance.
Replacement option in Ohio
We have a huge fire loss at our home and as per the insurance estimate, it cost to repair is around 120% of the dwelling coverage (I have extended coverage of up to 20%). If I opt for replace option rather than repair, (buying a similar home in the same area) -a) is it allowed in Ohio. b) is the land cost of the new house be included in the insurance payout c) can the insurance company allow us to buy only up to the dwelling limit or they will allow us to the actual cost (RCV) to repair (in this case it is 120%)
My insurance carrier is using ebay pricing to pay us for many items: is this alright? Seems highly unfair and even illegal.
Avoiding tax reassessment when purchasing a new home to replace a home burned down in the Camp Fire
My parents, both of whom are older than 55, had their house burned down in the Camp Fire up in Paradise, CA, and if they buy a replacement home, the cost of that replacement home will most likely be more expensive than the home that burned down. It is my understanding that the new property will be assessed for taxes at the time of purchase. It stinka that they will be forced into a higher property tax as a result of the fire. Is there any way to transfer the property tax assessment from the home that burned down to the new replacement home that is purchased? Are there are there any special circumstances that might apply to make this possible?
Questions regarding ALE payouts
Hello, If someone would be so kind as to shed some light on how to handle interacting with an insurance company as it relates to a hypothetical situation for a friend, I would appreciate it. The situation is this: There is a large family with 2 parents with several children that live in "House A", which is located in the San Francisco bay area. This was the primary residence for the entire family and everyone lived there. At retirement age (over 10 years ago), the parents purchased another home, "Home B" in Northern California. The parents are listed on the deed for both homes but the children are not. The parents moved into "House B" for retirement and changed the insurance on both houses so that "House B" became their primary residence, and "House A" became their second home. The parents were kind and let their children live in "House A" in exchange for paying X dollars per month in rent and keeping the home well maintained, which they have done. There is no written rental agreement that spells this arrangement out. "House A" has been the primary residence of the children for the last 10 years. Three weeks ago, California wildfire completely burned down "House B" and the parents moved back into "House A" with their children and will remain there until they can either find a new home to buy or have "House B" rebuilt. The parents do not want to live in a rental, they want to live in "House A". This can take as little as several months but can take as long as several years. The insurance policy on "House B" provides for, among other things, Additional Living Expenses. After talking to the insurance company, there is coverage for the "Additional Living Expenses" and these expenses are defined as "any expense incurred that would not have been incurred had the fire not happened". The cost of temporary housing is supposedly covered in the Additional Living Expenses. The monthly amount the insurance company is willing to cover "up to" the "fair market value" of "House B" had it been rented out before the fire burned it down. For the sake of discussion, let's say the fair market rental property of "Home B" worked out to $2000 per month. There is a cap on the Additional Living expenses, but that won't be a factor in this example as the cap will not be reached. My questions are: 1) "House A" has been the primary residence of the children and the parents consider it to be the children's home. Since the parents do not want to move into a rental house, what kind of arrangement can be made with the insurance company so that the parents can collect the $2000 per month reimbursement for their temporary living arrangement while living in "House A"? The rent that the children paid covered the mortgage payment for the mortgage the parents had on the house, and while the parents are living there, the children will continue to be financially responsible for maintaining the house. Basically, since the parents paid home owners insurance for decades, the children want to make sure they parents don't get screwed out of the Additional Living Expense money they would be getting had they moved into a rental property. If the children actually owned the house, they would simply write up a rental agreement and charge the parents rent. The children would not keep the money - they would set that money aside to buy "gifts" for the parents when they move into their new home to help offset the money they will lose from depreciation of personal property as well as the structure lost in the fire. The tricky part of this is that the parents are still on the deed as the home owners. 2) If it isn't possible to do that, could the parents deed the house to the children so that the children could then write up a rental agreement and charge the parents rent? 3) If the fair market rental value of "House A" is only $2000 (rent is cheaper up north) but the fair market rental value of a property in the bay area is higher and on the order of $3000, is it possible to ask the insurance company to pay $3000 per month instead? So far the family has not been able to find a rental property in or near the California Wild Fire area. The family wants to keep everything legal and ethical, but since the parents got out of the fire with only a vehicle and the clothes on their back, the family wants to maximize the money received from the insurance company. I know that was a lot to read, but thank you for any advice you can offer. Thank you. (P.S. Sorry for the wall of text, but all text formatting was stripped out of the post for some reason.)
Private Mortgage Insurance on my loan & overpaid property taxes
Our lender has received a settlement in excess of my mortgage balance. My loan payment currently includes PMI. How can I get that portion of my monthly loan payment dropped or ar least stopped until such time that rebuilding is complete and a new appraisal establishing loan-to-value is done? Also, my impound account for taxes is based on the pre-loss value. I have applied with the Butte County assessor for reassessment. Is the lender required to adjust my impound payments once the property is reassessed, and how do I get that money back?
CA Camp fire - home lost, insurance question
We lost our home in the recent Camp Fire. Our insurance provider has made payment to our lender for replacement costs. We have concerns about potential issues with working through our lender to rebuild. Our remaining loan balance is relatively low. Can we pay it off such that we would own the home outright and could we then work with our insurance company directly? Are there any common legal or regulatory aspects to this that would prevent us from being able to do so?
Can State Farm deny mileage ALE following move out of state?
Post Tubbs Fire in 2017, we relocated to Florence, OR. State Farm is paying for our rental house, rental furniture and part of our utilities and mileage since moving here in July 2018, while we look to buy a house in a very tight market. Our 13th adjuster and his manager now say that they are denying mileage ALE and that it should not have been paid us since leaving Santa Rosa. They say "based on your relocation to another state and out of the geographical area of your previous location additional mileage would no longer apply." We believe they are wrong and see nothing in the policy to support their decision. We have been charging them approx 50 miles per day for both vehicles to look for property and/or possible home to buy. Does moving out of state affect mileage ALE? We believe we would have not incurred costs for driving to pursue buying a home if not for the fire. Thanks for a response.
Debris removal
Our policy states the following regarding debris removal: We will pay reasonable expenses you incur to remove debris of covered property damaged by a loss we cover. If the loss to the covered property and the cost of debris removal are more than the limit of liability shown on the Policy Declarations for the covered property, we will pay up to an additional 5% of that limit for debris removal. The County has said just today that we should be expecting an invoice within the next 6 months. I'm assuming according to this policy language that we will need to pay the County's invoice the %5 of our total Dwelling since our home was a total loss and valued above the limits of the Schedule A dwelling. However, we have 50% extended coverage as an additional endorsement. Would this apply in this case? Since the policy statement says that we need to incur the costs, I'm assuming this means that they will only reimburse us after we've paid the County invoice. Any advice on this would be great. Thank you!
Settlement Deposits
Hello, I'm a total loss evacuee from the Camp Fire in Paradise, CA. Via my research online, it's suggested not to deposit checks that say. "Final and Complete Settlement" — especially if it's not the correct or fair amount. I also read that this kind of settlement check is illegal in California. But I have a direct deposit set up with the insurance company, therefore I don't have the opportunity to reject a physical check. How do you advise handling this situation so I'm protected? Should I switch over to physical checks and have them mailed to my temporary PMB box? Or is there an action or protocol I can take with the direct deposit setup? Thank you.
We just lost our home in the Camp Fire - Allstate is asking us to itemize every single thing inside and outside of our home in order to receive our personal property allotment. Can we ask for a percentage without itemization instead?
Just lost our entire belongings in Camp Fire - nothing left AT ALL. Allstate is asking us to itemize but we had the entire contents and curriculum of a home day care business my wife used to have stored in the garage plus a collection of thousands of children's books, dvd's and cds -This in itself will take months to map out - not to mention the library we owned of at least 500 books about theology, child rearing, etc. I read that some insurance companies have recently agreed to pay out percentages without itemization for homes lost in other recent fires - how can we negotitate this with Allstate?
Coverage for purchase of new home vs rebuild
Hello. My husband and i lost our entire home in the camp fire. It is a total loss. We met with our adjuster yesterday. Our adjuster said we can use our extended coverage (extra 25%) to rebuild our home, but not to used to purchase a new home? One of your helpful videos says CA Insurance Code says we should be able to use the extended coverage to purchase a new home. Please advise.
How is depreciation calculated with respect to Actual Cash Value?
Under IRS rules, the age of your property starts with the acquisition date. Does that mean that the depreciation on a roof, for example, that might typically have a useful life of 10 years, would only be depreciated 20% if the home was purchased 2 years ago for purposes of the insurance claim? In this case, the dwelling was originally built over 30 years ago, has had numerous remodels and we have no information on the actual age of the roof as it existed at the time of purchase.
Payment if I don’t rebuild
We lost our home in the Camp Fire. Most of the town is gone and will take decades to recover. We do not want to rebuild. What can I expect from my insurance payment if we don’t rebuild?
Unable to get a hold of my adjuster.
Spoke to my adjuster five days ago but can't get a hold of her again to get funds for living expenses.
we lost all belongings and property in the Camp Fire
If multiple individuals are filing claims should we attempt to get our claim in expeditiously
Mortgage company holds funds with no interest
The mortgage company is holding our re-build funds but with no interest accruing. Is this legal?
"Suit against Us" clause
Nationwide has replied to our request for an extension to the "Suit against Us" clause with a negative. NO. My mother is 75 and trying to repair her standing home. We have had 5 adjusters. One year was not enough time. How important is the clause? Do we need to file a suit before the Nov 15th deadline which they imposed due to sending us the first small check a year ago. Work had not begun at that time.
Are ALE (loss of use) payments taxable for federal or state (CA) taxes?
I have received ALE loss of use payments from my insurance company. Are the ALE payments taxable for federal or state (CA) taxes? Note that my ALE payments from the insurance company exceed my loss of use expenses.
Insurance claim is not sufficient
I recently had massive damage to my home from hurricane Michael. My insurance (Farm Bureau of Ga) called me and advised they were sending me a check for less than a 3rd of what my contractor advised it would take for my repairs.
Title 24 ? if do not rebuild or if I purchase replacement home am I entitled to code upgrades which I have on policy.Tubbs fire victim.
Destroyed home Santa Rosa. Wish to replace home in other area OR take settlement. Am I entitled to code upgrade $$ If I don't rebuild? Or if purchase replacement home does insurance Co. Owe me for all title 24 upgrades?
Rebuild estamite for burned down home. WE had a contractor do a rebuild for our origional house the insurance is asking for another one because they say it is too high compared to other in our neighborhood.
I have talked to neighbors their rebuild costs are $500-$800 a sq foot. The estamite I was told by the contractor put us at $430 per sq foot. We have 4 neighbors who only had damage claims not full property loss. A neighbor who has had full insurance settlement with AAA for their house and belongings with out documentation or a building estimate. We are being asked for contatents inventory as well which I have not started. I have just data collected. I informed the insurance that we had to pay for the estamite and would have to pay to have another one done so would they reiburse for that second one since they are requesting. We have the insurace adjusters estamite and a pre fire appraisal of the house and property. SO they have 3 estimates right now. Help
Architect Fees
Hi there, Having lost our home in the debris flow, we are required to completely redesign our house based on the new FEMA maps and building standards. Would this allow architect fees to fall into Option OL for coverages as they relate to building ordinance changes? Many thanks!
Depreciation percentages
How are deprecation values determined by an insurance adjuster? Does it vary by state?
Deducting the square footage difference between original and replacement property on extended coverage
We are trying to purchase a replacement property and we were assured by the adjuster that we would get approval to use our %50 extended coverage to help fund our down payment. Now, they are saying it is only reimbursable, which means we have to buy the house first and then submit a reimbursement request afterwards. The policy language states that it is a reimbursable coverage. Our adjuster misled us to believe that we would get the full benefit payment after showing evidence of a “purchase contract”. We asked her many questions on this and she provided verbal assurance that they would approve the amount so long as we provided proof that we were “in “escrow”, which we did. Now, our escrow is in jeopardy. On another front, they also now insist that they are going to deduct the difference between the original and the replacement property based on an approximate 400 square foot difference. New, replacement dwelling is approximately 400 sqft larger. Somehow, this works out to approx. $120K of a difference, so it’s really make it or break it. Can they really do this? I cannot find anywhere in the policy that justifies this or even supports it. Seems as though they are making it up??? Are they going to evaluate the window and doors quality versus the original next? Help!
Personal property loss homowners policy
My insurance company requires me to provide them with the amount and date of purchase of personal property if the claim is for over $5000.00. My claim was for $5227.00 They are requiring me to replace all the items, submit receipts and they will then depreciate the items I lost and pay me the depreciated price. I have provided them with as many receipts as I could locate which total $3659.00. I don't have the money to replace these items before they pay me. If I can't replace the items can they refuse to pay me?
How flood insurance and fire insurance mesh in the Montecito debris flow disaster
My mom's house which was rented out was hit by the Montecito debris flow. She had flood insurance and AAA rental property insurance. I am looking for information about how those two policies should work together. I understand from AAA that the flood insurance goes first. Mom has received full payment from her flood insurance. We are still working with AAA on a settlement and it has not been determined whether her loss will go over the limit on her Coverage A but she will definitely go over the limit on Other Structure coverage. What I understood from our adjuster is that the most Mom can receive altogether is the amount of her AAA policy limit. Not her AAA policy limit plus her flood coverage. In other words, the most AAA can be on the hook for is the amount of her AAA policiy limit minus the flood insurance coverage. So for example, if Mom had $100,000 policy limit with AAA and $25,000 of flood insurance and damages of $200,000, she would get the full $25,000 from flood insurance but only $75,000 from AAA because her limit is $100,000. Is that really how it works? I would think that if Mom's losses exceed her policy limits that she would receive up to the limit from AAA and the limit from flood insurance. Yesterday was the first time we had much of a discussion about this issue so I didn't press the matter. I guess it's possible I didn't understand what he was saying, but before I push for clarification I would like to be better informed. Thank you in advance for your help.
On September 26, 2018 a tree fell in my backyard and partially landed on the back patio awning. I called my insurance to file a claim the next day. My homeowners insurance company is Occidental. They at first said my deductible would be $1,000 but are now saying my deductible is $2,500 because wind caused the tree to fall. I want to dispute this because it has rained for a solid 3 weeks and the ground was extremely saturated, which is what I think caused the tree to fall in addition to the fact that it wasn’t windy the day the tree fell. They are claiming they pulled a weather report and this report shows wind in my area at some point in the day. I’ve asked for a copy of this weather report and they are refusing to give it to me. Nowhere in my policy does it give an exact definition of when they can decide that wind was the cause, meaning a specific mph wind. What should I do next?
Buying instead of rebuilding after receiving funds from insurance for rebuild
We have received 100% of our coverage A plus the 50% extension after providing proof of our plan to rebuild (we submitted our rebuild permit), which we had every intention of doing. Initially they were telling us that they would disburse the additional funds as we finish certain stages of rebuild like foundation, dry wall, etc, but they somehow changed their mind (not complaining). However, we are finding that rebuild bids are coming in way higher than expected - some bids are more than double the initial estimate - and we are having second thoughts about rebuilding. Would we be in trouble with our insurance company if we didn't rebuild and opted to buy instead? thank you.
What is the definition of watercraft, pertaining to limitations on insurance policy?
We have plastic sit on top kayaks and are wondering if they are included as watercraft.
Personal Contents List
Can you please provide me a 'key' to rank the condition of our personal contents? i.e. 1 = Like new, 2 = Very good...etc. We received a ranking from our insurance company of: Good, Average, and Poor, but this seems very limited. Please help. Thank you!!
Proof of Loss
Policy reads Send to us , within 60 days after our request your signed, sworn proof of loss which sets forth, to the best of your knowledge and belief. a) The time and cause of loss, e) Specifications of damage buildings and detailed repair estimates. f) The inventory of damage personal property. g) Receipts for additional living expense. Questions. Do we wait for insurance company to request or do we submit needed proof? Do Insurance Companies (Lloyd's) provide forms or do we use those on web site. If more then 60 day's after claim has been placed and the inspection from adjuster ( who did not make mention of this) how should we respond?
Replacement Cost if I build a smaller house
I lost my house in recent fires. The replacement cost of the House lost will use up all the extended coverage . If I rebuild and I build a smaller home costing less will they pay me the replacement cost of the house lost or the smaller house?
Lost our home in Tubbs Fire. We have Extended Replacement Coverage(ERC) ("Dwelling Replacement Cost") of 100%. Therefore we have 200% of Coverage A to replace the Dwelling. We also have "an additional 20% of the limit of liability" for Code Upgrades ("Ordinance or Law"). Our question is- How is Limit of Liability defined? Is it Coverage A = 100% or Cov A + ERC = 200% Our Claims Manager (who oversaw our 1st Adjustor) said it was Cov A + ERC = 200% and therefore our additional Code Upgrades is 20% of the 200% (assuming we spend all 200% on Replacement of the dwelling). When we were re-assigned, our 2nd Adjustor said, "Nope. Code Upgrades are 20% of Coverage A only " Who is correct? Thank you for your expert advice.
Once my electronics are paid for when smoke damage Do I have the right to keep the damaged items to donate?
Can I keep damaged electronics after being replaced after smoke damage
Contents inventory
Is there a time limit on turning in the contents inventory? We are coming up on the anniversary of the fire and are still working slowly on the inventory.
Auto Accident
I recently gifted a vehicle to my college aged daughter. We are both named as the registered owners because my daughter and the vehicle are under my auto policy. My college aged daughter went out of town and without our knowledge or consent, my eldest daughter borrowed the vehicle and was involved in a three car collision. She received the CHP report which states that my eldest daughter was at fault. My daughter strongly feels she was not at fault and wants to challenge the report. My daughter was once on my auto policy but I removed her about a year ago. I contacted my auto insurance carrier to inform them of the accident involving the vehicle and the claims rep informed me that my policy has an Exclusion of Designated Person Endoresement stating that no coverage is provided while any vehicle is being operated by my daughter who was once covered under my policy. They stated that they cannot provide coverage for this accident. I am now receiving letters from the other parties insurance company and attorneys for damages and payment. I do not know what to do. Any guidance or recommendations are greatly appreciated.
code upgrade reimbursement post fire
We lost our home in Santa Rosa during the Tubbs fire in October 2017. Rather than rebuild in Santa Rosa, we purchased and are remodeling a home in Healdsburg. We settled our building claim for the lost property with the exception of code upgrades, which are reimbursed as incurred. Can we rightfully claim code upgrades for the remodel on the home we purchased in Healdsburg? Thank you for your response.
FEMA filing and insurance coverage
The FEMA filing deadline is coming up - should we file even though it was a second home? Does our fire insurance cover the additional improvements to the house, even though we never upgraded our insurance? Since it was going to be a rental, should we get the improvements to the home for purchases to make it a rental (TV, bedding, etc.)
Rental reimbursement beyond 1 year?
Hi, We lost a family duplex we had as a rental in the Tubbs Fire. We were reimbursed rent for 1 year butcare wondering if we are entitled for rent beyond the first year (Just as ALE extended to 24 months for my personal home I lost) because of it being a National Disaster? We are rebuilding but haven’t been able to start yet and likely won’t be complete for about 6 my months. Thank you
I have documented my rebuild costs and been paid out 150% of dwelling policy limits by Travelers for rebuild or replacement. In terms of replacement option, I am trying to better understand the process and factors that may influence my decision. 1. Can I use the 150% rebuild amount to pay for land in the replacement property? My insurance adjuster is saying it needs to be deducted. 2. If my replacement property costs less than 150% of my policy limit, do I need to return the excess to my insurance that has already been paid out? 3. My property was rented for the past 14 months prior to the total loss from fire due to a work location. Prior to that had been my primary residence for 15 years. I had a rental insurance property with limited contents coverage. My insurance adjuster is saying I have to replace with a rental property. Is this something after purchase I would be obligated to verify? If I could rebuild my property and occupy as a primary residence couldn’t I replace and do the same? Thank you for any answers you can provide!
Cash out payment implications for total dwelling loss in the Northern California Carr Fire with State Farm A1 replacement value policy.
Are there obligatory deductions created in the total settlement amount (ie. do you sacrifice the 20% extended or 10% code coverages) if you either opt to repurchase a home elsewhere or if you elect to take a cash out payment without rebuilding or replacing your home? Its pretty certain we will max out our dwelling coverage listed on the policy.
release of insurance checks by our mortage company for partical loss.
Our bank wells Fargo wish to put the funds into their escrow account and monitor the release of the funds to us and the contractor. The bank own less than a one eight interest in our property San Francisco . They do have exceptions to this rule however they refuse to allow us to control our money. Do we insist as we think the bank have the power to put a lien on our property if they want protection without all of this control. Should we get legal advise ?
Advance on Additional Living Expenses
Hi, We lost our home in Sonoma during the October 2017 fires. Our insurance helped us secure a rental through a relocation service, and agreed to pay the rent, though only for the initial 6 months. Later in October of 2017, they advanced us an additional $30K from our ALE to cover, as our agent told us at the time, expenses over-and-above our regular rent. Fast forward to now, and our agent is now demanding we use that same $30K to pay rent in arrears and through the end of December when the $30K will be exhausted (our relocation company has covered the amount so far). Only then will our insurance release more funds from our ALE. We have not submitted any additional expenses at this point, as we believed that the $30K advance was to be used for that. Our questions are: 1. Can they make us use the $30K to pay our regular rent, even if we have a balance on our ALE? 2. What expenses can we cover? For example, we were renting beds, but purchased new beds so we didn't have to continue to have that expense, would that be covered? Utilities, Landscaping, etc.? Any additional advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Greg
Security Deposit
Hello, since the Tubbs fire last October, we've been renting a 2 bdrm apartment. ALE has covered the rent and we paid the deposit of, I think it was $1900, which wasn't that difficult for us to cover. We've found a house to rent starting next month and the owner wants a $7000 deposit. We paid it, but that was painful! Can we get our insurance to reimburse us for that money from our ALE?
We have been in a hotel since our home was destroyed. Our insurance company keeps trying to direct us to temporary housing. Do we have to go their route and work with their (3rd party) housing specialist or can we continue to arrange our own lodging at hotels? Thank you very much.
CA DOI 2051.5 -- What Funds are included for use to purchase replacement property elsewhere
On complete fire loss. What categories of money can be used to purchase property at another location? If the following appraised award was : Dwelling $500k, Other structures $100k, Code upgrades $100k. If the replacement home's selling price is $700k and was built in 2010 and therefore does not contain any code upgrades that were awarded by the appraisal process. 1) Is the insurance company obligated to let me use the $100k in code upgrade coverage as part of the purchase price of the replacement home if I don't install any upgrades? 2) The cost of the land is included in the $700k replacement home. Is the insurance company allowed to deduct the cost of the land value prior to providing the final award. (for example: Since my dwelling and other structure award was only $600k combined. Is it appropriate for the insurance company to concluded that land value to be $200k on the replacement house and therefore the dwelling and other structures only total $500k. Therefore there is no obligation to award the $100k for other structures?
Mortgage company escrow account
In CA civil code § 2954.8, mortgage servicers are required to provide 2% simple interest on funds they hold for rebuilding (at least that's my interpretation). My mortgage company is fighting me on this. Is there any legal precedent to back me up or have other insureds been able to get the 2% interest rate?
Writing letter to insurance
I am looking for help or even a sample of a letter. I need to draft a letter to my insurance proposing a settlement for our personal property. my husband and I have been separated since the date of loss and neither of us will be replacing majority of what was lost.
Reservation of Rights
Received in letter this statement. Please be advised that although we are still investigating your loss, we are doing so under an express Reservation of Rights. Question's. What does Reservation of Rights mean? How do you respond to this? Claim is on Loss of Use.
Statute of limitations of filing against insurance company
Is there a statute of limitations to file against an insurance company? I’m working with State Farm but may claim is moving slowly and I’m concerned that the 1 year anniversary of Oct 8th fires approaching.
homeowners insurance
I had a total home loss in the tubbs fire in Oct 2017. Instead of rebuilding, I choose to buy a replacement home. The insurance company only allowed me to use some of the money from the extended rebuild/replacement funds of the policy. They justified this by subtracting the value of the land of the replacement property from the total amount I paid in escrow. They said this is the value of the replacement home structure to which the extended rebuild/replacement fund would apply to. Is this the legal way to apply the extended replacement money with purchasing a replacement home? Should i file a complaint with the state?
Claims Adjuster at Site
Is it necessary to meet the claims adjuster at the site? This will be the first time to the site for adjuster. Due to health reasons, I would prefer not to meet them. They brought up that it would not be necessary for me to meet them, I planned to, but do not feel well. CARR FIRE, Shasta County, Ca, they are coming from out of town. Slam-dunk, no personal ins, underinsured for replacement, initial contact, said they would send me a check. Thanks
homeowner insurance ratings
Do you have ratings for homeowners insurance companies?
Renters Insurance Payouts
We have renters insurance through USAA. Theypaid for our food loss right away when we were evacuated from a wildfire. But when we returned after the evacs, they told us we might not be covered for ALE or relocation because we did not return to our rental after the evacs were lifted, thereby we moved out at "the end of the month" and didn't secure a new residence to return to during the evacuation period. 3 weeks later, we are still displaced sleeping in a tent while we wait for our policy to payout what we were led to believe are covered expenses so that we could pay for a new rental. Does this sound right like something the insurer can do? If not how do I get them to pay the rest of our claim?
I lost my house in the Tubb's Fire and I am just now getting final numbers on the rebuild cost. In 2013 my neighbors house caught on fire and damaged several of our separate structures and garage. At the time I was underinsured in my "B" coverage. I brought this up with my agent and the adjustor, who allowed me to use contents money to pay for the deficit. Now with a total loss, significantly underinsured (most in contents, "B", and code upgrade). My house was well documented for what I had in 2013 by Farmer's. My policy was never changed after this first loss to cover what I had. It is a replacement policy. Farmer's just told me that because I did not specifically ask to have my coverage increased in 2013 and did not review my policy thoroughly enough to determine my underinsurance, that this is my fault. I feel that if they have documentation of the things that I had, and offered me a replacement policy, that they should have taken into account the things that they documented in 2013 and the underinsurance issue that was brought up at that time. Do I have hope in this case?? Nothing was updated or remodeled after my house was fixed last time, so the documentation in 2013 was what I still had prior to 2017. Thanks. Rachel
defensible space information
we need defensible space requirements with specific measurements. example: do we need to "clearcut" trees for 100 feet around our house?
Fire Victim: Purchase of a house instead of rebuilding?
Hi. I live in Santa Rosa, a victim of the Tubbs fire and I am considering purchasing a house instead of rebuilding on my burned out vacant lot. I understand that the insurance laws in California allow that option. My question is: Will my insurance company pay me the same amount of money to purchase another home as they would pay to rebuild? Also, is it true that the home I purchase can be anywhere in the world that I choose?
certified copy of policy
Hi there, We have been getting the run around in receiving a certified copy of our policy from State Farm. They sent the same homeowners policy packet that they provided already, although this one doesn't have "sample" written across it. Is this all I am to expect from a certified copy of the policy?
Renters insurance theft claim
I was in the moving process and my uhaul truck was broken into and most of my personal property was stolen . I had 2 file boxes which contained most of my receipts and important paperwork . What do i do
How do I start negotiation with insurance company about contents?
I have looked for a form to start the process haven't found one yet . Do you have a form letter or any suggestions. Who do I talk to how do I start it.
Settlement check distribution
My gf and I are both in the policy and the settlement check is written out to both of us (AND). We cannot agree on how to spend it so a joint account is a non starter. How do we split this check without utilizing a joint account?
Disabled- ALE While Looking for Permanent Housing
My neighbor is completely disabled and is currently residing in a skilled nursing and assisted living facility, which is being paid by ALE. She is coming to realize that she may not be able to ever move back to her home and is likely not going to rebuild her home. Right now, she cannot even look for another permanent dwelling. Is her insurance required to pay ALE for 24 months even if she continues staying in an assisted living facility? She does not have the ability to go out in search of other permanent housing.
Kilauea Volcano Advice for a claim
My wife and I evacuated our home in Leilani Estates, Hawaii on May 3rd 2018 when the volcano erupted. We relocated to Hilo 30 miles away to a rental unit within a couple days. During the following week of May 7th I opened a claim with HPIA due to the threat of impact to our home. My agent called back a week or so later and said he would keep the claim open. As the eruption continued through May our house has not been destroyed directly by lava. Our house is 1.3 miles uprift from the active fissures and is impacted by continued volcanic gases, poor to unacceptable air quality and volcanic debris due to the proximity. In late May our insurance agent said he would start sending us monthly payments to cover our rent of $1500 per month. He said our policy covers this because we suffered "Smoke Damage". For the record there was no smoke damage. We signed a 1-year lease on May 4th. The agent said he could only cover us for 6 months however. That would total $9000. Our policy details are the following: *Policy type: HO2 (homeowner primary residence) *Insurance Co.: Hawaii Property Insurance Association (HPIA) *Coverages: Section 1: A) Dwelling $250,000; B) Other Structures $25,000; C) Personal Property $125,000; D) Loss of Use $50,000. *Lava Inclusion: Under Section 1, Perils Insured Against: Item #16: "Volcanic eruption other than loss caused by earthquake, land shock or tremors." *Section 1: Exclusions: Item #2: "Earth Movement, meaning earthquake including land shock waves or tremors before, during or after a volcanic eruption; landslide; mine subsidence; mudflow; earth sinking, rising or shifting; unless direct loss by: a) Fire; b) Explosion; or c) Breakage of glass or safety glazing material which is part of a building, storm door or storm window; ensues and then we will pay only for the ensuing loss. This exclusion does not apply to loss by theft. My question: My agent said that our home will have to burn by the lava for us to make a claim. The fire has to happen for our policy to trigger a payout. He justifies this because of the language I described above in the last two bullet points. On June 22nd, the County of Hawaii Civil Defense sent us an official letter. "AS OF THIS LETTER, THE SUBJECT PROPERTY IS AN UNINHABITABLE DWELLING LOCATED IN THE VOLUNTARY EVACUATION AREA OF LEILANI ESTATES." I think the language in my policy and with the letter from the county, I should make a *full* claim for our dwelling and Loss of Use (A and D). How do I go forward to make this claim? Is there language in my policy that would prevent my claim from paying out?
Should moving expenses (after rebuild) be covered by ALE?
My insurer is stating that moving expenses are covered by my Personal Property coverage (which they have paid in full) and not ALE (where more than $100K balance remains.) It seems odd that moving ... which is a service ... would be covered under property coverage.
Property claim
Hi. We are survivors of Hurricane María. Our property sustained severe damages from the wind and rain. The insurance company´s adjuster reports damages amounting to $36,000. But they are only offering $10,000 arguing that we failed to reassess the property in recent years. As a result, when they apply the per square foot construction cost mandated by the local insurance industry regulator, our property comes out as severely underinsured. We had purchased the property for $125,000 nearly 20 years ago and its value nowadays is below that amount owing to the economic recession. (Of the $125,000 we paid, the appraisal back then estimated the structure value at $40,000 and the land at $100,000) We are filing a second appeal and are wondering if this is an industry practice. Any suggestions?
evacuation insurance for hotel during wildfire
I am currently under an evac warning where I live (Ukiah,CA.) due to the Mendo Complex Fires. My State Farm Insurance coverage indicates I have a $1000 deductible per loss event. Not bad. Outside of this, can I be reimbursed for hotel expenses during the mandatory evac if it comes to that? And what are the limits, restrictions, etc? Thanks, T. Wells
Shed and house fire
Ok so another question, this one more specific. Our insurance has been kind to my mother and I so far as to do with this house fire we dealt with a couple weeks ago. We did receive a draft of items from our insurance which shows what and how much we will be paid for (items in the house that were damamaged buy fire, soot or water or one or the other). But I noticed some items weren't on the list? Should I question them? And my other question is the shed by our house was leveled by the fire, so trying to make an inventory from ash and bits and pieces of burnt stuff is hard. Do I just try my best to remember everything I had in there and then submit it? Thanks again for any help. This is a first for us. Oh and as far as cloaths, they said all was a loss due to smoke and soot damage. So will they reimburse any clothing we buy to replace cloaths damaged by the fire?
Flooding coverage.
Our basement flooded. We don't have flood insurance. How do we file a claim?
Inventory List
Hi. Our house burnt down and I was given a draft by our insurance of items that they have noted the value to. I noticed they missed some items. Am i I intitled to submit an inventory list of my own (I even took pics) to add-on to my insurances initial draft???
My mother and I just recently lost our house to a fire, about 10 days ago. We barely made it out at about 2:30am. State fire investigators say the fire started in/ around our shed and then worked its way in to our home fast. Cause has been ruled “undetermined”. We do have insurance. But we’ve never been through something like this before and were wondering: What questions should we be asking our insurance? Our insurance has been nice so far and has put us up in a motel, but if anyone has any input or advice about working with our insurance-that will make things easier down the road, that’d be Great.
Lender was not named on insurance policy
Our insurer paid us directly 100% of our policy limit since we were under insured on this brand new policy on a feb 2017 purchase that burned in the oct 2017 tubs fire. For some reason our insurance broker forgot to add a mortgagee clause to our policy and hence they gave us the funds directly- are we obligated to pay the insurance funds to the lender?
Carr Fire
My mom lost her house in Carr fire, I need a checklist of specifics we need to accomplish in next few days, weeks, months etc.
Homeowners insurance for homes near FrakIng sites
Is it difficult to get homeowners insurance if your home is on top of or near a fraking site. I understand that nationwide insurance and State Farm insurance will not offer a homeowners insurance at all to homes that are on or near fraking drilling sites
My home burnt in the CARR Fire 7/27 or 28 2018
What do I need to do?
ACV negotiation
What is the best way to start negotiation on contents? We need to increase our Acv, found discrepancies.-letter? if so do you have a sample? Or just start sending them email
My homeowners policy states that we must bring any suit or action against our insurer within one year of the loss. For the Tubbs Fire, we have 2 years to file claims. How do we extend this suit deadline to be 2 years?
One of the special conditions our homeowners policy states: "Any suit or action must be brought within one year after the inception of loss or damage." Our house was totally destroyed in the Tubbs Fire on October 9, 2017. We are trying to rebuild and have not yet settled various "replacement" costs or even determined all such costs for rebuilding, other structures, code upgrades, etc. So we may need to bring suits or actions well after this one year limitation. How do we get this one year limitation on suits or actions removed or at least extended to the full term of coverage for this declared disaster? Is there a "sample letter" available from UP to request deferring this deadline?
Renewing Insurance
My house was destroyed in the October wildfires. My renewal for my insurance is coming due in August. I called the company(ASI) and asked about what to do since the house is no longer there. They said that they wouldn't issue a building policy until the house is 6 months from completion. Should I just pay the full premium, so that I don't loose coverage? Don't want to give them an excuse to not cover the house after it is built(for at least a year) required by law. Mike
Took 8 months to get Insurance check from " Irma " damage to our home on ST john US Virgin islands . Now the mortgage company has the proceeds and will not release any to us without a licensed and insured contractor . we have done most of the repairs .
What happens to the funds if we refinance ? We have shelled out a lot of our own money doing repairs. Mortgage Company says they will release SOME of the funds after we supply some additional documents. A lot of the repairs and clean up were done with cash, how do we prove that ? Licensed and insured contractors are few and far between here and all busy for years to come. We want to do the repairs ourselves and need these funds to do so. It has been 10 months since the damage happened. what to do next ?
Extension of ALE Coverage
We lost our home in the October 2017 wild fires in Sonoma County. There were almost 6000 homes destroyed in Sonoma County alone as a result of the fires. Give the magnitude of the loss, it may take more than 24 months to rebuild our house given the number of people vying for the limited supplies and workmen. Do you have any advice or a sample letter informing the insurance company of such a problem or a sample letter asking for an extension of the 24 month ALE period? What has been your experience as to how willing insurance companies are willing to extend the time period? Thank you.
Bad faith handling of claim by State Farm
Do you see a problem with the handling of this claim? This concerns a water heater leak. They should have told me right off it wasn't covered. The water heater was still functioning, so I didn't know I had a problem. I called State Farm. Had a very difficult time getting hold of the agent.. When he finally returned my call, I asked him what I should do. He said I could call one of the clean up companies. I questioned him as to coverage for that. He said, "Well, you can call them if you want to." Very vague. I called Service Master--just to check it out. They said I had water in three walls, and I needed to get dehydrators on it right away. I said not until I know it's covered. I tried to get hold of Mr. "Agent" again, he was unavailable, so I spoke to another agent, instead. They said don't do anything until you know it's covered. Then they told me Mr. "Agent" had cancelled my claim. I asked why he would have cancelled the claim, when I had water in 3 walls. It didn't make sense. They didn't know. Mr. "Agent" finally called back, and did not explain why he had cancelled my claim, but said he'd reopen it. Service Master called me, said they had spoken to Mr. "Agent", and he had given them the go ahead to put equipment in my house. I spoke to Mr. "Agent" again, and he gave me the go ahead. I told him the other agent told me to do nothing yet, and that I didn't know who to believe. He said, "That's crazy. We can't leave water standing in the walls." I assumed, since he told me and Service Master to get on with the clean up, that I would be ok. Service Master put 3 dehydrators in my house that afternoon. Service Master sent out an Environmental team to test for asbestos, etc. Two days later, the claim was denied. I unplugged all of the equipment. Bottom line, I'm being billed by both Service Master and the Proterra (environmental co.) One wants $900, the other $700. If Mr. Weathers had told me up front that this would not be covered I would not have allowed any clean up crews in my house. If Mr. "Agent" had not given the go ahead to me and Service Master, I would not have been billed $1,600. As previously noted, I held off those services until I was given the go ahead by Mr. "Agent". I did a large part of the demo myself. I bought a dehydrator and two industrial fans. I cleaned up all the black mold myself--inside and outside walls. What's wrong with this picture?
I’ve been collecting data to make a case to ask the insurance company to increase limits. In preparation for that what documents should I request from them? I’ve heard file claims etc. Please advise
code upgrades
After our house burned down we were told that our policy includes the replacement cost of the house that burned down and a provision to pay for any code upgrades in the new construction. After inquiring about this, the agent told us that there is what I think is called a 'rider' that says that the company is only required to pay for code upgrades if we rebuild on the same location as the original house. Is that legal according to California insurance law?
Loss of Use
Hi Again... I have another question about the "Loss of Use" My home burnt to the ground Dec 2017 as I was renovating it. We were about a month or so from completing the inside. I had a renter lined up to start renting it Feb 2018. I had asked the insurance people about recovering "Loss of Use" for the property as it was to be rented. They told me flat out NO! But I still have a mortgage payment I am making on the home while I am now trying to plan to rebuild a home on the site. So I am incurring costs that would be covered by my renter. What are the qualifications for "Loss of Use" How does this apply to this situation, if at all? Thank you!
Policy Protocol
So I had a house fire Dec 2017 and have been anxiously working thru the claim with the insurance people. I have also been tirelessly working on a new plan to rebuild the home as it was a total loss. So I am now at the juncture of getting a builder risk policy for the new build and I am confused. I have to renew the existing policy this coming month, so time is of the essence. How does this all work... do I renew the existing policy? They will only take a FULL years payment for it. They will not do monthly payments. And that would be almost $2000. How does this effect my policy since I am currently working thru the loss with them? If I cancel this policy to take a builder's risk policy can they not pay me the rest of the money due, like the 25% replacement costs? I have been talking with other companies about the builder risk policy and they keep saying it does not carry liability so I would need for a policy to be in place. The company I am currently insured with also gave me a quote and said that their policy does have coverage for liability up to $300k. Is this enough liability thru the build? I really don't want to mess something up here by cancelling the existing policy and find out they wash their hands of me right there... Please help me understand all of this. Thank you!!
Insurance claim
Filed a claim on our camper and tje claim was in motion and 2 weeks later we had a bad hail storm and ins totatled our camper so she told us we couldnt have the first claim check not to cash it. Its 2 digferent claims?
Damage caused by a contractor and his insurance company has depreciated the claim by 80%
I recently had carpet installed. The carpet company used a sub-contractor to install the carpet, and they caused significant damage to my woodwork and doors. A claim was apparently filed by the carpet company (on my behalf?) against the sub-contractors insurance. The replacement cost is estimated at $4549.45, and they have applied depreciation at ~80% to arrive at a payout of $1776.51. The estimate involves removing the woodwork and refinishing it where possible, but there are portions that cannot be removed brought back to it's original condition (there are divets in the woodwork . While my home is 18 years old, depreciating woodwork, particularly with a contractors insurance policy, seems wrong. Any help on how I should proceed would be appreciated.
Chaninging insurance adjuster
First thank you. You have saved us heartache and anguish related to Tubbs Fire. We have large claim on a new construction completed in 2016. We have been switched to new adjusters 4 times within Travelers within the ‘major case’ division with no explanation. There is ~$1million delta on bucket A between our GC and travelers estimator (who never looked at any pictures of the house) I undersyand that if switched more than twice among adjusters, policyholders have a right to all the documentation within Travellers ? Can you cite the state law that can support me on this when I emailed Travellers? I would like to have a bulletproof documentation as I am interviewing public adjusters now to do this tedious work I would like to have a bulletproof documentation as I am interviewing public adjusters now to do this tedious work again thank you so much for helping us his horror
Tubbs Fire: Ordinance or Law; Coverage A - Endorsement for Dwelling Replacement Cost
We have an additional Endorsement for Dwelling Replacement Cost (DRC). It reads "we will settle covered losses to the dwelling under Coverage A, up to 150% of the limit of liability shown in the Declarations for Coverage A ..." While trying to clarify our coverage limits, the Director of our 1st insurance adjustor told us our Ordinance or Law (OL) coverage is up to 20% of this 150% (Coverage A + DRC). However, our new insurance adjuster states it is 20% of 100% (Cov A). Who is correct?
Scheduled property
We lost our home to the Tubbs Fire Oct 2017. We received full replacement for our scheduled property (jewelry). Are we required to replace the scheduled property with ‘like and kind’? Is there a time limit to replace (1 vs 2 years for national disaster)? Are we required to show ‘proof of replacement’ to our insurance carrier? We hope to use the money to help cover our rebuild as we were underinsured.
underinsured policy
My two homes were completely destroyed by fire/Lava in Kapoho Hawaii. June 2018. My claims adjuster called saying they would pay the maximun for the dwellings $182,000 $85,000 He went on to say I was underinsured and a conservative amount to rebuild would be $251,000 $130,000 My question is : Is it the agent's or insurance company's legal or professional duty to alert/offer guidance to poicyholders that are underinsured? Does this vary from state to state? Can I recover any additional pay out? Will I need a lawyer? It seems unethical on their part. I have HPIA, Island Insurance. I have had policies for 20 + years Thank you, Cindy Aragon
Insurance payment to insured if there is no existing mortgage or loan
I asked my insurance agent to whom a payment would be made in the case of a claim for my home since I have no existing mortgage or liens and own my home outright. He said :"...any checks for structural damage that is over $5000 are written to you and your bank..." I have asked him if this a company policy or is there a legal requirement regarding this and am awaiting the answer. But it concerns me that I would not be directly paid for damages when I have no loans or liens against my house title. I am wondering if there is some legal requirement in California Insurance Code regarding this or is it just an individual company's policy? Currently I have Allied/Nationwide for my coverage but am looking at switching to Safeco. Thank you for your help with this enquiry!
Loss of mature trees
We lost our property in Kapoho Vacationlad om the Kilauea lava eruption. We were insured for both fire and loss due to volcanic eruption. It appears that landscaping is covered by our policy, but I'm uncertain how to estimate the replacement value of mature trees, bushes and other landscaping. Any advice would be appreciated. We have a lot of photos of our property that show the landscaping.
Advance Payment
I lost my home on June 4th, 2018; it was totally destroyed. The land is also totally destroyed and worth $0.00, according to the County of Hawaii Property Tax office. I am insured by Lloyds of London, and RPS is processing my claim. RPS sent me a form by email on June 8, 2018 to sign to get a $5,000 advance payment for the contents of my home. I am not in need of an advance payment; I just want to recover the worth of my home and its contents up to the amount I have insured it. Is the advance payment document a trick to pin me down to agreeing to certain language which will prevent me from collecting on the worth of the contents (up to my insured amount)?
I have 29,000 in loss of use on my policy. Home destroyed in lava
I just had a home remodeled, not my primary residence which was destroyed. My rental home in vacant. Will the insurance company pay me fair market value for my rental if I move into it instead of me having to renting something else?
Is there a household inventory list I can get an idea of what should be on it.
My home was destroyed by lava. do you have a sample of what should be in my personal inventory list? some of it I do not have pictures of and I do not have any sales receipts is this going to make it so I can not get any reimbursement
Mortgage on my home that was destroyed in the Tubbs fire
My mortgage lender is in another state. I am in Calif. I am requesting they send back all the excess funds sent via my insurance co. for my rebuild. They want to hold all the funds and disburse accordingly. My builder needs funds upfront for the rebuild. Please advise
Safeco policy wording
I requested a certified copy of my Safeco policy after the Tubbs fire in Santa Rosa, which destroyed my home. I requested a certified copy of my policy. They send me a policy, and the Policy Declarations page has my name on it, but the actual policy does not hame my name of it,, and it doesn't say "copy" anywhere. In addition, on the table of contents, there are many lines of #########, with no policy definitions. There is nothing to indicate that this is my policy. I did not receive any endorsements; I did not receive a California endorsement or addendum. I would appreciate your thinking on this. Thank you.
Buying a replacement home
Hello UP Experts, We are California Wildfire survivors in Santa Rosa, CA and lost our home completely to the Tubbs fire. We have recently begun to consider purchasing a home instead of rebuilding. Allstate has paid out our dwelling limit, which is currently being held in an escrow account with our credit union, the holder of our mortgage. We are entitled to our extended coverage endorsement for the dwelling as we had a premium homeowners policy. This is written as an additional %50 above the dwelling limit. I understand from your FAQ's that in California, we could be entitled to the entire %150 of dwelling coverage in the event we decide to replace the home with another of like kind and quality. We recently looked at a home for sale, built in the same year as our lost home, but with an extra 500 Square feet and an additional bedroom. So, it is a larger home, but has been a rental for a couple years and is very outdated and needs a lot of materials replaced (carpet, appliances, countertops, etc...). What advice can you provide me to start the negotiation process with Allstate? I have so far sent them an email with a link to the Zillow website detailing the property. I suppose we'll just wait to see what they say. I'm looking for some additional assurance that we may be entitled to the entire %150 for the purchase of a replacement home. I understand there will be negotiating points and we may need to pay off the mortgage prior to purchasing. I can provide more details if needed. The tricky part of purchasing a replacement home is that, in this real estate market post disaster, there is little inventory, and decisions need to be made as fast as possible. So, I suppose one strategy is to complete negotiations with them prior to putting an offer on a home. Please advise... Thank you! Christopher Jones
Family has run out of temp housing funds what can I do?
Me and my family had a fire back in August 2017, there was a Restoration company that came out to board up the property. They offered there assistance to restore my home gave me quotes worked with the insurance company and I gave them the contract. We found a house to rent. I had funds for six months the funds ran out and the contractor still wasn't finished with the house so he agreed to pay the additional months we needed to rent. It has been nine months and the person we were renting from has sold the house so we have to move in 2 weeks with no where to go. Only work that has been done in the house was the drywall was removed and some plumbing the electrical had to be redone in the entire house and it's still not done and we have no money left for housing. What is my options? The contractor said that he may have to put us in a hotel again which is where we were before the rental of the house. I'm afraid that he might try and take the repair money for our housing.
In 2012 my insurance carrier lowered my coverage mid year from $816000 to $643800 without my consent or knowledge. The limit was raised to account for inflation every year since and in 2017 my limit was $772200. I lost my home in the Tubbs Fire. I had not paid close enough attention to my policy to notice this decrease in coverage. I only found out about this decrease in coverage after I asked my insurance company to investigate why I was underinsured. What legal recourse do I have against my carrier for being underinsured. My policy was changed about 2 years ago to state that I am responsible for ensuring that I am adequately insured.
Burden of Proof
Under CA law, is it true the insured/policy holder has the burden of proving coverage under the policy and the insurer has the burden of proving exclusions from coverage?
Is there any risk on paying off my mortgage on damaged house
I lost my house completely at Santa Rosa wildfire Oct 8 2017. Currently I have a mortgage on the property and mortgage is also holding the equivalent amount in escrow for insurance proceeds I received. I wonder if there is any downside from Insurance claim process perspective to use that escrow $$ to pay off the entire mortgage to increase my credit limit and avoid interest. Many thanks!
Loss of Use
We have been living in a very small home that we already owned since the Tubbs Fire. We would like to sell it and buy a larger home to live in while we rebuild. Our burned home was 2200 sq ft. Our current house is 900 sq. ft. We are looking to purchase 1600 sq. ft. Will this jeopardize our Loss of Use funds?
Sales tax on inventory
As a victim of the Northern Ca. wildfire (coffey park) I have just completed my inventory list. 1. Do I make an entry for sales tax on the list? if so how much %? 2. My limit is 314,000. My list total is $309,000. Got a payment of 60% of contents coverage several months ago with most others? Now what can I expect??
Scope of Loss prepared. Very underinsured. Trying to find best approach to get paid above coverage limit.
My wife and I am very underinsured. Our insurance carrier is State Farm. I have had a scope of loss prepared to recoup Option ID and Option OL. I would like to obtain above coverage limits (there is over 1 million dollars difference between the coverage and the scope estimate). There is a cover letter for the scope and I want to to word it correctly. In thinking about this and discussing with others I have come up with three options to include in the letter: 1. Offer to settle for an amount between current coverage limit and the amount shown in the scope. To offset, this, we would offer to build a house of lesser stature and value. 2. Do not offer a specific amount for settlement and request that an appeal be sent to an underwriter for coverage investigation. This would be done while requesting to be paid above coverage limits. 3. Request payment beyond coverage limits, but do not list a settlement amount. All three options have their pros and cons. Option 1 provides a dollar amount that may be reachable, but by giving an amount may show a sign of weakness or lack of belief in the validity of the scope. In option 2, if we are denied by the underwriter, we are left with minimal leverage. Option 3 allows the insurer to set a level, if any, but still leaves available the option of forwarding to an underwriter or going up the supervisor ladder within State Farm. My question is which of these options is most viable and favorable? Are there alternative ways of approaching this situation that could be used or added? Thank you in advance for your help.
Our insurance company has been reluctant to pay for any of our living expenses after water damage left house uninhabitable. They have given us a date to move out of the living arrangements they gave us saying that they will not approve for any further time. This claim has dragged on for so long due to their slowness and tendency to postpone the process. Ate they obligated to tell us how much is left in our ALE? Are thy able to refuse us ALE if they are the ones stalling the process (the appraisal for the estimate was done 4.5 months after file of claim)?
Public Adjuster/Appraiser
We hired a public adjuster for our insurance claim who is taking the process through appraisal, but he has become ill mannered toward my family. Can he submit a lower estimate out of spite?
Insurance Claim Hot water line leak
So I discovered a hot spot on my concreate slab. Plumber came out and Figured out the hot water was running constantly with all faucets turned off. So I shut the hot water line off. Called insurance company and they said “no damage no claim” and for me to call a leak detector. well not even 48 hours later I now have a leak coming from slab/at baseboard. We saw it right away so turned water off and waiting for insurance to call back. What are the odds they will deny this as a claim?
Deduction for cost of land
On this site under the "FAQs on replacing a dwelling after a total loss" It is written that "If a policy doesn't authorize a land value deduction, the insurer is not entitled to take one" Is this California law? Where can I find more information about that?
Spending our (construction) settlement from our insurance company on a rental property, and the effect of those on our loss of use funds.
After the recent fire in Santa Rosa we settled with our insurance company regarding the bulk of our reconstruction payout. We currently receive loss of use funds from our insurance company to offset the cost of not living in the home that was destroyed. Fortunately we have a small rental property in Santa Rosa that we moved to, and are wondering if we can use some of our construction funds to buy a larger rental property, while we plan to rebuild, without effecting our loss of use income from our insurance company?
Contents Claim
I met with ajuster right after the fire a total loss of contents. We together walked thru mentally and idenified items and estimated cost, which resulted in a 16 page inventory / uncompleted inventory list of contents . I have recieved 50 percent payout of total inursed contents dollar amount.With 50 percent remaining .They are saying that they want the ages of the items to determine if any additonal payments are to be made, Ihow can they determine if any future payment with an uncompleted inventory and they say the ages of uncompleted inventory the dtermining factorto finalize current estimate. I am confused.
Flood insurance / Harvey / Contents claim ACV depreciation
We Fortunately we had flood insurance!!!! The claim on the structure is fine, no real issue. However the Contents portion of the claim has depreciation on everything, not a single item had $0 depreciation. •The repair estimate to our 70 year old piano, along with professional evaluation fee i paid - depreciated •Our dining room set where i included a file with identical same age used comparisons used for valuation - Depreciated •The claimed food in our Freezer - Depreciated •Replica models and kids toys (and a few that were mine too) that were less than 4 months old were depreciated at over 23% •Art and furniture where again i supplied a file with age and used condition appropriate comps - depreciated. I understand that there is replacement value (RV) and Actual Cash value (ACV) and for contents Flood insurance is ACV. Within reason there has got to be situations where RV and ACV are one in the same or depreciation is minimal given supporting evidence such as i provided within my contents claim? What are the most appropriate arguments and or course of action to share with my adjuster to improve or remove the depreciation valuation within my content claims? Thanks in advance for your time Cheers! -Dave
Public adjuster fee
Is the public adjuster I hired entitled to a percentage of money I received from the insurance company before I hired him
Scope of Loss
We had a total loss in the Lilac Fire of a custom home. Our insurance's appraiser did a poor appraisal and lost 900sq of living space, did not use a comparable comp., or read the prior pre-fire appraisal. He gave us a low-ball value (43% of insured value). We stated our concerns and were told that it wouldn't matter. The insurance's scope of loss contractor used the appraisal information and then argued with us about our ceilings, walls, etc. and stated that the house needed to be 'rebuilt the way it was', but chose to challenge us instead of listening. He submitted a 55 page Xactimate estimate of the rebuild cost (85% of insured value). We have found many errors in the document though we are not in the construction field. How can we understand and accept a document that we can not fully understand? Who can help us understand it if we must? How do we get our insurance company to release the money that we are owed to replace our home?
lowball insurance estimates to rebuild home lost in Tubbs fire
Is there a website or chatline addressing low-ball insurance offers to rebuild homes lost in the Tubbs Fire? Our insurer is State Farm and they are refusing to honor our 2 contractors rebuild estimates. Their offers contemplate a rebuild cost per square foot of less than $250 not including the garage while we have estimates closer to $500 a sq ft. Thank you
Loss of use
Hi, I am writing on behalf of my 93-year-old mother who lost her home in the Thomas fire. For the first few months she lived with us. 2 weeks ago she moved to a retirement home in Ventura. Her Allstate agent isn't being clear on what she is entitled to as far as loss-of-use goes. First he said approx. $66,000, which would be paid in one lump sum. How does that work with the 2 year requirement? And he is also asking for the monthly average she spent on caregivers prior to losing her home and if she plans on returning once it's built. (who can predict how long a 93-year-old will live?!) I don't see how either of those is relevant to her loss-of-use payment. My understanding is that they are required to put the policy holder up in a home comparable to what she had before. If so, she should be entitled to around $4000 a month. Is this normal? Thank you very much, Julia
Rebuilding on an adjacent lot versus the fire-damaged lot
We have additional insurance for O&L and "replacement costs" (i.e. inflated costs of labor and materials. Can we apply insurance proceeds to rebuild on an adjacent lot, using the above-referenced proceeds?
When to submit a complaint to DOI
We lost our home in last October's Tubbs Fire .... There is a vast difference between the adjuster's estimate for the value of our house and our preliminary estimate (not a Scope of Loss document). Although the insurance company (Allstate) is calling their Exactimate evaluation a Scope of Loss document, it is only a 7-page summary doc, with little detail, and does not include Building Code upgrades. Their estimate is $650K, and our licensed contractor estimate to rebuild the house we had is $1.344M. We seem to have a stalemate. Is it time to submit a complaint to the California Dept. of Insurance, or do you have some other suggestion as how to proceed. Thanks very much for all your valuable help!
Code upgrade coverage when rebuilding on different lot
Our home in Santa Rosa burned down in the October fires last year. We are planning to rebuild our home on a different lot, but our insurance (Liberty Mutual) claims that the code upgrade coverage only applies if we build on our old lot. However, the new lot is only half a mile away from our old lot and will have the exact same code requirements regarding fire safety, energy efficiency, ... So we think that we should receive the same code upgrade coverage as if we rebuild on our old lot. We are hoping that there is something in the CA insurance code or in a court ruling that would clarify this issue. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Martin
Inventory List
Our insurer, Nationwide, required us to complete an inventory list in order to receive the remaining percentage of our Contents Coverage dollars. I submitted an excel spread sheet with over 2500 items to them on March 26. I asked if they had any questions or needed additional information on day one. Today, 38 days later they are asking me to supply the year each item was purchased. This does not seem reasonable nor in good faith. I was under the impression that in California, we are not required to submit the year of purchase, esp since we have Replacement Cost coverage. Do I have any recourse?
Home Insurance after complete loss from wildfire.
I have a question about our insurance policy. We had a total loss of our house, garage, barn, storage building etc. We have had fairly good response from our insurance co. (Allied-Nationwide farm policy) so far but when we came up for renewal the policy was exactly the same. We are still paying the full policy as if everything still exists. We were under the impression that we would be paying for a rebuild policy. Is this a standard protocol for insurance companies to do? Thanks.
Extended Replacement Coverage
Our home insurance policy has a 75% extended replacement of dwelling clause. Since our Coverage A limit on the dwelling is $800,000, our extended replacement limit is $600,000. The insurance company has agreed that the cost to rebuild our home would exceed the combined limits of both the dwelling and extended replacement of $1,400,000, based on the professional home replacement estimation of $1,700,000 that we contracted. We have found our replacement home elsewhere at a cost of $1,775,000, obviously exceeding our combined limits. The new home is of similar architectural quality but larger in size. Can you provide some insight as to how the insurance company will determine the amount of extended replacement money we are entitled to? The value of the land (lot) we had was $400,000, and the value of the new land is $275,000, if this factor is taken into consideration. Also do we have to rebuild or purchase elsewhere to receive the extended replacement portion of the settlement? Thank you for your help with our question.
Code Upgrades
Our home insurance policy provides up to 20% of our Coverage A for code upgrades. We are in the process of buying a replacement home for the one we lost in the North Bay wildfire. When one is not rebuilding but rather buying elsewhere, what is the process for calculating what one is entitled to (if anything) for code upgrades? Thank you.
Arbitration or court hearing??
I have an injury case in California against Farmers & Airbnb. Airbnb insists on arbitration. Is there a way to compel a court hearing?
Public Adjuster
After struggling with our insurance company, we hired a public adjuster firm who charges a 10% commission on funds they recover from the insurance company. Prior to signing a contract with them, we had received 50% of our dwelling and 25% of our loss of contents limits. When we first met with their representative, I asked if they were entitled to their 10% commission of the funds that we had previously received from our insurance company, and he said "yes". I've subsequently read California Department of Insurance information that states public adjusters are not entitled to monies already received by the insured from their insurer. Since what I was told by the agent representing the public adjuster firm contradicts what I have read, my question is: "Is it illegal or against California regulations that a public adjuster get a percentage of money their client had already received, prior to signing the contract with the public adjuster firm?"
Additional Living Expense
How long does it take for insurance companies to pay out for ALE
Personal property
Insurance company refuses to pay for a fireplace screen and grate. Both items are not attached nor bolted in any way, however insurance company says that most screens are attached. That is not my experience nor the case here. They are considering screen & grate the same as a rack in a dishwasher - you can remove it but it’s part of the structure. Then they want to talk to the business where items were purchased to get their opinion whether fireplace screens are commonly moved from one house to another. I don’t know what “commonly moved” has to do with determining whether an item is personal property. This all seems petty but what can I do to get paid for these items as personal property.?
Code Upgrade coverage
My parents lost their home in the Tubbs Fire. It is a total loss. They had paid for 50% code upgrade coverage. Their insurance company, Travelers, says they will only pay for code upgrades when the dwelling is rebuilt but my understanding is that there is some legal precedents in CA that they pay this even if the home is not built. Can you help me find support in the law for this in order to present this to their insurer?
I had a fire over a year ago. The restoration company just got back with me on my furniture. I called the insurance company and explained I couldn’t replace the full amount of furniture out of pocket up front so they told me to go ahead and order it and pay the down payment. Turn in the receipts and since I have replacement value and the furniture was custom order they would go ahead and authorize the full amount because once you order custom furniture you can not return it. I did as they ask and now the claims manager is refusing to pay for the furniture. They are only authorizing mine to be cleaned. My furniture has been through a fire, soaked from the firefighters, not cleaned and sitting in storage for over a year. The restoration company has now agreed to “try” and clean it since speaking to the insurance company. What suggestions would you have for me at this point. I would have never have ordered the furniture if the insurance company didn’t tell me to do so and I certainly do not have access to pay for the remainder. It took everything I had left on my cards to pay the down payment. I have cried and cried. Besides the mess with all of the above I Also, have an rare autoimmune condition and break out everytine I walk into the restoration place so I’m extremely worried about them “trying” to clean the furniture after they have sat for such a long time. Thank you,
Homeowners insurance doesn't want to cover damages from hurricane.
A tree fell on my house in 2016. Insurance company said there was no damage to roof and water blow up under shingles. So I got the drywall repaired. It started leaking again so I had a contractor look it over. The contractor said the roof was damaged from the tree, and the side of the roof the tree landed on needs to be replaced. The insurance company said that they will only cover 6 sheets of plywood which is under the deductible. I got all the pictures and quotes to fix the roof that the insurance adjuster asked for. They said they were going to get a hold of me, but have not yet. What is my next step?
Selling empty lot post fire
Can we sell our lot before we've settled with our insurance company for the dwelling ?
Loss of Use - Mileage
Our insurance company, Nationwide, is telling us they will only reimburse us for $.18/mile instead of IRS rate of $.51/mile. We couldn't find housing in Santa Rosa area where we lived so we now are renting in Calistoga. My husband and I both work so we're having to travel back and forth. The amount they are paying us for gas, wear and tear on our vehicles is not sufficient to cover our costs. What recourse do we have? The policy is supposed to cover expenses for "loss of use" which would include a reasonable amount for mileage. Thank you for your help.
An insurance claim after sending demand letter and detailed medical records
How do I file in court if the insurance company drags out and it comes to my 2 to year deadline in auto accident injury claim case?
Are ALE or Loss of Use payments Taxable?
We received money from the insurance company to pay for our loss of use after the Sonoma County wildfires. Our home was destroyed. The payment was for our rent while we decide if we want to rebuild. Is the payment taxable income?"
I have a clause in my insurance policy about fair rental value, but my insurance is telling me they will only cover the actual cost of the rental and not provide us with the fair rental value, can they do that? Please see the wording from my policy below
COVERAGE D - LOSS OF USE The limit of liability for Coverage D is the total limit for the coverages in 1. Additional Living Expense, 2. Fair Rental Value and 3. Civil Authority Prohibits Use below. 1.Additional Living Expense: If a loss covered under Section I makes that part of the "residence premises" where you reside not fit to live in, we cover any necessary increase in living expenses incurred by you so that your household can maintain its normal standard of living. However, additional living expense due to "fungi", other microbes or rot remediation will not be paid in addition to any amounts pair or payable under Additional Coverage 16. Limited "Fungi", Other Microbes Or Rot Remediation. 2. Fair Rental Value: If a loss covered under Section 1 makes that part of the "residence premises" rented to others or held for rental by you not fit to live in, we cover the fair rental value of such premises less any expenses that do no continue while it is not fit it live in. However, additional living expense due to "fungi", other microbes or rot remediation will not be paid in addition to any amounts pair or payable under Additional Coverage 16. Limited "Fungi", Other Microbes Or Rot Remediation.
Fire Aftermath/construction defects
Fire occurred 1/2015. 3 level home. Fire contained in bsmt but heat/smoke was so intense it went up to the 3rd level, collapsing the kitchen floors and part of living room floors. Entire home, to include the the attic where the major framing is visible had either wood that was burnt or wood that was smoke damaged. Home was gutted out and rebuilt. Burnt wood replaced, smoke and soot damage wood was soda blasted, Kilzed, and Ozone treated. Moved back 2 yrs ago and defects are surfacing. Cracks in walls and ceiling, 2nd floor laminated floors squeaking , not level, and visible gaps next to baseboards, sheetrock tape separating from ceiling in bathroom and bedroom, glass window next to bathtub springs back when pressing on the glass, baseboards cracking, bsmt staircase where visible has some wood that is brittle, casing under windows separating, patio door frame split and bowed, toilet seat not level, among other things. Because of using insurance carriers preferred contracting vendor; insurance company provided a 5 year guarantee of contractors work. I Provided contractor pictures of defects. Contractor did a quick inspection. They said the defects will be corrected but have not fully outlined how the repairs are going to be handled nor have provided me a written and/or verbal acknowledgement that they are in agreement with correcting all the defects I discovered. I received from the insurance company a written addendum stating the contractors work was guaranteed, but it does not outline details. I had planned on selling the home this year and would like to have peace of mind knowing that all defects have been corrected. Should i obtain a "scope of work" for the repairs to be made since it appears to be major repairs prior to any work getting started?
Rebuilding in Santa Rosa. Insurance company has ONLY released a portion of my coverage limits..?
My home was a total loss in the Tubbs fire, Santa Rosa. I found a local builder, who provided my insurance company a detailed estimate of my pre-fire home, meaning if I were to build that exact home to today's specs, material costs, code upgrades etc, it would cost $XXXX amount to build it. The estimate justified that I will need the full limits of all my coverage's ((the dwelling, extra 25% endorsement, other structures, code upgrades, landscaping.)) My insurance company responded with a "commitment letter" which said they are committed to paying my limits for the rebuild, but as the work is incurred at certain stages. THIS is what I am having problems with. If they are "committed" to paying my limits, then why aren't they releasing the funds (WITH the exception of code upgrade funds, which I agree to release it when work is being done) to me and my mortgagee???? As I mentioned, my builder's pre-fire home estimate justified my full policy limits FOR the insurance company! Still to this day, they have ONLY released the following funds, which seems UNACCEPTABLE and suspicious. 1.) dwelling A - $428k out of possible $560k (428k was the FMV check) 2.) extra 25% endorsement - ZERO out of $140K 3.) other structures - ZERO out of $56k 4.) code upgrades - ZERO out of $56k 5.) landscaping - they paid me in full - 28k out of 28k (but why only this one?) I want the remaining funds released NOW to me and mortgage company because: #1 so I can trust the fact they are actually paying me what they said they would #2 so I can have all the funds available for my builder in the mortgage escrow account so they can get paid. I feel I've done my part by getting that "scope of loss" estimate, but they are not doing their part by releasing the funds to be held in escrow account for rebuild. Makes no sense to have a % sitting in escrow account, and another % sitting in insurance's account. They should be releasing the rest and only holding back the code upgrade bucket until its being completed. What do I do??? what does insurance law say?? are they allowed to hold all of the remaining funds until the work is being completed?? it seems shady to me..
Maximizing Out Extended Buckets/”Reallocation” of Buckets
I have a replacement cost policy for my homeowners insurance that provides up to 150% of Dwelling A Coverage, broken out as follows: 100% for Dwelling, 10% for Extension for Dwelling, 20% of Increase in Dwelling Cost, 10% in Increase in Ordinance/Law, 5% in Debris Removal, and 5% for Trees and Shrubbery (totaling 150%). My coverage A limit is approximately $1,000,000, so the maximum amount I could collect is about $1,500,0000. So far my insurance has paid me 137% of the maximum of 150%, so I am already collecting some, but not all, of my additional buckets (Extension of Dwelling, Increase in Dwelling, O/L, Debris, and Trees and Shrubs). Even though I have maxed out the additional 10% for Increase in Ordinance/Law, my insurance company still says that my OL costs will even higher and over the limit by approximately $100,000. Hence, its position is that this amount is uncollectible. However, I still have approximately $85,000 left in my Increase in Dwelling Cost Bucket along with other buckets. My true costs are likely still higher but right now I am working off the revised insurance company estimate not my contractor’s estimate (for now). Is it possible to try to reallocate my Increase in Dwelling Cost bucket to my Ordinance and Law coverage? Ideally, I would like to maximize out those buckets, if not the others. The insurance company’s position is that increased costs due to ordinance/law are limited to the O/L coverage and anything in excess is unrecoverable. But are people successful in getting the insurance company to apply other remaining coverages (e.g., my Increase in Dwelling Costs) to these categories? After reading your materials, I see two potential arguments for the ability to “reallocate” buckets especially between Increase in Dwelling and O/L: (1) categorizing costs as either Increase in Dwelling versus Ordinance and Law is some arbitrary and (2) there is some ambiguity in the Increase in Dwelling Cost policy language which should be read in my favor (certainly, increased costs due to ordinance and law upgrades are increased costs). From your experience, how likely are insurance companies to respond to this? And is it possible to get the insurance company to also apply other buckets (Debris Removal and Trees/Shrubs) to other costs (e.g., dwelling costs or O/L) if necessary? I recognize you cannot give legal advice but I am interested to hear about any similar experiences and your guidance from experience. Thanks Uphelp!
California Fire Claims
I have a fire claim from the Creek Fire and Skirball fire with State Farm. I submitted my claim and the carrier gave me an estimate that was low. After I couldn't get them to pay more, I tried to invoke the appraisal clause in my policy, but the insurer rejected my request stating that I cannot compel them to appraisal because the fires are a Government declared natural disaster. How can they use a clause that is meant to help insureds against them? They've stone walled me
Dwelling claim
Can I be compelled to rebuild or replace our home that burned down completely? We have maxed out our replacement cost policy and have been paid in full. Can we just choose to sell our lot and keep the settlement funds without rebuilding or replacing?
ALE or Contents expense
Partial dentures, contact lenses and prescription glasses were destroyed in total loss home fire. Are these things considered ALE expense or Contents list items ?
Debris removal
We have 10 acres and many, many burnt trees that need to be removed. Can we use debris removal for the trees or do they usually fall into the landscape portion of the claim.
We need to complete tests on our well and septic system. Can we use ALE for those expenses? We also need to complete soil engineering tests to move forward with our rebuild. Can we expense these to ALE as well? Thanks!
California Insurance Code Section 790.02 & 790.03
I would like to know if the above California insurance codes if in any way states or infers that all residential policy holders with policies from the same insurance company, must be treated the same to avoid engaging " in unfair .....practices in the business of insurance".
Is the insurance co. permitted to reduce expenses by 50 percent for depreciation?
Mortgage company releasing funds
My mortgage company is requesting that we pay our contractor in full for the amount we are paying out of pocket of the additional square footage. They want to see a receipt that we have paid him before they will let us take our first drawl from the insurance money they have received. I don’t feel comfortable giving my contractor 70k when we haven’t even broke ground. Is this legal? I feel like they are putting us in a bad spot as a consumer.
burnt tree removal REDWOOD Fire
I have several dangerous burnt trees which could fall on the building envelope and the leach field. My insurance says I have $1200 coverage for tree removal. My 2 neighbours with AAA and Nationwide have had it paid for but after a lot of arguments and discussions. I have 5% for debris removal. How do I get a clear answer to find out if this is covered. an insurance adjuster who looked at my policy said it was covered.
Do I have a case to sue my agent for errors and omissions? Policy was lowered prior to my home being completely destroyed in the Napa fire. Agent said that it is a case of he said, she said. My husband passed in Aug. and home 6 months later
Feb. 2017, I received a premium notice. Phoned my agent's office, spoke to an associate, questioned the increase in price. Was told that it was due to a report from an assessor who walk the exterior and stated that the roof tile was not the same. I stated that it had never been replaced. Was told that he could adjust the premium and correct the error. Instead he lowered the whole policy coverage. I am terribly under insured.
Evaluation of loss of established gardens
My house on 8+ acres was lost to fire. I lost 3 acres of established gardens and several hundred native trees, shrubs and mulch/loam/wood chips. Currently have case with power company to recover losses. How do I value cost of and labor to replace ESTABLISHED plants, trees and ground cover/mulch. Would my fire attorney have a recognised industry standard amount for 60 foot pine trees, fruit trees, shrubs and so on? Thank you
Insurance Company no longer willing to pay out full amount of claim when they previously said they would
Our insurance policy with Liberty Mutual has extended replacement cost coverage of 135%. When our field claims specialist met us in Dec., he said that due to the wildfire being a natural disaster, Liberty Mutual was expanding the replacement cost coverage to up to 180%. This was confirmed by the head claims specialist. Once the apprasia l(by their own appraiser!) to rebuild came in higher than the 180%, there are now reneging on this agreement and are only offering the 135%. Is there anything we can do here?
Paying for soil sampling for hazardous material and debris removal.
Luckily my house did not burn and I only lost a barn and greenhouse. My insurer is Farmer's and so far except for the following issues I have been pleased with their service. The problem with the soil sampling is that while it is required by law (?) that I have the debris tested before it is removed and then the soil tested after the debris is removed for hazardous material, Farmer's tells me, "They don't insure dirt, but only the structure." and therefore will not pay the cost of the sampling. Since they will pay for permits for construction and I can't get permits if I don't have these tests, it seems to me that I shouldn't have to pay for them. The tests cost a total of $5450 so it is not a small amount. Have you heard of this sort of thing and is there a way to get them to cover the cost of the tests? The second item concerns paying for debris removal. Since my property is in the country and I knew we would have less priority getting things done (we were almost three weeks without power and we still don't have our landline phone service repaired ((maybe in another week or so, they say))), I decided to go with a private company to remove the debris. I heard that there are still people in Lake County waiting after two years for FEMA to clean up their mess and I didn't want to wait a very long time. I now find that Farmer's will only pay 5% of the coverage on the lost structures. In my case, that amounts to around $5500 that they will pay which does not cover the $13000 I was billed for the removal. If nothing else, it would have been nice if Farmer's had told me about this part of my policy so I could have gone with FEMA after all.
Buy New - What Happens to Mortgage on Destroyed Home?
We lost our Santa Rosa home in the Tubbs Fire. We had purchased an extended replacement cost coverage policy when we bought the home two years ago. After the fire, our agent ordered an appraisal of the property "pre-fire" and it appraised well above what we owe on the mortgage. If we elect to purchase a new home rather than rebuild, how is our current mortgage handled? Does our policy pay for the structure portion of our now-destroyed home's pre-fire value, leaving us to sell the lot and use the proceeds towards a down payment? Does our policy pay off our mortgage and any proceeds left over have to be used towards the purchase of a home of similar value and like-kind? I haven't found a clear explanation on this process and I value any feedback to help clarify this as we decide whether to rebuild or buy our home.
personal labor
Hurricane Irma caused damage to our home. No area contractors able to do any interior repairs in timely fashion. Wife and I have the skill sets to do drywall repairs, tiling painting etc. Are we entitled to reimbursed for our personal labor.
We had $140K coverage on our house and $14K coverage on outbuildings. Our well and well house were destroyed in the fire that damaged but did not destroy the house. I asked this question of our first adjuster and verified her answer with the second adjuster: “The repair of the well will be covered up to the value of the house, $140,000. I let you know that the 'rescue' was done but electrical wires to the well and possibly the water line from the well were damaged along with the pressure tank, pressure gauge, and electrical devices that run the well, all of which were destroyed in the fire. The pump will need a small structure over it or it will freeze in the winter. Will that also be replaced under the dwelling policy with the $140,000 limit?” The answer the first adjuster gave me and the second verified was: “Yes, the well is part of the dwelling and you have $140,700 in dwelling coverage.” The third adjust says that the well house is covered under the outbuildings portion of the policy which we have maxed out. They have paid for the repair of the well and connection to the house but refuse to pay for the well house. What are your thoughts on our claim that 1) the well is essential to the restoration of the house which they've agreed to, 2) the well house is essential to keep the well from freezing because the night temperatures can get down to 20 degrees in the winter, and 3) they told us that "the well" is covered by the dwelling portion of the house. Thanks for your advice, and thank you for being available to help home owners.
Potential use of a "Licensed Consulting Contractor"
I have met with someone who presents himself as a Licensed Consulting Contractor to potentially have him review the Xactimate line item estimate for the rebuild of my house (Santa Rosa Wildfire). His company is RRAAdvisors and he is willing to review my Xactimate estimate, which I believe is low, and create a new estimate for $4,000. He will also negotiate the new figure with my insurer for an additional $1,000. I have about $145K left in my extended coverage. I don't know how to go about vetting him or if UPH can recommend other advisors to do that. My new builder is being asked to provide a scope of loss, but I don't know if that will be sufficient or should I just wait until the building process starts and those figures are sent to my adjuster. This person I met with has an "F" from BBB, which makes me wary. Any thoughts that might help me out? Thanks. Mark Charnas
My renters insurance company called the Harvey event a natural disaster. My disaster was when the city of Houston released the Addick levey. Isn’t this a 5th amendment issue. Can I get finance release for my personal property loss?
Can I get property release damage for my personal property loss? Can my insurance be sued?
Insurance coverage question, specifically roof replacement
While still standing, our home built in mid 1980s (cinder block and slump stone with tile roof) was damaged in the Tubbs Lane fire. Our metal barn (adjacent to the house) "melted" as well as most of the trees behind the house were destroyed. All homes around us were completely destroyed. While the tile roof survived, it was determined by a roofer that the paper underlayment was burnt/compromised and required replacement. This was approved by the Nationwide adjuster. The adjuster explained Nationwide uses "Best Roof Care". Level 1 Roofing was assigned to our project. Level 1 roofing does not warranty the completed work. Best Roof Care does, as stated in the email from Tim Ellis. The bid was $61,345.12 for concrete flat root tile replacement. Level 1 is located 2.5 hours north of Calistoga. In checking their California state license it stated "License may be suspended at a future date due to association with another license that failed to comply with a bond payout". The formal proposal calls for 40# underlayment. I secured a bid from a local contractor Berlogar Roofing. $70,600. A major portion of the increase was the underlayment change to a synthetic product. They no longer use or will warranty a new tile roof with felt underlayment due to potential water leakage. The adjuster declined to approve. I got a second opinion from a Northwest Roofer, Evergreen Roofing in Eugene, Or. Also requires synthetic underlayment for a warranty. How do I get the adjuster to approve this since it is standard practice for a warranty roof?
How to pursue policy reformation after initial rejection
After realizing that I was under insured because Ins Co had set the Coverage A policy limit too low back in 2010, I asked them to raise my limits to cover real cost of rebuilding after Cal wildfire in Sonoma County. After 60 day delay, they have now responded with a simple "request denied". No details to explain their decision. I want to respond back to them to ask for further consideration. What are your recommendations for the content that I should include in this next communication?
Hurricane Harvey - flood insurance
I live in a town home in Houston. The homeowners association has a flood insurance policy to cover the building where my unit is. Our outside central air conditioning units were 1/2 submerged, and the property management company says the policy does not cover central air-conditioning units. Is it possible we homeowners are being misled? Thank you.
Replacement Cost When Buying New Home
Hello - we have +100% replacement coverage, and will likely buy at another location instead of rebuilding. In that instance, does the insurance co payout on landscaping, site prep, items that are above and separate from the dwelling replacement estimate.
Certified copy of Fire Insurance Policy Safeco
With making a request for a certified copy of our fire insurance policy should it specify the original date the policy was issued or the most recent policy renewal?
Ordinance and Law Payout in CA when you don't rebuild--Tubbs Fire, 10/9/17
We have chosen to relocate and buy a home out of state. We hired a local builder to prepare a builder's rebuild estimate. Now the builder tells us insurance companies will not pay Ordinance and Law unless you rebuild, so he will not prepare the estimate for us. (We are sure the builder is trying to help us not pay for something we will not recover insurance money from.) Please clarify if we can recover the O&L money per CA codes so that we can present him with that info and get an estimate and have the necessary info to make SF pay us the O&L (for us $22K). Should we ask another builder for an estimate or try to convince this builder to prep the estimate for us? If it is our money, we want to go after it. Also, we are in escrow selling our land. Can we get the O&L after selling the land?
Line B Coverage
My AAA line B is 10%. A check was cut for that amount but made payable to myself and my mortgage company. I thought "other structures" was not part of my mortgage payment. Like if I put in a pool, the value increases, but my monthly payment to the bank does not change. Should the payment for Line B be issued directly to me?
Buying new instead of rebuilding. How to handle the cash and how long to identify the replacement property.
Lost a house in the October 2017 Santa Rosa wildfire. Although we had lived there years ago at the time of the fire the property was a rental. The insurer paid up to the policy limits of $450k plus the 25% extended replacement value and I received a check for $562,500. I also received checks for personal contents, tree/landscaping, & loss of rents all at the policy limits. So I'm not contesting anything. I beileve there is nothing more to get if they have paid to the max policy limits? Would that generally be correct? I have decided not to rebuild but replace the house in another area for a minimum purchase of $562,500. The amount is just not enough to rebuild in Santa Rosa at this time. The replacement property will be a rental or investment property. How long do I have to find a replacement house? I thought 2 years but read conflicting reports about news laws etc. How do I hold the cash until a replacemt is found. Can in be held in a CD or brokerage account. Nobody seems to know the answer to this either.
Bought my house Dec-2016 and my agent insured it for $250 per sq ft. House burned down Oct-2017; rebuilding cost is estimated at $400-plus per sq ft. My agent recommended that I file complaint w/ the CA Ins Dept -- which I did -- instead of legal action. Does filing w/ the CA Ins Dept hurt my chances? Should I start legal action immediately?
Insurance company stops paying for our housing
The AAA Insurance company is refusing to pay for our alternative housing. The adjuster says our neighbors have all moved back into their homes. Our streets still have signs posted by the city warning of being in the area, there are work crews removing the debris from the lots; the city web site warn of the toxins in the area. Members of my family have serious allergy and sinus issues. Can AAA force us to move back into the area while the remediation is being done?
Flooring replacement
I have an open claim where my dishwasher leaked causing damages to flooring. The affected flooring runs lengthwise throughout the entire home and into the bedrooms. The flooring was sent off to get analyzed, intel came back saying that you cannot find my flooring in the same width or with the same locking mechanism, however My insurance AAA is telling me that because there is a step at the stairs they are considering that to be a natural break. Because of this they are refusing to replace my stairs and entire 2nd level. Is there anything I can do? I heard California had laws regarding this?
Loss of use policy
We lost our home to the October wildfires in Santa Rosa, Ca. My adjuster originally told me that I have $109K in the loss of use portion of my policy, to use for rent until it is all spent. We have a lease on an AirBNB cottage that runs through August 31st. with a monthly rent just over $5000, which should leave over $60K in the loss of use pot. We are planning to buy another house, rather than rebuild, and during our searches have found that we are priced out of the market in our area, and have begun searching within a 150 mile radius of here. We have been discussing other issues with the National General property claims manager, having gone over the head of our adjuster out of frustration with his inaccurate and contradictory statements, and I emailed her with this question: After August 31st we would like to rent in the area where we think we'd like to buy a house, for probably a couple of months, just to see if it's a right fit for us, and then buy if it is. Would the loss of use coverage apply to this rental? Her response was that they have calculated that between now and August 31st is a reasonable amount of time for us to find a replacement home, and that they would not pay for any more rentals. It doesn't seem to me that they have the right to this claim. What do you think?
What are my rights/choices for the handling of the repairs and cleaning?
We had a partial loss fire. Smoke damage is throughout the entire house and will need content cleaning, walls etc. There are also repairs such as the floors that need to be replaced. We have called out two companies for estimates but both act as though it is the insurance company that gets to choose them, not us. One refused to even tell us what it might cost and told us to not worry about it they take care of everything and go through our insurance. We would like to get estimates and then choose a company to do the things that we can not. Most of it we can do ourselves and we want to. Do we have the right to choose who does what and even to do some or all of the repairs ourselves or is that the insurances' choice?
Code up grades in a state farm policy
Our house was built in 1974. Contractor and architect said practically everything has a code up grade (lost house is in the Thomas fire in Ventura.) What is needed to get the insurance company to pay that is a very substantial amount, 50% of insured value.
Buying a temporary home
I have State Farm. If I buy a temporary home while waiting to rebuild, can I rent it to myself under ALE?
insurance claims adjuster changing his mind
Our claims adjuster agreed to a rental amount on December 11, 2017 for a rental home we needed due to the loss of our home from the North Bay Fires in October. We moved into the rental on February 1, 2018. Then on February 16 we were advised by the temporary housing manager that our adjuster had reached out and advised that we are responsible to pay for the utilities at the rental directly to the landlord each month in the amount of $500 starting March 1 and we would also need to reimburse the temporary housing agency for February's $500 that they paid. Our question is: Can the adjuster change his mind after approving the rental amount which included utilities?
Getting O&L (code upgrade) payment when replacing, not rebuilding.
My rental was destroyed in Tubbs Fire. State Farm has given me max of basic coverage and extension, however, will not give me the $60K allowed for code-upgrades if I don't rebuild. It is my contention that the myriad code upgrades costs will be in the price of the new home, so I should be entitled to it. They contend that it is only available if I rebuild. It seems that I'm being punished for not rebuilding (perhaps I don't want to rebuild in a fire-prone location). It should not be difficult to estimate the costs of the upgrades that are now required (and the insurance adjustor put them into their estimate) that are built-into the new replacement home. What should I do? I need that $60K to go towards buying the next home. Thanx
Wildfire lose
What are the rules for buying a replacement house instead of rebuilding? I want to know California law.
Contents or Inventory
How long after a disaster does one have to complete the Contents or Inventory list for the losses? We lost our house in National Disaster 4344
Underinsured options
If I am underinsured, is their anything I can or should be doing?
California Laws Pertaining to Property Insurance after declared disaster
CA Insurance code 2051.5 (c) states that homeowners are entitled to the "extended" or guaranteed portion of replacement cost policies even if they rebuild or replace in a new location. Nationwide disputes this - saying it isn't part of my policy. What authority does CA dept of insurance have over insurance companies to ensure compliance with these laws?
Architect Charges
We lost our home in the October, 2017 Tubbs firestorm. We are still considering whether or not we are able to rebuild depending on insurance and costs yet to be determined. We have contacted the original Architect that did the plans for our home in 2002 to obtain a copy. He indicated that the plans would need to be updated with the new Code Requirements and put into CAD. He provide a quote of approximately $25,000 - $30,000. That seems rather high to me. Does that seem like a reasonable rate?
Arguments for better FRV
My AAA coverage (that is too low, but this is another topic…) proposes the Fair Rental Value option as a monthly for D coverage as long as we are living in a temporary situation (up to 24 or 30 months). This option is a way for us to simplify our everyday life now without accounting for every ALE. We already had a hard time with our adjuster (from Oklahoma) to reach a decent FRV the day before the fire, adjusters from far away don’t have a good idea of the North bay area housing pricing. We have eventually and painfully reached a decent FRV of our property for the day before the fire. In order to maximize our coverage D money (and to help us rebuilding), we are trying to push our adjuster to take into account in our FRV the price gouging that is a consequence of the disaster. Basically, the rental prices have increased about 40% to 50% in Sonoma County, this is very easy to document and we have already send evidences about that to our adjuster. Our adjuster agrees with the fact there is some quite large rental price increase in the area after the disaster. The issue we have is that our adjuster does not want at all to take into account this price gouging in our FRV estimate. She claims the FRV has to be estimated prior to the time of the loss and not after. Two sentences from her: “Each payment issued on the claim is based on the date of the loss” and “Fair rental value is what we would pay based on if your home were rented at the time of the loss”. We have tried to argue in 2 directions: - We have asked her where the wording “prior to the loss” or something equivalent for FRV can be found in our HO-3 policy (and I’ve been thru the policy many times, AAA doesn’t indicate when to evaluate the FRV) - We know our house has been lost after 3.30 am on October 9. At this time, thousands of other houses in the county were already in fire. So, the price increase conditions with many people evacuated on the road seeking for housing were already set before our house get the fire. Our adjuster does not want to hear these points and stays stuck with FRV the day before the disaster. My questions: do you know some better arguments to make them move on that FRV point? Do you know some other similar cases and what was the outcome?
Payment of Extended Coverage
We lost our home in the Santa Rosa fires. Before I sign a construction contract to rebuild my home, I need assurances that I will receive the extended coverage for my dwelling under my Farmers Next Generation Insurance policy. How does one get the insurance company to pay the extended coverage? When is it paid? Can one get payment for the extended coverage before signing a construction contract?
Personal Property Loss
I asked AAA Insurance for a personal property loss form with "condition" rather than "average age in years" (which is what they originally sent me). They then sent back a new form which included boxes for both "average age in years" and "condition." Since the AAA personal property loss form is set up by categories (appliances, housewares, etc.), averaging age is almost impossible due to large numbers of items in each category. Am I required by law to list the " average age in years" of each item in my inventory, or can I return the form with only "condition" filled in and "average age in years" left blank? Thank you.
Does the Major Disaster Declaration in California Regarding Wildfires Impact Reimbursement Coverage of Home Insurance?
Does the fact that the Atlas Peak Fire in October 2017 was included in the Major Disaster Declaration in California influence or change the amount of insurane coverage in California for a residential dwelling coverage in a policy? For example, due to the amount of homes destroyed, there is a surge in construction price, resulting in the actual cost of replacing our home has risen significantly. We have Replacement Cost Coverage and Building Code Upgrade Coverage (which provides an additional 5% of coverage A-Dwelling). Endorsements include California Special Provisions, Special Loss Settlement, and Wildfire Response Program Endorsement, among others. Thank you for your assistance!
Scope of Loss
My insurance company is doing a scope of loss for my home that was destroyed in the Tubbs wildfire Santa Rosa , however they say they can not release the numbers until I give them my builders quotes. We are not 100% ready to go to contract because of issues with HOA, but they still want us to give them a ball park . I feel If I do this it could jeopardize my pay off . Would like to have your thoughts on this . Best Regards Don
OL coverage
Lost home built in 1995 to Tubbs fire. Trying to determine costs imposed by code upgrades, such as mandatory sprinkler systems, Title 24, and whatever else changed since 1995. Any help how to do this is appreciated.
Apartment lease
Our insurance required us to get a lease for 12 months for the rental after we lost our home in the Oct 8 fire. If we decide to buy a home instead of rebuilding, before the 12 months do we have to suffer the consequences of breaking our lease and what are they. What can we do to prevent this?
Preparing a Scope on my structure
What is the best way to prepare a scope on my house that was totally destroyed in the Napa fire. I would like to get more money from the insurance coverage remaining from the dwelling coverage and the option ID and option OL. What does the scope has to include? Are there any samples to get some kind of idea. I am working with a contractor. What should I ask for? How much detail is needed? what kind of building ordinance or laws are most likely needed?
How do I get Mortage company to pay insurance money due to fire it’s been over 5 months
I have received one check for $4986 dollars which $1700 was paid to a fraudulent contractor which I fired and informed the Mortage company on Dec 7 2017. Since that time I have been asked to send them terms of paper work at which point they say they have everything and the check will be cut in 2 days, this is the 11th time that “checks in the mail” I call back to make sure and they want more or claim they never received the documents. It’s been 5 months of empty promises and me living in a house with a fire destroyed kitchen. How do I get Roundpoint Mortage to cut a check to fix my home?
AAA coverage D, Fair Rental value. Santa Rosa wildfire.
Dear United Policyholders team, We are victims of Santa Rosa CA wildfire, on October9, 2017. My AAA coverage (that is too low, but this is another topic…) proposes the Fair Rental Value option as a monthly for D coverage as long as we are living in a temporary situation (up to 24 or 30 months). This option is a way for us to simplify our everyday life now without accounting for every ALE. We already had a hard time with our adjuster (from Oklahoma) to reach a decent FRV the day before the fire, adjusters from far away don’t have a good idea of the North bay area housing pricing. We have eventually and painfully reached a decent FRV of our property for the day before the fire. In order to maximize our coverage D money (and to help us rebuilding), we are trying to push our adjuster to take into account in our FRV the price gouging that is a consequence of the disaster. Basically, the rental prices have increased about 40% to 50% in Sonoma County, this is very easy to document and we have already send evidences about that to our adjuster. Our adjuster agrees with the fact there is some quite large rental price increase in the area after the disaster. The issue we have is that our adjuster does not want at all to take into account this price gouging in our FRV estimate. She claims the FRV has to be estimated prior to the time of the loss and not after. Two sentences from her: “Each payment issued on the claim is based on the date of the loss” and “Fair rental value is what we would pay based on if your home were rented at the time of the loss”. We have tried to argue in 2 directions: - We have asked her where the wording “prior to the loss” or something equivalent for FRV can be found in our HO-3 policy (and I’ve been thru the policy many times, AAA doesn’t indicate when to evaluate the FRV) - We know our house has been lost after 3.30 am on October 9. At this time, thousands of other houses in the county were already in fire. So, the price increase conditions with many people evacuated on the road seeking for housing were already set before our house get the fire. Our adjuster does not want to hear these points and stays stuck with FRV the day before the disaster. My questions: do you know some better arguments to make them move on that FRV point? Do you know some other similar cases and what was the outcome? Thanks in advance, best regards.
SBA loans
If SBA turns you down for a loan does FEMA then offer grants? Also will SBA refinance a mortgage?
How do i dispute a homeowners insurance claim?
Can I cash an insurance check even though the claim is under dispute & the insurance company says it is a final payment?
ALE minimum of 24 months
I chose FRV instead of ALE as my Loss of Use benefit. My adjuster is saying that even though my home was damaged in the Winter storms of Los Angeles which was a state declared emergency the statute says exactly that the 24 months is: "shall be subject to other policy provisions".... and the policy provision is "fastest time to repair" which the insurance is stating is 3 months to me based on a contractor estimate. They are basically trying to get a way out of the 24 months by saying the "policy provision" is less. This doesn't make sense to me! Also I chose FRV as my loss of use benefit not ALE since my home is worth more than the temporary home I rented. Would the 24 months still apply to FRV?
Issue with claim on auto flood and shop and my truck
I live in a flooded area and both Truck and car was damage from the water. I filed claims for both but since it was around the holidays I waited till I got back into town to deal with all repairs. I started with the Truck 1st which I am making payments on and I am not late on any payment. I started out owing over 20,000.00 on the truck it is now left owning 6500.00. I got a price estimate for repair from the shop. When the adjuster came out I showed him the estimate and he looked at the truck seen there was small amount of water in the oil and the water reserve. The adjuster asked where I wanted to take it and told him where I bought the truck from. The adjuster had the truck towed there and told the shop he wanted a compression test and the door locks and window checked. The shop automatically put a new motor in the truck and bought the stuff for the windows and doorlock plus the electric which it came with the truck factory. It was working before it went to the shop. it has been 2 weeks now. The shop said the truck was ready so when the adjuster went back to the shop to get the information on what he told the shop he needed which was the compression test and what it would cost on the doors and locks he seen the shop had already installed the motor and the shop told him he had to put a new water pump, gaskets,ect. The adjuster said I did not tell you to put the motor in I told you I wanted a compression test and the doors and windows checked and a price, also the adjuster told him with the price of the new motor it should come with all the new gaskets, water pump ect. also now the remote start is not working as well when it did when the shop got it. So now we have a rental which Gecio order it under my policy. I get a call from Gecio and they said all payments are suspended for rental and repairs on the truck till we talk to the investigator. So as of yesterday the car rental is on us it we keep it. The shop has the truck and will not give it to us till he gets paid..The shop was told only to do a compression test and check and give estiment on the doors and locks. The shop will not loose anything cause we still owe 6500.00 on the truck so he will keep it and resale it cause from the start he got the old truck as a trade in which was paid for and 6000.00 for everything and then after finance everything came out to 24,000.00 buy here pay here so he has gotten all his interest since we only owe 6500.00 he can keep the truck with a new motor and resale it and make more off it. Since the shop took it on himself to install what he called a new motor when the insurance didnt approve it yet now they are stopping everything and we are left without our truck, we dont have the money to keep the rental, plus it is now gonna cause issue with getting to work. What can we do now. If we get it from the shop on a payment plan he is gonna jack the finance charge on it at 28% like he did when we bought the truck. Gecio said they would pay for the claim if the shop did what they was told to by the adjuster. Now its up to the Investigator. I told the adjuster after he came and looked at the truck and he call tow to take it to the shop and I told the shop to call the adjuster before he did anything and he would let him know what needs to be done also I gave the shop the adjuster number..I told the adjuster after that I had nothing else to do with it that it was between the shop and the adjuster so what happen after that was not under my control and the adjuster did talk to the shop and did tell him to do the test and estments on the door and once he done that to let him know and then he would let the shop know what to do next. the adjust said before he knew it he had already installed the motor..Please what can I do..I paid too much for the truck and I and the adjust dont think it was a new engine cause with the shop saying they put all these parts on it and gasket for the close to 7000.00 when in fact it should come with everything already on it..The price of a rebuilt motor for that truck with a 5 year warranty cost about 3000.00 or less..What can we do to get our truck or settle the insurance issue
Underinsurance and what we action we can take against the carrier?
Policy Limits: $46,000 structure; $4,050 outbuilding; $50/day Total Loss: $240,000 This coverage amount is the maximum the carrier would allow us to obtain. The total fire loss is 6 times the coverage amount. What relief can we get?
Home owners insurance costs with routine maintenance to the electrical system
My name is Chris and I am a home owner in the state of California. I recently had an electrical service technician out to my house for a trouble scenario. Everything turned out to be fine, but at the end of the appointment he stated that it would be best to have routine maintenance done to my electrical system (1 time per year), not only for the integrity and safety of the system, but that it would also lower my homeowners insurance per month. This guy was an amazing electrician, and seemed to really know what he was talking about! The reason why I am investigating this more is because I lean toward believing him because he didn’t try to sell me a “Service” or try to get me to be part of a “Gold Club”. He simply mentioned it, and went on about his way. When I asked him if he could complete the maintenance on a yearly basis, he said that it was not what his company did. I asked him if he could refer me to a company that I could contact for the service, but he said that he didn’t know anybody?? Finally, I asked him what something like that cost, and he said that he had heard of a company doing it awhile back for only $200.00 a year!! So, before I look into this any further, I wanted to validate with somebody who was informed about homeowners insurance, that wasn’t biased one way or the other. Can you give me some clarity on this, and if you can’t, can you point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!! Chris
How can I get to the limit of Structure coverage
I had a 3888 sq ft Custom Fountaingrove home, the current estimate from State Farm is $711,000. Coverage A is $864,000. They brought a check for the $711,000 - which I am holding. If I deposit it am I saying that I am accepting this amount? They are very difficult to work with, we are at a stand still right now.
Dwelling Extension Coverage
I have Statefarm insurance and lost my home in the Tubbs fire. I was told by a neighbor that anyone involved in a federal disaster is entitled to 100% of the dwelling extension coverage regardless of what percentage is stated in the policy. So if Coverage A is 1 million, one should receive 1 million for dwelling extension, not the 25% policy limit. Is that correct?
public adjuster
My concerns were structural and smoke damages of my home when I involved a public adjuster. Who told my daughter and myself; the contract would only for the dwelling, and he wouldn't take the claim unless he knew he could do better. Bonus! I said to my daughter. That night at home I rechecked the contract and noticed it showed both dwelling and pp. I called my daughter to confirm that the adjustor did say only dwelling, and I called their office that same night to clear up what the adjuster said and what he wrote, we're two different things. but not cleared up. I never saw that adjuster again but had two different one since. We are the final negotiation and they want 10% of my personal too. Is there a easy solution to resolve this?
CSAA Insurance after my house was destroyed in the 10/9/17 Firestorm in Sonoma County California
My insurance part A covers my dwelling for $295,000. I also have a 50% supplement. I am not in contract yet with my contractor to rebuild. My insurance has paid out $235,000 (this figure represents the fair market value of the house with depreciation, and without the land). I would like them to pay out the additional $60,00 to max out the dwelling part A amount. They understand that it is going to cost more to rebuild than the $235,000 amount, so I don't see why they wouldn't do that. This is causing me stress and anxiety, thinking that I have extra work to receive the $ in installments at (I think) , 50%, 75%, and 100% of completion of the dwelling. I have asked for a re-appraisal of the house to raise the fair market value, my agent said that they don't want to do this, but that she would review it for me to try to get me a little more $. P.S. Out of the $235,000, my mortgage company is holding $205,186.57 in an escrow account, and I am holding $29,813.48. Any suggestions would be helpful in how to deal with CSAA in this matter.
Letter of intent to rebuild
I need to send my insurance company a letter of intent to rebuild. Is there anything specific I should include in the letter besides the desire to rebuild? We are still in negotiations over Dwelling A, extended coverage and code upgrades. Should I indicate that I expect I will need full policy pay out to rebuild? I am getting a scope of loss and believe it will show that we will need full coverage. Thanks!
Cal. Ins. Code 2232.45.4.
It’s a California law but I want to know if it is current? Can you please let me know so I can plan accordingly.
75% advance from State Farm for contents
What is the difference between a "advance" and a "Waiver"? SF gave an advance. Will we have to do contents in the future? Don't we have to itemize contents for the IRS anyway? IRS will call it "income" if we do not itemize? Will it have to be very detailed for them also and will they make us run it thru the insurance contents itemization?
Insurance renewal charges
We lost our home in the 10/9/17 fire. Hartford is now asking for $1957 for new insurance. Is this legal since all we have is the lot & some clothes purchases? We previously were paying about $1200/year for house which was totally destroyed. Our address was 3723 Lakebriar Place, Santa Rosa, CA
Ordinance & law coverage
I apologize if this is already answered somewhere else on the site. Met with our State Farm adjustor for four hours yesterday regarding our total loss claim from October 2018 Tubbs Fire. Amongst the information he shared is that State Farm will not pay any O&L until and unless the cost is incurred. At the various UP meetings we attended, we came away with a specific understanding that we could access OL coverage towards buying a new home once we went through the steps of having a builder provide an estimate with OL upgrades. Our adjustor (a life long State Farm employee) said the only exception they would make is if we signed an actual "build contract" with a contractor and had taken steps towards rebuilding; not just obtaining an estimate. As you can imagine, this is very distressing to hear. We are still evaluating our options...
Dwelling payment check
I received a dwelling payment from AAA for less than I am willing to accept. However, I do need the money to rebuild and give to contractor. On the check, it states: Endorsement constitutes acceptance of the offer of payment. Does this mean, if I endorse this check, I am not entitled to fight for the remaining balance on the dwelling? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!
dwelling-summary of loss
Hello Expert, I have 2 "summary of loss" statements for my dwelling from State Farm. On 10/21/17 our claims adjuster met with us in our apartment and stated that he was instructed to "max out our policy". Again in November 2017 ( I can't remember the date) we met and he stated he was able to "max out" our policy except for the landscaping. We received "summary of loss" dated 12/2/17, and it appeared to us this document reflected our conversation. We expected a check for approximately $712,000. On 1/13/18 we met again in our apartment. This time he presented us with a check and another "summary of loss" for approximately $578,000 and told us "don't worry you still about $200,00 to dip into". I politely said, "we are surprised, I thought you were going to max out our policy" He replied, "that's what I was instructed to do initially". We took the check. My question is, are we entitled to the amount from "summary of loss" dated 12/2/17? Do I have enough documentation with the two "summary of loss' statements to proceed with asking State Farm to honor the original "summary of loss" amount? I feel we were mislead. I phoned our claims adjuster on 1/25/17, he said he has been "released" and he has been back in Texas for four days, and our claim will now be handled by "staff". Help
Personal Property
We lost our home in the 10-9-18 Tubbs Fire. We are insured by State Farm. In response to the Insurance Commissioner's request that personal property claims be paid at 100% without inventorying, State Farm has offered 75% but requires an attestation that the personal property was worth 75%. The attestation includes language stating that they do not waive any right or provision contained in the policy. So it seems like a worthless gesture since it implies that they can ask for an inventory after the fact. The mere requirement of the attestation means we have to do an inventory to be in the position to aver that our property hits the threshold. Any suggestions on how to respond? Thank you.
Rental housing deposit--ALE?
I saw a previous fire survivor blurb on this site about having finally gotten the rental housing deposit reimbursed as ALE and not as an advance against personal property. My insurer (STATE FARM) is maintaining that it is NOT ALE. Is there any authority that I can cite in responding to insurer? Or is it something that requires Dept. of Insurance intervention.
Insurance coverage for rebuilding my house
My house burned down in the Northern California Tubbs fire in October 2017. I am getting the full amount of the stated amounts on my insurance policy but it is not enough to pay for the rebuild. I heard that some insurance companies are paying more than the stated amounts, is this correct and how should I approach my insurance company.
Lender Forced Insurance
I lost my home in the Lilac Fire on 12/7/17. At the time we had financial issues and the lender forced insurance, which turned out to be far less than what it will cost to rebuild ($398,724, house would be close to $700,000). My 2 loan balances with Ocwen are $581,591.00. Do I have any recourse with my lender to modify because of the lack of insurance?
Additional Living Expenses
I have a renters policy and a friend has offered my family and I to temporary allow us to stay at her home for a reasonable monthly rate. Will the insurance company pay a friend or family member if they host our family?
How much leeway or leverage does an insurance claims adjuster have regarding a total loss claim and helping their clients?
With numerous people in my community (northern CA) losing their home to the recent wildfires, me included (along with all possessions). Every "victim or client" has been assigned to an insurance claims adjuster for their home loss. I read posts and talk with fellow neighbors that there claims have had different results WITH the same insurance company, and feel that maybe it is because of how much they get along (or not) with their assigned adjuster. The question is how much leverage or power do these assigned adjusters have with their insurance companies and their assigned clients? The more they like their client the more they will go to bat for them? and vise versa the more they dislike or have a tough relationship with their client, the less likely they will vouch for them reagarding their claim? So far what I feel (which is ridiculous)I is the relationship with your adjuster may really matter. Lets say for example it has been a tough go so far with your adjuster. This adjuster senses the same thing and has the capabilities to just do the minimums for that client for his/her claim. Versus another adjuster and client with the same company has had a friendly mutual relationship with each other. And because it has been so good, this adjuster is more willing to do anything in their power to go to bat for that particular client... Whether that is paying out more for contents, or approving requests from their client. In, your honest opinion, is what I am saying accurate? I am sure these adjusters who have experience in this industry know exactly what I am talking. If it is indeed accurate, what should the client do in the case where it has been a rough go around thus far with their assigned adjuster? Demand another from that company? Will that solve the problem to ensure they get the most pay outs for their claim? Clearly when you lose EVERYTHING due to a fire (claimed a national catastrophe), you should get the max help from your insurance companies, regardless of where you stand with your insurance adjuster. Thank you.
ALE for 24 month
ALE is 24 month, if rebuid can not be done by 24 month, does insurace still pay me loss of use?
tax implications of insurance company proceeds
I attended meeting in Santa Rosa, CA on 1/25 where Michael Musson CPA spoke on this subject. It was said that visuals of his slides showing sample calculations would be made available online. Would like to see those slides. I will be re-building so my main interest is determining if there is any gain to be recognized and when.
Co-insurance penalty and max payout
We lost our home in the Thomas Fire. When we bought the insurance, we were told that $200 a square foot was more than enough to rebuild in Ventura County. Consequently, we had $364,000 in insurance. After the fire, the insurance company brought in MKA to estimate rebuilding costs. They're are saying $709,000, which we believe is exorbitantly high . The insurance company has already paid out the max amount of $364,000 with no argument. However, at issue is the $100,000 in additional insurance we had for "code upgrades." Using MKA's estimate, the insurer says we are subject to a co-insurance penalty that works out to a 40 percent reduction in money set aside for code enhancements. We have received a construction estimate of $590,000 to rebuild the house from a large home builder. However, my best friend is a general contractor, and he believes he can rebuild what we want for $464,000. That figure is based on current material costs, which could up due to the demand. Question 1: How should I approach the insurance company about decreasing the co-insurance penalty, and where should I turn if they refuse? Question 2: Is the insurer correct that they are not responsible to pay more than the insured value, or $364,000? Question 3: Was it a mistake to pass the $364,000 check onto our mortgage company? I didn't have to sign anything, but people are telling me cashing the check is a mistake.
mortgage co. states new policy for Hurricaine Irma Homeowner (Borrower) insurance checks under 40,000 will be endorsed and returned to borrower (Homeowner) Where can i find this policy in writing
I received insurance check for 21,000 My mortgage in also on check as third party and want me to sign and send to them stating they will require to hold and pay contractor after repairs and inspection is completed. A few weeks later they stated a new policy states they can endorse insurance check if check is under 40,000 and return to me for home owner to make repairs. They are not willing to send me such new policy in writing.
Is there any benefit to keeping my homeowners insurance after the house burned down?
My house burned down in the Tubbs fire in October 2017 and I'm living now in a rental. I kept my homeowners insurance with Amica as I was afraid that if I canceled I might not be able to get insured again when I'll finish rebuilding the house. Now it looks like the rebuild won't be finished before 2019, after the state mandate for continuation of insurance will have expired. I wonder if there is any benefit to keeping the original homeowners insurance running until the rebuild is finished? My insurance company (Amica) does not provide a construction policy. Also, they didn't respond positively to my request to lower the insured amount (it's now an empty lot without a dwelling). A simple renters insurance (with the same company) would provide liability coverage for the lot. It's either continue with the entire coverage (almost $2000/year) or cancel the homeowners insurance. Thank you for your help!
What category is my wine collection considered under personal property? There is nothing in my policy that indicates it is not covered.
We lost our home in the N. Cal wildfire in Oct-2017. I had a 600 bottle collection of wine and a refrigerated wine cellar. I value the wine at $35K. There is nothing we have seen in the policy that excludes wine. What personal property category does the wine fall in? Are you aware of any exclusion for wine if not explicitly mentioned in the policy? Our policy is with CA AAA. Thanks.
Finding a trusted public adjuster
After many problematic issues with our insurance company, we've decided we need to employ a public adjuster. Our home is not a total loss (from the October Northern California wildfire) so we're having a hard time finding a public adjuster who says our claim "is worth their while." One adjuster said it's not worth his time to take a claim under one million dollars. Are there any reputable public adjusters in our area that are willing to take a job that is "only" around 150k?
National disaster status
As survivors of the Oct. 2017 wildfires in Sonoma County, we have been told by others that since the wildfire area was categorized a national disaster area we may be eligible for a bump up in our insurance coverage (we've heard anywhere from 35% to 50%) above and beyond policy limits. Any concrete info regarding this? Thank you for your reply and the amazing services you provide.
My husband and I have been with Allstate for 32 years. Never in the 32 years of being with Allstate has anyone ever asked us to inventory our contents. We sold our large home at Silverado Resort where our contents were covered for $496,000. We bought a “fixer upper” at Silverado Resort and on September 15, 2015 we put our contents into storage for a year, on August 1, 2016 we moved our belongings into our newly remodeled home of which we put $475,000 of our own money into it to rehab the dwelling. Ms. Matto knew all of this. After we moved in she without asking us anything wrote a “Standard Condo Policy” reducing our contents to $200,000 and building property assessment at $204,000. We are grossly underinsured for our contents for which we thought we were covered for and we paid on those contents for years with our premiums. We contacted our Allstate agent after the fire, we are in shock of the lack of coverage, we asked her why she never came to our home to review and see the beutiful life we had and the beautiful belongings we had, “I don’t go to clients homes”!! There seems to be errors and omissions here? Three months after the fire and loss of our home we got a call from Allstate asking us if we wanted to set up an appointment to review our policy for a contents review!! Please we need some help to navigate this nightmare!! This lack of coverage is a huge financial blow to my husband and I.
Rental car and other expenses after auto accident
California Claim. Insurer for person who’s car hit mine at an intersection notified me that thier investigation determined that their party was at fault. My insurance covers a rental car for a maximum of $15/day. Cheapest rental car I can find in my area is $23/day. Will the at fault party’s insurance cover the difference?
ALE Mileage claim
What is the industry standard mileage reimbursement?
Do you have ocuments to help fill out contents on total fire loss?
Insurance payments on my contents
My home was destroyed in the Tubbs fire in October of this year, I have worked very closely with my two adjusters from Nationwide, in the process my content adjuster asked and we filled out a detailed list room by room of everything we had on the property. The adjuster worked with us over about a 6-7 hour period and several different days, she assured us that we would get the full value of our policy limit of $330K for the contents, today I received a email indicating that the depreciated value of my belongings meant that I was $90K short of getting full payment. is there anything that I can do about this issue?
How do I get my insurance company to pay out policy limits on all categories? Santa Rosa fire
In Coffey Park, home was a total loss due to Tubbs wildfire 10/8/17 So far I have received only 335k of a possible 436k - coverage A Coverage-B Other Structures: I haven't received anything yet of a possible 43,600$ Coverage-C Personal Property/Contents I have received only 70k of a possible 218k Landscaping coverage- I've received 14k out of a possible 21k limit (again short of limits) I see many other fire victims saying they have been paid their policy limits from their insurance company, so how do I get into the same position as others? Is my only option hiring somebody? I'd prefer to get paid my limits in full, and to do this on my own. Can that be accomplished? If so, how?
Personal Property - Do I need still need a personal property inventory for taxes?
In light of the California Insurance Commissioner's request, my insurance company is now offering at least 75% of personal property coverage without the need, and corresponding emotional toll, of a personal property inventory. While this is encouraging, do I still need to do a personal property inventory for tax purposes to show that I did not have a "gain" on my personal property? While the check is big, I lost everything and am unlikely to have any gain, The inventory is very time consuming and stressful and I would rather not have to do one if I can reach a fair settlement and not create unforeseeable tax consequence. I briefly looked at some IRS guidelines and they seem to envision item-by-item determination but it was unclear. In any event, doing this across thousands of items would be a nightmare. Is there some exception for natural disaster survivors or something else? Please let me know. Reference to IRS guidelines and places for further reading would be appreciated also. Thanks Uphelp!
Premium Increase
Can an insurance company raise a commercial property premium amount because of the size of storm claim settlement amount in Texas? If we settle the claim at $500,000 instead of $800,000, can the insurance company raise our premium because we settled at a higher amount? This is not related to a lawsuit or appraisal.
Does insurance company need to agree to Purchase vs Rebuild?
I just called the California Dept of Insurance hotline to verify that it was permissible by law (California 2051.5) to buy vs rebuild after a home is destroyed. The CDI rep said yes, but only if the insurance company agrees to settle the claim that way. Really? Do I really need to get the insurance company's permission? I thought that the purpose of the CA law was to give me the option of buying without needing permission.
My house in Fountain Grove (Santa Rosa) burned down. I bought it Dec-30-2017 (size: 2616 sq. ft); Farmers insured us for $250/sq ft. In their description of the property they made several mistakes (e.g., lot slope was 0-15 degrees whereas it was closer to 30 degrees). All builders tell us it'll cost a minimum of $400/sq. ft. Do we have a case?
contents depreciation
My insurer is applying an excessive amount of depreciation, for example (75% on antique furniture). What is the best way to get them to be reasonable? By the way, my insurer (American National) was really good about the dwelling coverage, but is being awful about contents. Despite the requests of the insurance commissioner, they are only offering 27%, not 50% or 75% like other insurance companies.
Mechanics Lien
My smoke damage contractor, ServPro, informed me they will place a lien on my home in less than 3 weeks. They are still negotiating with my insurance company, Travelers, and my agent has been unresponsive to my requests for information. If I send Servpro all the funds the insurance has sent me, plus my deductible (about 75% of what Servpro is charging) will this stop them from placing the lien? Servpro's invoice is for $14,795 and Travelers has paid me $10,465. My deductible is $500. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
Can I use Coverage A monies to buy AND remodel?
Let's suppose my insurance company offers me $900,000 for the Dwelling coverage after my house burned in the October wildfires. Will I be able to buy an existing home somewhere else for $800,000, and then spend the remaining $100,000 for remodeling the new house as long as the remodeling is done within the 2 year time period?
Getting more money for flood insurance claim
Our home flooded during hurricane Harvey and our flood insurance policy entitled us to 200k but only gave us 88k. This is not enough money to repair according to city guidelines. What can we do to get more money?
Purchasing a home instead of rebuilding
It is my understanding that I have the right to purchase a home instead of rebuilding my destroyed home. I also believe that if the purchase price is less than the negotiated rebuild price of my lost home, I am not allowed to keep the 'additional funds'. But what if I need to remodel the purchased home to bring it up to a level commensurate with my lost home? Can the 'additional funds' be utilized for the remodel?
Changing my adjuster
I would like to if I have a right to a new adjuster for my claim. I lost my home in the October Wildfires and from the very beginning she didn't return my calls or respond to my email. It took her 10 days to actually contact me in person. She left one voicemail before that. Most transactions have been through people in the claims office, the emergency mobile office, or her supervisor in the large loss claims office (ie. ALE referrals, appraisal results, releases of funds for rental deposit. I finally asked her to set up a weekly phone appointment. She agreed and then went on a three week leave of absence. If I need anything, I have to contact her and then contact her supervisor when she does not respond in a couple days. Her supervisor refuses to assign a new adjuster. Her answer to her adjuster's lack of service is "you can talk to me." This treatment has taken a toll on my health, and I have told her supervisor this.
hiring an architect
Hi, we have a blanket policy with Kemper. This makes maxing out the policy tricky, because what you don't use in one bucket can be used in another bucket. Anyways we have been stuck trying to figure out who we want to work with as an architect. We spoke with our public adjuster today, and he advised that insurance company may not spring for an expensive architect. Typical fees range from 6% to 15%. We have at least 2 quotes that charge about 10% of the estimated construction budget, or $130k. What's the best way to handle this? Ultimately, we are frozen, because we don't know how much money we have to play with. If the public adjuster can max out our claim, then we can afford an architect out of that budget. This will take a long time to shake out. meanwhile, the clock is ticking for us. So what if we submitted the architects' proposals to the insurance claims adjuster? I guess it doesn't hurt to ask, right? or does it? We are worried that the claims adjuster will say no, because we only pay for rebuilding your previous house, and there's no way that it costs $130,000 to modernize your existing plans. Is this a common question? How have other people handled this? architect fees are what they are, and 10% seems fairly common. Yours Raj
Verification that carpet and pad plus upholstered furniture needs to be replaced
Who do we need to support our feeling that we need to replace the carpet, pad, and soft furniture?
Mortgage Company payout after loss
We suffered a large loss from a burglary. The Insurance company paid the mortgage company $35,000 for repairs. 17k of this loss was to replace wood floors. The floors are naturally distressed and the damage is minor. I have repaired the floors myself. The repairs are consistent with the overall look of the distressed floors. The mortgage company requires an onsite visit once 100% of repairs are complete. Will the mortgage company release the money even though we did not replace the floors? Thank you, Mike P
personal property
Hello I lost my house in Santa Rosa in the oct fires. My insurance company has only given me 70% of personal property even though the ins commissioner recommended 100%. What is a good solution to increase the percentage given to me. It is extremely painful to inventory every item in my house.
Investigation and examination of contents purchased used
I had a collection of vintage guitars and vintage stereo equipment all of which were very expensive . They were of course purchased used from individuals. Does the insurance company have the right to go beyond verifying the receipt with a seller. And ask for a physical visual inspection of said equipment. When you order and pay for something can you at that point turn in the receipt or do you have to wait until it's delivered. Some things might take a considerable amount of time. Thank you Chip Johnson.
underinsured-Can insurance companies INCREASE Maximums based on proven facts
Hi, I remodeled my home and the city has documentation of this, (rooms were blown out and a bathroom was added. I also have documentation from the contractors about a kitchen and bathroom remodel as well as hard wood. I do not believe that State Farm increased my dwelling coverage enough. As a result, I am not able to pay for my new house to be rebuilt. Can insurance companies INCREASE Maximums based on proven facts? If so, what is my best method of requesting this? I have already asked State Farm to provide documents that show the increases throughout the years but they have only gone back to 2014 and one of my 3 remodels was 2005. The adjuster keeps saying he can only pay on my maximums. My agent was playing dumb and not even indicating that he could read the dwelling paperwork, his response, "I really don't know what this means". My contractor is about to provide a bid to move forward with the build and he says there is something VERY wrong with the numbers. I would be grateful for any help with this issue, thanks.
Selling property after wildfire
We are planning to sell our property after it is released back to us when debris cleanup has been completed. The property was a total loss. Will selling have any impact on our claim? For example, if CSAA agrees to increase Part A limits because so many of their policy holders here are significantly under insured, will selling our lot prevent us from collecting additional payments? Thank you for any insight you can provide.
Sonoma County wildfire policy limits on replacement
Is there any recourse when policy limits are below the replacement cost of the home? Farmers insurance is offering to pay the maximum on the policy limits, but it is still below the appraised value for the dwelling. Definitely under insured. They used a module at renewal allowing for $190 per square foot for replacement. The appraisal is saying $300 per square foot. This is a large discrepency. Is there anything that can be done?
My house insurance coverage
Hi Amy, First of all thank you, Karen, and many others from United Policyholders coming over to Santa Rosa CA. I have learned a lot about insurance. I have a question and would like to get some help on it. As I understand that a lot of us in Northern California fire are underinsured for home rebuild, but just comparing with my Farmers group, my house is way underinsured. Currently our cover A is barely half needed to rebuild. We would like to know what will be our option(s) to solve this issue. My main question is that if we file a complain to California Insurance Commission, does it affect our legal action if we chose later on to sue Farms? Thank you so much. Lisa
ERC and personal property clauses
While negotiating with my adjuster about the 150% ERC on my policy, he said that if we decide to buy an existing house instead of rebuilding, and then sell our property, he could deduct the sale value of the property from the ERC agreement. He said that we are not supposed to "benefit from out loss", his words, and the earned value of the property sale would be a benefit. This despite his repeated assertion that my policy did not cover the property, only the dwelling. Our house was on two acres in an upscale area and the burned out property may be worth up to $300k on the current market. Does he have the right to do this? Also, the California insurance commissioner has come out to say that insurers should waive the requirement that the insured itemize their personal property losses, and instead the insurers should pay the full amount of the coverage for these losses. I have addressed this issue with my adjuster and he continues to refuse to budge. How should I proceed? Would going over his head in the chain of command be advised? We have the extenuating circumstances of my wife currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and have a letter from her doctor verifying how difficult this is for us.
"Insurance Consultation Clinic" slides?
I attended the UP "Insurance Consultation Clinic" this past Saturday (1/6/18) here in Santa Rosa, during the presentation they mentioned that their slides would e available via the UP website. Could you please direct me to where I can find them.
Fixed amounts for "living expenses"?
"I lost my home in Santa Rosa (Coffey Park neighborhood) during the October 2017 wildfires. I understand that because a disaster was declared, California insurance companies are required to cover at least 24 months of relocation expenses. My question is whether or not it is legal for an insurance company to provide temporary additional living expenses (aka relocation expenses) with a fixed "maximum" value (meaning it's possible to exhaust the funds in less than 24 months) verses an open ended amount (no defined maximum limit) which is certain to provide a full 24 months of living expenses? If companies can place a fixed maximum value on additional living expenses, then I would appreciate it if you could provide links to resources to better understand what options are available to provide additional security for those who's insurance policies have that type of limitation.
Starting construction lock in payout amounts?
I lost my home in Santa Rosa (Coffey Park neighborhood) during the October 2017 wildfires. I was told by a builder and an architect in separate conversations that once I break ground on rebuilding my house I will be 99% "locked-in" with the Dwelling Unit (structural) value/payout amounts on my claim and negotiations for that portion will pretty much cease or be concluded. Is information this correct? Either way can you direct me to where I can learn more about this topic?
Can I sell property while in the middle of an insurance claim?
My manufactured home burned down in Lilac Wildfire. Can I choose to not rebuild and sell my property to another person. Will I still be able to receive my insurance $ for dwelling, personal property and all other item listed on the policy?
I am trying to get our AAA insurance to pay FRV for a furnished rental rather than an unfurnished rental. I have gotten quotes from a realtor on their letterhead as requested but the adjuster keeps telling me they will only pay for an unfurnished rental. He keeps sending me the policy language, which makes no mention of furnished vs. unfurnished. Seems like the FRV for the home we lost should be for a furnished property, since it was. Below is the most relevant part of his most recent email: "AAA has interpreted the Loss of Use of the policy, as ether you elect to do the ALE which allows you to provide rental receipts for lodging and additional cost of being out of your home OR - FRV which is one payment each month to cover all your expenses for being out of the home. "With Fair Rental value - if elected - you do not have to provide any receipts, once the FRV figure has been established this is all inclusive for all expenses while out of your home. This was meant to simplify the process. So from this Realtor statement we can go with the $ 3650 a month with no additional expenses accepted. "COVERAGE D - Loss Of Use The limit of liability for Coverage D is the total limit for all the following coverages. "1. If a loss covered under this section makes that part of the "residence premises" where you reside uninhabitable, we cover, at your option, either: a. Additional Living Expense, meaning any necessary and reasonable increase in living expenses incurred by you so that your household can maintain its normal standard of living; or b. Fair Rental Value, meaning the fair rental value of that part of the "residence premises" where you primarily reside less any expenses that do not continue while the premises is uninhabitable." Thanks for looking this over. Arthur Dawson, Northern California Fire Survivor Warm Springs Rd., Glen Ellen
Content depreciation
Our insurance company is refusing to provide the depreciation schedule. Are they required by law in California to provide it?
Are people with partial losses required to fill out a sworn statement in proof of loss?
My adjuster with Nationwide has been extremely difficult to work with. Now she wants us to fill out a sworn statement in proof of loss with it being notarized. Is this standard protocol, or is it a tactic they are using to stall and discourage our claim? I thought that a sworn proof of loss was for only those with complete losses. All of our personal property is evident for them to see with smoke damage being evident. Now they want us to provide all estimates, depreciation, acv, date of damage, actual cost, etc. This does not seem to on par with what other Nationwide clients are going through.
Loss of Use due to Tubbs Fire (FEMA)
Our home burned in the Tubbs fire/Santa Rosa, CA. Are we allowed to pay off our mortgage and purchase another primary residence for the approximately 2 years, while our home is being rebuilt? I was told that if the insured buys another home and permanently (not sure how they define 'permanently) relocates it could terminate their loss of use benefits. Is this true?
documenting the value of antiques, art, etc.
I seem to recall that the need for appraisals, special insurance on normally "scheduled" items, etc. when it comes to expensive and antiques, is by and large waived for declared disasters resulting from wildfires. Is that the case? I'm sure there is more to it. Can you assist in an answer or direct me? Thank you.
Partial loss fire damage & requesting home inspection
Hi- My home survived the recent Altas Peak fire in Napa and from what we know it was impacted by extreme high temperatures and high winds. We know the fire was in the gutters and at the farthest point was 30 ft away. According to a fireman on the scene, our house was encircled by fire. We are concerned with hidden damage to our home, concrete, windows, plumbing, walls, roof, steel, etc and found your on-line materials very helpful. My question is specifically about a home inspection. Our "field adjuster" says he is qualified to do a complete fire inspection of our home. (Although he has worked for our insurance company for 10 years, he is an Economics major.) If our insurance company says he is qualified to do the inspection, do we have any legal recourse to request a qualified contractor, engineer, or real home inspector? The first adjuster that came to the house, spent less than 2 hours on site and didn't even climb a ladder, spent most of his time counting trees and looking for ash on the window sills. When we requested a more through home inspection, our case was given to this current adjuster who claims he has extensive experience assessing fire damage. Thank you. BTW-went to your presentation on Thursday in Napa. You did a great job and we are so thankful your agency exists to provide accurate information to consumers!
Timeframe to receive Scope of Loss
Just received a letter from our adjuster stating that the scope of loss could not be determined because they are continuing to evaluate. It is now more than 60 days after the wild fire. I read on your website that there are often delays but I wonder if there is some California regulation mandating a response time.
property loss claim spreadsheet - asked again
where can I find an Excel spreadsheet that allows entry of property condition rating and actual cash value -- as entered by the insured? You keep sending me to you 2011 "sample" spreadsheet, which is locked and cannot be modified. Your spreadsheet does nothing with "condition" information to allow calculation of my statement of "actual value". do you know of an open-sourced spreadsheet that does or that can be modified to do so?
Is it legal to rent our own house to ourselves?
Hello, We are in the middle of negotiating with our insurance company. Rather than looking for a new rental home, we would like to rent our own house to ourselves. Is it legal to write up a contract to rent a house back to ourselves?
Home insurance following the Redwood Valley fire, Oct. 9th 2017
My insurance policy, Homesite Insurance Company of California (issued through Geico Insurance, my auto insurers) has set a policy limit of $283,000 to rebuild my home. The true cost to rebuild is around $540,000. What can I do? I would appreciate being able to talk with someone more knowledgeable than myself. I bought the house 4 years ago for $395,000.
my house survived the ventura fire but have questions
my neighborhood is over 50% gone but thankfully my home survived. Our mandetory evac was just listed today. we do not have all utilities yet but can bring people up there with our id. My insurance company is overwhelmed I'm sure and I'm not getting timely call backs. My insurance is Homesite. Am I supposed to arrange for a crew to come in and see if my home is toxic? Or does my insurance? If I am, who do I call?
Extended Replacement Cost Coverage.
I lost my house in the Northern CA Tubbs fire on Oct. 9,2017. Is the Extended Replacement Cost Coverage of the policy affected at all by the fact that this was a natural disaster that was declared statewide and nationally?
Time limit to list contents lost due to house fire.
I lost my home in the Northern Ca Tubbs fire on Oct. 9, 2017. What is the time limit for submitting the list of personal property contents to the insurance company? I have a Farmers Next Generation policy. I believe the policy indicates 60 days but I have heard it can be longer.
My policy does not cover dirt.
My house was destroyed in the Tubbs fire and the site was cleared by FEMA. To rebuild my house will require new dirt in the foundation area. My policy does not cover dirt. Is there a way to classify the dirt necessary to restore the site properly for foundation work so that my policy will cover it. I have a Next Generation Policy with Farmers.
can we cash out on Loss of use when the Limit is not reached
After our House in Santa Rosa burned down at the 9th of October we bought a new house and will not need the temporary rental anymore. Our Loss of Use is not used up. Can we ask for getting the remaining amount cashed out? Thank you for your answer in advance
Red flagging a building in California after fire
In California what is the Law regarding a building being red flagged after a fire requiring our insurance to pay the maximum benefits of our policy. Our home is a total loss. Half burned and the other half suffered significant smoke and water damage. The fire department told us it was a total loss. The insurance company thinks because walls are still standing that we might be able to “repair.” The home is a tear down as it sits.
Rebuilding Question - Waiting to Agree to a Final Number
We are working with the insurance company to get a estimate to rebuild our home. The insurance company has already produced one estimate and given us a check for the "initial" estimate and demo work. But now the company has told us to come back with additional estimates. I am already disappointed that they have shifted the burden to us. Nonetheless, we have a contractor helping us develop estimates as the home is a large custom-built home with high-end fixtures so it difficult to value and we have no other choice. The insurance company's current number is significantly off. It seems they valued the rebuild cost at $300/square foot when comparable rebuild costs in SoCal for these types of homes is much higher based on a cursory online review. My concern is that I am extremely reluctant to begin any work until we agree to realistic number. Because we can't begin a construction project without a budget. What do you recommend in this situation? Is it advisable to wait until we agree on a final number or will the insurance company say that we are delaying (when we are not)? Ultimately, if it takes us months to agree on a final number (which I understand is usually the case) that means we can't begin the rebuild process for months when policies usually only cover 24 months of ALE.
Using temporary housing grant
Can we use our temporary housing money to purchase a property rather than renting?
We started demo in kitchen for remodel 4 days before fire. How does the affect our claim?
We demoed our kitchen, and some drywall and flooring in the living room. Bedrooms and bathrooms still intact. How does this affect our claim, do we disclose this information to our adjuster? All of our new appliances when boxes in the garage. Everything was lost our new cabinets which we paid in fall or in storage and a separate facility. What do we tell the adjuster?
Home insurance using actual cash value
Hello. I filed a claim, the agent sent me the estimate but it's using the actual cash value of my roof. Can they do it even though it's not on the policy? The policy that was in placed when the incident happened does not say anything abou ACV. The new policy came with an endorsement specifically stating the ACV will apply. But again the previous one didn't mention anything about it. Please help me. Thank you
Contents Inventory
We lost our home in the Northern California Fires on October 9th. How are items purchased from garage sales handled in the inventory process? My wife purchased many items this way over the years like jewelry, vases, and other household items. We've found comparable rings, bracelets, charms etc. online on sites like Sundance. The prices range from $28-$80 per item (so we're not talking about expensive jewelry, but she had a lot so it adds up). Since they were purchased with cash at garage sales (for a few dollars), we don't have receipts or other proof of purchase. We have State Farm so our inventory form includes the following categories - Quantity, Description of Property, Brand/Model/Specifications, Item Age, Condition, Cost Each, Documentation. How do insurance companies handle garage sales purchases? What's the best way for us to document these items? Thanks for your help.
Lost my home in Santa Rosa Fire
My policy states - dwelling coverage plus 150% Can I cash out with out rebuilding? My content - I would like my full amount - is it necessary to itemize every item I had - family of 4. Lots to right down How about - I paid for a great policy now I have to fight an prove to get my money after my house is completely gone. Thanks.
Rental lease
We found a rental house after our house burned in the Thomas fire in Ventura. Our Insurance company told us yesterday that they want a six month lease with a month to month after that. The lease is for a year. Our house is a total loss. A smoking pile of rubble. Can they refuse to approve the rent? We have $97,000 in loss of use coverage. Because of the disaster rentals are almost impossible to find in Ventura.
Bank Account for Rebuild Money
Are there any type of specific bank accounts that you recommend using for money received from insurance for the purpose of rebuilding after a total loss fire? My parents are not the most financially responsible, even after losing their home, and sister and I want to make sure that the money they receive from insurance goes only for the purpose of rebuilding the home. Are there any type of bank accounts that can be used to restrict transactions unrelated to home rebuilding?
Fire insurance
For californias basic homeowners insurance when there's a fire what is the least and most amount of time they are responsible to pay your hotel?
Coffey park fire loss of use
Hello, I lost my house in the Coffey park fires in northern ca. My insurance company just told me they would only pay my rent for 18 months. It’s clearly going to take more time than that to rebuild since they havn’t even cleared my lot yet. I was told this was not legal . Is this true?
Why does my mortgage company get to control 100% of the money from the insurance claim? (revised for clarity)
OK, I received a check for $67,000 to repair damages on my house due to Hurricane Irma. The house is not totally destroyed, or even severely damaged. Even if I have a balance on the mortgage, why do they get to control all of the money? And do I have any recourse? Logically, they should only be allowed to control funds proportional to the percentage of the house they own, and regardless of whether there is an existing balance on the mortgage or not. I understand it might be in a contract, but do I have any options? My other problem with this whole process is that while the aim is to eliminate fraud, the initial assumption by requiring all these things is that fraud is going to be committed. How is that proper? Or fair?
Why does my mortgage company get to control 100% of the money from the insurance claim?
I asked this question almost a month ago and have not received a reply. I want to know why a mortgage company is allowed to keep and distribute 100% of the insurance claim money when they do not own 100% of my property? (or in my case, less than 50%) Plus I found out when they release the funds they do so to me and the contractor. How is this fair? Do I have any recourse in the matter?
How do we get mortgage company to release insurance claim funds in excess of repair costs?
We were recently flooded in hurricane Harvey. The flood insurance settlement we received was substantially more than was needed to complete the repairs and return the house to the state it was before the flood. We were able to make the repairs with the money that we received upfront plus a little out-of-pocket. We are concerned the mortgage company won’t release the rest of the funds to us if we haven’t done all repairs stated in the insurance settlement or spent all of the money on repairs. Can they do that? Will they require us to put the money toward the mortgage (despite returning the houses value to above the loan amount, i.e. protecting their collateral)? What recourse, if any, do we have? Thanks!
Personal property inventory
We have friends who are working with public adjusters. They are being told to complete the entire personal contents inventory at once so that an entire “book” can be submitted. Do you recommend using that strategy if one is not using a public adjuster? Or should we submit the inventory piecemeal, as we finish particular rooms and/or categories?
Casualty Tax Loss - Is Carryover to Later Years Permitted
We suffered a catastrophic loss in the recent California wildfires. We are still trying to figure out our total losses in terms of the home and personal property (and dealing with insurance) but the losses are likely to be significant. And now that the end of the year is nearing, I am thinking about tax time. I understand that in a federal declared disaster area, you have the option to take the casualty loss in in the current year or preceding year. But do tax losses carryover? I ask because if I am looking at a tax loss that has to be used this year, it may be worthwhile to do some of end of the year tax planning with respect to other investments. If the losses carryover, then that is one less thing to worry about this year.
How to find a considerate Personal Inventory Contractor?
We have a public adjuster who is in a rush to complete content survey and will trash our personal property in the process. Not acceptable. We won't allow survey until after we have separated and logged recognizable items from the ash and debris. We are approaching completion of this first sort. Now we seek the services of a survey contractor who will work by agreement directly with us to enter our data and other required info to complete, perfect, and submit to our public adjuster for submittal of personal property claim. Not finding this service, any suggestions?
Personal Property
Your sample letter asking the insurance company to waive the requirement of the inventory states in the last sentence that surveys show that companies have waived that requirement. Can you guide me to those surveys? Thanks
I'm doing my parents personal items after the Sonoma fire, my dad is a well known retired biologist here in the community, and he has kept a multitude of research and journals how do I find the cost for this?
Some examples: research journal kept over 20 years on local vaux swifts migration. Second question: How do I assign value to my mothers many photo albums, some with pictures that are antique, and not replaceable?
As a homeowner and GC for my property, when should I be submitting my O&P
Dwelling Advance from Insurance Company
We lost our home in the Northern California Fires. Our insurance company (State Farm) just offered us a 50% advance on our Dwelling coverage. Is there any negative to accepting this advance? Could it impact the final settlement amount that they offer us? Thank you.
tax on loss of use payments
I have been living in an expensive rental since my home fire a year ago. It will amount to over $100,000. It is in the same neighborhood as my home and less square footage. I continue to pay my mortgage which is only $800 a month. Will these loss of use payments be taxed?
Rebuild Process - changes made to home at owners request
If during the rebuild of my home, I choose to make a change that costs more than the original home, do I end up paying for that change? for instance: - Extra square footage, - Add a 1/2 bath within same square footage, - Different roofing material, What if the change actually costs less money than the original home? Thank you
Recoverable Depreciation
What is Recoverable Depreciation and how is it used in the insurance claim process. eg less Recoverable Depreciation
Does the insurance pay O&P to the insured in florida for reconstruction of property and what %
Debris cleanup not covered - Coffey Park
I have a Landlord's policy through LIberty Mutual. They've been great. But they told me the toxic waste is not covered under my otherwise comprehensive policy. This could be a $25,000 - 30,000 expense. Does this sound right?
Can't seem to get a CERTIFIED copy of my policy. Adjustor says the copy sent to me is certified but I don't see that anywhere.
definitions: "separate structures" vs "personal property"
My family lost many outbuildings in the recent wildfires. We have limited coverage for Separate Structures and will hit the limit no matter what, while our coverage for Personal Possessions is way more than we will need. The adjustor for our homeowners insurance listed all our destroyed outbuildings as separate structures including three buildings that were on pier blocks. When we sent the check to our mortgage lender the escrow agent called me and she told me that structures not on fixed foundations would generally be considered personal property. When I looked back at the adjustor's estimate, I saw that he had listed two out of three of the structures in question as being on concrete slabs. We had very clearly told him that they were on pier blocks so that is strange. In reading the policy, it doesn't say anything specific about foundations but it does define Separate Structures as "a. those structures, including buildings and building structures, on the residence premises set apart from the dwelling by clear space or structures only connected to the dwelling by a fence, wall, sidewalk, walkway, driveway, patio, decking or utility line or similar connection; and b. all fences, walls not part of a building, sidewalks, walkways, driveways, pools, pool cages, piers, wharfs, boat docks and spas on the residence premises, whether or not abutting or connected to the building." I have asked the adjustor to correct the estimate but he has not got back to me for several days. I feel like he's ignoring me and I really want to know what our rights are. It would help us cover our losses if these structures were covered as Personal Possessions rather than Separate Structures.
Is mold and fungus the same? My insurance policy has different coverage for both
Interest on holding money by lender
We lost our house and we got checks form our insurance company. We know the lender will hold this money and release it step by step. But, how about the interest on the money? Some of our neighbor got 2% interest from the lender holding dwelling cost money . Is it possible we ask to lender open an escrow and pay us the interest for the rebuilding money (over $500,000) ?
Dwelling money and lender
Hi, We lost Santa Rosa house last month. We received our dwelling money from our insurance company but I have a question for you. Our mortgage amount is $452,000 but the dwelling part of insurance check is $539,000. Is it possible to ask insurance company reissue the check separately? I mean our portion of money ($87.000) and $452,000? Because the lender is going to hold all amount until we have contract with contractor, and it will take time to process the money release when we need it. Thank you.
Medical Letter for smoke damage for family with cancer, baby, asthmatic & NICU child with lung issues
Hello, The fires that ravaged Santa Rosa came within 300 yards of our home. Everything around us burned to the ground. These fires were so hot that metal melted. Fire retardant, mercery from the florescent lights, flame retardants in the furniture, a ton of asbestos, and many other chemicals were released into the air. At 1 am on the night of the fire, my husband and I grabbed our infant, 3 and 4 year old children, and ran out the door. The upstairs windows were all open and the winds were so high that our front door blew open (I did not take the time to lock it, since we could see the flames on the hill behind our home). Our home became a wind/smoke tunnel while the fires raged. We have not been able to return to our home since the night of the fires due to the level of smoke damage and contaminates that is inside our home. Our home has a very high level of smoke damage, and to this day it still smells like an industrial fire was in our living room. We had a Certified Industrial Chemist come test the level of contamination. He explained that soot is much worse than ash, since it has not fully combusted. The soot level in our home is 'Level 3' out of a possible 4. The only level that is worse would be found in a home that had an internal fire. We have been working with two different fire restoration companies, one that tries to get the smoke/soot out of the structure/carpet/couches/mattresses, and another that works with clothing and textiles. Both of them have told us that we should get letters from my asthma doctor, my husband's oncologist (he had brain cancer last year and just completed 12 months of chemo), and our daughter's NICU doctors (her lungs were severely damaged at birth), stating that they feel the cleaning process is not suitable for our unique health issues. Each companies have recommended a total loss for the majority of our items, since they worry about reactions we may have from the cleaning process, but they need a letter to submit with their recommendations to the insurance company. Both of these companies would get $25,000 - $35,000 for their cleaning fees from our insurance company, but they do not feel that is the best option for our family's health. Our doctors want to write letters on our behalf, but they aren't sure what the best things to say and include are. Is there any experience that your company has had with something like this?
Bulking personal belongings
I have been assigned someone from the insurance company who wants to bulk all my personal belongings. I am only 1/2 way through completing my list. I am concerned that I will not recoup my maximum amount if I "bulk. Is this true? I am a North Bay Fire Survivor who was renting. I had a small renter's insurance policy. After I complete and max out my renter's policy I am allowed to tap into the homeowners policy on property I own with my former husband.
Policy premiums after a catastrophic loss
Our home was recently destroyed in the California wildfire. While I expected to maintain my policy during the rebuilding process, I expected a reduction in premium. My agent is saying that in order to keep my multiple policy discount, provide renter's insurance and coverage of liability and materials during the construction my premium stays the same. Building isn't scheduled to start for at least 6 months, why do I pay premiums for a house and contents that I no longer have?
Extended limits
Our policy gives 50% extended coverage on our dwelling in the event of a disaster. Is it true that California law states that limit doubles in the event of a disaster? Many thanks for you response and help.
Personal Property Depreciation
Does CA Insurance Code Section 2051 imply that only property condition, not age, can be used to determine a 'fair and reasonable deduction for physical depreciation"?
Contents of home
Do I have to put date bought if every item? My house totally burned down in Santa Rosa ca fire
Northern California Tubbs Fire, Sonoma County October 8/9, 2017 1) I was denied fema because I have renters insurance. I sent a rebuttal, haven't heard back. I am trying to get a fema trailer. What do I do now to get a fema trailer? 2) I was paid the maximum amount on personal property and loss of use ( which AAA is also calling fair rental value). Should I take it, (on back of check it says " Endorsement constitutes acceptance of the Offer of Payment") or is there any possibility of getting more for 'loss of use/fair rental value' since the rent here in Sonoma County California is so high and fema seems to be denying me.
Insurance Dispursment from mortgage company
We are anticipating ~$1.2M from our home loss in Santa Rosa. We have an outstanding mortgage with Mr. Cooper (seriously the name of the lender) for~$375k. State Farm will only write 1 check (with them named as well). I am told they will disperse $40k initially, 50% when 50% complete and the remainder upon full completion. How can they keep almost $800k that isn't theirs? Further how do I pay the builder if I can only get $40k up front? Thank you.
Personal Property - If I get the used prices can the insurance company still depreciate the value?
My parents are in the late 80's and lost their house and all their posessions in the Tubbs fire. They cannot handle dealing with insurance so I am helping them. I was wondering for personal property, if I get the equivalent used prices of some of the items on EBay, can the insurance company still depreciate the value? Also, most of their furniture they bought in the 1960's (mid century modern and is very popular now), would this be considered antique so would not be depreciated? Thank you for your website and all the useful information, it has helped us immensely, we would be lost without your help. Thanks in advance!
Mortgage co. requiring endorsement of checks from insurance co.
Any way to get around the requirement to have our mortgage co. , PNC, required endorsement of checks received from our insurance co. What do I pay contractors with if I can't cash the checks?
Payment of Coverage A Limits
I am told that the insurance company is going to send me a check for the full amount of the Coverage A Dwelling Coverage (not the extended coverage). They also said that sending the check will start the 2 year clock that I have to be in contract with a contractor to rebuild the home. I have heard I should not accept the money yet so the clock doesn't begin to run. Is there any downside in not accepting the check at this time? Will refusing to accept the check at this time jeopardize any other coverages or limits? Am I obligated to accept the check? I have a Farmers Next Generation Policy.
Getting claim check funds released
Hello, I suffered damage to my house due to Hurricane Irma. My mortgage is, unfortunately, through Wells Fargo. The check is for about $67,000. In addition to all the ridiculous hoops Wells Fargo is making me go through, W-9's etc., they are also pulling the escrow routine. My main question is if I own 50% of my house, why does my mortgage company get to control 100% of the funds?
How does an insurer define "physical loss to property"?
Our insurer rejected our mold claim, even though we have additional coverage for mold, as well as for, "Sudden and accidental tearing apart, cracking, burning or bulging of a steam or hot water heating system, an air conditioning or automatic fire protective sprinkler system, or an appliance for heating water". The a/c repair man, as well as the claims adjuster and the engineer who investigated the claim (both hired by our insurer) attributed, in writing, the cause of our mold to tearing of the attic duct work tape. The insurer claimed that they would not cover our Section C loss from mold because, "the claimed loss and damage and the mold was the result of humidity and condensation. There was no physical damage, therefore, the mold is not a result of a covered cause of loss". Can you please explain why they are rejecting our claim? Thank You
Settling the Dwelling/Structure portion of insurance claim
Our Dwelling/Structure adjuster wants to meet and give us a check - we lost our home in the recent Sonoma County fire. He has not specified the amount, but in a previous phone conversation he indicated we had exceeded the limit our policy allows. All seems to have gone smoothly, and we have no reason to feel we have been treated unfairly. Still, are there any recommendations, questions we should ask, before we accept his offer. Also, is accepting the check a binding contract? Thanks very much!
Dwelling Limit
My home was destroyed in the Tubbs Fire. A claim was filed with my insurance company and I have received a settlement for my dwelling. Now that there is no existing structure on my land, I don't see the need to maintain a high Coverage A limit. My insurance broker advised me to lower this limit and to consider raising the limit once construction begins. I don't intend to store any personal property on the lot until construction is complete. Would lowering my Coverage A limit now be a reasonable move to help manage my insurance premiums? Thanks
Does irrigation belong in section A (dwelling)?
Greetings! Our house was destroyed in the recent Santa Rosa fire. Our adjustor put all our irrigation estimates (labor, pipes, valves) into section A, because it is branched off the water pipe that leads to our house, and therefore considered as being attached to the dwelling. We are almost certainly underinsured and will need all of our section A coverage to rebuild the house, but have lots of unused funds in section B (outside structures). Is it standard practice to put irrigation costs into section A, or are there any arguments why it should be in B? Thanks! Martin
Meeting 11/15/2017 Details
What is the time and location of the meeting tonight in Santa Rosa, CA -Nov 15, 2017?
Settlement monies used for Relocation vs Rebuild
I have asked my Insurance company if the full amount of Coverage A plus 50% (Limited Home Replacement Cost Endorsement) can be used to relocate instead of rebuilding. Their initial response is no, that if I relocate the settlement amount I am entitled to is restricted to the basic Coverage A amount. I have read the California Insurance Code 2051.5(c) and it seems to indicate that I am entitled to use the full 150% of Coverage A for relocation. What is the right answer? Has this been tested? What is the precedent?
loss of use
I live in St Thomas. My house suffered substantial damage from Irma and Maria. It is a two level house with a 3rd level apartment. The upper level is missing the roof and the bottom level apartment is pulling away from the main structure. I am currently living on the 2nd level. When I bought the house in January I had planned on returning the house to the previous layout of 3 separate distinct living spaces to help with the mortgage and homeowners insurance. The 2nd level had already been zoned as a separate living area but was added to the main house by the previous owners. I removed the spiral staircase between the 1st and 2nd level and had contractors scheduled to come back to repair the opening. Earlier this year my parents decided they were going to move here. My father has Alzheimers disease and responds well to me. I was going to help my Mom care for him. My parents sold their house in Colorado, bought plane tickets and hired movers. They were to arrive on island October 1st. We decided ahead of time they would be paying rent and we would have a written agreement drawn up. As a result of the storm I was forced to move to the 2nd level. Had the house survived intact this would not have been a safe place for them. I would have still rented out the 2nd level to someone else. My agent said I could not claim loss of use because I had no lease already in place for them. Is this correct. Please advise.
Replacement Cost Coverage
How do I find out whether my homeowner's policy provides replacement cost coverage?
Offset from Metife from SSDI
I am getting LTD from Metlife. I became approved for SSDI. I received back pay from Feb. 2014 to Feb. 2017. Now Metlife is requesting an offset from me , and im afraid of going to jail because i had to give 15000 of 33000 to a debt that had to be paid because of a legal debt. I only have halve of this money to pay back. What is the penalty for not paying the entire amount.
My family lived in Fountaingrove and like our entire neighborhood, we lost our home and escaped through flames. Is there any recourse if we are underinsured? We rely on the expertise of the insurance company to advise us and give us the best plan for our house, just as my patients rely on me to advise and give them in the best care. I’m held accountable under many laws. Is there any way to hold the policy makers accountable? It just makes no sense to me that my neighbors with the same exact house are insured for almost double. We were not trying to save money on our policy. We just took the advice of our agent as to what we needed for coverage of our home. With building costs estimated now at $600-700 a square foot, we will likely not be able to rebuild. This adds insult to injury. Many thanks for your time.
Dwelling Extension Coverage
We lost our home and all outbuilding structures in the Northern California Fires. Our outbuilding structures included a horse barn, pool, pool house, sauna house and garden shed. Our adjuster sent us a letter saying Dwelling Extension items may include detached garages, fences, driveways, sidewalks and other similar structures. Questions - 1) Do swimming pools and surrounding pool entertaining areas fall under Dwelling Extension? They are connected to the main house by utility lines and fencing. 2) Are we able to allocate how we use our Dwelling Extension settlement (fixing the pool will be expensive so can we decide to use more of the money to fix the pool and not rebuild the barn)? 3) If we decide to buy another house instead of rebuilding, it's our understanding that we can only use money from Coverage A Dwelling and Option ID Increase Dwelling toward the purchase of our new home. Since the Dwelling Extension amount doesn't 'go with us' can we still use that coverage amount to fix up our burnt property - fix fencing, the pool, the barn, driveway, etc. We plan to hold the land for a while before selling it. Thank you.
Coverage B Personal Property
Our insurance company has offered to give us a 30% advance payment towards our Coverage B Personal Property limit. Are there negatives to accepting this advance? If we do, will it make collecting ALE/Loss of Use reimbursement more challenging (meaning if we take the 30% will the insurance company be more likely to say an expense falls under Coverage B when we think it's ALE)? Our policy provides replacement cost coverage for most personal property. It says until repair or replacement is completed, the settlement for personal property will be based on the cost to repair or replace the item less depreciation. Does accepting the 30% advance impact how the insurance company handles this process? We don't need the 30% at this time but we're just trying to figure out if it's best to accept the advance now or wait until a total settlement is offered (after we submit our inventory). Thank you.
Insurance claim for loss of income for my small business during & after Sonoma fire disaster.
My business insurance carrier, Hartford, is denying my claim for loss of income at my place of business in Sonoma during & after the fire disaster. Is it better to continue pressing them, or should I go to the Insurance commissioner & file a complaint?
A check was given to us from insurance company ( house destroyed in Nunns Fire Sonoma) . The check is a a rebuild check and it was substantially over what we owe on the mortagage ( we owe aprox. 175000,the check was 500,000 plus it is written to us and mortage company.) We are rebuliding and will use itbut do we have turn it over to them. The insurance company said we neded to .
joint check from insurance co.
Approx. 3 weeks after the Santa Rosa wildfires Nationwide Ins. issued a joint check for 75% of the dwelling limits. How do I get a check that is not a joint check with the mortgage co.? If my only choice is to get a joint check what are my options when dealing with the mortgage company?
Partially damaged structure that needs to be torn down before being rebuilt
I have two areas of my home that were partially damaged due to the Northern Calif Wildfires. I bought the home in March 2016 and insured the dwelling and other structures heavily because it is old and on a slope; rebuilding would be expensive. The original home was built around 1930 and over the years there have been several add-ons and repairs done. Some of the additional square feet, and most of the repairs are not recorded as being done with permits. That could be a record keeping issue with the county or a do-it-yourselfer performing work with his buddies and never pulling a permit; probably a little of both. My builder said that the damage to the garage and to the damage to the deck would require the pulling of permits and that the existing structures should be torn down. the entire garage and the entire deck will then have to be rebuilt from the ground up. The deck is 1300 square feet, two levels, on a slope - not a small job. In addition to those issues parts of the house where the deck will need to be attached have weak footings and that area is followed by nonconforming and/or nonexistent foundation (crumbled). Like I said, the original house was built in 1930. I have only $163,000 in code upgrade coverage which is all I can get given that it is calculated as a % of the Coverage A dwelling. My dwelling is insured for $638,000 with a 150% replacement cost increase. I also have $78,000 other structures and added $104,000 for my pool brining other appurtenant structures to $184,000. My question is this: If the garage were on a solid footing the repair might only be $20,000. Tearing it down, building a new foundation and garage on a slope could easily cost $150,000. That's a difference of $130,000. The deck repair (if the footings and structure were sound) would run about $30,000 but with tearing down could be $80,000. That's another $50,000 difference. Already I've exceeded my ordinance and law / code upgrade policy limit and I haven't even started on the rest. It is somewhat conceivable given the state of the foundation on this home that the additional repairs that would not be required if the structure was more sound could run anywhere from $300,000 to tearing the whole thing down and rebuilding. I am very concerned that although I did my level best to not underinsure my home I may in fact be underinsured because of potential code upgrades to a very, very old home. I spoke at length with my agent about this when I bought the coverage. (insured by CSAA). In fact I increased my coverages twice with him in the first year because I learned of the high cost of rebuilding there. My questions: Am I calculating my coverage correctly? How do i calculate code upgrade repairs? If the code upgrades far exceed the cost of the repair am I going to just have to have my home red tagged and be stuck with it? I don't have the money to throw in a couple hundred thousand to make repairs.
Refusing to put info in writing
Our adjuster is verbally telling us what we are/are not covered for, and time frame for coverage, in regard to erosion control and the possibility of erosion in the future. (We are involved in the northern California fires). Good info. However he has been told he is not allowed to put that information into writing for us. Why would that be and is it legal?
Ordinence and Law coverage for a rental house HO-277 (Ed. 01-79)
Recent fires, total loss. Below is the wording of my Ordinance and Law coverage. My adjuster says that the last line - "All other provisions of this policy apply." means that the coverage comes out of my dwelling A coverage (thus reducing it). The wording is unclear to me. does this seem correct? I would sure like it to be "in addition to" the dwelling coverage as mine will be maxed. For an additional premium, loss for damage by a Peril Insured Against to the dwelling under Coverage A shall be settled on the basis of any ordinance or law regulating the construction, repair or demolition of the dwelling. All other provisions of this policy apply. Copyright, Insurance Services Office, Inc., 1979 HO-277 (Ed. 01-79)
Insurance for California Wildfires
I just lost my house in the California fires. The insurance gave me the full value of the structure, but I have a question about the extended replacement line item. I can get an extra amount if I rebuild. The claims adjuster said I only get this after I have finished rebuilding and present quotes from contractors and bills proving I needed the money. Is this true, or can I provide a quote from several contractors showing I need the money to rebuild and get the money when I start rebuilding? With the obvious understanding that if the rebuild takes less than that amount I have to repay the difference. Thank you for your time.
Structure check from Insurance company
Can I get my insurance company to write me 2 separate checks - one for the outstanding mortgage amount and another one for my equity?
Loss of Use
We had a total loss in the Tubbs fire. We are very skeptical that we will be able to replace all of our contents with our full coverage limits. Until we know exactly how much money we will get from our personal property coverage we do not want to buy anything that is not absolutely necessary. For example we do not want to buy replacement snow skiing clothing and equipment only to find out later that we ran out of coverage and we can't buy a refrigerator. Are we able to rent items that were lost and then claim the rental expenses on our loss of use coverage?
Which insurance companies are requiring inventory lists post the disaster?
It is so difficult to recreate your contents after the fact. By requiring the inventory, does that mean that the particular insurance company will only reimburse for those items on the list?
what should I do if I suspect that the insurance agent underinsured my dwelling?
I am concerned that my insurance agent did not accurately document the square footage of my dwelling and the amount necessary to rebuild in spite of the fact I indicated I wanted to be sure I was fully insured to rebuild if necessary.
Coverage D - TUBBS fire victim
We are a family of 4 displaced by the TUBBS fire. Our destroyed home was 5 BR, upscale furnishings. We are now living in a 3 BR place with much lower quality furnishings/appliances, spending very little relative to our unlimited policy limits for coverage D. What is the best way to interact with the insurance company to potentially recapture "their" savings? Since it's a reimbursable coverage we can spend 20k per month by moving but would rather stay put and receive a larger advance. Illogically, the insurance company will pay a 20k lease, but not a 12k advance...etc.
Insurance and architect/structural engineer
Is architecture/structural engineering built into the structure portion of our policy for a complete rebuild or does it have to come out of pocket? We have an extra 10% built in for ‘code upgrades’ but not sure about architect, etc.
Debris Removal In Scope Of Loss
Is debris removal generally a line item in scope of loss? My policy says that I have 20% for debris removal that kicks in IF we exhaust coverage A. Essentially, I want to verify that debris removal itself counts as part of the calculation of exhausting coverage A so that it is covered, even if the construction costs alone don’t exceed coverage A. Thanks
Debris Removal and Insurance
My policy describes my debris coverage as follows: “This expense is included in the limit of liability that applies to the damaged property. If the amount to be paid for the actual damage to the property plus the debris removal expense is more than the limit of liability for the damaged property, an additional 20% of that limit of liability is available for debris removal” My question is what are the implications of it being worded this way? This has to be beneficial to the insurance company, and I’m trying to figure out how so that I understand the implications. I’m inclined to think about it as if I have up to an addional 20% to cover disposal. I expect to exahaust my coverage A, but even if I didn’t where is the flaw in thinking of it this way? Does it seem to you like there is any way, I end up having to foot the bill for disposal if its less than 20% of my coverage A? Does it seem to you that there is any way my disposal costs will leave me with less funds to rebuild as long as they are less than 20% of my coverage A?
dwelling coverage A
My dwelling coverage A- 513,200 + 50% = 769,800 How can I get CSAA INSURANCE EXCHANGE to give me 769,800. My house is valued at 950,000+.
Understanding our Maximum Policy Amount
We lost our Santa Rosa home in the Tubbs Fire on 10/9/17. We are reviewing our State Farm homeowners policy and it contains multiple endorsements that appear to increase our Dwelling Limit such as inflation, increased dwelling limit, ordinance/law updates, shrubs/trees, etc. I do not feel confident that I understand what our true maximum policy amount is and I want to ensure we are paid what we are contractually due. Is there a type of lawyer or service available to help consumers review their homeowners contracts and help them understand the maximum policy amount? If so, can you please share this information. Thank you for your time and help.
insurance checks
We had a complete house fire in Santa Rosa. I have received 2 checks I'm hesitant to cash from our insurance company. They are a percentage of Part A dwelling and Part C Personal Property. The reverse signage portion of the check says "endorsement constitutes acceptance of the offer of payment" Should I deposit?
Would it be better to pay off the existing loan and then get a construction loan to rebuild? Would there be tax consequences for repaying? I am in a position to pay off the existing loan but I would need a construction loan to rebuild.
how do I fill out a proof of loss
Harvey Flood insurance RCV payment
Our flood dwelling policy meets the qualifications for RCV coverage of our flood claim from Hurricane Harvey. We were under the impression that the amount in excess of the ACV was payable only if we provided proof of repair costs. We have not yet repaired the house and are considering selling "As Is" . However, when we received our claim check it included the full RCV amount. Will we be required to refund the amount in excess of ACV to the insurance company? Or is there some reason we would receive RCV without doing the repair?
Homeowners Loss of Use
My home was a total loss in the Northern CA wildfires earlier this month. I am trying to get into a rental that requires a deposit. My insurer is stating that the deposit should come out of my personal property portion of my policy, yet I feel it should come out of loss of use. What is appropriate? Is this a Department of Insurance rule or can carriers make their own policies regarding this?
Paying off mortgage of destroyed home?
We have a mortgage of 207,000. left on our home that was total loss with the California fires. Our insurance agent wanted a payoff balance. Another neighbor is not paying off his mortgage. Our coverage is 377,000 which will nearly cover replacing our home! We need some guidance in what is the best way to proceed ...Do we payoff the mortgage and then do we get the balance of the coverage for rebuilding and take out a new loan??
Santa Rosa Wildfire Purchase Replacement Instead of Rebuild
I am seeking clarification regarding insurance settlements when the insured elects to purchase a new home instead of rebuilding. CA Insurance Code 2051.5 and UP both seem to corroborate that extended replacement cost can be applied to purchase the new home. My question is whether if have to conclude a purchase and sale agreement first, and then get reimbursed by insurance co. or whether the insurance co. will fund the purchase through the escrow? Does telling your adjuster early on that you don't plan to rebuild harm your prospects in terms of getting a fair settlement?
It's been 2 months and my mortgage servicer still hasn't endorsed my house insurance claim
I had water damage in my condo, the claim was paid by insurance company. Di-tech sent the checks out in the wrong format.I sent them back certified return receipt.They told me Oct 19th that they were sending them out. It's now November 2, 2017 and I haven't received anything from them.
My claim to CSAA
I have asked for mileage reimbursement (loss of use) for distance from my new rented home to my fire destroyed home. I asked for the I.R.S. rate of 54.5 cents per mile round trip for 4 days per week. CSAA responded in writing "the Personal Vehicle Mileage Reimbursement Rate for 2017 is $0.17 (state-approved relocation)." This isn't going to cover the additional cost of using my vehicle (GAS, oil changes, tire wear, maintenance, etc.)
This is mysterious to me - though quite simple. Why can't I just get a lump sum of my ALE and let me work out the details? These people who live with their relatives, why can't they just get a rental agreement with the relatives and have them paid the monthly fee for the rental?
Temporary living options
We lost our home in Santa Rosa Oct 9th in the firestorm. We were able to find temporary housing through the end of January. Looking at options after January. One option we would like to pursue is moving into a rental property in Santa Rosa we own jointly with my wife's sister. The rent on this would be significantly lower than what we are entitled to .Floated this idea past our State Farm agent and she said they probably would not allow this because we partially owned the property. It is an extremely tight rental market and think they should consider this. Is this something they should/could allow?
Building settlement
We are survivors of the Sonoma County, CA wildfires. Our adjuster wants to advance the policy limit on the building, plus the additional 5 percent for debris removal. In addition, he will give us another $18k for outside structures, which appears reasonable, and $18k for trees, shrubs, etc., which again appears reasonable. All of this feels fair. What am I missing? The replacement cost coverage and personal property amount are still "under construction."
Smoke damage experts
Suggestions for smoke damage experts for a house
County of Sonoma Debris Removal Program - what if we don't rebuild?
Our home was destroyed in the fires on October 9 and we have not yet decided if we want to rebuild or buy. We are trying to figure out what to do about the debris removal. Our insurance company recommended using ServPro or Service Master. Our Policy doesn’t state a specific dollar amount allocated for debris removal. It says "we will pay the reasonable expenses you incur in the removal of debris of covered property damaged by a Loss Insured. This expense is included in the limit applying to the damaged property." We’re concerned that if we use a private company the cost of the clean-up will come out of our total insurance settlement amount, leaving us with not enough money to rebuild with or buy a comparable home. Our concern with the County Debris Program is what if we decide we’re not going to rebuild? The Right of Entry permit states “in the event that coverage for debris removal, or any other similar coverages, are not provided on the basis of a specified amount but are included within another coverage category, payment to County shall be limited to the unused benefit amount (if any) in that coverage category after the residence is rebuilt, after which Owner shall not be liable for further costs to County.” Then we found this on the City of Santa Rosa website under FAQs: The Question - If I opt into the Consolidated Debris Removal Program, and I have insurance but I decide not to rebuild, will I have to pay for the costs of the debris removal? Their answer - Generally, no. If the insurance proceeds you received did not include a specified amount for debris removal you will not be responsible for any costs associated with the debris removal. For more information, contact the Department of Insurance. The “generally, no” answer concerned us (we are looking for more confirmation that we won't end up getting a huge bill if we don't rebuild) so we called the Department of Insurance. They didn't have any further information on this. How do we get an answer about this (in writing from someone) so that we're protected? We are leaning toward not rebuilding (we might want to hold the land for a while and buy a home elsewhere) so we really need to know what direction to go in when it comes to debris removal. Thank you, we appreciate any help and information you can give us.
Advanced money for building
Insurance company issued advanced check for contents and building. We are willing to accept the money for contents, but do we have to take advanced money for building too? If we receive the building money, do we have to pay off the lender first? And do we have to deal with all the payment by ousrselves? Is it necessary to make a new bank account for these money? Give us a good advice, please. Thank you.
HO28 Limited Home Replacement Cost Endorcement
If I do not inform my insurance company of a remodeling project that was completed several years ago, does the HO28 coverage (150%) still apply?
Personal Property Claim/Inventory List
Our home and all of its contents were lost in the Santa Rosa Wildfires. We are insured through AAA, but the personal property portion of our claim is being handled by National Vendor, a third party company. They are being unclear about the personal property claims process, and have only told us to create a list of all that was lost, and that the list will be discussed via phone call. The list is extremely large (four individuals lived in this home for 30 years), and we are unclear how we will be able to share a detailed list of all the items lost over the phone. We have asked for more information regarding this process, but they have been resistant to sharing any further details. What are our rights with this?
Accessing photos online from your app
How do I upload the photos of my home inventory from the app to your online website?
ALS or contents?
I am in Santa Rosa. Signing lease. SF insurance says I need to pay deposit that includes last month rent. They say it comes out of contents, part b. I think it is ALE. Not an expense I would have incurred since I owned my home prior to fire. Deposit includes pet fee, cleaning and last months rent. Shouldn’t the insurance pay that out of ALE? Thank u!
AlE( alternative living expences)
Our policy states that they must cover expenses while out of our home. The road to our home has been closed for 14 days. We nor can any adjuster access the property. The mobil Allstate adjuster told us that they are only responsible to pay us for 14 days of living expenses, even though they can not nor can we access our property. We are in Northern CA and we are under mandatory evacuation. We have been staying at an acquaintance home. Our insurance company has not secured us housing and has only provided $150.00 per day lodging to our account. A hotel would cost more! We need to get out of these folks home and were told if we found accommodation they would be paid for. But today, the 14th day, we were told that they would not be responsible for any more cost until they inspect, the uninspectable property. Even if it is livable, we can't access it. We do know there is no power/we are on a well, and severe smoke damage. We have a disbabled son with a very serious lung infection. Hospitilized 4 days after we were evacuated. We need housing but are afraid to make a commitment we cannot afford, Allstate wont cover cost. Again they state that they are not responsible, even tough access is prohibited.
home inventory app to be downloaded
where is the home inventory app on the web site to be downloaded? I can't find it? Bob Garber I also can't change my password because I can't get past the first box or enter a new password to change a password that was never set up to begin with.
Insurance Advance for Sonoma Fires
My father's insurance company is advising him that he has a contents cap in his insurance policy and they will give a 28K advance, but the money is only available until 3 pm pct today. Is this time limit normal? Will accepting the advance preclude any further negotiation for more money?
House destroyed by fire in Coffee Park Santa Rosa
Our house was destroyed by fire in Coffee Park Santa Rosa. Our address was: Questions: 1) What should not be said to our Homeowner's Insurance carrier? 2) What should not be said to or done with FEMA? 3) Will the existing ins. carrier quickly payoff the loss payee? Realistic payoff Length of time? 4) Our 2nd lien holder is not listed as a loss payee. Is there anything that we should do to avoid the current 2nd lien holder from being paid off by our Homeowner's ins. carrier? We have a dispute with the current 2nd mortgage company. 5) How do we prove having our prior possessions, when requesting Homer Owner's ins reimbursement? 6) How long do we have to provide a complete list of prior possessions? As the need for prior possessions is realized, we will remember having the possession. 7) Will the ins. co. reimburse without purchase of a replacement?
Using a rental home that I own
I have a rental house that is about 45 minutes from our house that was destroyed. We were almost done with a major remodel on it and so we have no history of income. It is much smaller and far less valuable than our house that was destroyed. If we decide to live in the rental, will we be able to collect temporary housing money from our insurance?
Dwelling insurance settlement
We just lost our house to the Tubbs Fire. Our insurance company wants to write a check today for the total amount in our dwelling portion. They haven’t seen the property as we are still not allowed in. We are unsure whether to accept this money now as we have 30% clause on the dwelling costs.
Homeowners Ins Coverage
Hi, We have had a policy for a decade with no claims with Liberty Mutual. We've been informed that as of Dec. 1st they will no longer insure us because we are in a "high fire corridor" We need help. Any advice or suggestions as to what company would offer fair covg?
Santa Rosa Firestorm
At the moment I have no specific question. However, I would like any advice on what steps we should be taking. Our home was in the Coffey Park neighborhood of Santa Rosa and was incinerated in the recent firestorm. We have a claim number from our insurance company and are beginning this arduous process. I welcome any advice or recommendations you may have for us.
Can only the homeowner/occupant file a claim after wildfires?
Hello! Ten days after we sold our house to a new owner and moved out, it burned down completely in the California wildfires. We had not yet cancelled our insurance policy on the home. We believe the new owner had his own policy on the home, because he bought it with a mortgage so he was probably required to have a policy. Our question is: does us simply having that policy open and paying the premium mean that we can file a claim because the house was destroyed, even though we did not own the house at the time of the fire and our possessions were no longer in it? Or is only the legal owner of the house entitled to file a claim? We have never filed an insurance claim or sold a house before, and are just not sure if us simply having the policy means we file a claim, or if only the person who owned the house at the time and truly sustained the losses of property and possessions does. Obviously we would never want to do anything that would impede the new owner's claim, or be dishonest or fraudulent. We just only know the very basics of how insurance works (pay our premiums in case something big happens) and don't know this level of detail or technicality! Thank you very much for your help, we appreciate it!
Property cleanup after fire and common access
Our home was completely destroyed in the Tubbs fire and were underinsured, primarily due to our insurance agent pushing back on the insurance amounts despite our best efforts to have higher insurance amounts. Is there anything that could be done about that now? Also, there is a lot of debris and clean up on the property, is it the responsibility of our insurance company to clean up? Lastly there is a bridge to get to our property that is no longer standing, is the insurance company supposed to fix it for us to have access to our home.
When to start rebuilding
Hi! We were hit by the Nuns fire in Sonoma. We are on Warm Springs Rd in Glen Ellen. We were able to access the area on Tuesday. All houses around us (all direct neighbors) were lost. Most houses on our street where also lost. We haven’t been able to go back after Tuesday (today is Sunday) as continued and new fires raged through the area. On Tuesday, the main structure was magically unharmed. No damage. We removed our priced art, restores water and sprayed it all down. What was lost are: - the entire fence around the property (it’s 0.6 acres, and about 700-800 feet of fence line) - our laundry shed - everything in the laundry check: wine collection, refrigerator, washer, water heater, many many personal items, clothes and memorabilia. - the large row of greenery that I had planted towards the front to line the street - Oleanders - parts of our vegetable garden, like a bee hive, planter boxes etc - probably four rows of vines (we had planted a small little hobby vineyard two years ago for our wedding) - various larger trees (oak, olive) The house served as our weekend retreat, and also provided income through vacation rental. I have a commercial insurance through Western World. I have two questions: 1) What advise do you have in approaching the lost business income claim. It will take at least two years for people to visit again and have vacations there. I have already been asked by the insurance to gather documentation about past income. 2) When to start rebuilding. I have an insurance adjuster coming out to meet with us this Thursday at 9am. I have also already two contractors secured to start debris removal and rebuilding of fence line. I have a quote for the shed to be replaced at about $7500. I have not started a list of items lost and haven’t started replacing them either. Any advise on how to handle, what to provide, what not to do and how to approach the insurance and our claim in general would be much appreciated. Thanks, Georg.
Ordinance Law and its enforcement by City Inspector
Policy shows coverage of 10% for Ordinance Law or code upgrades. Loss was water damage due to pin-hole in water line above the slab. Damage was to bathroom and kitchen plus the hallway where the water heater was located. City inspector required code upgrades due to electrical which were denied by insurance due to electrical not being part of the covered loss and so any code upgrades to the electrical in the house does not apply. If enforcement of the electrical by the city inspector, how do we pass inspection if the upgrade is not completed? Areas covered in the damages were bathroom and kitchen, I don't understand if the policy has the coverage in part A, how can that be denied. The denial was based on the electrical upgrade was unrelated to the water damages that were sustained in the home. As a result no coverage could be extended the electrical upgrades required by the city inspector in his letter to our contractor. Denial was also based on our policy not covering preventive repairs or maintenance within our home. Also water leak failure was determined to be due to wear and tear of the lines which is excluded by the policy, so no replacement of water lines under slab was provided which were determined to have another leak. So reroute of water lines plus electrical upgrade was denied. I don't understand why if in the policy we always thought we were covered.
Loss of use.
If my loss of use to my house is due to flooding from Hurricane Irma will my home owners policy pay since my flood insurance will not.
Bank loan and insurance payment on Napa fire
If I am paid $1.3 M for the loss of structure, and 500,000 for the personal property and I have a home loan of $1.3M, what do I have to pay the bank if I decide not to rebuild? Do I have to give then anything that I get for the personal property part of the claim? The land is 35 acres.
Home destroyed by fire
My insurance company is offering $350,000 for my structure. Do I have to rebuild or can I take the money?
Advance Payment for Flood Damage
Does my mortgage company have the right to control my advance payment check. I was told that they would only allow a portion of check to be disbursed to me.
Homeowners Insurance
Our Homeowners insurance has been cancelled twice in the last 10 years due to our zipcode being considered located in firestorm area. We fear this may happen again and our agent is at a loss. Suggestions?
Home burned down in Santa Rosa
Need help on where to start. I have Farmer's Insurance and have opened a claim but have heard nothing about how to move forward. "The Basics" is what I am looking for.
Contents insurance - Hurricane Harvey
I have flood insurance through USAA. It is for contents. My structural flood coverage is through my condominium homeowners' contract. My question is: what is your suggestion regarding my contents list. I have heard that it is better not to list amounts that total to maximum coverage. Is this true? If yes, why? Thank you.
"Significant Damage" Designation Impact on Insurance Settlement
I live in Houston, TX (Harris County) and my home was flooded during Hurricane Harvey. I live inside the 100 year flood plain and my lowest finished floor is ~2.5ft below the BFE. Based on the quotes received from contractors, the damage well exceeds 50% of the home value and will be declared significantly damaged by the city. As I understand it, I am therefore required to elevate or demolish my home and cannot make repairs. Because I cannot repair, can I push to have my home declared a total loss and receive the maximum settlement from my NFIP policy?
Harvey NFIP laim - Use of settlement for rebuilding rather than repair
I have a NFIP policy through USAA. My adjuster has yet to come back with a settlement proposal on the dwelling but I anticipate that it will be less than or equal to the two GC estimates that I have for ~$110K. The 2017 pre-flood tax district appraisal for the improvement is $224K. Would I be able apply whatever settlement I get for repairs to instead tear down and rebuild the house? At what $ amount would the house be considered uneconomic to repair? If it is deemed so, would I be able to apply the full $250 limit towards tearing down and rebuilding? My real concern with repairing rather than rebuilding is that the house was submerged for ~10 days with up to 30” of water (courtesy of the Army Corps.) and I doubt that the gypsum board moisture barrier behind the brick veneer will ever be properly mitigated for mold without removing it, which would require removing the brick veneer. The language in the policy is vague and I have been unsuccessful in getting law offices to respond. Thank you.
Harvey flood loss - Replacement Cost vs Actual Cash Value
The 2015 SFIP Replacement Cost terms require repairs actually be made. What if I want to sell As-Is? Does that relegate me with Actual Cash Value? My home was built 60 years ago. I've owned it 11 years. Substantial renovations were done 10 years ago. How would I estimate depreciation in that case? Better yet, can I assign the insurance proceeds to a buyer that's committed to repair and still get Replacement Cost?
Additional living expenses
The insurance company put me up in a hotel room with a kitchenette no oven and no dishwasher because of health issues I can only eat baked Foods will they cover my restaurant bills?
I have a kitchenette but no oven and because of a heart condition I can only eat baked Foods. will the insurance company still reimburse my restaurant bills
Flood maps
I just flooded in Houston, was permitted to rebuild, and am considering whether to repair or sell. I know my exact vertical elevation. My current flood insurance declarations page reports that I am 2 feet above base flood elevation. That estimate is very wrong. I'm getting a great flood insurance rate but my actual risk is much greater than my premium indicates. I'd like better information than FEMA's Flood Map Service Center, Do you know of any source, government or otherwise, with a better analysis than FEMA publishes? FEMA's information tends to miss about 75% of the homes that actually flood in the Houston area. I'm not confident about repairing or even buying another home. I don't care if I'm insured. I just don't want to flood again, insured or not.
Question about Matching with Farmers Insurance Repair cabinets policy
I had a water pipe burst within the walls of my kitchen. My Farmer's insurance is willing to replace the floors, affected drywall, backsplash, countertops in it's entirety. The cabinets I'm told however are to be repaired instead of replaced based on my policy. The adjuster's estimator thinks it's okay to only refinish/repair the 5 cabinets that were affected, but now I'm concerned about matching issues with my Kitchen considering that everything is going to be replaced. I've tried to argue this with my adjuster but I haven't gotten anywhere with her, she keeps pushing me to cash out if I'm dissatisfied with the estimate. Are my concerns valid, what can I do?
Sample Letter Requesting Extension from Insurance Company on Contents Settlement
Hello, I am not able to find a sample letter to insurance company requesting extension for Contents Settlement. Would you please send me a link? Thanks Update 9/26/17: No the links you provided do not help. The examples you provided in your Answer are already available in the UP library. The reason I submitted this question is because none of the sample letters in the Library address the specific scenario I submitted in my original question. Tina
Reimbursement for Claim Preparation Expenses
In reading UP's Reimbursement for Claim Preparation Expenses it leads me to question whether Insurance Companies will reimburse for fees charged by a Private Adjuster. Can anyone provide any guidance on this topic Thank you
Fire Claim
What is the typical time to settle a fire claim? My claim has dragged on for five months and the insurer is not paying loss of use.
Assignment of Benefits After Hurricane Irma
I live in the path of Irma in Florida and suffered damage to my property. Since the storm and never before, there has been tons of articles in the news, social media and tv commercials playing here in Florida warning consumers about signing Assignment of Benefits agreements with contractors because you'll get ripped off and make a mistake. I have a contractor that I've used before and known for years that says it's been an accepted practice for decades for emergency services. Are the insurance companies just trying to save money? Please explain detail because it seems like a big coordinated PR push from numerous insurance companies saying basically the exact same thing. Thank you for your help!!
How to get ACV?
How to get ACV amount to fix everything the adjuster says. Didn't provide enough money to fix. Are on limited income and don't have extra money. What can we do? In Hurricane Harvey .
Reading ALE - What if we buy a new property while staying at a rented apartment while our fire struck house is getting restored - Will ALE still pay the amount they are paying for rent now if we plan to move to the new house?
We were out of town during a long weekend and had a house fire due to lightening that gutted our entire kitchen and the entire house had extensive smoke damage. Our insurance company put us in a hotel for 3 weeks and after that at an apartment that they separately furnished. We wanted the apartment to be at walking distance from work so that we could be less stressed. We have been living there for almost 2 months now and the lease is for another 4 months and after that on a month to month basis if it takes longer for the house to be restored which probably won't be the case. During these 2 months, we realized how wonderful it is to be near work and walk to workplace and therefore have been tempted to look at houses nearby and are considering it a great possibility to finally moving closer to work. We might end up selling our house or renting it once it is restored. Incase we plan to go ahead and buy a house while our house is getting restored and terminate the apartment lease- will ALE pay for our monthly rental expenses what they are paying for our apartment now so that it can help us cover a part of the new mortgage cos otherwise we will have 2 mortgages on us then. What if we pay the fee for early termination of lease at the apartment, shouldn't it be ok? Will they pay for the moving- from apartment to new home of the furniture they furnished? I am assuming there won't be any problem in the final delivery of our cleaned salvageable contents to the new property and purchasing/ delivery of the replaced items at our new property. Need your guidance please as we are serious about buying a place closer to work and unfortunately we can't wait till the house is restored. Thanks in advance.
Harvey flooded porcelain floor tile
FEMA is denying my claim to replace my flooded porcelain tile floor. I have found several hollow and detached tiles, and expect to see more. Water continuously in the house for more than 72 hours. The thinset mortar used was water based. Will FEMA pay for a tile expert to analyze damage, or can I pay, and claim this as an additional expense?
Financial Assistance in Raising or Rebuilding Home after Harvey
Our home flooded (2-3 feet of water) during Harvey and also flooded (according to neighbors, but couldn't find paid property loss claim through FEMA) during tropical storm Allison in 2001. Our house is designated as being in the 100 year flood plain and we have mandatory flood insurance through NFIP. We'd like to have the house raised ~5' to meet current requirements for new home construction or possibly demolish the house and build new. We don't have the funds to do either of those options by ourselves. I did research the 2017 FMA Home Elevation Grant Program through the city of Houston, but the submission deadline ended in August. We love our neighbors and our neighborhood and don't plan to move, but we'd hate to have to fix the house every 5-10 years. Does anyone know of any resources, grants, assistance for homeowners to mitigate future flood damage claims?
50% Rule for repairs of homes in the 100 year flood zone
I live in Bellaire, TX and our home was flooded by Hurricane Harvey. According to the City of Bellaire, home repairs cannot exceed 50% of the structure value. Our structure (Improvement) is valued at $20,000 and our land is valued at $420,000 by the Harris County Appraisal District. We live in a 1700 sq ft bungalow. My question is this: Can we use an appraisal we had done 2 weeks prior to the hurricane to establish the home value for permitting with the City of Bellaire? The Value by Cost Approach was $584,400 with the site value being $340,000. The value by Sales Comparison amount is $570,000. Our home was very nice and even featured in the Bellaire Tour of Homes a few years ago.
Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC)
once all the documents have been submitted and approved, how long does insurance have to send the icc claim payment to homeowner?
Property Damage claim denied (water damage due to pipe burst)
Pipe burst inside insured's home. Specifically, inside of wall between her master bedroom and bathroom vanity. Client called plumber (20 years plumbing experience) to check on issue. Plumber determined it was a sudden burst in copper pipe with water spray up toward ceiling. Insurer denied claim stating not covered because it was slow seepage over long time. Incorrectly referenced client's plumbing report in denial letter stating that client's plumber also said slow seepage due to corroded pipe. Adjuster took the cooper pipe from client without asking. What's best way to handle such a denial?
Loss of Use
Hello -- My policy "Automatically" included "LOSS OF USE" in the amount of $76,544. This policy is for a second home that we use about 6 months out of 12. The home was just hit by Hurricane Irma and may or may not be there anymore. My primary home is approximately 3 hours from this second home. How do I go about getting the carrier to pay the full $76K considering that I do have a primary home. What I do not have anylonger is the second home thus I guess we will need to vacation someplace else. At any rate. Just looking to figure out how to get our carrier to pay us the FULL amount.
Claim limits for federal disaster
We are approaching the 24 month (2 year) anniversary of our date of loss. We lost everything in the Valley Fire in 2015. We are currently rebuilding, and have received portions of claim payout. But there are still unresolved issues such as debris removal, code upgrades and additional living expenses that have not been paid. Do we need to file a request for extension of claim time? I thought since the claim was in process, we were good until we signed something in writing, but now I am not so sure. Please help. Thank you.
Rebuilding after total loss in wildfire
We do not want to rebuild on our property after it and our home burned in a wildfire. Is our federal credit union that holds our mortgage allowed to force us to rebuild on the original property, or cancel our mortgage if we don't? We're looking to purchase a lot of higher value than the original lot. If we can't do that and are forced to pay off the mortgage we'll essentially be homeless because we are both now retired and wouldn't qualify for the mortgage amount we currently have! Thank you for your help.
Insurance pay out to rebuild or relocate?
My house was destroyed by a Harvey and I'm not sure I want to rebuild there. Will this information effect the pay out from my insurance company?
setting limits for flood coverage
For a preferred risk policy... condo with a walkout basement. The basement has furnace, hot water heater, paneling on the walls, some carpet that I'm not too worried about. Condo association not responsible for basement finishing. Not in a flood zone, but want coverage just in case. I figure there is no coverage for the carpet and perhaps not for paneling, but maybe for electric outlets, and almost for sure for the freezer, furnace & hot water tank. If flood water does get in, would federal flood insurance pay for cleanup of mud, dehumidifiers for drying things out & potential mold remediation. Info needed for trying to decide on coverage amounts.
Coverage C personal property, Request from Nationwide to submit inventory by Oct 24, 2017
I received notice from Nationwide adjuster to have my contents list submitted by Oct 24, 2017. The personal property total loss fire occurred on June 11, 2017. This will give me a total of 4.5 months to complete the detailed list. Is this standard policy for insurance company's and if needed am I bound to the request? I am not sure I can have it done by then.
Offsets long term disability and combined family maximums
I would like to know if the LTD company can take the whole new amount of my children's benefits they are now to receive under my new SSDI claim to offset their obligation or if they are only allowed to take the difference between what the children were receiving as beneficiaries on their father's earnings record for SSA retirement and now the new higher amount because of the combined family maximum since both of us are now receiving SS benefits? The children were beneficiaries on my husbands SSA when he retired about 6 years ago. I recently became disabled and my earnings record is higher so the calculation for the children's benefits now will be higher but I believe is based on both of our earnings. Thank you.
Claim Settlement
We agreed on a settlement with our adjuster and told him we started doing repairs on our house. Now the adjuster is asking us for receipts before he can release the money. Is this legal?
ALE issues
Thank you for reading this. February 2016, our family had a house fire. Our family of 5 (3 children under 4 yrs old including a newborn) were out of the house for 11 months for the rebuild. Dealing with our Liberty Mutual insurance has been by far more traumatic than the fire itself. After 18 months of gruelingly proving that we were under-insured and overt $30k over our possessions limit (despite untold lies and deception from our insurance) we just received a check for the remaining $15k of our possessions policy limit. We are now working on our remaining category - additional living expenses. Other than monthly rent, we haven't yet submitted any ale receipts. We were told multiple times verbally that we could give general estimates and that it would understandable if we didn't keep receipts for everything. Of course now they are refusing to cover anything without a receipt. We were hoping to get things like 1. Eating out directly relating to insurance errands 2. Moving expenses 3. Babysitting 4. Extra gas/ mileage - do people have luck getting babysitting covered? I stayed home with my children pre fire and because of the fire we had many paid and unpaid helpers constantly helping with the children. At time of fire I was 8 months pregnant and had a 2 and 3 yr old. Do you have any recommendations for getting some of these hours covered, seeing as we obviously don't have receipts for sitters who were paid or volunteering - they are refusing to pay moving expenses (from rental to new home) saying that that is part of possessions. Since that category has reached its limit, we aren't being reimbursed for the moving company. Do that seem reasonable or how do we argue it for ale? - any tips for eating out specifically because of meetings and shopping? Despite them saying we could give estimates, they are now demanding receipts. Is this reasonable? Thanks so much for your time!
Multiple licenses contractors for build back
I live in California and had water damage at my home about 10 weeks back. I have not yet settled the claim with insurance company as I am working through different items of dispute. I have not been paid the whole amount as per insurance contractor work of scope, they subtracted deductible plus overhead & profits. We started out build back process with a General contractor who did dry wall, base board, crown molding repair, paint, etc. I did contract my kitchen and flooring work to different companies and did not do sub contract via my General Contractor. Can you tell me if there could be any problem with my claim processing or if Insurance / mortgage company would have any issues - getting the work done like this ? Thanks --- Update - My insurance is Western Mutual Insurance
What building products can an insurance company depreciate in a dwelling? I've read that framing, masonry, concrete, insulation and light fixtures cannot be depreciated...where would I find a comprehensive list? Is it possible/advisable to dispute the depreciation of building products? Our attorney disputed all the building depreciation and the insurance company's adjustor set it aside as an unresolved item.
Overhead and Profit
My insurance company denied my general contractor overhead and profit which was about 2300 close to 15/10. The contractor,, who used to be an adjuster, and other members of the company say that it is warranted for my project which was a sewer back up in the basement. My adjuster's manager told me that they will not be giving that to us because majority of the project involves flooring and is not a complex job. We then went through my insurance company to send out someone to look at everything again to see if anything needs to be added. That company added additional costs to the job which is leading me to believe that they will award my contractor the overhead and profit. There is carpeting, drywall, trim, bathroom tile, door frames, and now additional costs for possibly tearing up concrete in the bathroom for new tile flooring. Even the company they sent says it might be a two week job to repair everything. My question is, if they still do not give us the overhead and profit, who can I talk to then to push for them to provide that cost?
Black mold throughout home
We have found black mold all through the home. But we have already started to replace and have replaced things in the home. Closet floor and shower faucet. Due to shower leaking. We found this problem by me falling through the floor and busting through the wall in the closet. During this discovery we have learned both bathrooms and kitchen has this problem with black mold and children and myself have signs and symptoms of black mold. Can I still turn this into my insurance company? I believe the whole house has mold!!! We started replacing the bathroom and the floor before we knew the problem was in several areas of the home. We are homeowners.
Insurance company hired a third party unlicensed building consultant to adjust our claim
We had a partial house fire. Is it legal for an insurance company to hire a third party building consultant to adjust our claim? He took the scope that we had done by our contractor and cut out all the necessary items that the county requires for occupancy and gave it back to us with nearly half the items missing. He is not an adjuster. He works for a forensics company who also does not have an adjuster license. Our coverage is very sufficient. We had two of our own estimates done which were very close and then there is this guy who again was hired by the insurance company who submitted to us this low ball estimate on his company letterhead with no license number. Is this legal? We can't get occupancy until these items are put back in. Aside note...This guy never took one measurement in our house. Please advise.
Hiring a contractor after a home fire
My house in California was caught on fire. And my insurance company issued a check for repair under both my name and the mortgage company's name. I do not intend to hire a contractor to do the repairs, and I intend to fix my own house myself. I can manage to do pretty much everything on my own and I can get help if I need to. The question is, How do I get my mortgage company to release the funds to me? Does California allow me to be own contractor? Thanks.
Reimbursable expenses
Are travel expenses reimbursable in a property damage claim? Also can I be reimbursed for the cost of an estimate of the damages incurred that was submitted to the carrier? The independent estimate was used at the request of the carrier. Thanks
My rights or legal interest in the property portion of our homeowners insurance claim
I am needing to hire an attorney in order to proceed with my portion of the claim as a resident who is now been denied payment on my contents not only that but insurance hasn't requested receipts be submitted and on all the receipts have been submitted I have not been reimbursed for anything that I spent such as there are two different credit cards that are in my name not my roommate yet he received payment for those items I did not
What should I do when the insurance company is not reimbursing me in a timely fashion?
I made several requests for different reimbursements after a fire for things like mileage, replacement of computer equipment, and laundry expenses. I made the request two months ago and provided all necessary documentation. This is taking way too long. What can I do?
Claim Check Issued To
I have USAA homeowners insurance. My husband of 2 years is the primary policy holder. However, the property is in my former name. I requested the check to be made out to me and my bank as required per the large dollar amount. I was informed that I should submit a letter from my husband authorizing them to exclude his name from the check, a copy of our marriage license and a copy of the deed. I submitted the information as requested. The still sent the check with his name stating it's required as he is the policy holder. We are older, have a prenuptial agreement and do not want to cause a cloud of title with a large check being issued for my home in his name. He has his own home on the policy as well. Can I get the name corrected on the draft, maintaining the policy number and his name listed on the invoice as policy holder?
We had a garage fire and smoke entered the home thru open windows. We have smoke damage and a video showing tons of smoke going into the house. The insurance co ordered forensic testing. Who pays for that? Does it come out of our policy coverage?
Do we have to pay for the tests that our insurance company is ordering to prove if smoke is present or not. They are spending more money on forensics than the carpet in question would cost to replace.
Auto Insurance
My insurance co.jst sent me a cancellation notice because they're saying that I didn't let them know that I was a uber driver &they never asked neither.didnt mention it because I do it as a supplement.can they cancel my policy?
homeowners insurance coverage after a wildfire destroys dwelling
My home is in California and I own it (no mortgage). I have USAA homeowners insurance. The dwelling coverage is extended replacement cost coverage with building code upgrade coverage. If my home is destroyed by a wildfire can I use my insurance payout to buy a home in another state?
How do insurance companies calculate depreciation on dwelling ? I have State Farm Thank you
Matching shingles
My insurance company is paying for a partial repair to my roof. If the shingle cannot be matched, am I entitled to a full roof replacement?
Homeowner Policy Claim
I have a lawsuit filed for defamation by previous employer. I was instructed by my attorney to file a claim with my homeowners they denied the claim. I need to be directed to somebody who can review my coverage.
Is it within my rights to sub contract repairs to my flood damaged home to licenced contractors
Mortgage company insist on General contractor.Fannie Mae regs state use a licensed contractor. Doesn't address specifically General Contractor. Fannie Mae will not discuss with me but the post regs on line.
Final Check - Unable to get contractor to endorse
I have the last claim check from mortgage company but can't get general contractor to meet with me to endorse the check. I received the final invoice from him 3 weeks ago along with a release (which we disagreed with verbiage and requested the release be revised - he agreed to revise). Since then I haven't been able to get him to schedule a final walk through or even meet up to endorse the mortgage check so I can pay his invoice and one other contractor we owe (not listed on the check). First he kept he just doesn't respond to anything or answer the phone. I don't know what to do in order to be able to cash the final check and be done with this; plus at some point this check will expire. We don't even care about the final walk through now even though HE should want to do that. Any suggestions?
Remediation charges
We had a fire in our split-level duplex. The downstairs unit was a complete loss the upstairs had smoke damage. However upon further inspection the entire structure had to bring up to code which totaled out the loss. Insurance company had brought in a remediation company which still has a $4000 bill outstanding for cleaning up the structure. Two builders say the structure should've been totaled immediately without any attempt for structural remediation. What are our options to challenge the remediation company's bill and claims?
I feel my insurance adjuster is not acting on my claim in a timely manner. Can anyone recommend actions to take? Further details are included below.
My condo flooded during Hawaii's Tropical Storm Darby in July 2016 due to exterior drain issues. I filed a liability claim through the HOA master insurance policy since drains fall under HOA maintenance responsibility and the insurance company agreed to cover the flood damage. It's ten months later and I'm still waiting on a final damage assessment from the independent insurance adjuster. I have concerns about the adjuster's method of assessing damage and feel he has not captured all of the damage and has not been acting on my claim in a timely manner. My pets and I have been experiencing health issues due to the poor indoor air quality (possibly mold) of living in a flooded dwelling; I am experiencing headaches, fatigue, sore throat, etc. I'm an Army officer who is due to depart Hawaii in four months, though am trying to extend my tour to complete the repairs.
what is included in USAA's ALE
I am having a hard time claiming ALE. From USAA. I asked my adjuster to give me a list of what expenses they cover so I do not submit lots of receipts blindly but she won't give me any guidance. She just rejects the things I do submit. How can I get her to tell me what the coverage is?
Helping my elderly parents in a protracted battle over Sandy damage. Looking for some advice navigating decision on accepting Sandy Claims Review offer vs. arbitration vs. retaining a lawyer. (Thank you, Uphelp!)
My parents, in their 80s, own a bay-front house on Long Island. Its post-and-beam foundation was damaged by Sandy: posts sunk, lifted or displaced, house out of level. Our engineer recommended new elevated, deeper foundation. The insurance company's engineer cited 5 displaced posts for which we got money to jet in replacements/re-level but a)other posts that aren't "damaged" still moved out of proper depth b)unclear we can jet in new posts without moving or lifting + bracing house. Does a lawsuit stand a chance of forcing them to pay for that stuff? We applied for Sandy Claims Review (there was also other underpaid damage), were offered additional $ but still far short of our costs. Our architect, contractor and a new engineer agree insurance co's recommended foundation repairs are insufficient. Inclined to consult with a lawyer but worry their advice tainted by incentive for us to sue.
Car accident
Do you have info on car accident claims with no bodily injuries
Problems with insurance and contractors suggested by them
After a fire loss of my moms property the insurance suggested a contractor to rebuild it, its been over a year house is no where near finished. The contractor took it upon themselves to demolish an existing garage that was NOT affected by the fire, saying it was ordered by the city, which the city of Oakland denied when we went to ask. No one is being accountable for the loss of the garage. Also, the insurance adjuster wants to decrease the dollar amount left for the completion of the project because my moms wants to finish the job herself since its all cosmetic and she is a painter. Should she get legal help at this point or is there more that she can do? What kind of attorney?
Insurance cancelling my homeowners ins . during a claim .
Approximately 1 year or so ago I purchased AAA car and homeowners insurance. When the AAA man came out to look at my home and take pictures, he seen that I had several roommate's, and asked who all lived here, also on my car driver exclusion was all the roommate's names etc. Meanwhile we had a garage fire and home filled with smoke damaged, and are in the middle of finishing up our claim and now they have cancelled our homeowners ins. effective next month. We had a un permitted sun room built that was one of the reason's for cancelling, the other was too many roommates. The man that came out to our home from AAA, seen these roommates and must have not told the underwriters about them when the policy was being reviewed or whatever the underwriters do? I believe he asked and I told him that I do independent living and rent rooms out. he also said he would overlook the broken down car.
total loss house fire
I have been with farm bureau ins for 20 years and had a total loss house fire nov 2016... I have not yet rebuilt and my I got a letter in mail that my policy has been cancelled. looking for guidance, I need homeowners ins for my new home
House fire claim
My house burned down in December with a total loss. Insurance has already paid the swelling part. On my contents my adjuster sends this email which says. Sharon ; Your claim clearly exceeds the policy limits. You do not have to submit any additional inventory. Your policy limit is $154,650. My question is I have replacement cost. They automatically deduct 30% then find the item cheap somewhere and then depreciate it again on age condition ext. even though most items were in excellent condition I have sent three list already and still not done. Does she have the right to do this. If I don't give all items how am I going to get the reimbursement. As well can I redo some of the list I already sent in due to the fact some didn't have model numbers or item numbers listed.
Our insurance company would not pay the last two months for temporary housing. How can we get reimbursed for this
We had a very large home in a remote location. Many of the sub-contractors were out of business due to the 2008 market crash. It was very difficult to get like-kind trades to come to this rural ocation. Furthermore, it was difficult to find some of the high end finishes in the home. At no point did State Farm tell us that we could have stay in a like-kind home. We stayed in a small 900 square foot 2-bedroom condo. After what we had been through, we were thankful! However, the building process took a long time and the adjuster felt that we should be already back in our home and refuse to pay for the last 2 months at over $4,000 out of our pocket. What recourse do we have? According to our policy we had two years that they would pay for temporary accommodations. They paid for 16 months. The house took 18 months to build back and we paid for the last two months of temporarily housing.
Purchase order at a clothing store
Time is running out and I hate to shop, we still have not received money to shop with only have one week left until our deadline. But, literally most all of my clothes were destroyed. I gave the spreadsheet to a store of lost items and they are going to create a purchase order for me. I figured it would be easier for them to just handle it for me. If I write them a check does this purchase order constitute a receipt? No, I don't intend to take kickbacks. Yes, I'm going to spend all the money on clothes there.
Purchase orders as receipts.
The store that we originally bought most of our Furnishings from created a proposal based on previous invoices they had in their records from us, pictures pre fire, and pictures post fire. We were by our insurance adjuster that we had to create a spreadsheet in their format before they would accept this proposal. We still have not been paid any funds, and wanted to go ahead and write a check for the proposal so that our furniture store can put our home back. We intend to spend the full amount proposed at that furniture/decorator store and signed the contract and gave them a check to hold until we receive funds that from insurance. Does this purchase order count as a receipt? Will we get the full replacement value back based on this purchase order? Time is one week away and we are unsure as how to proceed.
Time limits for reporting events of water damage
In the event of sudden or accidental discharge or loss of water later resulting in water or mold damage, does the event causing the damage need to have been claimed at time of event in order to claim for damages?
Homeowner fire claim/ public adjuster termination
Had major residential home fire, ins gave low ball estimate, would not negotiate on offer for scope of repairs We did not understand ins.jargon in our policy, ins adjuster would not explain policy coverage. Hired a public adjuster/ appraiser, big sales pitch on how they maximize ins. Claim to cover damages and cover their fee of 20%. Once contract was signed they used the appraisal clause , which was not fully explained. Their appraiser has sent insurance adjuster a estimate that was not shown or discussed with us PRIOR to submitting . Durring Apprasial process they would not state any figures of repairs, told us not to be present at our house when ins appraiser and public adjuster/ appraiser were meeting. The public adjuster , scope of repairs did not adequately include all damages . Getting big run around and deception. How can I terminate the public adjuster legally.
Disagreement With The Adjuster Estimate
In March, my roof was damaged by hail and wind, so I called Allstate to start a claim. They gave me a claim number and the name of the one who holds the claim, then the name of the adjuster who was supposed to come and inspect the roof. The adjuster came on March 24, 2017 .After finishing the inspection the adjuster promised me I would hear from him within 48 hours. Since I didn't hear from him on Monday, I called the guy who handles the case; he was surprised that the adjuster went on vacation and didn't notify him. Then the guy who holds the claim talked to his boss and they decided to put me with a new adjuster. So the new adjuster said "if the first adjuster already made the estimate, he cannot change it". He contacted him and he got back with me with a price of $3,044 to replace half half of the roof and my estimate from several contractors was $6,799. Please tell me what to do!
My roof was damaged by wind
My roof was damaged in a windstorm the adjuster came out paid for half of my roof and the other half the shingles are damaged and he wants the contractor to glue them back down the contractor says that he can't glue them down because their creased by the wind. Not only won't they glue them - the shingles can't be replaced because they are too brittle and a us standard size that is not made anymore. The adjuster said the roof was 20 of 25 years. I planned on replacing next year but the roof was ok before storm. We called farmbureau they won't budge??? What do I do next??
Insurance policy
Insurance Policy was changed by an angent from full coverage to liabilty without my knowledge or me requesting. Was in an accident insurance does not want to cover. 9000 dollars worth of damage. I need help
General Contractor overhead and profit
What is the industry standard for a GC's overhead and profit in a large loss situation?
Home hazard insurance
I have had my home owners ins canceled my mortgage company of course wants new one. If I owe less than 10000 on the mortgage can you get just a policy to cover the principal?
Should I hire a lawyer?
Dear experts: I live in California and own a rental property in Nashville. On Feb. 17 of this year, the water line to an upstairs toilet rusted through and flooded the entire house while the renters were at work. I have a "rental dwelling" homeowner's policy through State Farm. Initial drying took place immediately via my property management company. An adjuster came in, did his inspection, and left. A week ago I received a huge packet in the mail, and what looks like a check for around $15K. I don't think this is nearly enough to cover the damage — it was extensive — and now don't know where to turn. I need help! I can fly to Nashville, but can't stay (I work in LA) Thinking I should hire a lawyer to handle. And if so, who should I hire?
fire insurance claim
I had a "Florida room" for my small RV - it attaches to the RV when you set it up. It was stored in my shed which burned up in the california valley fire. I paid the deductible for replacing items in my shed but State Farm says that the Florida room would come under my car insurance and so I have to file a claim for that with a separate deductible of $500. The Florida room costs $878 and it was 10 years old so this means I basically get nothing for it (after paying the auto deductible, I might even lose money). Shouldn't it be covered under the shed insurance where it was stored?
Unable to get Fire Insurance
We are working on buying a house in Aptos California and are having a difficult time finding an Insurance Company to provide Fire Insurance. Is there any kind of govt. program (Federal or State) that backs insurance companies when there is a seemingly large forest fire threat? How can people sell or purchase a house if no one will insure it and the mortgage companies won't lend unless it is insured?!
good inventory sheet?
what does claim summary payments mean on the homeowners payment worksheet for dwelling
need a bad faith attorney
My home had suffers water damage and some help to get my claim paid out to the fullest can you are some one you know to refer to me thank you
We had an electric fire and our house had to be rewired. The house is contemporary and the adjuster insisted on junction boxes instead of replacing "home runs." Our policy states repair or replace. It is a contemporary home: no attic. Safety issue for us.
How can the adjuster deny what it actually cost to make the repair with a reputable contractor? He states the work was not approved. We are vastly different on the amount of the claim. The ins. co is completely lowballing the amount needed to repair. We have paid our contractor out of pocket. What are our chances of being made whole?
can insurer call insured once a public adjuster is hired?
I am working on a claim with Auto Owners and the company adjuster and her manager insist that they do not have to respect the public adjusters contract and constantly call the insured. They have been asked to stop calling the insured and of course The Auto Owners adjuster will not. Said that only applies to attorneys and not public adjusters. Is this true?
Matching and cosmetic issues
I was told there is a new federal case law that forces insurance companies to pay for matching or cosmetic issues in a property claim. do you know the name of the specific case.
I have a public adjuster and he is charging on all the claims. I was told by someone else that he should not be taking money from the added living expense. I pay 1500.00 a month and I get that back from the insurance co but he is charging his percent. So I pay 1500.00 and get back 1500.00 but have to pay him 900.00 for the last 6 months
Additional Living Expense - loss of use of our home
The insurance company is using a service to estimate what fair market is for temporary living, which is ALE. The range for monthly rent is $8,900 - $14,000. Insurance company has conveniently dropped the $14,000, but ALE has said it was discussed with the Estimator. We want the property that is $11,000, but they are say we have to pick a property that is $9,500 or less. How do I prevail? Policy... Coverage C - Loss of use 1. Additional living expenses. When a loss insured causes the residence premises to become uninhabitable, we will cover the necessary increase in cost you incur to maintain your standard of living for up to 24 months. Our payment is limited to incurred costs for the shortest of: (a) the time required to repair or replace the premises; (b) the time required for your household to settle elsewhere; or (c) 24 months.
Flooded commercial property owner
Good Afternoon.We own a Garden Center that is Commercial Property in westchester county NY. The address is 345 North Highland Avenue ,Ossining NY,We hired a Property manager through our previous attorney.The property had to be assess ,When arriving on the Property we seen a window broken and heard water running,The Main fuse breaker was deliberately shut off in turn the furnace was also shut off this restricted the Heating of the building,The house had 2 -3 feet of water, till this present day! We immediately took pictures with the professions real estate Broker and the appraiser.I called my lawyer and he was to call the property manager to put a claim in., Till This day we still dont know the 5 w's on the insurance claim adjuster or if the building even has Insurance. The attorney told me the propery manager said dont put a claim in,This sounds Illegal, I dont agree,can you help me!!
Does our insurance cover damage from burst water main pipe in the street?
Hello, a water main burst in front of our house, and the water rushed into our driveway and front door. The water utility agrees it's their fault, but it's not clear if our insurance policy covers the damage. The insurance agent suggested that we withdraw our claim to the insurance company, and submit a claim directly to the water utility. A lawyer acquaintance says they just don't want to deal with us, but should accept our claim, cover the damages and and then subrogate the claim against the utility company. Our insurance policy states it doesn't cover all kinds of water damage, but the adjuster we talked to says it should cover this one. I want to be able to argue my case with the insurance company, and am hoping you can give me some ammunition to do so!
sale of flooded property
I have a buyer for my flooded gutted home. I have the insurance check which is made out to me and the mortgage company. Can I apply this check to the balance to payoff the mortgage and sell the property. I am scheduled to close on March 5. And stand a chance of losing the sale if there are any issues with the mortgage company. What do I need to do to get them to agree to apply this check in the event they say No. The time line for this is a crunch. Any advice will be greatly appriciated. Thank you
Homeowners Insurance Negotiations
We had a dishwasher leak into my cabinets and on my engineered hardwood floors. A claim was filed. Independent adjuster came out. When I got my estimates done they came out higher. Insurance already sent a check to us for 45kand repairs are at 65k. Now they want to send out a staff adjuster. My question is can they take money back if there staff adjuster doesn't come out with the same figures when they've already sent payment and notice? We did well on our first adjustment but I am worried that the second adjuster might not be as much in my favor.
Who fault is it if my ajuster did not do a follow-up after the mold remendation
Mold coverage is limited unless you purchased additional coverage. In any case, you are responsible for monitoring the remediation and rebuilding of your property.
Property loss due to fire.
How can I get USAA to pay full policy benefits? In May 2016, my U-Haul caught on fire causing over $350,000 in loss property. My USAA policy was only for $263,000. They are paying less than $100,000 and deducting $25,000 from U-Haul's additional insurance I took out on truck. Can they do that? Can they pay less than what my property policy was for and deduct a 2nd insurance payment from what their willing to pay?
Home owners insurance. Claims
What are the CA. Laws in regards to privacy practices? Such as sharing previous claim info with other insurance. Companies?
Personal Property Settlement
We were part of a CA wildfire (arson) Lost our storage garage. We were paid in 9/2016 for our personal property settlement. We are still trying to start the rebuild process, so cannot rebuy what we need yet until we have the space for our things. We have with made plans or spent the money that we were given for the personal property. We have just been told (5 months later) after I submitted a "forgotten items list" that they've caught a mistake they made in over paying us on "collectables" past our collectables limit so any more items we submit as forgotten, or rebuy and submit receipts to try to get the recoverable depreciation will be deducted from the $5500.00 mistake they made in our original payment. We will never meet that amount in recoverable depreciation so basically they are conveniently telling us right as we're about to submit receipts that, no, you cannot get anything else.
Hurricane Matthew
I have submitted my information of damages with multiple quotes to the insurance company Essurance. The insurance sent me some money but not enough to complete the work in which they want me to get done. I took my own money to handle the damages with proof of receipt and pictures submitted to them. I have not heard a response from them. I have proof of all email traffic. Can I file a complaint to get reimbursed from my insurance company since I was involved with damages occurring in a natural disaster?
Endorsing FEMA Hurricane Matthew check over to ex's mortgage company
I am not the borrower, my ex is, but his mortgage company is being uncooperative as to endorsing the check from FEMA from Hurricane Matthew, made out to me and them, over to me so that I can begin repairs. If my only recourse is to endorse the check over to them, then I would expect that they should make certain covenants with me as to their responsibilities to me and how they will perform them. I do not plan to hand the check over until I have an agreement with the mortgage company, or a restrictive endorsement. How can I get an agreement with them in writing so that I can make sure all goes as it should? I had two feet of storm surge in my downstairs office and guest quarters in October, and have had the FEMA check for over two months now, and cannot make my home whole.
Hurricane Matthew - What are the Insurance company's responsibilities to insureds with regard to providing any adjuster's reports, ALE expenses and any timeline they are ruled by. Any guidance you could give would be appreciated.
Storm 10/716; Claim 10/10; 10/12 3 tarps to roof self pabilitiy - no reimbursement to date; Ins.Claim Rep. 10/25 1st contact; Indep. Adj 10/29; air scrubber 11/21 no dehumidifiers water damage in many areas; they had to order since they have an agreement with Rytech; partial payment for roof and drywall, etc. rec'd 11/29 with summary; 11/10 FEMA contacted - DECLINE; start SBA; husband (atty) ill from mold; can't stay - relocated to 2nd home on 12/10; new roof 12/14-17; limited communication since; 2nd indep. adj. 1/15/17; 1/20 self ordered dehumidifiers due to moisture still in wallsl; 1/24 contracted self pay mold assessment; no report as yet but yes mold; 1/24 filed complaint at Dept. of Fin. Svcs.;2/1 ins. claim rep no ALE because we have 2nd home; not eligible; only electric ; 1st homesteaded 29 yrs never rented, our use only. No supptl, ltr or info received. BEYOND FRUSTRATED.
contents and labor during a fire/smoke damage claim
I am wondering since I am not the Policy Holder of my twin sisters homeowners insurance, that I lost a tremendous amount of content after a fire in our garage. My twin sister is the policy holder and I owned most of the content destroyed and she does not want to give me the money from insurance company for my contents. What can I do about this. The insurance company has been writing the checks out to both her and I. She wont give me the money for packout/cleaning either. What can I do? I also have COPD, Asthma, and congestive heart failure and she has been given money from insurance company to reside outside of home until repaired, but she just banked the monies. I am feeling sick already from probably breathing the smoke? I am at a loss. Please advise me as what my legal rights are. Thank You.
Hurricane Matthew flood insurance check
The FEMA check is written to me and my ex's mortgage company. I am not a borrower on the account, and our divorce decree states clearly that the property is exclusively mine, and that my ex is not entitled to any rights of any kind. I have sent papers to BB&T Property Damage Claims in Ohio every time they have requested them in order to get where I could finally request a local branch endorsement, and now they have turned me down and told me to endorse the check over to them. I do not believe I am beholding to them whatsoever, as they did not require that flood insurance be kept on the property due to the X flood zone, and I paid the premium to protect myself from loss. If I did not have the flood insurance when Hurricane Matthew came through, I alone would have suffered the loss, not BB&T. How can I get the check into my control?
Contractor General Practice Question
I know United Policyholders are generally here to assist with insurance questions, but I've been looking online and am struggling to find a clear definition of the expenses included in the overhead portion of the contractors bid. My home burned to the ground in the Valley Fire. My contractor is charging 10% overhead, but made a separate line on my list of materials for general liability insurance & is charging 2.5% of the entire direct cost of the job (Over $7k). I've always thought G/L insurance would be considered overhead, so I'm trying to find out if this is a general practice or if he's charging me too much? My contract is not very detailed, but does not contain a provision for general liability insurance on a separate line. The materials estimate was given to me months following the contract. I should never have signed this contract, but that is beside the point.
Filing a claim after policy has been cancelled
I am selling my mother's home. After an inspection last May - it was found that the foundation has cracks in the mortar and needs repairs in the amount of $8000. The insurance company cancelled the policy in July since no one was living in the home. Is it possible to successfully file a claim now?
Not at fault auto accident. Liability of at fault driver's insurance company. I was involved in an auto accident. The other driver was at fault and they were insured with USAA. They called USAA at the scene.
USAA spoke to me and said they were assuming responsibility. USAA immediately paid for my vehicle. Several days after the accident, USAA's adjuster advised me to seek a medical evaluation for some neck/shoulder pain. The orthopedic surgeon determined I had a torn rotator cuff injury. USAA said they would only pay AFTER I had the surgery. I advised them I DID NOT have medical insurance and I forwarded an email from my surgeon's secretary, stating that without insurance, I would have to "prepay" for the surgery. USAA not only still refused, but never once suggested or offered to be "direct billed" by my surgeon, which is a common practice. I filed suit and we're awaiting trial. Couldn't I file a "bad faith" claim directly against USAA? They never did anything to mitigate my pain and suffering. This happened in March of 2013!
We had a kitchen fire and our insurance company was quick to write a check(which we did not cash) but we got three different contractor bids and the insurance company is $20,000.00 off from there estimates. They are refusing to give any more.
Your option is to try and make an argument of why you need the additional amount or to hire someone to represent you in that argument. A public insunrace adjuser can assist you in that process. It will be necessary to thoroughly review the estimate from the insurer and measure that against the actual repair costs. I hope this helps you.
Homeowners insurance claim
Hi. My name is Anatoliy. Here is my question. Bought a new construction house in may 2016. In end of November noticed hardwood floors started to cracking and squick, inspected outside wall and found improper flashing and waterproofing done on the outside of the house. Went with public adjustor who filed claim with insurance company. Insurance Company sent out independent engineer to inspect property and reason for damage. My question is: am I entitled for a copy of report that engineer must submit to insurance company? I'm in Pennsylvania. Thank you Anatoliy Stepchin
Lowering line item values
My insurance company sent a approved contractor to my home and the approved contractor wrote a good estimate which the insurance company approved and paid. This company then sent the sub to do the work with the estimate. He left it one day and when I looked at it all the line items are in it but with much lower prices. I am afraid he will not buy what I need and when I questioned the material that he is putting in may be a lower quality. Is this a legal practice. The O/P was also missing from his est and the line items are about 20 % less
depreciation/valuation of personal property from fire loss
It appears depreciation for toys is 50% per year? We had a house fire and our kids' toys that we submitted were depreciated at a flat rate of 50%. We have five children so as you can imagine the number of toys that were lost. Shouldn't that 50% be prorated on toys that are less than a year old?? Nearly all of our kids' toys were less than a year old, most being 6 months old or less and a large portion of those 3 months or less. We had a very small home so there wasn't room for things to be kept, they had to be cycled out. Also, the fire was only 3 months after Christmas so although they were 3 months old, some toys still hadn't been played with. Considering the condition of most of their toys, 50% depreciation rate in this situation seems quite excessive and unfair. I also wonder, I requested reconsideration/re-evaluation on those items. Do they have to comply with my request?
Illinois rental dwelling policy
I have two questions. First, I'm wondering what exactly business liability covers, that is an extension to a rental dwelling policy through State Farm in Illinois? Second, My Policy says Inflation coverage index: 246.4, and Not sure what this means Either? Thanks , greatly appreciated, ChrisMars
non-recoverable depreciation
In my original claim, my insurance company said that my 98 year old mother had replacement coverage. We've gone through her contents and submitted a statement of loss. In our findings, most of her contents were 40, 50 or even 100+ year old collectables. In the subsequent settlement, the insurance company increased their payout; however, they now claimed over $30k of items under "non-recoverable" depreciation. How do you verify what is or what is not recoverable under this cause? The policy documents are very vague, tough to read even we you can find them.
cleaning up after fire
Will my homeowners insurance pay for someone to remove fire/smoke damaged items from my garage?
Can my nsurance company set a deadline for reimbursement for our contents replacement?
My home burned at the end of August 2016. I just received a letter from them saying that the deadline for us to replace and be reimbursed for our contents is the end of 2017. We don't think we'll even be back into our home until September 2017.
Fire claim contents specialist contract.
The contents specialist that i want to hire to help me with the personal property portion of the claim, has agreed to let me draft the contract agreement. What clauses should it contain in order to demand high quality professional work and guarantee, proper personal property handling, fair pricing, safe storage of goods, prompt execution of work, adherence to industry standards, etc.
Recovery and reconstruction from Hurricane Matthew demolition, in South Carolina and the Property Management Association, Association Board and Insurance companies
Thank you for your offer to help. I live in SC. Waccamaw Management, LLC is the property management company for exterior flood/hurricane damage coverage. January 8, 2017 is the three-month anniversary of the storm. On October 10, 2016, Vines Restoration company was on site demolishing and removing drywall, appliances, insulation, furniture from 32 townhomes and condos. Approximately ten 8x12 foot piles of damaged property were hauled to a landfill. WMC, LLC changed managers three times in these three months. We have received 4 or 5 letters requesting patience. We have not received a construction start date, information on what buildings will be repaired, order of repair, the construction companies, cost, timeframe. I was advised to find an aggressive SC flood insurance and home owners association attorney. We are running out of "loss of use" paying for a rental home. Please advise.
House fire repairs
Hi! I had a house fire in Louisiana. According to our Parish laws, if greater than 30% of electrical wiring is birned, the entire house must be rewired to bring it up to code. My insurance company is saying they will only cover the actual wiring burned, and anything required to bring it up to code to pass inspection will be out of my pocket. Is this legal? I feel like I'm stuck with several grand of repairs I wouldn't have needed if the fire hadn't happened!
Insurance co saying my hand written receipts not valid..?? I had a lawyer tell me if dated and signed valid?? Receipts for things like temp help to help me with packing. Paid in cash.
Length of time to rebuild?
We lost our home in the Valley Fire Sept. 2015. We have been working with clearing the property and an architect drawing plans. We are about to take it our plans to bid. Contractors are very busy here and possibly cannot start until April or May. The 2 year date would be 5-6 months from then and doubtful that the house would be finished. Do we still have time under the federal extension allowed for building and would we still receive our living expenses? One adjuster told us as long as we were moving forward that is all they (AAA) cared about.
Money for excavation and building code upgrades
We lost our home in the Valley Fire 2015. We have come to an agreement with AAA for the full amount our home was insured for. Does this amount include the new excavation that will be needed. The former house was a 3 story and there is a large hole where it was. We want to build a single story with part of the new house over that hole and part of the new home over some area that will need some excavation. Also we have been told different stories about the code upgrades. Are they included in the house money or are they in addition to that money. All of this makes a huge difference in what money we will have to build a new house.
Offset of social security cost of living adjustment
I live in California and my employers corporate office is in Pittsburgh. 10127.1 CA states that COLA can not be offset yet my employer based disability benefits have been reduced every time I receive a COLA increase. Can they do that?
Do you pay tax on lawsuit compensation for property lost in wildfire?
Contents of garage after a fire
My ins company sent there company out to inventory my person belongings in my garage. there list is not accurate. I already have gone into my garage and have a added list which they did not itemize. How should I present this to my adjuster?
Flooded August 2016 mortgage co
Insurance co sent check to repair house but mortgage co seterus/Qbe is giving me the run around. I spent 50,000 of retirement money and sent receipts. Now they won't send money to me. Every time I call they change the info needed. What can I do? I want to get into my home. I am at a stand still.
Proof of Loss Dispute from flooding during Hurricane Matthew
Hello. I have received a POL from our adjuster and most of the contents were changed from replace to clean only. All of these items were standing in septic flood waters for a week and have already been disposed of. I wrote a letter explaining the situation. NO one responded to the letter and when I asked for an update they told me the file stands as is and to sign the POL to get my $. I took the advice from your page and asked the following and was once again told the files stands as is and to sign the POL. > "Can you send me the exact wording of the policy language that you and he are relying on to reject part of my claim? In addition, can you please send me complete copies of all evaluations, reports & estimates you have prepared or caused to be prepared that relate to our property and the claim." Please tell me if I need to hire an attorney or contact NFIP?
Insurance claim checks with mortgage
I have a buyer for my flooded gutted home. The mortgage company has the insurance checks and will not let me apply these checks to the balance to payoff the mortgage and sale the property. I am scheduled to close on Dec 23rd. And stand a chance of losing the sale because of this. What can I do to get them to agree to apply these checks and give title company a correct payoff amount so I call sale this property. The time line for this is a crunch. Any advice will be greatly appriciated. Thank you
intellectual property
We just realized we lost lesson plans units outlines notes journals for two books -- we have one education book published. We cannot replace these. Will we be able to claim on insurance and how would we get value?
Confirming quality work is done.
I had a fire and called one of the two services recommended by my insurance because I am new to Indianapolis and did not know any quality contractors and because it was late at night and raining when I first found out my house had been on fire. The contractor, ServPro a franchise operation, has been very difficult to deal with and they have done sloppy work. The mortgage company sent an "inspector" but all he did was check to see that they were working to get me back into my home, nothing about quality or correctness. ServPro told me the job was done, but many things do not work, like my stove, or are not done properly. Both Insurance (State Farm) and Mortgage company say they are not part of this. Who is supposed to check to make sure electrical etc. is done correctly. I paid for a house inspection before purchase, but who protects me after a fire? I do not feel safe in my home. Bonnie
House flooded in Baton Rouge, LA. Had insurance. I have been made an offer to sell the house as is. can I sell the house as is, and pay off the mortgage? Do I get to keep insurance money? How do I go about getting this accomplish or is it possible?
My house is in Baton Rouge, LA and flooded in August 2016. I Had insurance. The insurance company has offered me $187,00 for property damage but I owe $200,000 on the mortgage. I have been made an offer ($170,000 0) to sell the house as is ( the house has been gutted). This means I would have to come up with an additional $30,000 which I am willing to do in order to pay the mortgage off. I no longer want the house so can I sell the house as is, and pay off the mortgage? Do I get to keep insurance money? If this is possible, what steps do I need to take to make it happen?
My house was lost in a fire.
My insurance was cancelled without me knowing. They mailed a single letter months ago. I never received the letter. The agent never contacted me in any other way. Do I have any rights?
Louisiana Flood 2016
Our home was lost in the flood located in Central , Louisiana. After many tries we finally got the claims money from NIFP. When we sent the check to the mortgage company and they keep making changes to the request of documents needed in order to release any funds for our claim. We have provided everything they have asked for and every time we call it's always something different. What are my options? The mortgage company is Nationstar. We have used our savings to get our home livable.
had a renters insurance policy that paid out in 2015 with fire marshal report showing cause as undetermined now i cant find insurance company who will do landlord insurance for me who can i contact?
Roof leaking
Hail damage in 2012 not covered because adjuster said cost to repair was my deductible. Had repair done myself and roof leaking now due to high winds and rain. I fear insurance company will say the samething again. Please help
offset reimbursement
Can a disability insurance company i.e. Prudential require reimbursement from 2008 for the company's miscalculations for offset of social security benefits.
Can I have a repair estimate reviewed and a new estimate prepared based on the estimate sent by my insurance adjusters estimate. They have issued a check in the amount of this estimate, less the deductible. What should I do with the Check?
I had an accidental fire created by brushing past the two right side, ftont and back, electric burners, on my LG LRE4213ST Electric Range
State Farm changing its mind about paying us for our hydroelectric system that burned in the Valley Fire in California.
State Farm told us our hydroelectric system was covered under Dwelling A. They supported this by sending us numerous letters requesting our bid from a contractor for labor and parts. It took time for us to get a bid because of the uniqueness of having a hydroelectric system. Since we had verbal statements we would be covered and letters supporting this, we were surprised to be told they were now not going to cover our system. They basically said we could do nothing about it because a year had passed and they were sorry they had made a mistake in telling us it was covered. Do I have any recourse in this situation? They have all the information they asked for and we have signed a contract for the building of hydroelectric system.
Pol to sign or not to sign
As you probably know we have till Dec 12 to sign our pol from Allstate. We don't agree with the numbers and a large amount of cost needs to be added because their pol does not include removal and replacement of sheathing boards between brick and studs. This stuff is crumbling and adjuster said it's fine but it's not. We had 5 ft of nasty water in the house for 3 days. What should we do?
Getting full replacement cost in the event of a total loss.
My insurer's replacement cost report totals $480,906. My licensed contractor estimates the most likely replacement cost would be $737,210 and his high-side estimate is $842,240. My insurance "an extended replacement coverage of an extra 50%... just in case our report came in a little bit off". How much insurance should I get? I'm thinking the number should be $561,493 ($842,240 divided by 150%). I would very much like to talk to you before I talk to my insurer since they'd be happy to have me pay a higher premium. My phone number is 650-678-2489. Thank you. Cathy
In the state of Missouri, are we allowed to recover depreciation for work that wasn't performed from our homeowners insurance claim?
Our contractor says he's done approximately 90 jobs in the last three months, and all the other homeowners have been written checks for the recoverable depreciation for parts of the claim not completed. Our insurance claim rep. is pressuring us to close for our final check, but are not including the recoverable depreciation for the parts of the claim not completed. What are our rights? Are we owed the recoverable depreciation for only the parts of the claim that were completed?
total fire loss
do you have an app for estimating inventory after a total fire loss?
Fire damage lowball settlement
Airheads in Gardnerville Nevada was damaged extensively by a fire set a mile away our insurance company is low-balling we sent in two quotes for replacement of fence replacement of landscaping and they are low-balling by 10 to $15,000 what rights do I have where can I go what do I need to do to say you are not you're not adhering to the policy you are not you are not replacing or repairing to pre-fire condition how can I fight them this is the fire in itself was destructive enough to my mental state but now is I am seriously so overwhelmed and so upset I don't know how to handle this thank you for any input or any advice or any direction
Unlivable home due to mold damage.
My grandmother's home is covered in mold and is now unlivable, would her insurance pay for teardown and grading of the lot to put a new mobile home there? My grandmother and my uncle live there and he has severe lung disease and is on oxygen, so there is no way he can step foot in the home anymore.
Expense coverage for the PR of an estate
I have been the legal guardian for my mother-in-law. She has recently passed away and I am the PR for her estate, approved and documented by the local courts. I also don't live here full time, but I've had to be here regularly for several years in order to maintain the property which is an asset of the estate. Now I am undertaking the remediation and reconstruction after damage from Hurricane Mathew. Am I entitled to all that the owner would be, such as ALE, etc.
Lost some clothing in attic fire, how do I value clothing?. I am stressing here.
How do I value clothes lost in attic fire? And also antique bed that was there. I am really struggling with this contents list. Thanks
after desperately settling
After waiting over 2 yrs. And desperately settling on 25,000 which was the amount my attorney pretty much told me to take and run because i would'nt win in court due to my home and auto fire 7 yrs back. I didn't seek an adjustor and for some reason that seemed to have made it hard for me to get attorney assistance. I was made to feel like crap for not. Long story short i was so at thee end of life it seemed. When i finnally found one i was numb and sooo desperate. All i could think about was getting back into my home. After a couple mnths of dealing with this attorney i began to feel my gut rott. There i was with having to ignore my instincts, which told me my claim wasn't being faught hard at all. when i met with him to sign settlement it now went from 25 to 16. I need to kno what does 'with prejudice' mean and can i ask for more money to finish my home? I kno i was screwed.
Water Damage
Recently our dishwasher died. We knew the washer was old and replaced it. When the plumber delivered the new machine he discovered a lot of water damage behind the washer. The machine had been leaking for several months, but we never saw any evidence of water leaking out. We had no clue the washer had a leak! We called our insurance company All-State. They sent an adjuster today. He said the water damage wasn't covered because the washer had been leaking for several months. We told him we never saw any water damage because the damage was behind the dishwasher. This is insane! What's the purpose of having insurance if the insured is supposed to be a fortune teller? This makes no sense to us. We knew we didn't have flood insurance because we aren't in a flood area! But this caused by a slow faulty leak? Makes no sense to us! Please advise?
Seterus/QBE Property loss department and flood insurance claim.
I suffered a great loss to my home in Baton Rouge, La on August 2016 as a result of flooding. My insurance coverage is sufficient to rebuild and I was paid an advance toward the settlement to assist with repairs,unfortunately I had to send the check (10,000) to Seterus/ QBE property loss department who refuse to release the funds. Is this legal and what can I do to get them to release the proceeds? Mortgage is current,never late and I have forward all documents requested. This is a frustrating process and I am disappointed ,currently I am paying a mortgage as well as renting a apartment and do not have the funds to preserve my home. What should I do?
A store installed a DW in my home that leaked steadily 10 days. Their adjuster wrote an est. that said at least 100 SF of subfloor had to be removed and replaced. But he ignored the costs of removing and replacing the cabinet that was on top of that sub-
floor. The ins. co told me to take that check and that I could submit for a supplemental for the rest of the work. They would not admit that I'd be required to sign a release for that check until I pressed them. I asked for a complete estimate but they refused. I refused to sign a release so got no financial help. Meanwhile my food costs were destroying me financially. (There was nothing in the kitchen...not even a floor.) I have many before photos and photos taken the day demolition was completed, all my receipts from workers. My atty says my photos and receipts are not enough but that I need a contractor to give me an estimate that supports that my expenses were a necessary result of the DW leak. He would have the benefit of the photos of the kitchen before any work began and after the demo was done and of course how the kitchen looks now. Who would do this type estimate for me?
Upgrading vs Replacement only -- Subrogating vs Not
We are worried that the responsible party for the damages might say that since we upgraded we are not due the full costs of repair. In that case do you recommend subrogating with my insurance company, get the check and then do the upgrading and repair as I want to? I guess that I can wait to subrogate until everything is completed and then chose to subrogate, if not satisfied. My insurance company adjuster is reluctant to give a Dollar amount of his estimate to me. The contractor selected with my approval seems very high priced. Can I fire him?
I recently had flood damage to my home and have a NFIP policy. I've received a building cost worksheet from the adjuster that include a payout deduction for itemized recoverable depreciation. Based on this, I am assuming that my policy is for actual cash value versus replacement cost, but I cannot determine which I am paying for with my premiums. I've discussed this with my insurance agent and the adjuster but no one seems to know how to determine this, so they just default to ACV. My questions are: Despite what I keep reading in NFIP and FEMA documents, are RCV policies even available? And, does "recoverable" depreciation mean that I can somehow file for compensation for the deduction?
How long can a mortgage company withhold your insurance check before dispersant monies for repairs
Our mortgage company has had our insurance check for 95,000 for one month now without any disbursement of funds to us thus far. The flood that was for proclaimed a disaster or President Obama happened on August 13, 2016 it is been three months and we still do not have or have not received any monies for repairs even after getting a insurance check with our mortgage company or companies name loan depot p.m. on the check as well as both my wife and myself, we were told to endorse it and overnight to them they would do the same. Instead of mailing it back they deposited the check, now it has been put in a third-party escrow account contingent upon us hiring a contractor with a complete checklist of a plan to rebuild, I am a Louisiana state contractor, We had to send them several documents to provide proof of this which took them another two weeks to process, what is the legal time tch
A big store installed a new dishwasher and left it leaking and it caused significant damage. Their insurance company admitted responsibility but would not offer near enough to cover repairs. I made a homeowner's claim but my homeowner's adjuster colluded
with my homeowner's claim handler and she's giving me a hard time...making false assumptions and refusing to look at the photos and the facts. The adjuster my homeowners sent out seemed to agree with me as to what my damages were. He took lots of photos and took copies of all my many photos. But the insurance company for the store talked to my homeowner's claims handler and they totally changed what I believe the adjuster wrote up who came to my home. My homeowner's claims handler refuses to send me the man's report and will only send me the first 6 pages of the 30 page estimate. What can I do to get the records and what can I do, short of suing them, to get them to pay to repair these damages to my home? Is it illegal or just unethical that they colluded against me. I have lots of proof of my losses but they refuse to look at the facts and just keep assuming things are not not true.
custom cabinet destroyed by water remediation people
A store replaced my dishwasher in my peninsula cabinet that basically sits in the middle of my 12x22 kitchen. The DW was left with a continuous drip at the connection that soaked into the subfloor over 10 days before it was discovered. The store's adjuster said half the subfloor in the room was ruined and had to be replaced. The store agreed to pay a water remediation company directly (a company they like to use). The water remediation people cut my cabinet up and broke my laminate countertop during the removal and the cabinetmaker and carpenter say they are not reusable. Now the store's insurance says they don't think they should pay for the cabinet loss. An adjuster friend of mine says it is collateral damage and they should have to replace it...actually says they should have to replace all the cabinets since that was about half my cabinets and they are hard to match. What is typical?
What does scope entail?
non-renewal vs cancellation
Insurance Claims
What rate do insurance companies use to compute painting repairs? so much per square foot?
In reading our claim , the adjuster decided to remove all hardwood floors . This does not include replacing duct work heating and air . I dont agree with his assesment.Alot of things were missed.More money ,also will the bank only allow whats on claim
Bad adjuster. I don't agree on the amount of money plus many repairs were left out ,the duct work ,heating and air, just a few of the things that were not included. Not possible to pull up all my floors for the amount stated and replaced.. Plus a stupid idea. We have a check but haven't given to bank. How much say do we have where and if the work should be done? Is the bank in charge?
Home claim
We have a home claim in process. We had a leak from our kitchen faucet. All the bottom cabinets have been removed. We are living with no kitchen sink or dishwasher. It makes it very hard to cook. We have to buy convenience foods, and eat out. Am I able to turn these receipts in to the insurance for reimbursement? If so how do I go about turning them in? Do I need to call adjuster and tell her, or just mail the receipts to her?
Insurance settlement
I had damage to my roof in February/March with back to back ice storms and snow. The weight caused damage to my roof. This was finally all settled on 9/12 with a $25k settlement of which I received $12k to replace my entire roof. I had already taken out a $1500 loan to patch a part that was very dangerous. I didn't get enough to rebuild my roof so I'll have to get s loan for the rest. I had no idea what I was doing. It was a complete disaster. My question is will this cause my insurance to go way up and will I have to pay taxes on this? Thank you. Vicky Face. I am extremely stressed over this ordeal and have been treated with so much rudeness.
Insurance Loss Claim w/Mortgage company. What happens to the escrow claim check provided by insurance company if I the homeowner and the mortagage company cannot come to an agreement on dispersment of funds ?
Its been 36 days since my insured loss on my property, insurance is sending a check now. Fire damage caused by adjacent neighbors fire. Approx. $15,000 for siding, windows and shingles and another $15,000 for tree, shrubs, fence and landscape. I have paid to get this work done out of pocket prior to getting my claim settled two weeks ago. I paid $30,000 out of pocket to fix my property damage. My insurance is sending settlement check to mortgage company for escrow, approx. $28,000. Now mortgage company doesn't want to release money because I didn't follow their process contracts, waiver of lien, contractors W-9, intent to repair doc. etc... The work is done 100%. Can't I just request them to come and inspect and receive the whole claim check because the damage is all repaired ? Can they attempt to force me to follow their methods and procedures if the work is already done ? NY.
Declared disaster, related CA insurance code and insurance company not following
I lost my home in the Valley Fire. My insurer has mishandled my claim from the beginning and after filing a complaint with the CDI, there has been someone from CDI available to contact about problems with how my claims are being handled by my insurer. But this has not stopped the adjusters from ignoring the legal requirements that California says they must follow. I have asked for copies of all documents contained in my claim file used to process the claim and the way depreciation was determined and applied to my personal property claim but was told there is nothing there to copy. My request to be reimbursement of expences that should be paid under my ALE (storage fees for damaged items stored while the claim is processed) were instead applied to my contents claim. The estimate I rec'd is $184 sq.ft. but actual cost to build is $230 to build. If the state won't help how do I proceed?
NFIP Flood insurance payment
Our insurance adjuster mentioned something about the NFIP will only pay the lesser of what they estimated or what it cost us to rebuild. So, if our damage estimate is $80,000 and that is what the NFIP agreed to pay, but we do the work ourselves and it only cost $70,000 to rebuild do they have the right to make us pay back the $10,000 difference? The main reason for asking is because our mortgage company is bullying us into using the money to pay off our mortgage. Therefore, we will be out of pocket for the repairs we will be making and could not afford anymore expenses. It's not like we are pocketing $10,000 since it is going towards our mortgage.
Best way to handle a claim
Water damage caused by the condo above. Should we use only the condo above Insurance company or get our Insurance company involved. Is there a time limit to get cost estimates to the insurance company. Don't understand Insurance claim "Pursuant to our interpretation of California Fair Claims Patrice Act a decision to accept, deny or submit a 30-Day Extension letter, as to claim presented, is due within 40 days from date of receipt of proof of loss." I had to request the Insurance estimate by e-mail, is receipt of loss to day I received their response. Water damage occurred on June 30, 2016. I contacted our Insurance on 6/30 and the other Insurance company on 7/1
Property loss insurance obligations
Our house destroyed by mildew by roofer neglect during storm. Total destruction and rebuild estimated at 6 months. Job underestimated. .6 months to demo it. Insurance paid our alternate living place rental for 6 months. Having to fight them for another 4-5 months of rental even though house is a skeleton with outside walls and inside foundation lumber only. We're surprised--who was supposed to be monitoring the demo work ...we had no idea they would fight on extending.. the reason was a slow restoration company who were often there 1-2 days a week in the last months,.. the restoration co and our insurance agent miscalculated by 5-6 months. Do we have to pay for a place to live for the next 5 months .? Not our fault they took so long to do demo? Thanks. Insurance provider is Allstate. Now National General (?) is our insurer.
Taxable payouts
Question Restated: Our tax adviser says we must pay taxes on the difference between our insurance payout and the “cost basis of house.” He calculates home cost basis as what we paid originally + upgrades. (This sum is much lower than what it would cost to rebuild or what its fair market value was the day of the fire.) It does not seem fair... plus according to this article ( since it was our main home we should be able to exclude <$250K gain>. Who is right?
Texas claim against the Water Supply Corporation Insurance Company
I have a claim against a water supply Corporation in the state of Texas which is listed as a nonprofit organization I do not have homeowners coverageI'm over 50 and on disability I simply can't afford it the claim was filed with the water companies insurance for the damages they calls to my property I'm assuming they are considered a third party liability insurance do they have to pay me actual cash value replacement or they allowed to depreciate the values considering I wouldn't be replacing it if it hadn't been for the liability of the damage they did to the property which is water damage 2. there long time leak saturated the ground for months well over 5ft in the ground one of my red oak shade trees they cut down do they owe me for the value of my shade tree
Doing the work myself
We are not real happy with our contractor, and may let him go. If we decide to finish the work ourselves, can we still get the O and P? If so how hard is the fight, and do people usually win that fight.
Inconvience compensation
Our kitchen faucet was leaking under the sink cabinet and we didnt know it until too late. We hired a contractor, who took out the whole caninet. So this cabinet had the sink and dishwasher in it. We have been without a dishwasher or sink for about 2 1/2 weeks now. I'm washing dishes in the bathtub. Also since it so hard to wash dishes, we are eating a lot of premade food from mostly Costco since my husband works there. Eating this way is quite a bit more expensive. Should I get reimbursed for all the inconvenience and extra cost?
Depreciation in a home claim
I have a home claim in progress. They sent an independent adjuster to our home. I have received the estimate. There is quite a bit of depreciation in it. For instance our carpet was damaged becauae of a water leak. The RCV for the carpet is $1,846.91, and the depreciated amount they have in the estimate is $1,539.09. The carpet was only 2 years old. I think the reason they depreciated it so much is because when the adjuster came over, the carpet was a mess. I knew we were ripping it out so i hadnt vacuumed. I could have vacuumed and shampood it, and it would have looked great. They probably wouldnt have depreciated it so much. Have Can i fight the depreciation?
Mortgage communication issues - insurance claim settlements
PennyMac seems to have the reputation for this...8 weeks after the disaster, 10 phone calls, 4 emails and we still don't have a "Claim Kit" to send the proper paperwork to them for our repairs to get started. They sent me a 2 page fax with no instructions or checklist and no address to send a completed kit to. They sent 2 Fed Ex labels for me to track but never used them to mail said claim kit. I just sent the "complaints dept" person I was assigned a 3 page email very detailed in everything that's happened so far. How do you know when it's time to seek legal counsel? Do I warn them that I am doing so? What can I do without making the situation worse for us as homeowners? Being a flood victim, it will be hard to pay legal fees & won't qualify for low income legal assistance. I don't understand how a company can get away with this with so many people without facing consequences.
Hurricane Matthew
I have a vacation home near Daytona Beach, because I am in Kentucky do I need to physically see damage myself before calling my insurance co or can I go from pictures of my home from neighbors?
Personal Property Insurance
I was robbed filed a claim and I need help to understand the term, "Insured is responsible to select Stated Limits." I had total 10 jewelry items and out of 10 only 5 are covered and other 5 became over the stated limit. Adjuster decided to pick only those items for which I have coverage from my credit card. Who should decide which items to pay from which insurer? The claim is about $40K, do I have to include it in my tax returns?
2 claims for same damage
In July 2016 I had a roof leak during a storm and filed a water damage claim. It DID NOT hail that night. The mitigaton company covered my ridge vent with ice and water shield for emergency purposes to protect my dwelling, as this area was thought to be a contributing factor to the leak. My insurance Co. Paid for the replacement of these few rows of shingles that the ice and water shield was nailed into since the shingles now have nail holes in them. During our walkthrough, my contractor noted hail damage to my roof/siding. Had to file a separate claim. An entire new roof/siding is being covered under the hail claim. Since my entire roof will be replaced under the hail claim I didn't replace the nail holed shingles. My Ins. Co. Took the $ paid to me (under the water claim) for replacing the nailed shingles & deducted that amt. from my hail claim. Am I entitled to this money?
High Risk Insurance Policy
I filed a burglary claim and then lost my house to a chimney fire; both claims at around the same time (12/2013 and 1/2014). The house was completely destroyed in the fire. I had to sue the insurer over the terms of the policy, and won the case; however, after the lawsuit, they cancelled the policy because the property was unoccupied. That has all been resolved, and I am now looking to purchase a new home. I am finding it difficult to purchase a policy, though, because all of the insurers consider 2 claims in the last 5 years too high a risk. Do you guys have any guidance on what I can do now to find an insurance policy?
Water damage claim
Thank your for your answer to my previous question. I'm a little confused by the answer I received. If I use the company that the insurance co. provided for repairs to complete a portion of repair work, do I have to use them for all of the work? If I understand your answer you are saying that I have to have the work completed in the estimation as is and make no changes? If I can stay within the amount allowed why can I not make some changes? The house is free and clear. I do not know if that makes any difference.
Trying to fill out proof of loss statement. How do i determine ACV/ RCV
I just had a fire to which I am guessing will be deemed a total loss, dwelling and contents. I am trying to fill out proof of loss do i determine ACV/RCV that I need to include on the form. And where it asks for LIMIT OF LIABILITY AMOUNT CLAIMED is that the limit AMOUNT in my actual policy. Thank you for any help. this is so overwhelming. Do i need to fill this out and send it in before I actually here from my insurance company as to whether it is going to be a total loss claim or an I obligated to send it in ASAP?.
claim with insurance co. for water damage
My insurance co. did not have an adjuster come out to assess the damage to my home.. They had a restoration and repair company come out and prepare an estimate for repairs. They have already deposited the funds to repair the house into my account. Am I obligated to use this company to repair all the damage or may I have them complete only certain items? I have a family friend that can do the cosmetic work such as installing floors and painting. for much less that the restoration company will charge.
Fire Claim
We had a fire over three weeks ago - August 31st, reported the claim at 7 am the next morning (entire home, most likely a total loss). The adjuster came September 9th and we haven't heard anything since. Is there a legal limit that they have to let us know what the answer is when the home is completely unusable?
Forced overinsurance for contents
I saw in the Florida Ins Consumer Protection Guide contents ins is not mandatory. I've asked to not have contents insurance from policy inception because the value is low due to our immaterial living habits. The request has been refused and I am greatly overinsured. The underwriter refuses any modification although my agent has been to our home and verified this. The deductible is high and no claims made. So now I am paying for contents that don't exist. We would be fine with no contents insurance versus being grossly overcharged. We don't even own a toaster or a microwave! What can I do?
Accepting a insurance payment
We lost our home due to a fire August 31. We have farmers insurance and they completed an evaluation and are wanting to pay 65% of the insured value after depreciation. We feel they underestimated the cost of repair to the extreme. They were insisting on sending a check which would go to my mortgage company first and my mortgage company would send us a check for the balance. Even though I sent 2 emails to the agent telling her we are not willing to accept a check at this time , she sent the check to my mortgage company. Does this mean we will not be able to collect any more on the dwelling since they sent a payment? I want to get my own estimate the agent said they can't ethically hold on to the check. Thank you.
legal fees as an incurred expense?
I lost my home to fire last year. My insurance co. sent a check, payable to me & my insurance co., to pay off my mortgage. The amount was the exact amount per the mortgage company's response for a loan payoff amount. This was Nov. of 2015. The morgtage company, which gets very poor customer ratings, refused to credit my account with the $136K & has held the $136K in a "reserved escrow account" stating they need a letter of intent to payoff the loan & a CURRENT pay off amount statement. The mortgage company has tried to sell my burned house as a 3bd 2 ba 2100sq ft home at auction 3 times! After trying to deal with this extortion myself for 10 months, I hired an attorney. After a month of work the mortgage company legal staff admit the mistake. Can I claim the legal fees incurred as additional expense from my insurance? Can I sue for extortion in civil court?
My Insurance Company is refusing to pay with my homeowners insurance for a broken sewer pipe in the slab of my house. Can I appeal this? If so, how? Other insurance companies have paid for this repair with Homeowners Insurance.
I called Roto Rooter to check on my plumbing problem when my washing machine drain started overflowing leaking water under my washing machine and my kitchen sink drained very slowly. The problem was evaluated and determined to be a broken sewer pipe in the slab of my home that was built in 1972. We called State Farm and were told that this is considered a maintenance problem and not something they would pay for. Our house was one of the homes recently flooded in Baton Rouge, La. and State Farm proposed we call our FEMA Insurance Adjuster and report the problem to them since the pipe was potentially displaced during the recent flood. I did call FEMA and was told that they would most likely not pay for this either but my Adjuster is checking with her Supervisor and to call me back. I am asking if I can appeal the decision I was given by State Farm and if so, how do I do this?
Homeowners Insurance - Denial
I recently got engaged and wanted to insure my engagement ring. Liberty Mutual told me they wouldn't insure me because of past "multiple claims". Over 2 years ago, I lived in downtown Denver and had my 2nd bike stolen (u-locked to a bike rack - they left the front tire). The first bike was stolen near the same area about a year and a half earlier (at that time I thought a cable lock was sufficient - not). The bikes were ~$200 each and the claims added up to be minimal (~$500 total). Now I am unable to get insurance for my ring because of these claims. Denver is known for high bike thefts but maybe I should have known better than to file the claims. I naively assumed that insurance was here to help me in such situations. Do I still have rights to insurance? Is there any hope for a recovering from this or am I doomed to never qualifying for property insurance?
value of books per foot
My house burned completely in the Butte fire. I am trying to estimate the value of my books I lost from my library. Is there a current estimate for the value of books per foot for fiction/nonfiction and technical/engineering books that is accepted by insurance companies? I am planning a trip to Stanford University bookstore but if anyone has a current figure at hand that would save me a 300 mile round trip!! Thank you in advance for your help. Rosemary Wilson, Arnold CA
Multiple Water Source Claim Denied
We recently had a basement flood that the restoration company and field adjuster agreed was from multiple sources - bad roof flashing on one side and a foundation crack on the other. We now have mold in our basement (flood happened two weeks ago but adjuster just came out today) and they denied all of our claim. Is there anything we can do? At minimum we must get the mold remediated, carpet torn out, and drywall fixed. We have only been in the house for year! Please advise. Thank you in advance for your help. PS - we have Safeco.
Flood Disaster Connellsville
Home was destroyed by 4 ft water it is one level, sits on ground, no slab. city engineer came and deemed our home as for demo. After the flood adjustor came, we informed him about the demo, they want to send an engineer to investigate the findings, 4 to 6 weeks in the meantime we are in 30 day temp. housing. Mold has been growing and the flood insurance engineer is telling us we better not let the city demo home until they get their because our policy states we are to have home available. It's been 2 weeks and it is available. Any advice ?? Thank u.
Insurance claims
Elder/sick parents had to move in with their children (in another state) so the home went up for sale and was still insured, but the home was vandalized/broken in to.....can a insurance claim still be filed on our parents home?.... NO because it was worked out that the house would be rented to family in the same town but it never got to that point after the vandalism
Great Flood of 2016 - NFIP Settlement
My home was flooded in the recent floods in Louisiana. I did not have a mortgage and had flood insurance through the NFIP. My question is if whether or not I have to use the settlement funds I may receive from NFIP on reconstructing the house. I am a retired senior citizen and not physically up to the task of managing a major restoration and would prefer to relocate. Can I use the settlement funds as I choose and sell the house as a shell?
NFIP supplement process
We just received our proof of loss and cost of repair forms to sign and return. Some of the amounts on the line items are way out of line and won't cover the costs to replace. It was explained to me this total was a starting point and there is a supplement process to cover overages. Is it safe to sign these documents and submit to start the process or should I contest the amounts in question now. What documentation is needed to supplement a flood claim? I was told to send in receipts but if I don't have the money to pay I can't get a receipt. Are labor costs able to be supplemented in this process?
Proof Of Loss- LA Flood
We had 6ft of water in our home in Denham Springs, LA. We were one of the fortunate and do have flood insurance on structure, not contents. We are actually over insured on the structure. Allstate sent a Proof Of Loss and requiring we sign and send back, It is broke down room by room, however I don't know that the total they have will in fact cover everything, we called and they stated that this is just a starting point to get the ball rolling, and if there are additional costs incurred we will have to open a supplement claim. Of course we have never been through this process, just wanting to get conformation this is all on the right track? I appreciate any information. Thank you, Kim Adams
Louisana flood
We own a home and rent it out in Baton Rouge . We did not have a flood policy becaue we weren't in flood zone . We had regular insurance . We have been told by fema that we don't qualify for any assistance other than a sba loan because we rented our home out . This doesn't seem fair to me that we aren't eligible to receive any free assistance . We lost our tenant and have sustained great damage without coverage .
Home insurance coverage
We got slammed with golf ball size hail. insurance adjuster came by and pretty much only cover ruff and guters. It is not close to enough. Our landscaping has been ruined, trees torn apart , fence has holes, grass is gone, paint on our house is chipped even dented garage. What should I do?
ALE Self Moving Expenses - my time spent as opposed to hired movers
Total Loss House fire. After our rebuild, we moved from our temp apartment into our newly reconstructed house. I assume that moving expenses are covered (truck, boxes, etc.) Will insurance also reimburse me for my time spent to move if I do not hire contract movers? I.E. It took me 8 hours to move myself as opposed to hiring 2 guys for 4 hours each.
my home burneed down 5 months ago it is uninhabitibal to live in. insurance says additional living exspences covered is 11,808.00 but after 5 months they quit paying because they said that was enough time for me to find a hoime. question details
the policy reads as follows: 1.) We will pay the reasonable increase in living expenses nessesary to masintain your normal standard of living when a direct physical loss we cover makes residence uninhabitibal. 2.)payment for additional living expenses as a result of covered loss will be limited to the least of the following 1. the time period it takes to repair or replace the property we c over using due diligence and dispatch. 2. if you permantley relocate the shortest time for your household to settle else where or 3. 12 monthgs from the date of the loss or damage. there telling me two months was enough time to find a home and quit paying living expences. they said thats reasonable amount of time to find a home. i told them my husband passed away this first time without him after 30 yrs. I'm scared but been looking very hard plus market house goes in one day
I was over charged on cleaning due to smoke damaged. I asked the company to remove the overcharged items, and now they have me paying more than the original invoice.
Payments Wired to My Account
When I initially spoke with my claim adjuster, she asked if I'd like to have funds wired to my account for ease of payment. I thought it was a good idea, but now I'm not so sure. My claim is in the asbestos abatement and debris removal stage. Although I informed my adjuster that I had not signed the residential contract for services nor the work authorization agreement, she wired the amount that was on the work authorization, less $6,000, to my account. I received a letter a few days later that says "Your endorsement of the check(s) represents acceptance of the offer(s) of payment, but does not constitute a release of this claim." I'm afraid that when it comes to the reconstruction phase, that she will do the same, except it will constitute a release of the claim. Can I request that the electronic deposits be canceled and that all future payments be mailed?
I just completed my house inventory on the UP Help app. Is that sufficient, or do I need to do more??
Insurance Company
Is there something legally wrong with an Insurance Company adjuster saying they will get another contractor for the homeowner when you, the contractor already have a contract with the insured?
Hiring a Forensic Estimator/Private Adjuster
Should I wait until the insurance company issues me their dwelling repair estimate before hiring a private adjuster? My policy is not that much to begin with, so I don't want to spend too much of it in the event that, although unlikely, the insurance company gives me the total amount of the policy. Thanks
Payment to Contractors
My home was recently destroyed in a fire, and I signed a contract with a company for asbestos abatement and debris removal before thoroughly reading the contract. After reading, I discovered that by signing, I authorized the insurance payment to be given directly to them. I realize I now have no choice in this matter, however, I would like to know if it's standard practice for insurance companies to issue full payment prior to work being done, or if the payment from the insurance company can be broken down into two payments, one payment for deposit and the other after completion of the work being done. Thanks for your help
Do i put in a claim for smoke,soot, and ashes?
I am living in a single home across the 5 freeway , 1 mile away from the sand fire. I have soot, ashes all over, in my home, in the attic, the pool, and backyard; but no fire damage. My home insurance is Travelers for $1025 /year, and my deductible is $2,500. Do i put in a claim? I spoke with a lawyer whom says that my claim can go up to $25,000. I told him I do not want to have a raise or cancellation of coverage. He told me that even if I do not claim, it will go up because insurances go by zip codes. Can you give me some advice please? Thank you.
Content List - Salvageable or UnSalvageble - Need supporting product data, processes & or any helpful information. Please assist.
We're struggling with the content adjuster's list (unsalvageable or salvageable). Our home is uninhabitable due to fire&extreme heat.The garage&attic are non-existent&our kitchen is completely destroyed;as well as is..most of our home. EX:Adjuster states Glass cookware in kitchen,uncapped Liquor in bar cabinet & wine glasses in D.R. Cabinet are salvageable,etc.The corks popped out of wine bottles on china cabinet&cabinet glass shattered.We need assistance on the Health&Safety aspects; as well as supporting proof of future product stability.We pay extra for Full Replacement; however, we feel that the adjuster is greatly depreciating all & stating salvageable.I've reached out to a well-known cookware manufacturer; & at least, now have supporting data stating"DO NOT use".In addition,Adjuster has failed to list many items or has listed incorrectly. Thanks.
Examination Under Oath in Ohio
I have been asked, under the terms of my homeowner's insurance policy, to submit to an Examination Under Oath (EUO). I am currently unavailable to do so in person and have offered to submit via skype, as well as by phone simultaneously, if the connection is not acceptable to either party. There is nothing explicit written in my policy that precludes me from participating in an EUO in this way. Is there any precedent in Ohio law that prohibits me from submitting to this EUO electronically? Thank you for your time.
Medicare part B or Company health care group insurance is a primary insurance? Can the company change a disability status to retiring status to force disable employee to take Medicare part B as primary insurance?
I have been on disability and receiving disability benefit and health insurance from my previous company. Recently, I was offer Medicare part B and since I'm under 65 years old, disable and my employer has more than 100 employees so I believe that my current group insurance should be my primary and so the company also told me so so I declined medicare part B. Now my company heath insurance told me that my status has changed to retired so Medicare should be my primary care and so they withdraw their coverage as primary care and only pays as a secondary care. Since I had declined medicare so I have to pay out of pocket a large portion of my heath care cost. I had stopped working from the company because my disability and not from retiring. Can the company do that? Told me one thing and do differently? Also it seems they cheating on medicare from changing my status isn't it?
Bad faith/fraudulant claim
We discovered a flood in our home as we arrived to move into the home on 6/28/16. Travelers' adjuster misjudged our damage, estimating 1/5 of what four contractors estimated to do repairs. Travelers then brought in a large loss adjuster on 7/25, nearly a month after discovering the flood. Along the way, Travelers made many mistakes, which we have documented, several that put our family, including 3 young daughters, at health risk. On our behalf, our agent contacted the adjuster's boss to raise concerns. Yesterday, on Day 45, the adjuster sent the final estimate. We now have evidence that he has acted with malice, has lied to us, misled us, and we believe has now engaged in fraud. We have documentation and all communications. Our agent is meeting with the travelers regional manager on Wednesday. We don't know what the next step should be. Insurance commissioner? Attorney? Please advise.
Mortgage and Insurance Claim
A relative had a house fire in which she received an insurance claim check, which is being held by the mortgage lender. After the fire the home went into pre-foreclosure. She then decided not to do repairs and sell the home. With a cash buyer and the insurance claim check, she has enough to pay off mortgage with +$100k remaining. However, the lender is refusing to apply the insurance check to her principal balance, which would force her to do a short sale. Can the lender keep the insurance money without applying to the mortgage balance? and, what about the overage? Can they keep any money above what is owed?
rental payments
I heard soon after the Valley Fire in California, Sept. 12, 2016, that it had been categorized as a National Disaster and that because of this, there would be living expenses, rental payments in particular for those with total loss structures, through 2 years. I have not been able to verify this in all the research I've done. I hope you will be able to answer this question for me, and also advise me what to do to get this help. My insurance company is American Modern Home Insurance. Thank you.
Auto insurance claim denial and negligence
I was in an at fault auto accident and I had actually upped my coverage minutes before the collision. Ironic but grateful for doing so but then my auto insurance has denied coverage when the police report clearly states the accident happened after the coverage change. They tried to argue because someone called my phone minutes before making the policy change that the accident somehow magically occured when my phone rang. At the time of repair estimates the agent doing the estimate told me my car was going to be moved to their repair facility. Three days after that the active agent in my claim told me they had not. my car was stolen and stripped in between those days. I have been forced to make a 2me claim for theft and they are still not providing me with the coverage paid for. My stress level is affecting my health. They won't reply or call back when I message them. What do I do?
Insurance claim for loss of personal property in a fire
My insurance adjuster has asked me to provide receipts to support my personal property loss claim and a narrative substantiating my loss. What is a narrative report for an insurance claim of this type of loss and what type of information would the narrative contain? Would you have an example of a narrative report? What is the purpose of a narrative report?
Mold limits/abrogating against remediation company
I live in Florida and have had an extensive water damage/mold claim that I hired a public adjuster to handle. The insurance company invoked appraisal, and the out-of-state umpire determined that mold was accountable for $15,000 of damage although our mold remediation bill totaled $9,500 (we have a mold cap of $10,000 per claim). Secondly, the bathroom tile floor was damaged during remediation and was included as part of the umpire's award. However, the insurance company is refusing to pay the $4,300 floor tile repair portion of the award stating that I must abrogate against the mold remediation company to recoup that loss. Third, my public adjuster is holding the check issued by the insurance company hostage, insisting that I pay his fee prior to endorsing it over to the mortgage company. Please help!
Covered Loss from an I S O declared catastrophe, for the state in which the residence premises is located, the limit for Extended Dwelling Coverage shall be up to twice the percentage shown for Ext. Dwelling Coverage on the Declarations page.
We were a victim of the Valley Fire in Calif. 9-12-15. Was this fire declared a disaster by the State of Calif. ? If so does our Safeco Ins. Policy of which has a $191,600. limit mean that we would be eligible for twice that amount if we chose to re-build ? If we tell Safeco we want to rebuild and start the process rolling and hire an architect and engineer to draw up building plans and then change our minds due to the County of Lake saying we don't have enough of a setback away from the creek to build on, would Safeco be libel for paying those costs ?
Insurance Company and Builder are too far apart in their estimate of reconstruction; Ins Co is way too low
While working on contract in Toronto,a 2nd floor toilet tank broke in May, leaking for several days in our 2nd home that we were going to move into July 1. It was discovered by a renter that was going to have it for the month of June. Our Insurer's estimate is $45K to rebuild: new poly and insulation in crawlspace, 900 sq ft of wood floors, flight of wood stairs, Kitchen cabinets, 3 ceilings, drywall up to 2-3 feet in 4 rooms, new bathroom (toilet, floor & wall tile, vanity, closet). And they are disputing that we need new electrical. Our builder is at $139K. And we have 5 independent quotes at $100K - $150. We are 60 miles from NYC, on the coast of NJ. Seems the Ins. Co. is giving us an estimate for Florida, their base. They also confirmed in an email that living expenses would be paid for, but now they say no. And, we just received a Reservation of Rights letter. What can we do?
Arbitrating a Fee Dispute with a Public Adjuster
We are firing our public adjuster, who has done a very poor job of representing our claim to the insurance company. We are certain that there will be a dispute over the fees, because we do not believe the PA earned all of the fees they are trying to collect. How do we initiate arbitration (which is required in their contract if we can't resolve the dispute with them), and how much can we expect to spend on arbitration? Would the threat of our filing a complaint with CA DOI or CAPIA cause the PA to flex on the fees? Our complaints are legitimate and well documented, including bait-and-switch, poor communication, submitting claim documentation on our behalf without our review or approval, lying, ignoring our questions for inordinate amounts of time. We complained in writing several times, and the service never improved.
Insurance company payout on Water Loss
An adjuster told me they use SimSol and they will only pay what SimSol pays. I provided an estimate in Xactimate and it was $2300 more. They will not budge. My agent while helpful has his hands tied, and the adjuster's boss says the same thing. What would be my next step to get an accurate pay out from my insurance company?
Insurance Adjuster requesting Mortgage Contact
Should the Insurance Adjuster be asking me for the Mortgage Company contact and number after a fire? Isn't this information already on file when I purchased homeowners insurance?
Long term disability offset
Can 401 k funds or the employer contribution portion of a 401 k plan be used as an offset for long term disability payments in Pa. even if the funds have been exhausted prior to age 59.5? Thank you
I loss business inventory in a garage fire, what do I do
I a entrepreneur, having even launched my business yet, I only registered it in 2011. No money made yet. I didn't put business inventory on insurance, cause I was just building my inventory didn't think to do so. I REALLY really wan/NEED all my business inventory to be fully replaced. I totally was taking a leap of faith with this and to have this fire do this to me is perplexing, discouraging, etc., what do I do.
Public Adjuster Problems
1. Why would a PA NOT want you to kick problems upstairs at insurance companies, when UP seems to recommend doing this? 2. Why would a PA have you halt a request for assistance to the CA DOI when that request involves only the insurance company and not the PA? 3. What is the process when you need to switch PAs? How do you negotiate getting out of a bad contract, when you have legitimate reasons for being unhappy with the provided services (e.g., bait-and-switch, lying, disrespect, egregious errors, blaming the claimant when the PA has made huge mistakes)?
Water Damage on Residence
I have a $10,000. limit on fungi and or mold. The damage has been agreed to be water damage with ensuing loss or fungi or mold resulting from water damage. Can they limit the remediation to just $10,000. Also, there were two covered events; 1. Water pipe broke 2. Roof leaks.Thanks
Insurance coverage for water leak from my condominium into common area of building
I live in a condominium unit in a high-rise building that has a common interior hallway. Two weeks ago, water leaked from my unit into my downstairs neighbor's unit and into the common area. The hallway carpet was wet, and the wall between my downstairs neighbor's unit and the hallway was wet. My insurer says that my Condo Unit Owners policy covers my unit, and my neighbor's policy covers his unit. He says that the common area, which belongs to the HOA, should be covered by the Master Policy for the HOA. The HOA says I am liable for damages to the common area, and their insurance will not cover it. I also have an Umbrella Liability policy. My insurer says that this policy does not cover damage to the common area because I wasn't negligent. Is this reasonable? I feel like somebody's insurance should pay. Isn't that why I have insurance?
household inventory and depreciation
I suffered total loss of home and contents during a fire. The insurance company has provided an excel spreadsheet. May I use your spreadsheet instead - it's in a different format? Also the adjuster's spreadsheet requests place of purchase (store name) to assess quality of goods lost and their value. I have purchased the vast majority of my items in consignment stores and thrift stores. How will this affect my claim? Many of my belongings were older than the expected life listed on your depreciation guide. They were in very good / excellent condition. Am I right in thinking that if I replace the items I will get reimbursed for the replacement cost but if I do not replace them they will be depreciated 100% and I'll receive nothing for them? Thank you for your help!
Mold remediation following burst pipes
Hello. I had burst pipes spray water in a 2000 sq. ft. cabin from late January until late March. The humidity level was at 75% when we entered the structure. I am concerned the remediation company will not be able to completely remove all the mold. The structure is down to the studs. I am looking for good resources on mold removal following burst pipes. Also, how does that type of moisture effect sill plates and top plate in the long term, will they rot? Thanks. Love your site.
Additional coverage for California policyholders following a Catastrophe?
Our home was destroyed by the 2015 Round Fire, a California Catastrophe. We have extended replacement coverage-- 50% additional coverage. That is good, but will still not be enough to cover our rebuilding costs, particularly with the demand surge after the fire. I have been hearing from various sources that there is an additional 20% that is available to all homeowners following a California Catastrophe, but also that, no, any additional coverage would simply be that purchased by the homeowner, i.e., our extended replacement policy. So, I am confused. Can you clarify?
I got my car stolen and the insurance company wont pay intill I sign and authorazation form giving them the right to invade and all there affilate to have access to all of my personal life
I gave them a sign under pentalty of perjury about the incident, I gave them a verbal statement and answer there question about my fiananicial oboligation,"that i felt uncomfrontable with" but ans all question openly and honestly.. The incident took place may 15 2016 and today the havent gave me any money,not for a rental car not to get the car out the tow anything..I am still paying the insurance even thoe I cant drive the car are received payment.
Home owners insurance policy
First time home buyer 3/15. For simplicity I decided to go with insurance company the seller had. I asked for the same policy with an additional $40,000 coverage on the granny unit. This was made VERY clear in emails and acknowledged by the insurance broker. On the day of signing docs I noticed that the premiums had increased by almost 50% from what I was quoted. I called the insurance broker and asked about the increase. I was told that it was for a farm pack due to an increase in liability for the farm animals I have and that there were NO other changes. Approx. 6 months later the property and possessions were lost in the Valley fire (Federal disaster) . I was told there was no insurance on my granny, There was a communication error between the broker and insurance agent and the $40,000 coverage was placed on the only barn still standing. The broker said SORRY! There is more.
rideshare insurance in Mississippi
I drive for Uber, who will sell me insurance in Mississippi?
Claims adjuster measurements of damage do not match contractors measurements.
I am in the middle of a water damage insurance claim. We hired a contractor who is a restoration company and a general contractor. The adjuster came into the house measured the rooms that were affected. We decided to fix the damage and continue additional elected work. The measurements of the contractor do not match the adjuster's measurements, his are more in each room affected. Can you just explain if this is a red flag, or is this the method to acquire the extra 20% for the repairs?
private long term disability insurance
After a stroke, I am on long term disability (own occupation for one year; any occupation after that). I may need to move to another state. Will this affect my LTD? There is nothing in the policy about this.
ACV on lead paint remediation
I submitted a supplemental request because no contractor would do the fire repairs for the amount of the estimate. The insurance company invoked appraisal. The appraisal award lists dwelling RCV 300000 Depreciation 120000 ACV 180000 The appraisal award lists lead paint remediation RCV 16000 Depreciation ------- ACV 16000 My adjuster called a few days before the deadline for the carrier to make the ACV payment. She was angry because the appraisal award for dwelling was double her estimate of damages and the lead paint remediation was 8x her estimate. She said she was not going to allow any RCV payments until the dwelling restoration is 90% complete and was not going to make an ACV payment for the lead paint remediation. Therefore the ACV payment on the appraisal award only be $180,000 less earlier ACV paid. Therefore the ACV payment on the appraisal award only be $180,000 less earlier ACV paid. Questions: Can she refuse to pay the ACV amount on the lead paint remediation award? Can she withhold all RCV payments until the end?
home insurance which has uper limits for dwelling, contents, and ALE vesrus a policy which is 2 milion total without limits of theses
Thanks for developing such a useful site . I have a home insurance policy of 2 million total for all three components- replacement of my t dwelling, replacement of contents and ALE. is this policy better than that has sublimit of these three components?
Appraisal Award ACV payment where RCV and ACV are equal with no Depreciation
My insurance company had invoked appraisal for my dwelling claim. My adjuster was angry because she thought the award was too high. The award also had a separate line item for lead paint removal. There was no depreciation listed for this line item. The Actual Cash Value and the Replacement Value was equal, at $16000. My adjuster refused to include this amount in the ACV check and said I would have to show receipts before she would pay it. May question is: can she refuse to make an acv payment for this line item?
My daughters condo she owns was struck by lighting, caught fire and she lost almost everything. Allstate's agent created her policy they valued her belongings at 72000.00 and the structure @7200.00 how did they even think this was right?
Is there anything she can do. I feel Alstate made an error in the type of insurance she needed but how can I find that out? How did CitiMortgage find this acceptable insurance as well? Please help, the condo's walls, ceilings, floors, kitchen, possibly plumbing all need to be replaced. It's very overwhelming!
Depreciation models
I'm in the process of negotiating a flood claim with my adjuster. In his proof of loss, I noticed that a straight line or simple deprecation model is used. I'm interested in utilizing a compound or double-declining depreciation model because it more accurately reflects the nature of depreciation. For example, a $100 table depreciating at 10%/year has an effective depreciation rate of 20% by the 5 year (i.e. from year 5 to 6 it will drop in value from $50 to $40, a 20% decrease). Is compound depreciation used in the industry? Any tips on how to broach the subject with my adjuster?
Property Damage
I filed a claim with my insurance it took 2 months to get someone out to look at the damages now the adjuster says that the problem was ongoing so my policy will not cover it. We live in a remote area they requested a contractor look at the damage before we filed the claim no contractor would come out when they found out it was insured with American family Ins. Finally the agent requested an adjuster he came took pictures and decided that it was an on going problem so they will not cover it. What options do i have? they will not return my calls or emails and the problem is getting worse now there is mold growing ive asked for an appeal or does the adjuster have the final decesion?
Valley Fire what about promises made by insurance adjuster
Lost home in Valley Fire. Four months ago insurance adjuster says we are eligible for an additional 130k as we cannot rebuild our home and as we had multiple homes we can buy a replacement to replace a rental unit or home. Adjuster replaced and new one says we do not get the additional money as adjuster was wrong. We have documentation of the claims made and sent letters. We were told wait due to request had to go up two levels and down two levels. Has told us the maximum we get is policy and that we get no money for replacing home with a used home , and maybe some money for replacing rental. Also only additional money if we rebuild our home is code upgrade. Telling us no replacement policy to replace home with another unless we rebuild. Original adjuster told us we could replace with used home and get similar to re-building based on formulas considering sq ft and cost. Any ideas ?
Pubic adjuster
I submitted a home owners insurance claim for the first time. It has to do with a roof issue and leak under my sink my agent gave me a public adjuster number he came out and advised kitchens were his strengths. He did not review my policy before he came out and mentioned my cabinets would be paid for but interior damages would most likely not be. My question is he wants 20% of what he collects which I heard was pretty standard should I meet with my insurance company first to see what they will offer me and if I'm not happy then call in a pubic adjuster? I dont want to jump the gun.
Dwelling depreciation fire destroyed home
In the state of GA, when you lose your home and all its personal belonging to a fire, when you have the home rebuilt (the home was completely gutted out , burnt wood was replaced, all new HVAC, plumbing, electrical, roof, siding etc.) , when adjuster depreciates certain parts of the dwelling, who receives that? Contractor or homeowner?
Toxic mold insurance, third-party claimant rights
Hi- I rented a basement apartment infested with toxic mold. It made me and my son sick and infested all of my personal property which I had to dispose of. Eight months later, my son and I finally feel better. The landlord had a mold rider on his insurance for the property (State Farm), and I have submitted a claim for my lost property, including testing showing toxic mold in the air in the residence and swab testing showing it was on my furniture, list of contents, receipts, photos, etc. State Farm is 1) refusing to give me a copy of the policy or the mold rider, so I have no idea what the coverage is, and 2) stating that my claim will not be considered unless I submit a mold expert opinion that I was forced to dispose of all my property. Absent suing my former landlord, can I force them to give me a copy of the policy? And why do I need further expert opinion if I have testing showing
ALE Coverage
Our fire happened on 8/4/15. The cause was a barn fire (appurtenant structure) and our dwelling A coverage was for $186,000. Through Exactimate software the damage to each part of the house (spontaneously combusted by the heat of the barn fire, which burned approximately 25% of the 1,350 sf dwelling. S/F gave us $52,000; ACV$30,000; $18,600 Code upgrade. Questions arose as to how to reinforce the structure according to code, the building inspector ordered a work stoppage pending structural engineer evaluation. We have had 7 contractors quote the repairs, upgrades, etc... all GC's recommend demo/rebuild. All quotes are over $169,000. We have $50K+$30K+$18.6K=$98.6K. State Farm is terminating our lease at the end of June. No extension. We have a GC, Architect, Engineer and building inspector has issued permits. We have to use $20K of our own money. What action do you recommend?
Quote from insurance adjuster
The claims adjuster wants to send a quote without doing an inspection and going off our word of what is damaged, should we accept this quote?
First American Specialty Insurance Company
Do you have any information on this company including reviews in CA ?
Settlement of Property Insurance Claim
I have full replacement coverage in OH. I had a significant loss and my insurance company has settled the cost of repairing my home. A stipulation in the contract for repairs to my home required that all rooms be emptied by the homeowner (due to contractor's insurance policy). I have now submitted an estimate to my insurance company for the cost of storage, (un)packing, and moving of my items to climate controlled storage. My insurance company has refused to make payment for this estimate. Can you help me understand why? Thank you for your time.
Is the Insurance Company legally required to send me all claim related documents upon request (Minnesota). What should be included in a letter to terminate contract with Public Adjuster.
I have downloaded the “sample_letter_for_requesting_copies_of_claim-related_documents”; I will customize it for my request to American Family. I need to get copies of all invoices submitted against the claim for reimbursement from the Public Adjuster and/or Contractor and I need the explanations/reasons for amounts that did not covered/reimbursed. I am guessing AmFam provided the explanation to the Public Adjuster but he has not provided me with the explanation. The information and resources on this website have been very helpful. The fire occurred in Feb 2014. I used a sample letter to get a 60 day extension for replacement costs (initially Feb 2015 changed to April 2015). The public adjuster initially refused to ask for the extension; I refused to take no for an answer (multiple times) then followed up with the certified letter to the Insurance Company.
Contents claim
My contents adjuster gave all my clothes and cloth items to a company to be cleaned of smoke damage without my consent or knowledge. The charge was $8000, much to high for what I had. It was taken out of my check. What recourse do I have. Also, the depreciation was too high. What can I do?
Living Expenses
We had a fire in early Dec 15, in Jan Allstate issued us a $11,400 4 month living expense check based on what a travel trailer would rent for for 4 months. We used the check to buy a motorhome and live in it so as not to have to board our pets.(no pets allowed in rented travel trailers). We are expected to be back in our house sometime in late September so there are 5 more months we will be out of our home. Allstate said because we own the motorhome we are not entitles to anymore living expense other that food and such. My policy has a $35,000 yearly limit and they have only issues about $15,000 on this claim. Can I push them to continue to pay $2640.00 a month rental on our motorhome ,same amount they agreed to pay for the rental. Thanks for any advise.
My daughter gave a statement to her insurance company and also the other driver's insurance company. Is she entitled to a copy of either or both if she requests it?
I need to get a copy of my insurance
total fire loss to primary residence in February
I just called my insurance agent and was told that they were not going to insure us after 8-7-16. We have had one other homeowner's claim a couple of years was a leak under a floor. Our home burned 2-4-16 and it was a total loss. What options do I have?
Valley Fire question of time for rebuilding 1 or 2 years for home and rental unit.
Lost home and a rental property and insurance says I have 2 years on ALE, Content, and Replacement of home, does this also apply to replacing the rental unit and give me two years also, Does the Presidential Proclamation of 24 months for Insurance Company to provide ALE, etc. apply specifically to the rental and loss of rents and rebuild or replace with Replacement coverage?
LTD offsets
I receive LTD from DOW Chemical, I'm thinking about filing for veterans disability. I have been on LTD for several years with ERISA Plan # 506, applicable to those disabled prior to 1-1-2008. I would like to know if they consider veterans disability payments as an offset. I want to file for VA disability benefits after I get my VA med records. I would want to do this anonymously, dealing with them rattles me. I hope you can help me with this answer and not share my e-mail. Thank You for working on this important question, it could change my and my families lives.
Fire Insurance contents guaranteed replacement and upgrading.
We are with Travelers and it has been six months since our fire we do not yet have an estimate and just wanted your comment on that, were in a nice home they are been helpful showing us the way to get our entire contents settlement. 210,000.00. By "upgrading". But we have questions. #1 the depreciated amounts are considerably off.... example I have a set of speakers that sell on eBay for2000 to 2500 after depreciation they gave me 400 cash I have vintage guitars home stereos amplifiers just to mention a few things, is it reasonable for me to ask for the current market value or is the correct term depreciated value? So that the cash received be raised? So far we have 75k of 210,000k? The ventage items and tools& equipment. Could later be resold 4 cash correct. How does guaranteed replacement and "upgrading" work & are there limits? Thank you Chip & Marta Johnson look
Home Insurance Claim
I'm not sure whether it is worth it to make a claim. A tree landed on our barn due to wind damage. There is siding and roof damage to the metal room. First, will the roof be replaced or repaired? A replacement cost much more and we would not be able to afford that; whereas a repair we may not need to file the claim. Second, if the insurance company does not pay out; can our policy still be surcharged for filing the loss even if we pay the cost to repair ourselves? Thank you, Melissa
Clock is ticking on finishing filing my claim. July 3, 2014, my rental home burned and was considered total loss. I haven't finished my claim due to having radiation, due to cancer, hip replacement surgery, divorce, loss of my mother,and son graduating
Any leaving and entering the Nuclear Program in the service, then almost forced into retirement due to my mental state of surviving all of this. I have been totally paralyzed emotionally and have done absolutely nothing. Now I am in a panic and don't know what to do next. Any advice or guidance would be extremely helpful, PLEASE. I must complete the claim within 2 yrs of the incident, which is less than 30 days away. Am I beyond Help?
Waiver of Examination Under Oath
I have been requested to participate in an EUO. I have done some research and learned that in some states an insurer waives the right to conduct an EUO if a settlement offer has already been made. I am wondering, is this true in Ohio? How can I go about finding this information?
What if contractor cost is less than estimate?
My insurance is covering structural damage to a portion of my house. There is also additional work I would like to do at the same time. If I'm able to get the damage repaired for less than the insurance company estimate, is there a legitimate way to apply the extra money to the additional work? I could do some of the work myself, hire non-union contractors, or ex. patch plaster rather than replace it. (Assume the end result will be the same quality). Some of the work I would like to add would make the insurance work easier (ex if it's $10k to replace damaged part, but $15k to replace it and something else), how does that get calculated? Alternately, how would it work if I decided to rebuild something of the same or higher finished value, rather than repair, but with less expensive finishes? I'm familiar with change orders etc. Are these tracked as line items or the total amount?
My home was recently flooded. We have filed a claim and the condition of the home is ready to be remodeled. We have not received a final settlement check. We have an investor that is willing to purchase the home "as is". Since we have not received a final claim payout yet, we are concerned about the payment if we transfer ownership. What is the FEMA/NFIP policy for this? Can we sell the house before final payment?
homeowners insurance, ACV vs. Replacement value claim, and sale of property before claim was closed and repairs made
Claim on my roof due to weather related damage ($23,000 based upon insurance adjuster’s claim report). One month after I filed the claim, I sold the property. I provided the Buyer with $42,000 credit included the roof repairs and is documented in escrow agreement. I have a replacement cost coverage policy, but the insurer is indicating that I can only receive the actual cash value of the damage estimate ($16,000) until the repairs are completed. They said that I would receive the balance of the ACV vs. replacement value ($7000) ONLY at the time the repairs are completed. Sold the home, won’t be completing the repairs - how do I get the insurance company to pay me the full amount of the claim?
I'm looking for representation for a vehicle claim with State Farm in Wyoming
Vehicle vandalism with policy thru State Farm. In the investigation stage and feel my interests are not represented. Who would I call to gain advice and information on the law?
Recoverable Depreciation
I was misled about having Replacement coverage by Traveler's but I do and the policy language states: If the cost to repair or replace the property described in A. above is more than $2,500, we will pay no more than the actual cash value for the loss until the actual repair or re- placement is complete. There were many individual items in the 2 separate claims that are under $2,500 that I requested be exempt but they stated the language implies if the claim is over $2,500 and "property" means "properties" / entire loss. How can I persuade them to release my funds they've been earning interest on?
How do I prove manuscript loss for digital hard drive contents?
It's covered and I already provided the remade cookbook drafts and the insurer denied the coverage up to the remainder of the policy limit. I asked how else I could quantify the value and explained how the reimbursement would not cover the loss regardless. What document must I ultimately provide? Is it true that if I show them a copy, a video or a picture then they can't ask for more unreasonably in Pennsylvania?
RCV on dwelling but in the policy it changes to ACV on the roof
We are currently trying to settle a wind/hail damage claim on our roof. We have had to fight with Ameriprise Insurance for several months to get the roof replaced and now they are deducting $10,000 for depreciation. stating that in the policy it says that the roof only has ACV coverage. The declaration page says we have RCV coverage on the dwelling; there is no mention of the significant change of coverage regarding the roof; and the agent certainly never mentioned it. To make matters worse, we've had 2 different settlement checks and the depreciation is growing the longer this drags out. I would think it would be calculated as of the date of damage and not continuing to grow more than a year later. I consider the undisclosed change in coverage within the policy to be intentionally misleading to the policy holder. Is there anything we can do about this?
Mortgage company holding insurance funds
PennyMac’s third party agent is creating unnecessary delays in releasing insurance funds to me. To date, my contractors who have been working at the property for 3 weeks and have not been paid, despite PennyMac having $76,454.05 from my insurance proceeds for the approval and payment of my claim. My property remains uninhabitable and is deteriorating since I cannot pay to have the mitigation company perform mitigation cleanup. I have lost my tenants (flood date Apr 17) because I cannot timely restore my property back to pre-flood condition and will likely not be able to lease out the property again for some time because of PennyMac's third part agent delays. No amount of talking with the third party agent by myself or by my USAA flood loss adjuster is achieving the release of funds to me.
Getting compensated for doing a loss inventory for a friend
I had a friend who lost everything in a house fire and I had to help him with his inventory loss statement. I sent a bill to the insurance company for my time but they refused to pay me anything. Shouldn't I have been compensated for my time?
HOA + policy Endorsement replacement cost policy or personal property
If I have a theft claim on personal property from endorsed replacement cost policy that says replacement cost at time of loss today pay me actual cash value our replacement cost value and am I required to go out and replace everything before I get the additional money on personal items that was stolen from my house and I have all the receipts so what I claimed they were all with in two months old to two or three-year-old they depreciated by as much as 50%please let me know thank you very much
What can I do when Insurance adjuster do not agree with emergency service charge?
I had fire incident about six months ago, and I open a claim with my insurance(Pacific Specialty), since I had no experience fire incident, so I asked for some help. the Insurance referred me to call Service Master for emergency service. Recently the insurance reviewed Service Master invoice said there are some of items are PPE and some items like labor mins not relevant for demolition which need to be deducted from total amount of invoice. Service Master insists for full amount payment! I am in an awkward situation that if insurance has different guideline than Service Master's charge, Does it mean that I need to pay Service Master out of my own pocket?
Homeowners insurance Claim - Reconstruction after water damage
I am currently at reconstruction stage of water damage to my kitchen/ upstairs bath under my homeowners insurance claim. The company does remediation/reconstruction and just completed my remediation. I signed a work authorization, but do I need to draw up a contract with them for reconstruction phase and do I need to file a notice of commencement with my county superior clerk office for this size project/since the work is under an insurance claim, not just my deciding I want to remodel my home? Also, the adjuster is refusing to cover replacing my kitchen cabinets but my island that was damaged will not be able to be matched...What can I do before escalating to supervisor? I have replacement cost coverage in my policy.
California Earthquake Insurance
My annual premium is $200 - limit is $719000, deductible is $107850. What's the general advice - pay the premium and keep expectations low (lots of exclusions)? Thanks!
Loss of use
I have been working with my insurance company for a water damage in my kitchen. The damage occurred in January, I reported it immediately, had our lower cabinets torn out for water remediation, and have been since waiting to restore the kitchen. I have a contractor, chosen a floor, cabinets, and counter, but have had no reconstruction done at this time. We have saved all of our restaurant receipts since the damage occurred to claim, but, as a family of 4 with damage to the kitchen, I feel that does not adequately reflect our losses. The insurance adjuster and contractor have both prolonged the process that my husband and I have tried to expedite. What else can I ask for? May 8 2016. Coming up on 5 months without a kitchen.
Fire loss claim
Ins co wants receipts for new/replacement items matched with items listed on inventory of personal property lost. 1. Am I required to match everything for them? 2. If I have to do this, what is the best, most effective way to go about it? I had a total loss of home and contents therefore have hundreds if not thousands of receipts. Items were not purchased for replacement at same time or place and receipts are for many different items. What about reimbursement for items lost but I don't want to replace? I still suffered the loss but isn't it MY choice whether to replace?
Fire Loss Question
My wife and I moved across country from Ohio to California. The moving company truck caught on fire (truck manufacturing defect according to moving company insurance rep) and all of our personal property was lost or had to be cleaned. The adjustment company the insurance company sent out documented everything and tossed all of the property that was not cleanable. 6 months later, we were told that the adjustment company lost over 2/3 of the photos and documents. We have now been told by the insurance company to create our own loss report. We have also been told that we cannot be compensated for the literally hundreds of hours over 6+ months we have had to spend finalizing this claim, beyond the initial adjuster's screw-up. My question is if this process sounds correct, and are we really precluded from any time costs in this process?
Insurance investigation
I filed an auto theft and loss claim with my insurance company and now they are investigating me. They said they are going to have a lawyer contact me. Can they do that?
Addressing a complaint to Insurance
I would like to write a complaint to AAA Home Insurance regarding my experience. Can you tell me the proper titles (Manager, Division Manager, CEO, etc..) to whom my complaint should be addressed to. I thought I read it somewhere in your book but cannot find it. Thanks.
Very Old Life Insurance Policy: Company Claims "Can't Find It"
Hello and thanks so much, My father died February 24, 2016. My sister found, among his possessions, a single premium life insurance policy my father purchased in 1987. It took a while to find the correct company, since it is no longer in business, but we did eventually locate the company that "inherited" the policy. On 3/22/16, my sister faxed the policy in its entirety to the company. They finally acknowledge they received the fax, but say it's going to take a long while to "locate" the policy since it's so old. I'm rather confused about what, precisely, the company is attempting to locate since we have each and every page of the original policy and have faxed that to the insurance company. Am I being ludicrously impatient or is it time to call in someone who can help such as the BBB or the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance. THANK YOU, Rosemarie Scott-Griffiths
Total fire loss
We lost our home to a fire on 4/1/16 and are waiting for Allstate to settle claim for a possible rebuild. I say possible because we still don't know what we want to do. My question is "can I tell my insurance company that I want to purchase a new home or will it hurt my claim? We think we don't want to go through the hastle of waiting for our home to be rebuilt. I do restoration work and I know that all the insurance company wants to do is mitigate. they already suggested we sell lot as an improved lot.
Business Insurance
I run a business in my home. I have business insurance and also home insurance. However, I want to know if I can get insured in the event of a neighbor complaint, or if my City revoked my Use Permit?
are there insurance claim consultants in Atlanta Ga?
a claim
I filed a claim against Walmart due to their failure to safety they unsecurly set a tent outside for Walmart employee breaks it was windy so the tent flew over my truck doing a lot of damage to it and two other cars they already responded asking me to fax in a quote so they can fix my truck but my question is can I also claim for the period of time I have been without my truck due to they're irresponsible lack of safety I've been without my truck already going to 11 days
furnishing copy of insured''s homeowners policy
Is a Massachusetts insurer required to furnish a copy of the insured's policy to the insured upon demand?
What the next step I should take in getting estimates for reconstruction due to water damage?
My insurance company, SawGrass Mutual has sent me a check for reconstruction in my bathroom and kitchen for water damage due to an improperly installed shower pan. The reconstruction company I have been working with came back with an estimate over twice what the insurance has agreed to pay. Now the insurance company wants me to get a second estimate. I asked another construction company but they want $375 for just the estimate. Just need to know what is my next best step. Thank you!
Is my storage building an "appurtenant structure"?
Allied is claiming that my storage structure is not an "appurtenant structure" to my main dwelling because it is not on the same 10 acre parcel and is therefore not insured. My 40 acres is listed on the declarations page and is comprised of 3 parcels (two ten acre parcels and one twenty acre parcel). The main dwelling and the storage structure are on different parcels separated by about 500 feet. Allied is reimbursing me for the value of the personal property in the burned storage structure but not the storage structure since it is not on the same parcel as the dwelling. Under "Coverage B" my understanding is that my storage structure is covered as the structure "(a) is separated from the dwelling by a clear space" and is part of the the 40 acre estate even though it is on an adjoining 10 parcel which is part of the declared 40 acre estate. Thanks for your help!
structural damage to home assessment
Hi, I am trying to find out definitively the following: My rental home was damaged in a fire. The adjuster called in immediately a structural engineer. He also paid him directly. Now when it comes time to pay for the damages, the adjuster deducted the engineers fees of $6k (I was extremely shocked it was that much) for the engineers assessment. My question is, isn't it the insurance company's responsibilty for the engineer fees, not part of my dwelling claim? The damages went over and above the coverage on the house btw. I appreciate your input, even if its where to look into this further, it just seems that my coverage is in place to make me whole, not for the insurance company to determine how much the damages are. Thank you in advance Nick
utility reimbursement after a house fire
My house is under repair and I'm paying for a normally high utility bill on the house while I'm living in an apartment paid for by the insurance company. I'm paying utilities on both places. The insurance company said they will only reimburse me for anything more than I normally pay for utilities, which will be about $10 when I add up both bills. To me it doesn't make sense that I have to pay for the house utilities while I'm not able to live there. What is the insurance company logic for their position?
Property Claim document request NLT window.
Via Mail Is the postage stamp date used to indicate whether or not the information was provided during NTL date in letter? Via email What do I do when; Insurance Co. fails to provide requested information via the mode and in the amount of time allocated?
Should I receive insurance money for my burned "storage structure"?
My insurance company will not reimburse me for my burned "storage building" which is appurtenant to my main dwelling. Allied is calling my storage structure an "implement shed" but I did not house implements in it-over 90% of the items were personal property-which Allied will reimburse me for except 2 antique collectible tractors. Other items in the storage structure such as burlap sacks and collection buckets are not covered as those items are "farm related". Since Allied is calling my "storage structure" an implement shed, it is in their view farm related. Farm related items are not covered on my policy's Declaration Page however other structures, not farm related, and "appurtenant to the main dwelling" are covered. My storage building is approximately 500 feet from my main dwelling. I have 3 contiguous parcels totaling 40 acres and my storage building is on an adjoining parcel.
Living experience
My insurance company is trying to back out of paying any extra living expenses when my house burned. Can they do that?
contractor damaged my home
a plumber hit my house with bull dozer. He gave me his insurance companies name and infor. My house has very old metal siding. The siding cannot be matched. We have gone from his insurance saying they would pay $2700 to reside the front. I said it had to match and be metal siding. They offered $3100. I said again, the front siding has to match the other 3 existing sides. Now they have come back and said they would withhold depreciation of $4K and pay me $5900 to reside the entire house. My first question: can they claim depreciation if they call this "entire" house reside?They weren't before. 2nd: $5900 wont reside my house, do they have to pay me the 4k when I prove I have resided the house? 3rd: do I have to repair the siding
What is involved in buying a home as a replacement dwelling rather than rebuilding?
Our home and property in Anderson Springs, Lake County were destroyed in the Valley Fire, and there are rebuild delays due to sewer v. septic, and water pipes and meters were destroyed and not fully restored yet. We are considering buying a replacement home until various governmental entities get rebuild issues sorted out for our community. What steps do we take with our insurance company regarding buying a home instead of rebuilding? What should we consider in buying a home v. rebuilding our destroyed home?
Can insurance company deny paying for mold pre tests to help determine works scope when extent of flood area & damages (drywall, etc..) are uncertain?
Vacation rental condo flood from kitchen sink drain AOAO clog. Incident 1- 4 days before discovery. AOAO accepted fault, but then disputed scope of remediation estimates, how far water traveled, water quality, & refused to approve work start. Carpet cleaning company hired by vacation rental mgr at discovery removed water & dried carpet/floors. Remediation co's had first look 4-8 days later. 2 1/2 weeks after discovery AOAO ordered bacterial testing. I asked same co to do mold tests same time, My ins co said don't wait on AOAO, or testing, & to start remediation. Remediation co cut holes in walls for mold tests & did drying/dehumidifying awaiting results, then used tests to assess & place protocol of the areas to be worked(drywall/cabinet removal), which resulted in much less work/cost then if worst case water scenario assumed. Ins co says never pays pre tests
Help explain hidden damage after a house fire
What types of damage can happen after a house fire
landlord and renters insurance
how can i find insurance on a house that has been repaired from fire damage that happened Jan 2015. i also own a home that i rent out that i purchased as fire damaged.
Possible to file for a for loss without a policy number?
My son, his wife and young daughter moved from CA to TX to care for his father, who had cancer. The plan was to live with him, and replace items in his house with theirs. They put an entire household in storage nearby, but before they could begin the process, a fire destroyed 8 units at a public storage + theirs. His father was undergoing difficult chemotherapy, so they delayed filing a claim. Unfortunately, he didn't have as long as thought, and passed away 4 months later. While he was in a coma in the hospital, and my son and wife were at the hospital for nearly two weeks, his father's ex-wife went to the home & removed all documents & financial files. After his father's death, the ex-wife produced a questionable holographic will that left everything to her. It's been almost 1yr, very tough. Can they file a claim without a policy number? Is it a 1yr limit to file? St. Farm
Replacing items when on a budget
My son and his wife suffered a total fire loss. They were caring for his father full time in his last few months, so what savings they had were consumed. They have replaced a few small items like kitchen utensils and some clothing, but they don't have the money to purchase major pieces and then wait for insurance to reimburse. What can be done in a situation like this? Thank you very much!
First letter to insurance company after fire.
My son and wife need to file an insurance claim for a fire loss (full household in storage) incurred while living full time at his father's home and caring for him while he had cancer. His father passed away, and they're emotionally ready to make the claim now. We are using a letter on the site, but on the first contact, do they need to indicate an exact amount of loss, or can they estimate it?
large loss fire
How long can we expect AAA to extend the claim now that we are proceeding to want to build on the property. How do we proceed to get it in writing because the extension she gave us in October ends in March. We looked for another parcel but had no luck. AAA has agreed to use the code upgrades for some things on the property that were not up to par. For example well pump compliance (fire suppression requirements) pressure compliance and reinstating permanent electric. This is now being done with our upgrade money according to formula. We have been receiving ALE benefits for vacation loss use until March. We do not think we can extend ALE but would like to extend claim for rebuilding. What is reasonable. How do we ask them to extend that in writing.
Rebuild home
We understand that the insurance policy provides coverage to replace the home with a like kind and size home. However we want to rebuild a home with larger interior square footage. How do we communicate this with the insurance company and would we need to pay all of the associated costs incurred from the square footage that is larger that the original square footage of 800 SF (square feet). For example if original home was 800 SF with 1200 SF of exterior decking. If new home to be built is 1200 SF would we have to pay 1/3 of the cost of construction since the replacement home would be 33% larger than the original home ? Or can the money be distributed by insurance company based on the Xactimate estimate with calculations made by building contractor of the cost of additional square footage?
Contracts for Insurance work.
My contactor gave me an proposal/ estimate for $17,000 to demolish our home and clear all the debris from the property due to the fire and prepare the basement for the concrete guy to pour footings and new foundation walls. If it costs $15,000 she thinks it stays in the kitty for us to use later, I say its his money in that situation. And we sign the next portion of the contract and take it from there.
Homeowner's Fire damage to barn/garage (approx 24x36) which was completely destroyed. The heat from the barn spontaneously combusted the house siding, sill and soffit on Dwelling A which spread thru the laundry bathroom Kitchen and two bedroom
The barn was a total loss and we were given standard 10% of Coverage A Dwelling $186,000 or $18,600 (less $412.91) or $18,187.09 ACV. The Dwelling damage was estimated to be $77,940.82 (less $23,042.08) or $52,531.57 ACV. The builder questioned the integrity of the foundation and the Town Official came out and agreed, issued a stop work order and ordered an eng eval of the found. The eng condemned the found stating "the dry laid stone foundation has exceeded its serviceable life and should be replaced with a cast in place concrete foundation. The builder determined two sections of the house, half are damaged by fire, need to be completely demolished to access remove/replace foundation. The code upgrades will invoke ordinance of law or an add'l $18,600. The plans are not complete so we are waiting for the final estimate. So, will the ins. co pay, and what is Recoverable Depreciation?
home fire
How do i deal with the fire adjuster on the contents? They say I have coverage up to $143,000.00 they ARE OFFERING ME $71,200.00 I think we had more than that in the house, we have been married for 30 years and have accumulated o lot of valuable things. They say they will only offer more if we list each thing.
How do I correctly complete and resubmit a notarized Proof of Loss and Contents Sheets of Inventory ?
I have filed a homeowners claim for a theft loss. My statement was recorded and I have been interrogated by an senior adjustor of the insurance company. I was evoked to a six hour Examination Under Oath before my investigation filed was reviewed by the adjustor. My claim is still under investigation and the examination remains open. Legal council for the insurer has requested me to resubmit my notarized Proof of Loss again indicating that it was incomplete. They have advised me not to have any direct contact with the adjustor or other agents of the insurer. They have also provided me with an authorization of release to sign. I would like to provide them with a correct and completed Proof of Loss and Content Sheets to prevent the denial of my claim. I need help of an advocate or Public Adjustor. Please contact me regarding this matter. Thank you.
Lapsed insurance
In 1989 I bought a property in Cobb, which I lost in the Valley Fire. I discovered in 2012 that I was no longer covered by CSAA who still cover my other house and cars. CSAA informed me that they no longer cover properties in high risk zones such as the one where my house is located. They promised to find another company to write a policy. In September 2012 they said they had located a company (Scottsdale Insurance) and that the home was insured, but that they needed photos of the wood stove and chimney. I sent the photos to CSAA agent Maria Sandoval in September 2012, and did not hear back from her. I sent them again in 2014 and did not hear back. Can an email correspondence demonstrate that CSAA had promised to find me an alternate policy and then failed to do so? Our lawyer is asking for $14,000 to take this case, but we have already paid him $21,000 since October 2015.
Looking for laws, regulatrecedent for mortgage company property insurance claim payments to contractors/homeowners.
The insurance company paid my hail damage claim to my private mortgage company. They agreed to make payments based on contractor estimates but refused to make the checks to me, and would only make checks to a contractor. I had 7 different contractors working on the job and I bought a lot of materials myself so the contractor was having to cash the checks and give me my claim money to cover materials and other workers who I hired. None of the contractors would wait for final payment so I paid planning on getting my money back from final claim payment. The mortgage company refused to make the final check out to me. Contractor cashed it and stole my $2,500. The insurance company said that the mortgage company should have made all contractor checks payable to both the contractor and the homeowner requiring two signatures to cash. Looking for laws requiring claim checks made to both parties.
Low homeowner insurance limits
My 82 yr old aunt just had water damage in her condo (not flood related). She called a restoration company that was recommended by a family member. They sent a bill for over $30k for dehumidifiers and fans they left for 37 days (at least 30 days unnecessary) and other things not worth anywhere near that. Her insurance company settled with them for $6300. When we looked at her policy, we discovered it covered on 7900 dwelling, but 71k personal property. It seems like someone may have made a clerical error at some point and reversed those. For what she owns, 20k would have been ample. Now that the restoration company has eaten all the money, there is nowhere near enough to cover all the remaining repairs. What recourse do we have? She has The Hartford through AARP
Mold remediation in residence not effective
Due to a hidden water leak, one bathroom was torn out and half of my home was remediated for mold. Before the work began, furnishings in the containment area were moved to the part of the home that was not remediated. Upon completion of the remediation, a clearance air quality test was obtained. A company retested two months later and found mold in a part of the house that was remediated and in all the rooms that weren't. Most of the house needs to be remediated again. My adjuster won't pay for a second remediation. Isn't this still part of existing claim? Can I claim against the contractor's CGL for faulty workmanship? Will it be covered since he did the work himself? What can I do with his bond with CSLB ? The mold in the part of the house that wasn't remediated was there to begin with or was cross-contaminated by furnishings. Can I withhold payment until contractor responds
need advise on house fire settlement
Our house was destroyed by fire while we were out of state, cause was undetermined (by fire chief and fire marshal) Totally destroyed. Ins adjuster has not yet determined total value of the residence. We have decided not to rebuild. Agent says we have content coverage of approx $143,000.00 has made us an offer of $70,000,.00. Otherwise have to list every thing (itemize) I think the agent just offered half as a starting point, infered if we try to get more they wont negociate and if we try to get anyone involved ( ie. atty, independent adjuster ) we will wind up with less than what they offered
Settlement Amount for Dwelling Repairs
Hi - Our Insurance company sent us a building repairs settlement amount before receiving a quote from our contractor. We also asked to delay receiving the settlement until after demo was performed. (There are questions over whether part of the structure can be saved - and we won't know the answer until after demo.) 1. Why did they rush us a settlement check? 2. If we cash the settlement check does that constitute us accepting that amount? Our adjuster indicates that he will continue to pay for repairs over the amount of the settlement check until the repairs are complete. Please advise. Thanks you, Rachel & Jeremy
rebuild time
House fire in Oklahoma. Partial damage but house uninhabitable. Requires replacement of 80% of ceiling and roof structure, all walls and unburned ceilings to be stripped down to framing and treated. 100% new hvac and electrical. Partial plumbing replacement. I do not want to start the rebuilding process until the contents claim is settled. There are still many expensive but ruined items in the home. Do I have to start the rebuild process immediately? How may that affect my temp living expenses. And is it possible to negotiate a lump sum payment on temp living expenses and stop dealing with the insurance co? For all or part of the limits. Agent told me the insurance Co is going to drop us at the end of our policy (March 30, 2016)
I'm dealing with the vehicle claims adjuster of the insured person who hit my car. After the first 5 days of trying to contact him to find out when was he coming out to inspect my car I was able to talk with him and in summary this is what he said. -- I don't work for you -- There is a pending investigation regarding our client's coverage and I'm not even suppose to be talking with you -- I have up to 45 days to get back with you so wait He said this in a very defensive tone. If I'm in a position to have another person help me with to downsides, let me know.
Frozen Pipes and Plumbing coverage
We were away for the long weekend and while we were gone, our boiler shut off, leading to frozen and burst pipes in most bathrooms and flooding in our kitchen, foyer and basement. We have Chubb Masterpiece coverage. I have read that the actual plumbing repairs following frozen/burst pipes are often not covered, as the proximate cause of the damage, and plumbing repairs were not included in our adjuster's initial estimate. However, in our case the pipes were fine. They only froze and burst because the boiler failed (plumber has identified a gauge that failed causing the boiler problem). What are the odds of the insurance company paying for the plumbing, as the boiler is the proximate cause and the frozen pipes are a consequence?
General Contractor who is not familiar with Xactimate
Hi - We are using a general contractor who is not familiar with Xactimate. Do you have resources we can use so he can structure his scope of work estimate accordingly? Or can you recommend a Xactimate professional - or public adjuster - we should work with during this process? We are looking for help in the SF Bay Area. Thank you, Rachel and Jeremy Sharff
How to submit the estimates to insurance Adjuster
I asked my insurance adjuster that ACV is very low and I cannot restore with the ACV . Probably it could be possible if I could get RCV now. Adjuster told me to submit estimates from contractors. I collected 3 estimates. I want to know the format how I will submit these estimates. My depreciation is about $50,000 which I cannot pay from my pocket now. It seems contractors will not be happy if I say i will pay later once I will get the RCV. I checked my policy which is RCV. For my personal property is possible not Coverage-A.
Hi, it's been 10 years and my homeowners claim adjuster has not completed my claim, she's dragging, misrepresented my claim, what to do?
Loss of use
can we get credit for having to buy clothes and toilet, and personal items we had to get for the first week or two on the ALE because we had a total loss fire
Insurance and credit scores
I am insurance poor. Yet, although all of my insurances are and have been automatically withdrawn directly from my bank account, I am penalized for my credit score & reports. By the way, my credit is somewhat negative from lack of reimbursement from "Fidelity Flood Ins". But, considering the insurance companies have no financial issues with me, why are they permitted to use my credit to charge me higher rates ?
Valley Fire ALE
We do not understand this about ALE/Content. When we moved into our rental we paid about $5000 for deposit in the home we are renting. We paid this out of pocket. Our adjuster tells us that the 5k was added to our content insurance and that when we move out any deposit $ will come back to us. Does this diminish our claim for content should this have come out of ALE. There was also a deposit for furniture. Thank you.
Overhead and Profit in the state of Pa.
We own our home paid in full since the early 90's. We just had a house fire that destroyed everything except 3 bedrooms. The ins. com is taking over or just around 20% off the top for O&P, calling it replacement depreciation at the final total in the offer. I am wondering why when the adjuster said because we own the house and a bank isn't involved we would get the whole check and deal with all of the contractors. Now he is back peddling and telling me they hold this till we get receipts. How do I fight this to get this now? Thanks a million for your site.
House fire insurance claim
Hello, We had a house fire on 2/1/15. Our attached garage was completely destroyed and the house sustained sever fire/smoke damages. The insurance repair estimate was to rebuild the garage and repair the rest of the house. Upon demolition it was determined it was not worth repairing the existing structure due to 100% smoke damage and remediation would not be 100% effective so the house is being rebuilt as new. My question is what do we need to provide to the insurance company to cover the costs of rebuilding? We have already identified rotted wood, foundation/footing issues, code upgrades.
Replacing home with a new one instead of rebuilding after a fire
My home was destroyed in Butte fire, Calaveras County, CA and I received an ACV payout for much less than it would cost to rebuild the home. I have a replacement cost policy and am realizing that the area is devastated and I would rather buy a replacement home instead of the arduous task of rebuilding. My question is can I get the insurance company to same amount that it would cost to rebuild if I purchase a replacement home? I already have preliminary costs to rebuild the home at $420K without code upgrades and exaggerated building costs due to shortage of contractors in the area and the insurance company have only paid out ACV of $322K and are refusing to payout any more until, or if we rebuild. I am certain the cost to rebuild would exceed $500k but I would be happy getting the policy limit of $420K, without the 25% replacement cost premium. Thanks for your help.
Established values
Is it legal for an insurer to change agreed on values of personal property lost in a fire AFTER said property has already been paid for? We let everything in the Carlton Complex fire 2 1/2 years ago. Our claim is still not settled because our adjuster keeps changing agreed on values of said property AFTER we have been paid for it. The insurer doesn't want to pay for maintenance materials that we lost and is now changing values on items we have already been reimbursed for so it looks like we OWE them!
Bad Faith Claim
What is the statute in Mississippi to file a bad faith claim?
Dwelling insurance
My grandpa died and they have been charging him for a dwelling that burned years ago. He didn't file claim and they have charged all these years. What can be done if anything? Please help. I would like either them to refund money from yearly over charge or the claim amount. What can I do?
Lowball estimate
Please be informed that we cannot accept the estimate from 4J Drain Construction, Inc. in the amount of $82,800. The policy will cover the reasonable cost of repairs to covered property. After reviewing estimates from Service Master, our IA from CIAI, Bryant Construction, we have determined that Service Master's estimate of $28739.63 represents the most reasonable cost of repairs to your property. Therefore the adjustments stated above reflects Service Master's estimate. I feel that my insurance company isn't giving me a concert reason why my contractor estimate is being refused. I can't get my adjuster to contact the contractor to figure out why they think the estimate is too high. Service Master was hired by my insurance cause my insurance company doesn't have anyone to come in a write a estimate. What are my options? Thank you. I've been out of my house for 4 months now.
Can insurance companys change what they said they would pay after i get the work completed
We had our home damaged by a hail storm along with the rest of the neighborhood. State farm came out and agreed to pay for the damages. We chose a contractor who agreed to do it for the price allotted but decided to go with vinyl siding rather than aluminum. When it came time to get the rest of the money state farm changed their scope and lowered the price by almost 10,000! They said since we went back with vinyl thats all they will pay. This was never explained to me and now i have a lein on my house from the contractor. Can they do that? Is there anything i can do?
Public adjuster/contrator...conflict of interest?
We have been trying to work through our Allstate claim for extensive fire damage on our own, but after 4 months of this still not being resolved we are considering using a PA. A couple of PA's we spoke with also offer rebuilding services which, if used, will not incur the PA negotiating fee. Is this a legitimate, common practice? Can we expect the same level of service if their rebuilding services are not utilized (we have our own contractor we'd like to use)? How can we guarantee that the PA will fight as hard for us if their other services aren't used?
o & p coverage
We lost our home to a fire and will have to rebuild. My question is, after we are paid our full limit are we able to be reimbursed for the O&P once the rebuild is completed?
extra percent allowed after limit is reached
We have state farm and lost our home to a fire. Once our dwelling limit is reached is there an additional percent over we could receive for the rebuild?
scope of work
In the scope of work the contractor has overhead and profit. If they give money for something that is more for flooring than I spend and spend that in another area as long, as the price matches in the total claim is that ok and can the contractor get paid that amount.
State of Emergency & increased policy limits
I lost my home in the Butte Fire in September 2015. It was declared a state of emergency by both the Governor and the President. I was told that my additional coverage percentages are doubled. For example, I have 20% for Increased dwelling and 10% for Law & Ordinances. These percentages would double to 40% and 20%. Is that true and are there any other benefits that the State of Emergency offers me.
Please explain how code upgrades work for a home rebuild for the homeowner. Does the contractor receive the money or the homeowner?
Advice on personal property claim-follow up question/response
1) Based on the insurance company's estimate (their contractor), the rebuild replacement cost is about $265,000 and our dwelling coverage limit was $200,000. Because we were clearly over the limit we did not bother to contest the insurer's estimate or get another one. 2) Would it be better in my circumstance to list each item of personal property rather than group things together? I had a lot a lot of things. The adjuster is saying he will need to handwrite each line item so he's allowing me to group things together rather than list them individually but will grouping them together work against me Like in the example I gave? The other thing is I feel that if the adjuster is forced to write out thousands of items (creating more work for him) it will work against me so I'm reluctant to do that.
examination under oath
does this have to be done in person or can I request an examination under oath by mail where I answer questions and notarize the document then send back to the insurance carrier
I had my house insured for almost 500K until october 2014. Farmers increases the premium each year, then now wanted 3.3k. I went on pension and could not afford it. In 2010 I had finished the upgrades to the house, it was deluxe. To get the coverage up to 500k the agent included the decks etc in sq ft. otherwise they could not justify that for the 1500 sq on record. So, in october, the agent lowered the sq back to 1500 and coverage down to 270k, with the auto umbrella, that got the cost back down within reason. I went overseas and the house flooded. My GC estimates 650k to redo interior to existing. Farmers says 240k. They have a Ind. Consulting Contractor now working on new figure. My question is; Do I have a legit suit against Farmers for the underinsurance ?
personal contents
I have a book collection to some 750 books. Many 1st editions. Most of the collection was stored flat in boxes in the basement, not on shelves. 70% were in new condition. destroyed in flood. The entire interior of the house and contents were destroyed. I had compiled a database with each title/edition/date/photo/and value that i could find for a new copy or nearest to that, like new, etc. Initially, Farmers had valued the collection at Books $2641after 50% depreciation. I submitted claim for 32k after 16% depreciation. They came back agreeing with some valuations, increasing some, diminishing some with a closer fit etc. all with 50% depreciation. Except 1, a Porsche Shop Manual set I listed for $1350 they increased to $1458 with 0% depreciation. Obviously a collectable. I email stating I did not agree with the depreciations. they said which one "by line numbers." So, what can i claim
Washing machine fire
Will my washing machine be included in my homeowners policy for loss. The washing machine did cause the fire and the adjuster said there would be no coverage for the machine. Please advise thank you. I do have replacement coverage.
Advice on personal property claim
We had a house fire that resulted in a total loss. We are underinsured for the rebuild so we would like to use as much as possible from the property claim for the rebuild, i.e., we are not replacing anything we don't absolutely need but don't want to lose out on any money as a result. For the personal property claim, the adjuster is allowing us to group certain things together, i.e., 20 pairs of jeans. Do you have any advice as to how to best submit the receipts for the replacement coverage? For ex, 20 pairs of jeans, 10 were really nice - $200 each, 10 - $100 each, on average - $125 a pair so total claim is $2500. They depreciate to 75% of value so I receive $125 ACV until I replace-$1,875. I only to replace 5 pairs of nice ones for $1000. It's less than the ACV, I won't receive anything more, correct? Is it better for me to itemize then to receive the full replacement value?
Lost my house in the butte fire and I want to relocate
I lost my beautiful home in Mtn. Ranch in the butte fire . I do not want to rebuild. I want to relocate in Oregon. I am renting motorhome through Travel America to make the trip, I have two large dogs and it is hard to find a place to stay. My question is how do I get State Farm to pay for this. I have ALE Patty
Accident coverage
My husband was involved in an accident on Sunday 01/24/2016. He was struck by a driver going the wrong way on a 4 lane. We have contacted our insurance and the insurance of the other driver. They will not proceed with our claim until they speak with him. They have spoken with the policyholder which is someone other than him and I have sent them the police report. We can't get a rental and they will not tell if they will pay for storage. What do I do?
BACKGROUND: Since Rick Scott was elected governor, the FL OIR has become a tool of the insurance companies. It never answers the phone, does not answer basic questions about the insurance commission, has approved a 40% increase in my condo (H06) coverage in 3 years in spite of zero catastrophes or claims, and is completely unresponsive. Before you refer anyone to that organization - please look at the quality of the information they are providing. It is usually worthless. (My home was destroyed in H-Charley, so I know in detail how much better it was before Rick Scott). Our HOA project is MIS-CLASSIFIED. It is physically a Condo and legally an HOA. My independent insurance agent told me to forget about re-quoting for my H06 ccoverage because they won't touch it. The original carrier will find out about the mis-classification and withdraw coverage. Is this legal??
what is the amount of compensation for mileage for loss of use
disaster claims
our house was flooded from a frozen pipe bust, we called a disaster crew to help with this. they later sent out an estimator to figure the damages. he is being real shady now and won't let us see the estimate and wants to send their estimate to our insurance adjustor. is this legal or fair? aren't we suppose to see the assessment to know if our insurance adjuster is trying to lowball us?
Contents claim with Farmers Insurance
We had a house fire that destroyed almost half the house and the water to put it out destroyed the rest. We are trying to settle a claim on the contents portion with Farmers Insurance without going through the depreciation process but they claim that our policy states they cannot settle a claim, they must go through the depreciation process which is upsetting and excessive. Is this true? We have provided a list of the contents with ages, replacement cost and original purchase cost. We have 1000s of items on the list. We have a Replacement Policy. Do we really have to go through the process? Has anyone in Arizona ever settled a claim with Farmers without going through the depreciation process? Thanks.
Fire restoration and contract
My house was destroyed by fire in March. I was told to retain a public adjuster and he did a contents inventory immediately and told me to hire a contractor next. I interviewed 4 contractors and went forward to rebuild in June. The insurance for structure was less than the contract amount and I was told from my adjuster that I had plenty of insurance. The last payment for the contract is coming due. 1. What are the steps to get the insurance company to pay the difference between the insurance check and the contractors fee. 2. The code upgrade came to $16,000. My son feels that the $16,000 payback will go to the contractor and the adjuster and he said it is up to them to get the money.
I just called the CA Insurance commission to ask about section 2051.5 in regards to rebuilding after a partial loss fire. They said this section only applies to "open" policies, for items such as cargo loads for trucks. They said it does not apply to residential property insurance because homeowners insurance usually has a cap. They said that residential homeowners insurance is only covered under section 10101. Is that true? I've read the legal opinions and they seem to say that 2051.5 applies, but perhaps those were all these for policies without limits? Thank you.
recouping full extendend coverage - partial loss - building an addition
I am trying to rebuild after a major partial loss fire. We are adding a small (less than 500sq ft addition.) My insurance company and I agreed to a theoretical scope based on the cost of rebuilding to like condition. That scope would max out my policy & its extended 25% coverages. However to obtain extended coverage I have to provide receipts for the amount of the base policy, plus the amount of the extended coverage. The problem is the company says many of the receipts I've submitted won't count because they apply to the addition, not building the exact home. Your 'Buy vs Rebuild' article leads me to believe that I should be reimbursed for the agreed upon amount to rebuild the house, (up to policy limits) regardless of what or where we built, as long as we give them receipts for what we are building. Because of time limits on extended coverages, every denial works in their favor.
Miscalculated combined benefit
I am on LTD since Feb 2014. The LTD contract states combined income will not exceed 60%. I am at the max monthly insurance benefit,approx 5.5%,$400 below 60%.I have received a retro SSDI award. Insurance has requested entire amount and is offsetting going forward so monthly income continues to equal 5.5% They have also offset the cost of living SSDI gave for 2016, when my contract states cost of living will not be offset. Most cases involve people who are within the 60% the insurance benefit pays per month (ex if pre-disability was $2400/month, 60% insurance benefit is $2000/mo and any other income is offset) In my case my benefit does not reach 60% and my benefit manager has discussed that I can make a certain amount (approx $400) from "other income" ( which is how the contract defines Federal Social Security) before they can offset.Do you see these cases and what is the best action
EUO/ contents
Our garage caught fire in May 2015, we had a lot of content,that was collected over years, content that I was going to use to start a business, but didn't get to because it was destroyed by the fire, but the insurance company want me to write it off as business. Now they are requesting a second EUO, which I believe they are doing to delay payment. I'm from MS. Do I have to claim my content as business! Because I hadn't started a business yet? Can I record myself during an EUO, can I request a copy of the audio recording, if I feel there were error on the first transcript? What can I do to speed this process up
Trees, Shrubs and Lawn Additional Coverage
We had a house fire that was a total loss and were underinsured and trying to get as much coverage from insurance as possible. We were granted a fair claim on the trees, shrubs coverage but not the lawn. Our lawn of about 1000 sq. ft. needs replacement. We had estimated 1,000 pieces of sod at $3.50 each but there is a $500 limit per tree per our policy, so we only received $500 for the whole lawn. This doesn't seem right and grossly unfair. Is this standard? Are there any arguments I can make? Thanks.
Replacement bedroom furniture damge
Hello, Our bedroom long dresser and a nightstand were damaged due to a water leak through our carpet (not our fault). The apartment owner inspected the damage and told us to write a letter stating its dollar value. We own a full bedroom set (king size headboard, two nightstands, 9 drawer dresser with mirror and a 4 drawer tall chest). The owner acknowledged this during his inspection. The set is over 20 yrs old but still in good condition. The set was a gift, therefore we have no receipts. We found similar sets on furniture websites in the 1,000.00 to 2,000.00 range. Is it reasonable to ask to be reimbursed for the whole set or just the value of the dresser and nightstand (which will cause us to have a mismatched set). Can you also advise us on how to calculate its current value (life left, depreciation, etc.) and how to write such letter. Thank you in advance for your help.
Our misclassified HOA is about to hand the responsibility for FEMA Flood insurance back to the individual home owners. Is there a website out there that compares what kind of flood coverage is available for SW Florida? What is going on with the Flood Ins. Market in SW FL?
personal loss
our house was struck by a tree - 4 tons of Spruce tree to be exact. the Adjuster and Engineer deem it a total loss as are the majority of the contents since it was raining, snowing and freezing out and the entire roof was caved in. We are trying to understand the process of personal items claim. Is it typical that they pay the depreciated value of items documented and then when you replace the items they reimburse the actual replacement cost? It talks about both in our policy - It says it will pay ACV at the time of loss but not more than the amount required to repair or replace". What does that mean?
Fire claim, insurance company recommending contractor purchase everything on structure list. Would like advice about this (doesn't sound right to us)
Had a house fire three months ago and are still negotiating with Allstate regarding amount they will pay. Our question is about the payment process. Since we have a mortgage on the house, Allstate will pay the mortgage company, who will pay the contractor in 3 installments. We understand that this is standard procedure. The Allstate structure adjuster told us that it would make it easier to receive our replacement value if our contractor purchased everything on the structure list so that he could submit less receipts - everything from building materials, which is understandable to carpeting, stove, dishwasher, window shades, bathroom vanity, etc. This doesn't make sense to us. These items will be purchased from a variety of stores, including the internet. I'm sure the contractor doesn't have time to do this, plus we want to keep all receipts for future. Any advice about this practice?
Claim value of items with little market value, huge personal value
After a fire loss, many destroyed items have little market value but huge personal, sentimental, time and financial value to me. For example; paperwork and files, sentimental items (irreplaceable to me), artwork, photos The insurance co, for example, claims that the extensive files and photos that were destroyed are only "valued at the cost of the paper itself", nothing more. It will take huge time/expense to re-create many records, certificates, photos (some irreplaceable), documents, etc. Can I require that the insurance company reimburse me for re-creating what was lost and not just "valued at the cost of the paper itself"?
Fire loss estimate; can I collect from Ins. Co. and do the work myself?
After a fire loss, I received a repair/replacement estimate from insurance adjuster, negotiated further with input from several contractors. I would prefer to collect the estimated amount and take on role of general contractor myself. Can I demand that from the insurance co? As one example, "Firsteam" textile restoration estimated $17,500 for cleaning all damaged textiles. The Insurance co insists that I need to hire them first, then they'll reimburse the $17,500. I would prefer to have control over what gets cleaned, how it gets cleaned and what I will simply discard. What are my rights? Thanks
Repayment of flood insurance proceeds
I have a policy with NFIP that has issued payment. The contractor I originally hired to perform the work has been terminated (for theft). The contractor is insisting that if we finish the work ourselves with another contractor, and for less than the insurance proceeds paid, that we must pay the "excess" of the proceeds back to the NFIP or pay it to them. (Their contract does say I have to pay them 10% of what I pay another contractor if I don't use them.) I'd rather pay it back to the insurance company than have to pay it to a deceptive contractor but, my question is whether the NFIP policy requires repayment. I'll gladly pay it to NFIP if the policy says that but I'm not finding that in the NFIP guidance manual or policy. Do you know if this is true, and can you direct me to the source material?
Water damaged parquet flooring
Ins. Agreed to replace water damaged older parquet in hall, however it is continuous in all of the bedrooms off the hall including closets. Older parquet is no longer available. New differs in tile size, thickness, etc. insurance cutting off at doors. insurance claim form
Have you got the personal property/contents form designed by you, more user friendly than the one issued by the insurance company? I seem to remember this being mentioned at the meeting but have not found it on this website.
We were sent an email that the insurance company cut off housing and are not reimbursing us. is this normal?
We were asked to submit the paperwork for mileage, storage, laundry and food. WE did this and they paid us a piece of the amount - stating they had to review the papers then get us the rest. Meanwhile - they pulled the resource to find us temp rental house and they few they did suggest we unsuitable for our family. we told them this and even gave driveby suggestons which they rejected. We have done all we have been asked for and now we find our selves homeless, penniless and with no one to turn to for help -- even our agent was told - stay away and we have all the papers to substantiate our decisions and thats it. HELP!!! I need a rood over our heads and money we paid out reimbursed immediately - there is still 80K or so in our ALE account according to our last statement. when they paid the hotel service. At a loss what they want from us and what to do for my family next.
White Waivers
The fire at my house was two years ago. My insurance company wants me to sign a White Waiver or they will not enter into settlement discussions. They are offering less than I think it should be. Of course, I want to settle and get home, but I do not want to waive my rights. Can you point me to any information about this issue?
Rebuilding house: plans are 165 square feet larger than original home
Our plans are slightly larger than original. What can we expect with regards to dwelling coverage? We are willing to pay the difference but how do we set that up? We have State Farm. Do we have to make plans smaller? We told architect the square footage, but initial plans created larger, having hard time removing the 165 square feet form layout. What do we need to do?
My condo flooded from the unit above me caused by leaking pipe.i have flood insurance and no homeowner insurance.damage from water and mold is extensive. Do I need an attorney?
I have been trying to work with the condo association property management and the above unit's insurance adjusters. I am getting no answers as to who pays for damages to what areas. It has been two weeks. Loss has occurred in Florida and I live in Utah. I am keeping a journal and have begun cleanup and dry out procedures after pipe repair to stop water leak.
liability payout
A neighboring business caused a fire that destroyed our business. We are filing a third party claim with their liability insurance. Would this type of claim pay ACV or RCV on our lost items? And, why? Thank you.
Our home was a total loss in the Butte Fire. Have insurance with Lloyds of London. When appraiser came out to see damage, he advised that it appeared that the person who originally came out to see the house for the carrier indicated that the house was 1900 square feet whereas it was actually 2640. (looks like he forgot the upstairs) Coverage was $374,000. This would appear that they must have figured that house could be rebuilt for $140 per sq foot. There is no way that house could be rebuilt for less than $200 per square foot. When we ask about this their agent said that they did use the 2640 Sq Ft figure. Is there anything we can do about this since we relied on them to set the coverage? Can we ask for documentation from them showing that they in fact used 2640 in calculating the rate ?
steps after house fire
I just had a house fire about a week ago I already file a claim just need help understand time delay so I'll be prepared, I read on your site about the ALE you are supposed to get, but cant find it so can you walk the steps with me?q
FEMA Sandy review
I requested a review for a Sandy claim and have not heard back. It was made well within the deadline and I received a Claim #. Several follow-up calls were made without effect.
Commercial Auto Claim
We added a vehicle to our Commercial policy. It was a limousine used for personal use only at this time. We went to the office and picked up a declaration page and proof of insurance cards. On the declaration page there was no amount written in the space under "Stated Value". I had an accident, filed a claim and the insurance company totaled the vehicle. When I was called by the adjuster and told the payout was $6,000 I was SHOCKED. I asked him why it was that amount when the vehicle was just appraised at almost $13,000. He said because the "Stated Value" on it was $6,000 and would not and could not pay anything more. We never agreed on this amount with our insurance agent, was never informed of this amount, nor were we explained the consequences or meaning of what "Stated Value" meant on a policy. What can I do about this unfair practice?
Maxing out coverage
My home and pretty much all the contents therein were destroyed in a house fire. Our coverage A for the dwelling is limited to $200,000. The insurer's contractor estimated the rebuild at $255,000, not including the cost for upgrading to current code (ordinance of law clause). Since we are well over the limit already, does it make sense to not worry about the details of the estimate and whether they low balled us on the details of the rebuild, i.e., finishings inside the house, so I can focus on the more grueling contents portion of the claim? I plan to try to increase the coverage limit using the ordinance of law and trees, shrubs etc. clauses and move things into the other structures coverage but the total cost to rebuild will still likely exceed my coverage limit under Coverage A. I just want to confirm that route would be a better use of my time and limited energy. Thanks.
Insurance coverage
A cable company caused severe damage to the sewage line at my father's house causing tens of thousands of dollars of damage to his basement and yard which now has a 10 foot by 10 foot hole. The insurance company made a settlement determination of $1775.00 to replace the flooring and carpet in the basement and nothing for the yard or broken sewage line. I have requested at least three times for a complete, certified copy of my father's policy. So far all I have received is a sample policy. My father is elderly and frail and unable to deal with this issue. I am not in the same state as my father. Could a public adjuster assist in this situation?
Hi, unfortunately ignorant about insurance, but of course have a home policy. I asked for an adjuster to come and look at storm damage thinking they would tell me their thoughts about whether or not they would cover the damage, and then tell me their estimated amount of damage so that I could determine whether or not to file a claim. They filed the claim as soon as they left the house, and additionally told me that my policy would not renew at the renewal period unless I had replaced my whole roof. I wondered if they can say that? and why they can't just deny the next claim if they think my roof is too old? I feel that they should not be able to dictate when I get a new roof or withhold my whole house coverage because a old roof can only allow for certain types of damage? Please advise! Where will I receive this information?
My current home had a small fire. I have a second home I usually rent. Can I rent the second home to myself and have ins. pay me ALE?
Is it necessary to have home owner, auto and umbrella insurance all from one company?
If I have auto and umbrella from one insurance company and home owners from another company, is there any draw back? should I buy all from the same company? Apart from bundled policy discounts, are there any other advantages of having from the same company vs. any disadvantages for splitting them between different companies? I am a beginner, please advise.
Homeowner Policy with All State
A sewer pipe located under the slab of our home had to be replaced. We filed a claim with All State on August 8 and was was issued a claim number August 12. The insurance claim representative went on vacation so we were speaking to another representative in his absence. We were advised to make the necessary repairs. The original claim representative has not returned phone calls or responded to our emails. The extent of damage to our home is severe. The plumbers had to saw through our stone flooring and slab to get the sewer pipe to make the replacement. an adjuster finally visited out home approximately 1 month after the claim was filed and came in with the attitude of doing as little as possible. We did receive some money but it is not enough to cover the repairs and since then we have discovered more damage. The adjuster will not respond to any phone calls or emails. Attorney?
mortgage company holding my check
We had a bad fire in our house and total to repair was over our policy limit. The insurance company gave us check with the mortgage company (bank) name, mine and my husband name on it. Because it was a large amount the bank is holding the check and sending checks out as property is getting repaired. They state they can not send us check in full. They are saying they have to see paid invoices from my builder before the send are we suppose to paid the builder without the MONEY!and if the builders estimate is alot higher than our policy limit why should it matter?The bank finally send out an inspection to evaluate progress to insure we are using money to repair after my builder and i keep asking them to send someone for them to confirm progress.Also our policy limit includes our living expense so like I said it was max out.This that right for mortgage company to do this
Is there a point where we can no longer hire a public adjuster?
Our insurance company is moving quickly to give us a coverage A check. While we're happy to see them moving quickly, at the same time we wonder if accepting the check, or signing something they give us (or any other action we might take -- or fail to take!) might prevent us from hiring a public adjuster if their settlement seems inadequate. Advice about how and when this door might close would be very helpful.
Do you have a contract for hiring a builder with a cost plus bid that can control expenses and specify a completion date?
We hired a contractor to rebuild our house after a fire. He is reluctant to give us a completion date. He has not officially started building but has a building permit- we paid for out of pocket. We have money from our insurance but would like to utilize our construction loan at some point. Our goal is to pay the least interest on the loan as possible. We also need some assurance the builder will stick to budget and complete the home on time. Can you help us with these concerns or have a sample contract, please? Thanks! Diane M
Personal property claim
I have a homeowners claim after house Fire. Personal property is smoke and water damaged stored in a warehouse. Where should I start this part of claim?
Buying not rebuilding
My insurance, Lloyd's, has agreed to release payment for my dwelling in amount of $161,704.31, but they are only paying $146,408.75. The shortfall is cash value holdback which is some sort of depreciation. Can they do that since I am not rebuilding? The area is a disaster waiting to happen because possible mud slides and downed trees. My house was a mile off road and on a very active seasonal creek. The property now looks like the surface of the moon. I would like to use the insurance to buy elsewhere. My home was completely demolished in the Butte fire.
replacement of contents
My contents were damaged in the fire. Can I buy contents (furniture, etc) and have this furniture shipped to another state to be placed into my relative house as I am considering relocating to this other state after I rebuild and then sell the house? Also can I get reimbursed for the contents lost in the fire if they were giving by someone else for safekeeping? Can this person then buy this contents himself to replace what he has lost and get the replacement cost value for this or should I buy for his contents for him myself? How much time does one have to replace the lost contents?
replacement cost for homeowner
My house was partially damaged by fire (about 300k damage). I would like to sell the house, as is, to a contractor before starting any repair. Instead of this house I plan to buy another property in another state which would cost more than the replacement value of the house that burnt. Would I be able to get the replacement value for the burn house if I do this.
Roofing Scam
I had a roofer stop by after a storm and ask if he could take a look at my roof - unfortunately I said yes. After his inspection, said he could get me a new roof for virtually nothing. He had me sign something saying he could contact my insurance company. After speaking to my insurance company, he called me and said that he had taken care of everything and that even though my deductible was $3000, I was only going to have to pay $1225 because he was going to use other things, such as my shed replacement allowed by insurance, as the other part of my deductible. I am not comfortable with him so I chose to cancel. He said I owe him 25% of the claim since I signed that first piece of paper. On the back of that paper, it does say that. Unfortunately I did not see that from the beginning. Is there anything I can do?
property claims
Are you required to provide tax returns in a property claim when requested by your insurance company?
Homeowners insurance
Does this sound right? My neighbors house burned down and damaged my house in the process. I hired a private claims adjustors to work with my insurane company on the claim so I could repair my house. I just received a renewal for my policy and it increased by 41%. After calling the broker to ask why it went up so much they said it was because I now have a claim on my record? I find it hard to belive that my insurance company does not go back and get the money back from my neighbors policy because I was at no fault but have this claim on my record that I now have to pay for? Something does not sound right to me. This happened in PA. Please let me know if this is what is supposed to be happening. Thanks, Herman H.
I'd been living in a house while renovating it for the homeowner. An electrical fire occurred 2 ago. My roommate & I suffered smoke inhalation, lost all our clothes, etc. The owner locked us out & said "we're on our own" re the loss of pers poss & $
I had been providing both material and labor in the renovation. I had been working on the property since April of this year. Mowing the lawn, etc. The homeowner and I had an agreement where I would get paid ten persent of the sale of the home. The owner has locked us out and refuses to give us the name of his insurancecompany). He also refuses to let us go into the home to go thru what is salvageble. We have no money, no clothes a nd he is even trying to thwart me from getting my tools. Personally, i've kost thousands of $ in clothes, tools and band, P A equip., keyboards, recording equip. Last year I refinshed the interior, ie plater repair, knockdown finish & p a int. I still have building materials in the house he has not paid me for as well as retaining wall blocks.
Where to get help when claim to insurance company for property damage is stalled?
Damage to basement in my house when neighbor's water pipe burst causing flooding in basement to my house. Insurance company says I must sue neighbor myself. Where to I start to go to for help, as the insurance is stalling for time and not taking any steps to honor my claim.
I am a restoration contractor. I am working on a water loss project and I am having an extremely difficult time with the insurance company and the "independent" adjuster that they contracted.
I have been doing disaster restoration for 20 years and have never gone through what I am experiencing on this project. Obviously, there is to much to try to explain in this message but one major issue is that I don't believe that the adjuster is licensed. It isn't necessary to be licensed in Colorado but every adjuster gets licensed in Texas or Indiana. I have exhausted the resources that are available to me to find out if the adjuster is licensed. I submitted the invoice ($27,000) for the dryout and the adjuster/insurance company responded with a payment offer of $13,000. With no explanation! If I (or we) can prove he is not licensed - it would definitely result in a significant law suit or at the very least payment of the invoice. I have more than enough documentation to prove bad faith and deceptive intentions. Please let me know as soon as possible if you can help me. Thanks, Ethan
Length of time through which an insurer must provide ALE?
I lost my home in the Butte Fire. I read this with respect to ALE: "If you lost your home in a declared disaster you get at least 24 months worth of coverage." My insurer disagrees: "the two year provision under the State Disaster Declaration does not really have anything to do with Loss of Use. It merely provides that you have 24 months to complete the rebuild of your home and make claim for depreciation hold back rather than the 12 months as stated in the policy." Where can I find it in legal code, to present to my insurer?
home owners insurance property claim
Insurance company requires I get contractor quotes for work to be completed. I received 3 estimates/quotes. Am I required to use the contractor I submitted estimate for actual work? Or Can I use a different contractor (less expensive) for completion of work? Can I do some of the work myself (like painting) to save money? Must I keep insurance company updated on how I use the money and who I choose to do actual work? Finally - what is impact if check is made out to both mortgage company and myself?
Contractor demanding all insurance proceeds
An apartment we own and rent out flooded. We live in a community property state (NM). I was ill and could not go inspect damage and asked my husband to not sign anything . He gave American Restoration, the water remediation company, a check for $1000.00, our insurance deductible. The took the check and demanded he sign an emergency work contract for them to proceed to remediate the place which was 3 " deep in water. The contract included a rebuild section he did not know was there. The contract gives them rights to negotiate with insurance company (which they did) and all rights to tell our mortgage company to give them all proceeds they hold. Is this contract enforceable as this is community property and I knew nothing about the rebuild contract until 3 months later? American Restoration is demanding a release from us to get all proceeds from our escrow company. Is this legal?
When house was insured the person the agent sent out to measure the house listed it at 1900 SqFt. It is 2640 Sq Ft. She forgot the upstairs. This was told to us by the appraiser. Is there anything we can do about this? This seems to be an obvious mistake on the part of agent.
I am a senior citizen who is looking for some help with my denied insurance claim in the state of il.
Is there any program assistance or legal help to Senior citizens with there denied insurance claims?
Earthquake insurance in Portland, OR
Do you have any suggestions for earthquake insurance in Portland, OR? My broker only offers GeoVera and I'm interested in at exploring other options. Thank you.
our house fire
We had a house fire that was almost a total loss--on both contents and house. The house was completely burned inside--they have taken it down to the frame--however they refuse to put a new roof on--everything is being replaced right down the to the alminum siding. the roof did have some missing shingles from roof damage but you could see were the fire went right up into the roof. They have sprayed it now--we don't know what to do.
content settlement in the state of alabama.
My friend is disabled and has a hard time getting around. He recently lost everything to a fire. He is not capable of performing the task physically. The agent told my friend that the state of alabama does not allow a content settlement. I just need to know if I can still submit the letter asking for a settlement. To who should i address it to. The company is State Farm
Getting money back from a contractor that quit on the job
I gave a contractor $12,000.00 to fix my home that was damaged in a fire and the contractor quit on the job. How do I get the funds that I've given to him back? He refused to refund the money as well as complete the job. He worked on the home one day after he had a team come remove the damaged belongings from the fire. He refused to refund the money, what recourse do I have?
Rebuilding my out buildings without hiring a contractor.
My mortgage company (JPMorgan Chase) is requiring me to hire a contractor to rebuild my garage and barn. I have never hired a contractor and am fully capable of rebuilding to county codes on my own. I there a way to approach the mortgage company so they understood this and will allow me to rebuild. I have no problem following their guideline to release funds I just want to replace the contractor as the builder and do the work myself.
3rd Party insurance claim - fire destroyed uninsured store...
Last year our store was destroyed in a fire started next door. Our insurance had lapsed, store next door had insurance covering damage and has admitted liability. Insurance claim is over a year old and going nowhere, insurance co. keeps asking for more documents, some of which were destroyed. We have "storefront" lawyer who doesn't specialize in insurance. Someone speculated the claim might be "inflated" and the insurance company is just stringing us along, and that we should get a public adjuster to file an "honest" claim and that would expedite things considerably. Is this good advice? Anybody recommended? Is the process as described so far taking too long (13 months?) Our current lawyer has been working on contingency. He's diligent, but nothing is happening. Thank you.
Unresponsive Adjuster
The cabin I was renting burned down in the Valley fire. I have renter's insurance with CSAA. I filed a claim on Sept 14. I spoke with my adjuster a couple of times in the next week. She agreed to send me a $5,000 check or direct deposit it to my account right away. It never happened. Since that time I have called and left messages and I have emailed repeatedly. I have read UP's guidelines and suggestions. I am reluctant to try to go around the adjuster and contact someone else for fear of retribution. I know UP suggests being friendly but firm, but I don't know how to be either when my adjuster won't communicate with me. Is there a polite way to bypass the adjuster, or am I just asking for trouble if I do so? Thanks for your time.
I had a fire in the garage which totaled the car and caused extensive smoke damage throughout the entire house. The FRSTeam came a day after the fire and took all clothes and fabric for cleaning costing over $9K not including storage. The second crew from Restoration Cleanup Company removed all furniture for cleaning and the first estimate came in at $23K. They've now revised it down to $16,620 plus $2625 for storage for 3 months. My contents coverage is limited to $18K. I live on social security and have no means to pay any overages. This doesn't even include the loss of goods in the garage. What are my options? attorney or public adjuster? Thank you.
Date of Loss when vacate order is issued because common hallways will be inaccessible due to fire repairs caused by another condo unit. Damage to the common element surfaces of my unit may or may not be affected. The whole bldg is being emptied.
A fire occurred in another unit on Feb 11. In late August residents were notified to vacate as the common hallways would be inaccessible. Vacate deadline is Nov 1. There seems to be no actual damage to my unit that falls under my policy other than to clean and paint etc. The common elements surfaces that affect my unit (backs of walls and ceilings) may or may not be disturbed during the repairs. This won't be determined in full until the building is vacated. This seems irrelevant. Is my policy's DOL Feb 11 or Nov 1? I don't think I have a covered loss until Nov 1 when I have to move out and then after that should my walls and ceilings need to be disturbed. My carrier is paying to move my personal property and paint the finish coat in my unit, etc. This is about the portion of my temporary housing allowance I get to use based on months from date of loss. Thank you.
What next?
We had a fire destroy our rental home. Thank God everyone is OK. The fire was ruled an accident from the fireplace. The insurance adjuster seems to know nothing about our policy - he never calls. His first contact was THREE DAYS after the fire - when I tracked down his name and number! I always have to call him first. His opinion is that we will get "full coverage" but he's not sure what that is. Seriously? Right now, in limbo waiting on adjuster - it's been two weeks. What should I be doing? Do I get a contractor now? Public adjuster? Legal representation? I hate to put out more money than I have to... but I don't want to get raked over the coals by the insurance company. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Terri
Do I have to use the adjuster's excel spreadsheet for the inventory? If I find the replacement cost (retail value), do I have to accept a sale price in calculating ACV?
Even the undisputed becomes disputed. August 17 house fire with little burning, but everything smoke and soot damaged. We have yet to have even the undisputed inventory items pass submission. Instead of appreciating that I am willing to use his form, the adjuster is critical of the way I am organizing items by category. I am wondering if I should just use the handwritten sheets done with the cleaning crew, find replacement costs, and submit those. On the second question, I was told that I could replace with a like item, different brand, as long as it was not an upgrade. But, if my Maytag washer, $719 retail, is on sale for $449., I'm being told I can only replace it with a $449. machine if I choose a different brand. That is not a comparable machine.
Re-opening of Sandy flood claim
Hi, I was only paid a fraction of what was needed to repair my home due to Sandy damage. As a result I was unable to make repairs & have been displaced for 3 years. I've re-opened my claim but the adjuster says he only sees $20,000 underpayment that they can give me. I provided a very detailed list of things I felt should be addressed with photos, receipts & statements that I don't believe he even looked at. I'm now requesting a neutral party review. I have three big issues: 1. The rear of my house collapsed during elevation due to shifting sand & water damage. 2. Code compliance for fire resistive materials on the side of my house. 3. Upper cabinet replacement. All of these are being denied, do you think I have a chance to get them approved by this neutral party? Thanks.
Insurance company says they discovered they overpaid for personal property losses
We submitted a partial personal property loss claim due to a house fire and received and cashed the check from the insurance company. When we submitted the rest of the personal property losses, the insurance company said they looked back at our first submission and discovered they had accidentally multiplied some of the line item amounts, resulting in an over payment. Are we liable for the over payment since it was their mistake and we cashed the check, never realizing a mistake may have been made? Can they deduct the amount from the second portion of our personal property loss? They are asking me to go through the original list and let them know WHICH items they may have overpaid us on.
I lost my home 3 weeks ago in valley fire and will tomorrow be able to get into Anderson springs to see my former home for the first time - farmers is really pressuring me to settle and insists I meet next week to settle and get check. Doesn't feel ok
Total loss but I am concerned that to get the extended coverage and code upgrade coverage which is 35% and I need to rebuild I must have incurred the costs within 2 years. Given the severity of the situation who knows if I am able to rebuild in 2 years. They tell me the clock starts once I am given the check and this they are very eager to settle and start the clock
my insurance company, AMerican Modern, will NOT send us our entire policy.
We have asked our insurance co, American Modern to mail and e-mail our entire policy and they say they don't have it. our broker was in the fire and not sure he has it. how can we get it?
Variable universal life insurance
My insurance agent just informed me that my mother's life insurance policy has lapse even though we have been paying premiums for many years. My agent says that there is another policy that my mom can apply for but she would need to undergo medical underwriting. My mom is almost 90 years old. My question is twofold: Is there any way to keep the current policy? And how can I make sure that my agent is looking out for our best interest? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Valley Fire
I lived in Cobb, House is burned to foundation' the contents/personal is rushing me to meet..I have told her that I'm making a list and would call when I finish to meet, Is this the right course to take and finish list first? Section D of my policy "Loss of Use" is actual losses sustained - in 24 mos. If my rebuilding the home takes longer, no fault of mine, do I have any recourse?
Had a house fire in 2011 and had been rebuilt since. Noticed problem with the house ( not level )
The insurance company paid about $170k initially for house rebuild. But the construction company only did repairs to the parts of the house that was damaged , did not completely tear down. When the house was completed in Sept. 2012 , the insurance company actually paid $191k . I would like to know if the construction company took the money and did not perform the job properly. I noticed the house is not level, lower on one end . Would like to find out where I could get help and opinion on this issue. Thank you very much !
Had a house fire in 2011 and had been rebuilt since. Noticed problem with the house ( not level )
The insurance company paid about $170k initially for house rebuild. But the construction company only did repairs to the parts of the house that was damaged , did not completely tear down. When the house was completed in Sept. 2012 , the insurance company actually paid $191k . I would like to know if the construction company took the money and did not perform the job properly. I noticed the house is not level, lower on one end . Would like to find out where I could get help and opinion on this issue. Thank you very much !
Temporary housing due to extensive home damage from a fire.
I've been living in a rental home for over 4 months and my insurance company told me my family of 6 now have to move into a motel until our home is repaired from a fire. The Insurance company advised my landlord in late July that our family would be leaving on 9-30-15 and the landlord has another short term tenant waiting to move in the first week of October. We learned today our home will not be ready for occupancy until sometime in October. The landlord is willing to allow us to stay an additional month, knowing it would result in losing his new tenant; however, he's asking double compensation for the additional month. I see this as very reasonable for everyone since he would be taking a big risk of having the property empty after our family moves out. My insurance would not approve the landlords request. Moving into a motel will not maintain our standard of living. Please help.
getting insurance after a house fire
Hi, I had a devastating house fire in May, 2013. State Farm was my carrier and they cancelled me earlier this year. I got a new policy from Farmer's and they just cancelled me, citing the fire claim as their reason (even though I reported the fire when I took out the new policy a few months ago). Who can I turn to to get a homeowner's insurance policy?
Time limitation on rebuilding
Our California home was a total fire loss caused by negligence. We have completed the demolition and grading of building site. Is there a specific limitation that AAA Insurance can impose for use to start the rebuilding process? Must we hire a general contractor and have a signed contract with the builder by a specific date? Must the rebuilding begin with a specific number of months or up to specific number of years. If the home is located in a rural area and there is a shortage to qualified builders can this deadline be extended?
Homeowner's Insurance
How do I get our insurance company to pay for damage to our house? Our newly purchased house had a ~4 year old roof that began leaking after a derecho storm here in Virginia. Various individuals told us roof incorrectly installed. One of the roofers, who videotaped roof on my behalf before starting teardown; the insurance adjuster; and the roofing salesman who I wager is a decent and honest individual. HOWEVER. What about collateral damage? HVAC system in attic; insulation in attic; walls, ceilings, flooring, etc. etc. How do we know how to determine what damage to claim (especially insulation, HVAC vent system, drywall, ceiling) and what damage may have already pre-existed from previous homeowners? We are at a loss. Our insurance company blew us off. It will be two years in Oct 2012 and we have been living with interior damage. What to do? Thank you for your advise! : )
Fire claim breach of contract?, bad faith, performance duties, protocol & process of handling claim...
House fire xmas mrning 2012, notice to insurer 12/26/2012, insurance adj inspection jan 3,2013.Months and months of numerous calls, voicemails & emails to insurer & insurer's adjuster re: status of damage & renovation estimate progress, completion, projection of submittal time.Where a response via vce message on less thn a handful of occasions & 2 times direct conversation (excuses of out of town, sick etc & promise of projected date that was never kept), leaving the 90% of other msgs to insurer/adjuster unreplied. 9 months after notice to insurer a scope was provided and it was compiled by a third party that adjuster hired to assess damage and estimate a scope of renovations, repair, replacement costs. House sat closed up thru 3 seasons waiting on insurer's scope that took 9 months. This is just the first of many following discrepancies, claim is still ongoing...
large loss fire loss
October 2,2014 large loss fire second home vacation home. Anniversary of loss almost a year. Did abatement demolition and tree removal. Completed personal property inventory on July 26th. Then started to prep the parcel to sell it rather then build August/Sept. Market is not good for land. Best option may be to build. Spoke to architect on Saturday. Have been trying to settle with AAA for ALE benefits as this was vacation home for sum settlement. We were incurring hotel costs. Wrote letter to them Friday, Sept 11th. One step at a time is not easy. Now we feel building might be the right option. Is there specific time period that the insurance company can impose if construction starts after 1 year. This was not a disaster fire it was due to negligence. AAA is ok but not communicative. We have to discover on our own. Thank you
mortgage company not releasing insurance funds. Five months ago I had hail damage on my roof.
My insurance company gave me a check for half of the claim, remainder when repairs are done. Now mortgage company will not release any funds. I have been doing everything they ask. It keeps changing. Everyone tells me something different. Now, they have been saying that they will give me 25% down. Then when the job is 40% done they will send an inspector out within 5 days. Then the same when it is done. But they are only basing their percentages on half of the amount. The roof will take two days from start to finish to be repaired. I'm having trouble finding a contractor that will first wait and second to accept those terms. I still am being reviewed for the initial 25% which my contractor doesn't know that it's not 25% of the entire bid. Then, my roof has begun to leak through my ceiling and light fixture. Turned off breaker to my kitchen. Additional damage insulation, drywall, plywood.
Sworn Proof Loss How to Complete -Would like to be able to hire additional professionals to verify scope. Do not know what is provided to adjusters in the adjustment process and if there will be an added benefit. I want to put the correct amount on SOL
Dump Truck Hit Building $100k+ diff scope insurer vs insured, engineering/builders estimates : 1) Submit with what they offered of 35k net (coinsurance penalty applied) and then after try to prove there is an increase in scope and argue the valuation. Then we request appraisal to increase scope but we have been paid lesser amount. 2) Submit Higher amount as it is what we know to be true at the moment with an engineer and contract estimator who came to the number. I have then been told to put a * and something along the lines of value as of this date and I reserve the right to amend the proof of loss as needed. Including a cover letter requesting the undisputed amount pursuant to a NY guideline. 3) Write in "Undetermined" . This is frowned upon and they may ask for deposition. I like this idea but feel since we have already submitted what we know at the moment it is not a proper
STD denial
i work for kroger. sedgwick denied my claim. the denial letter i received is nothing more than a form letter marked denied. my short term disability was denied because they do not have a denial letter with the reason for denial. my employer claims they do not keep any files, only sedgwick has them. i asked to have the letter faxed to my insurance company so i could receive std. kroger said they can not talk to me because i have retained counsel to represent me at the hearing. my attorney said this is a seperate issue not related to the hearing. i agree with her. sedgwick said a week ago they would send a copy of the letter to my attorney. still no letter after 5 working days. how can i force their hand. i am also pretty sure when they do send the letter it will be the same form letter with no reason for denial. its one document i need faxed. why the games?
Mold Protection
Are there any companies in Texas that provide coverage for mold damage?
Flood Claim that has never been closed
Repairs partially completed disagreement between insurance company and reconstruction contractor our insurance broker tells us they are working to resolve problem but no help. The claim [Flood] occurred on four different occasions in June of 2012
ALE vacation loss use
AAA is the insurer. October 2, 2014 large loss fire. How can we find out what are time limits for ALE benefits are. It is not in our booklet. I wrote a letter to claim's adjuster supervisor for a settlement price. She misunderstood my total figure but wrote back. She did hint in her letter to me that the claim is almost a year now. She hinted it depends on if we are going to rebuild or not. We have not decided. We just finished CIS inventory on July 26th. We have spent two months preparing the land for sale however we are still not decided if we will rebuild. The land may not be saleable in this market in CA. I would like to express to her that this settlement figure is for this year but any additional time on claim is not satisfied up for negotiation. Right now we go to hotels on incurred expense but cannot always get away. In fact, August Sept just fixing up the land. Thank you
A financed tractor loss.
Is it ethical (legal) to claim a total loss of $22,000 against my personal property portion of my Homeowner's policy for a Kubota tractor (Model BX25-D) which was totally destroyed as a result of a barn fire which occurred on my property (ruled accidental in origin). I financed the tractor, thru the seller, Rhode Island Harvesting Company from Kubota Credit Corporation, USA, and the insurance from written by (my assumption is underwritten by) KTAC Insurance Agency. This tractor does not require a to be titled or registered, by state regulation, so I am told, which basically means that it does not require insurance of its own (did I mention its only one (1) month old). So, I think, the question becomes can I ask (demand) my insurance carrier pay me for the value of the loss.
Homeowner premium post claim
Is there any regulations as to how much could your premium be increased post homeowner's claims? I was hit by storm sandy and then in April 2013 by a house fire. In 7/20/2015 my premium renewal was $3,823 In 7/20/2012 my premium renewal was $1,859. When I asked Liberty Mutual why the horrendous increased, they responded due to my two claims.
Long Term Disability? Attorney? ACC Healthcare?
I am on Medical Leave from my job and on CA Short Term Disability. I have multiple medical conditions I am managing. I have completed my FMLA 4-months job protected leave. 1. If I am terminated, will I lose my Company Benefit to receive UNUM Long Term Disability? Or, if I agree to "Severance" pay, do I lose the Company Benefit to receive UNAM Long Term Disability? 2. I applied for UNAM Long Term Disability. Is it necessary, generally, to hire a "Disability Attorney"? 3. My Company Medical/Dental Benefits expired, after 90 days. I am currently on COBRA ($800/mo). Are there cheaper options? (the first question on the ACC website is re: "annual" income. My current income is low because I am on State Disability, but my annual income for 2015 is much higher.
water loss/mold
Question, we had a roof leak that turned into black mold. The field adjuster told us to lie to our insurance company and that he would take care of us, well he has now did a 180 and is denying that he told us these items to lie on, and we have all the text messages that he sent us to prove it, now its taken so long to finish our claim our whole home is contaminated with mold. Can we hold our field adjuster libel for giving us false information, and telling us to give false information? We are going to loose everything in our home because of his information and I just don't think its right, any help would be greatly appreciated
Advancements on Homeowners policy
Our home was severely damaged by fire July 30, 2015. Our home is and remains uninhabitable. Our adjuster (contracted) informed us we can get a advancement to use for living expenses we were happy to get it. Now our adjuster informed us that the advancement came out of our personal property claim not our ALE. Is this common practice and how can we fight this? We have receipts to support where and what the money went towards and that it was used for additional living expenses.
I have a claim in for ALE and it states on the proof of loss document the word final payment loss of use is used does that mean the claim is closed? I live in Indiana.
Subrogation and CA Made whole Doctrine
After an insured loss, does the insurer obtain subrogation rights after the first Payment to the insured to amount of that payment, or when the amount of the insured loss is paid in full up to the policy limits? If the insured is not made whole under their policy, does the insured victim have the right to recover their uninsured damages from the responsible party prior to payment of the insurers subrogation claim? Last part of the question is their ever a situation where the insurer is legally allowed to recover in their subrogation claim , not only the amount paid towards an insureds claim, but the amount not paid, however, held in reserve for potential liability to their insured, giving the party responsible for the loss a 100% off set against the victims uninsured loss.?
Hail damage claim on a 20-year old T-lock roof
The roof was inspected by a roofer prior to my filing the claim and they found blistering and hail damage. The insurance adjustor subsequently denied the claim since he did not see any hail damage. I called a second roofer and they also found hail damage along with blistering. I have a written report from the 2nd. The roof is 20-years old and the shingles are T-lock, which are no longer made. Last year, Allstate introduced a modification to their policies stating that T-lock roofs would not be replaced unless there was evidence of total loss. I received a letter notifying me of my right to an appraisal, but spoke to the adjustor's supervisor and he suggested that I call a 2nd roofer, get an estimate with pictures and they would decide if a 2nd inspection with a different adjustor would be granted. Should I call a roofer or a public adjustor to address the supervisor's suggestion?
Mold Denial
My insurance company denied that my home had mold. I demanded an inspection and mold and mold spores were found. They are deducting the cost of the inspection out of the mold payment. Please help!
Smoke damage in our home due to a grass fire that destroyed 3 cars and burned around our house
I am requesting they change the carpets, mattress and furniture made out of material due to smoke damage. My daughter lives with me and she is pregnant due in Nov. She has a one year old and a two year old. They have cleaned but it still smells like smoke can I force Insurance to replace these items?
insurance reconstruction costs in Ohio
What is the average cost per square foot to rebuild a house in Ohio?
Being turned down twice for homeowners insurance
I am stunned to have just been turned down twice online when trying to secure homeowners insurance. I currently have AAA homeowners which renews next month and I have not been happy with them. I have never even had a claim! However, I replaced my roof this year and more just out of curiosity asked my agent if homeowner's covered it? (I had already replaced and paid for new roof) He said he doubted it but if I had some left over shingles to take some pics and send it to him which I did. I never heard another word and completely forgot about it. Did THAT go on my record as a CLAIM? I cannot figure out why I had NO problem getting auto and then got denied on the homeowners tonight from Esurance and Liberty Mutual tonight. Is there a way for me to see what insurance companies are reading about me to base decision?
House fire
We had a house fire and they took our furniture and cleaned it and brought it back and the wood has a smoke and mildewed smell. The adjuster says he can't smell it. He sent a person to look at it and they say they can't smell it, but my husband and I live here and trust me u can smell it. They don't want to pay to replace it they say nothing is wrong with it. We had another person tell us they could smell it and the fact is it was in the burnt house for 2 months before they came and got it to clean it.....can we make they replace it? Very hard Insurance Co to deal with.
We had a fire back in March of this year - our question is about our contents
We are having a hard time with getting paid for our contents...they want us to buy the stuff back and then they will give our money back as we buy back.....we had a 31,000.00 dollar loss and they want to give us 19,000.00 dollars is this fair? Also can we cash out and just take the money with out buying back?
What kinds of things should I incude in my NJ homeowner's insurance policy?
I live in New Jersey, purchased my first home. Home is NOT in a flood zone, but I want to be protected from theft, fire, anything that might happen that would prevent me from living in it. I want contents covered to the max, and I want loss of use to the max. I want to make sure I have every possible protection, due to what I've seen after Superstorm Sandy.
Payment for damages
Checks for repairs were less than required. Ready to go to court but I've been told I need to give back the monies received before I can proceed. Is this true?
Financial value of furniture
Some of the furniture in our house was inherited, e.g. glass doors bookcase, lamp, table, etc. The pieces are well made. There are no purchase receipts. Without hiring a appraiser how can we best assign a financial value to these pieces of furniture? Thank you. John & Susan Roth.
whole life insurance policy
My mother's whole life policy was written in 1979 with a face value of $5,000 with quarterly premiums of $49.85. By the tenth year, the policy had accrued $499.24. By year 15 it totaled$1,294.31. There are many questionable details about this policy which are too lengthy to put before you now. I need to know if these figures are possibly be right.
on going battle with the insurance company
I have been trying to settle a claim filed over 2 years. I had a public adjuster and he has moved another state and will not respond to me. My question is, how do I get another adjuster or can I represent myself with the insurance company and the umpire. What are my legal rights on this?
Since we will not be able to live in our uninhabitable house for months, I would prefer my rental to be in an adjoining state in order to be have the support of my family during this emotionally trying time. Our house is in AZ, family in CA.
Are they able to deny that accommodation as long as the cost is comparable and I furnish them with the monthly rental receipts? Our insurer's proposal is to place 2 adults plus a dog in a 260-300 sq ft claustrophobic Extended Stay one room suite, which is in no way comparable to our 1218 sq ft single family garaged home with 2 baths, separate kitchen, office, dining room, huge private yard, etc . Plus, Extended Stay is all non smoking, a restriction we do not have at home. And btw, just in case you're wondering, no, we do not intend to live with family and pay them rent. We need our own space. Thx so much for your advice.
Disbursements from Mortgage Holder following house fire
The article was very helpful, but made several references to being specific to CA. I live in WA, and my insurance for dwelling was significantly larger than the mortgage balance. What area of WA state law would I reference to find out what my options are? I'm not quite ready to rebuild; should I be able to get the funds (minus the balance of the mortgage) to put it in some sort of interest bearing account?
A certified copy of a home owner's policy
I have requested a certified copy of my policy for homeowner's insurance but what I got from my adjuster is just a booklet and a supplement with out any identifying information or a stamp on it mailed from his office. How does this help me? Is this really a certified copy? I used a sample letter from your site and sent it to my agent. He emailed me my new policy that was just renewed and an old declarations page and said his office doesn't send certified mail. What does a certified policy look like and how do I describe it to my agent so he can get one? Thanks for your help. After I filed a claim they changed the way they were initially handling it based on a lost supplement that they found. I just want to see what was officially on file on my date of loss. My agent didn't even have the supplement until the adjuster emailed it to him.
Water damage to Home.
What is the hourly rate the insurance company will reimburse for clean up done by home owner?
Partial Fire loss from my neighbors house
On Jan 31, 2015, my neighbor had a bad house fire, her home was totaled. Unfortunately, it went to my house, causing melted siding, damage to the insulation, etc. I can not get the insurance to pay, Erie and Niagara, so I went to an insurance adjust other then mine and not much luck there. In September we ran our central air working great covered in October, and in May turned on to see how it was running and it is not. Called two service men they cant test because the Freon blew during the fire, and took out the air compressor, coil, etc. Since there is no way to test a 4 year old central air, the insurance does not want to pay. It cost me $5000 for this central air 4 years ago. One of the techs did put in writing in his opinion it was damaged to the fire. Just don't know where to go for help, nothing is working, and I have never filed a claim. Brenda
Liberty Mutual Homeowners Policy
After more than a month with no water, we have learned many things as a family. It has been determined that the reasoning for getting amounts of petroleum and oil inside our entire house through the plumbing system, was due to the naturally occurring event that took place in Texas during the month of May. Our insurance company will not pay for anything. Our water is toxic and we had no control over what has happened to us and our home. We have received some help, because of the disaster declaration. We were able to extend our mortgage payments for three months. There is nothing in our Policy that mentions anything about a natural occurring event. So they will not pay.
Temporary Housing
My house upstairs and downstairs bathroom got water damaged from a leak from the upstairs toilet and I am requesting hotel accommodations for the time it will take to repair our upstairs bathroom. We were approved for a temporary housing allowance, but my insurance adjuster is saying we can't use it because our downstairs bathroom is working. I am requesting a hotel for my immediate family to go to due to my in laws living with us and using the downstairs bathroom and because I have 3 young kids and it being summertime and everyone being home all day and the construction work being done next to all of our bedrooms upstairs and it going to be too noisy and disruptive. Is the adjuster correct in saying we don't qualify for housing because our house is not inhabitable? What do I do if he is incorrect? We have AAA insurance with no other claims filed ever in my 14 years with them.
Fraudulent manner auto insurance company is classifying a 'single incident' and falsely invoking coverage limits...and more!
Greetings, My (parked) vehicle was the victim of a hit-and-run accident almost 2 months ago and is still disabled. Luckily, the at-fault driver was apprehended and there is a full police report with witness accounts. As it happens, several other vehicles were also struck by the same vehicle/driver at a later point in time and at different locations. One witness describes that after hitting my vehicle (the first off all collisions), the driver stopped, got out, looked at the damage, and then returned to his stopped vehicle and drove off again (to eventually hit the other cars). The at-fault insurance company is trying to lump all of the disparate collisions into a 'single incident' to hide behind their coverage limits to minimize their payout, leaving me far from made whole. My agency and several other objective parties agree this is preposterous and nefarious.
insurance denial for Bat remediation
I have been denied insurance claim for bat removal, guano removal, and new insulation installed because my insurance company stated this is a maintenance and polution issue not a health issue. Is there any recourse here? Are there insurance companies that will cover this issue?
Flood Insurance Claim
How can I make sure that the Flood Insurance Provider is paying the full value of the damage? Should I get my own appraisal done? Contact an Attorney? Or just get estimates of the repairs needed? What can I do if I think that the claim money received for the value of my contents is too low?
is it true we have to have pictures of every item from our underwear to our kitchen spices? a separate picture for every item in the house? so if i had a million items in my house i need to take a million pictures of each item? what if i dont have items to take pictures of? what if they were lost in the fire?
why do contractors always ask "what is the amount of money your insurance is going to give you before wanting to give you a quote? should we tell anyone how much coverage we have? is it recommended to let contractor speak with our adjuster?
proof of loss
we had a bad fire in our house and i am having to fill out proof of loss form. why is my adjuster rushing me to fill out. i thought i had 60 days to fill out? on the form its asking me " total amount of insurance available at the time of loss? we i have dwelling, personal property and other structures. i may have more that i dont know about without look at the policy that my adjuster is looking at. so im confused on what to put on that area. also it is asking "amount of damages from above report loss (must attach support documentation) can i fill this out if our adjustor has not giving us a report? the last thing it is asking me is the amount claimed under RVOS policy for above report loss...i fell like i have to wait til my adjustor gives us a final report..right?
Personal property lost in a house fire.
The home I lived in for 3 yrs with my boyfriend burned down May 2, 2015. All of a sudden, he's decided he's not my significant other and refuses to tell me the name of who our insurer is. Meanwhile, he's being made whole again while I'm devastated with seemingly no recourse to recover ANYTHING for my property? Is this right? Can someone out there please advise me? I have the clothes on my back and a sketch of my 13 yr old daughter , that's literally it. With best of regards for you and yours, Lorraine.
property damage other party's liability
Our business was damaged due to a fire that originated in a neighboring business. We will be filing a claim with their liability insurance. The insurance company will not provide us with a copy of their insurance policy. How do we know how to value our inventory (replacement value or ACV)? Thank you.
salvager/restorer never supplied pricing or even invoices until 13mo after our fire, despite being asked for.
in NJ, my insurance company brought a salvager/restorer with him the day after our fire. Despite requesting invoices and pricing, I never received anything until 13 months after the fire. We were 'held hostage' by this company because they had our things. Do we have any recourse?
Outdoor hot tub contents or structure
Recently I had a fire at my home in NY state that completely destroyed the home. I had an outdoor hot tub. I have an elevated deck (9 feet) and cut a hole in the deck to fit the tub. I then built a structure to withstand the weight of the hot tub filled with water. The deck and hot tub were totally destroyed by the fire. My question is; is the Hottub considered part of the damaged structure or contents? Thank you.
Claim Guidance - Furniture replacement
We had a home fire about a month and a half ago. Our wood furniture has been cleaned professionally using ozone but still smells like smoke. Our insurance agent is suggesting just having it sanded and refinished. We are concerned that because the wood is retaining a smoke smell simply refinishing it will not remove the smoke smell. The furniture was left in the home for about a month before it was removed for cleaning which may be contributing to the problem. Can we insist our insurance pay for us to replace the furniture instead of merely trying to refinish?
calculating additional living expense- renters insurance and roomates
My rental unit was destroyed in a fire on 4/7/15. I'm now staying in a hotel paid for by State Farm ALE. I've been asking to be placed in a long term temporary rental for over a month as the hotel we are in is not comparable to our large rental home. I continue to be told that the company is having difficulty locating a more permanent solution for us. Today they called & said I need to send them $2700 for May & June's rent since landlord isn't collecting it. Can they really demand I pay them rent to be in a substandard hotel? Also while the monthly rent was $1350, I had a roommate who's on the lease & paid half the rent. When I filed the claim, I was told by State Farm that he's not covered by my policy & I didn't include his property or ALE's in my claim. Can they really demand that I pay the entire amount of rent to them even though I was only responsible for half?
Total Loss
Can a home be insured after current insurance company declares it a total loss?
Home fire complete loss.
My rental insurance sent their investigator, I sent the insurance company my list of contents with as much info as I could. Now waiting, is there any emergency financial help while I wait for the claim process?
Homeowners Insurance - Deductible Change
My Homeowners Insurance has been with State Farm for many years. Recently, I was informed that my deductible would be changed from the current $1,000 to .5% of the insured value. This would change my deductible from $1,000 to approximately $3,250. Since I am a long time policyholder, I am able to keep the deductible at $1,000 for and additional premium of $291. I realize that the company is not making as much from their investments as they were in past, never the less, this is a significant change to the policy with nothing done on my part. I have never filed a claim with the company. Question: Are other companies doing this? I have all my insurance with State Farm, including Homeowners, Auto on 3 cars, and personal liability. I do not necessarily want the cheapest insurance. I want a reasonable cost and good service when necessary, including claim handling in emergency.
cleaning of items
in NJ, can cleaning of items salvaged from a bad fire be considered ALE? My public adjuster says no, but our relationship has become difficult and it is always possible that he doesn't want to argue it with the insurance co because it would take away from his percentage of the contents loss. help...
So my wife was cooking and pow a grease fire occured. We lost our microwave, cooktop, cabinets above the microwave are burnt along with our ceiling, wall and backsplash. There is soot and dry chemical spray everywhere 1st and 2nd floors. I guess what should my insurance cover. If they replace the cabinets, now the cabinets won't match obviously. So will they have to or should they replace all the cabinets. Should I expect them to hire someone to repaint, the walls and ceiling and replace the backsplash? What about cleaning am I entitled for a cleaning on 1st and 2nd floors?
Contractor issues
Our contractor alleges that we owe him our final check from Farmers. This was a Rec dep check. We used the proceeds from the check to pay some subs that weren't paid (landscape, patio covers, and gutters). He is threatening to take us to court. The whole experience has been a disaster. We signed with the contractor the day after our total loss fire at our Adjuster's urging. The rebuild process was not at all what we expected. In 20 months our contractor was on site ten times, usually to pick up a check. (from out of town) The RD was actually overpaid due to the fact that two larger estimates were turned in to Farmers by the contractor that were actually too high. They included some upgrades that I paid for out of pocket. I pointed this out as soon as I noticed to the adjuster. I have two issues: how to defend allegations and should I pursue damages for this nightmare. Thank you!
need to determine diff between ALE and contents coverage in NJ
We were displaced from our home (120913) due to bad fire and winter. Does ALE cover the cleaning of items salvaged from the house? After all, it would have been an addtl expense for us, since we could not keep our jobs doing it nor do we have the knowledge. Unfortunately, we hired a public adjuster in the middle who is very crass and difficult. Looking to learn what is standard in NJ? Thank you in advance!
My car insurance claim
I was a victim of a robbery 1 month ago . I haven't received any update from my adjuster . And the rental car I have is due for return today June 2 because the 30 days is up. What can I do to find out how long more it's taking and why . Should I contact the adjuster or should I wait . Is my adjuster doing the right thing by not contacting me or she suppose to give me a notice .. Please help
Lost my home in the Black Forest Fire (CO) in 2013. Rebuilt. Am 8 months into warranty period. Have experienced problems since first month, with electrical system/circuits. Builder has refused to troubleshoot and/or correct electrical issues,
Dimming occurs in every room associated with individual circuits and occurs when i plug in appliances like vacuum cleaner or clothes iron. These same appliances did not dim the lights at the house i rented while my house was being rebuilt, so it is reasonable to assume that the problem is not with the appliance, but with the house wiring. Builder has told me the dimming lights are "normal". Power also cuts off, then on, at unpredictable times, for reasons unknown. Power outs are consistent in that they occur, but not consistent in time they occur or predicable as to cause .
Ordinance and Law
I am in the process of getting estimates to repair my home after a house fire that occurred August 29, 2014. I have Additional Coverage for Ordinance/Law. The estimate that my PA and GA did does not include estimates for code upgrades. The GA response was "On the ordinance and law scope of repairs will not be known until you file your repair estimate with the City of Detroit. At that time the City will let us know what codes would be required if any. At that time we would include in the estimate and would not be paid until the repairs are incurred." But I have a Loss Settlement portion of my policy that states: the terms "cost to repair or replace" do not include the increased costs incurred to comply with the enforcement of any ordinance or law, except to the extent that coverage for these increased costs is provided in E11 Ordinance or Law under Section I.
Claim in Vermont
I had ice damage to my home. The adjuster that came out the works for my insurance company. He was barely here, inside and outside 10 minutes. They severely lowballed the damage as compared to the different contractors estimates. I have not signed anything because without my estimates in place yet, the adjuster emailed me the amount my insurance company will pay less the adjustments. Foremost, my pine floors are now warped and cracked. The adjuster put in for sanding the whole lower floors. My issue is that the contractors state the warping cannot be removed and the flooring must be replaced. My issue, is that I have severe MCS. I cannot live where there are fumes or out-gassing of any type. Indeed, I am disabled because of my severe MCS. The contractors found a manufacturer that does the finish at the factory with UV so there is no out-gassing. What do I do now?
Partial denial
in 2013 and 2014 I had emailed some photos of items/contents damaged in a room that got flooded by Hurricane Sandy. To my flood insurance carrier, Allstate. The items were toilet bowls and related parts that assemble to toilet bowls In a letter dated May 30-2014, From Allstate, it said that they denied payment for plumbing parts. They were not itemized. The items probably don't exceed $1,000. I am not concerned about that amount of money if suing expenses costs close to that later. However, is it still important to sue in order to preserve the right to sue. Is there more importance to the suit besides the dollar figure of the claim? Allstate had refused to process our claims for over eight months since the ones I emailed with a signed Proof of Loss. They refused because we did not sign a non-waiver agreement. Recently they closed the whole claim after FEMA took took the case.
House Restoration from garage fire - mismatched siding issue
Insurance company will only agree to replace the now-discontinued siding on two sides of our house that were affected by a garage fire. They updated my policy 3 weeks prior to our fire to state that they are not required to match siding. We live in Colorado. To avoid being left with mismatched siding, which I believe we can't have per our HOA rules, we will have to pay out of pocket. In our opinion, this essentially increases our deductible by thousands of dollars and feel this new policy unfairly burdens the insured. Do we have any recourse and are there recommendations actions? Thanks for any insight or advice!
I'm attemting to obtain copies of recorded conversation in regard to my vehicle accident for both myself and conversation in reference to my claim between adjuster and manager of the auto body shop.
I have a dispute with Allied Property & Casualty Company adjuster’s report of the cause of my vehicle accident. Allied never visually inspected the vehicle but only reviewed pictures taken by the body shop. Under CA Insurance Department requirements that Allied’s adjuster personally look at damage of vehicle. When I disputed the adjusters report he called the body shop manager. Allied assessment was only based on pictures and comments from conversation with the manager. The body shop manager told me that his conversation with the adjuster was different then the adjusters report. I 'm attempting to have the consumer services of CA Dept. of Insurance contact the manager for the actual conversation that he had. The mgr. is willing to review what the adjuster reported. I’m not certain if the Insurance Department will directly call the manager of the auto body shop.
State Farm house ins.
we have been w/state farm for 49+ yrs., Had two claims in less of five yrs on the home owners one was for $1,100.00 the other was $3,000.00, just received a termination letter, because of claims is this fair? we have always made our home ins. pymt. and been loyal to State farm, we also carry our auto with them.. what type of ins. would you recommend.. If we file a complaint it could take us as long as 2 yrs to get it settled, plus the paper work we would have to pay for....
The recovery process
10/2009 fire did $313,000 in damage to home. Insurance contractor’s estimate for $125,000, 8 supplements for $75,000, 22 months, plus Appraisal $16,000 after another 20 months, $97,000 short; personal property more of the same. Bank gave ⅓ of $200K, demanded ½ of $313K work done. Estimator’s photos show he downgraded and missed items installed. Appraisers requested estimate and supplements combined into one document, during which 69 line items were changed, 24 altered, 14 added and 31 missing. Appraisers used this document as base for their award. Appraisers made many questionable changes but they also zeroed out flooring materials, carpet and hardwood, but left declaration “per specs independent analysis”. Have Xactimate expert’s reports for above. Insured homeowner bankrupt but filed a pro per breach and fraud case. No attorneys, so far, willing to take the case. Laws inadequate.
Moisture mold claim process
MY HOA's insurance company is investigating a claim for water damage to my floors. The environmental study I had done indicated pervasive moisture and mold in the floors. The HOA insurance company now wants me to do the remediation so they can see more of what's under the floors. They have not cared about the mold and their employees previously, they say mold isn't covered in the policy so I have to pay for the remediation. If they want to open the floors for investigation, isn't dealing with the mold part just part of the process of tearing up the floors for investigation?
Insurance Process and Contractor evaluation
An insured motorist ran into my 1960's Rambler. Damage includes shifting of house on I-beam by ~1 inch, block damage on impact side requiring removal, cracks in mortal on opposite side, ceiling, cracks at doors, scratch on laminate flooring, etc... My problem: I am working with my insurance and they are responsive but does not want to meet until I find a contractor. The contractors they recommend wont provide scope of work as they want to work with adjuster to come up with scope. I dont want to hire someone that is not in congruence with my ideas of scope. I feel that I don’t want to argue with both my contractor and the adjuster. Am I out of line in this thinking? Am I being paranoid? Also, is it out of line to ask to see current working job site as well as references? How about expecting return emails in a timely fashion? Am I setting my bar too high?
DisabilityClaims Law Specialist on in Central Florida
I filed an ask the Expert on this site a week or two ago. Do you provide A referral svc to attys who have prevailed against Specific insurers ?
Public Adjuster contract cancelation
How do we properly cancel further representation in our 15 month old house fire claim by a particular Public Adjuster in California ? And properly notify our Insurance Company.
Interstate move (NY to Calif) of bench: I purchased additional insurance coverage from moving company. Carmack Amendment applies. I live in NY. Can I sue Ins.Co in small claims in Calif for bad faith?
Insurance company's client is the mover. The mover damaged the bench. Insurance company underpay the claim and delay payment. What are the duties and obligations of the Ins. Co. to me? (since their client is the mover who did the damage) Per Ins.Co in letter to me “letter “transportation documentation, we identified a full valuation limit of $35,000.00 with no deductible covering your shipment in transit.” Claim amount $6,500. Ins. Co. offer is unreasonable $850. Can I sue the Ins. Co. in Calif (or does it have to be in NY?) for bad faith? What are my rights with the Ins. Co.?
Homeowners insurance deductible
I have allstate insurance. a tree fell on our house. our homeowners policy has $2500 dedducible, but allstate is saying it is "wind and hail" damage with a $12500 deductible. It was a tree that damaged the house, not wind! Help!
under-insuranced on property- total loss from fire
Hello, Last week, my condo apartment (rental property) burnt down in a fire and I am finding myself extremely under-insured under Liberty Mutual ($10K dwelling and $4K loss of use- property cost $189K in 2004). This is financially devastating to me as I could end up paying out $50-$100K to rebuild and for loss of use as it may take 2 years to demolish and rebuild the structure. I feel blind-sided, as I know I lowered my premium a few years ago via a brief phone conversation with a sales assistant (not my agent), but I was never informed/warned about the risk or what this would mean in a total loss. I don't recall it ever being explained to me. I specifically remember the conversation going like, '...Does $138 fit your budget? Great.' I'd like to know if there is any recourse, or if the burden of proof is on me and too difficult to prove. thank you so much, Vivian
Insurance coverage (third party fault)
I was away for 3weeks and in my absence the building management company entered my apartment to do plumbing check up (there was an issue in the tower and I live on the fifth floor). They left hot water running and I have major damage to the property as well as everything inside apartment. In addition now we have mold everywhere. It looks like the condominium association insurance applies and my homeowner insurance covers damage to my belongings. My concern is that it will not be renovated properly to the state in which it was, and i loose home value as obviously insurance is interested in doing it cheap. It's clearly the fault of the building management company hired by the association of the building - I have all evidence that it their negligence led to this situation. . Even deductible I owe to my insurance should come from them, right? How best to proceed in this case, please advise.
Soil contamination and property loss.
My mother's house was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy. We discovered that her Allstate homeowners Insurance policy was dropped two weeks before Sandy because she did not have an auto included on the policy. We have evidence that the soil was contaminated 20 prior to Hurricane Sandy, at which time the house was insured. At the moment, we cannot proceed with our buyout because we need to remediate the soil beneath the house and cannot afford to pay for it out of pocket. We need to see if we can get insurance coverage for soil remediation being that the soil was contaminated while the policy was in effect. Any assistance you can give would be greatly appreciated.
Texas has guide lines for insurance damage, how do I find it?
I've had to use a public adjuster on a insurance claim in the past with great results. My problem was a leaky shower pan, Allstate allowed $1,200. After contacting the adjusted and 2 yrs. later, we finally settled for $21,000+. This was due to a insurance code in the state of Texas that stipulated the exact amount for each part of the damage. If you would guide me to this regulation/code I'd be very great full. We have a issue at the state legislature in session right now and would like to address this issue. They meet again in two years, so now is the best time.
Fire related loss
Our home was destroyed by fire. Lightening strike took out alarm system and burned house when we were away. Total loss, or very close to one. I am so happy to have found your website. Our insurance company is Amica. They have been very helpful. So far we are not planning to hire a public adjuster. How can I find a reputable forensic estimator in Northwest Connecticut to establish a scope of loss of the dwelling? Thank you.
House Fire and Replacement Furnace Code Violation
The furnace-hot water tank installed after the fire was installed wrong. The gas vent pipe goes down hill and condensation does not go to pump. Condensation collects at base of chimney and control box underneath all water pipes and chimney where moisture builds up. both the insurance company and the plumber refuse to fix the problem. And called plumber and he says the insurance company has not called them and will not come out until called by Fingerlakes Insurance, my home owners insurance company, Tom Ball agent. I contracted Fingerlakes insurance and they said I hired them and don't pay twice, but I only gave them the name and there contractor hired them. Each time I asked them to fix, the adjuster would always say yes or no and even told code officer, "I don't have to do things to code." Thus the furnace is running water on chimney/foundation supports; house foundation.
When disputing a homeowners claim for almost a year, can the insurance company require an Examination Under Oath after almost a year putting you in an expensive position of hiring an attorney to represent you with the Examination Under Oath?
I the insured homeowner opened a claim for roof damage caused by wind and rain, along with fallen tree branches hitting a portion on the roof causing shingles to blow off into the yard. Insurance company for 6 months refused to inspect the actual damaged area saying the roof has wear and tear with no storm related damages. We filed a complaint with the Department of Insurance, and during this time had several roofing contractors do an inspection, including one from a licensed fire and flood restoration company, that stated in the report that fallen tree limbs caused a problem. But the insurance company tried to say that the contractor changed what was written in the report to sweeping tree branches caused the damages which was untrue. The claim was denied again saying the roof had a rotted problems which is untrue. The policy was cancelled and now require the EUO. What can I do now?
Do you help with health insurance issues?
I have had a tremendous amount of difficulty with Blue Shield and the billing on my account. Their 3rd party billing on my account has been egregiously incorrect for some time...since March 1st, putting me in the rears which prevents my claims from being paid out. This occurred after I was awarded a credit when they arbitrarily canceled my policy with no notification back in September 2014 (my family was unknowingly without insurance for 3 months). I have contacted the Department of Managed Health Care. They were able to elevate my case to the grievance department within Blue Shield, but my account is still showing a horrendous past due amount of over $6500...I am actually paid up (and always have been) through the end of May with nothing owed until June 1st. I've been dealing with this on my own since March 1st with absolutely NO RESOLUTION TO DATE.
replacement on contents after fire
Is your attic contents considered replacement or storage contents which would be acv?
living experiences after fire
Are you supposed to get reimbursed for going to the grocery store while eating in the hotel because we didn't have money to eat out and are you supposed to get reimbursed for laundry mate or clothes you need to purchase?
replacement on home after fire.
We have replacement on our home and contents. We purchased a repo house instead of rebuilding. Insurance company does not want to give us our remainder money because we didn't go into debt of 115,000. We paid off burnt house & was suppose to go into debt for 115,000??? We replaced a house with a house so where would we stand on this?
insurance coverage categorization
Thank you for responding to the question Eeshoo. It does not let me respond so here are the answers; It states equipment "intended" for use in a business. The equipment is stuff that can be used uin a restaurant but we have no restaurant or deli! Thats like saying if I buy sheet metal inetnded to use to build a rocket ship does not mean I have a rocket ship. zLots of banner sign displays, oven, induction stove, salad bar. But I didnt know what I was going to do with it. I simply purchased it at a great price in hopes to have a use someday. We have a health foods store.
filing a liabilty property claims
live in a townhouse, fire started in adjacent unit, my property insurance had lapsed. can I file a claim against the owners insurance company where the fire started .The fire impacted 4 units with mine sustaining the most damage
One year deadline after fire loss is approaching - Can't get everything done in time
My parents' home was destroyed by fire. I lived with them along with my 3 children. We turned in an inventory list of 3000 items. The list was so hard to compile that we didn't get it turned in until 6 months after the fire. We received a check for the ACV from Country Financial. Our one year deadline will be May 19, 2015. Matching receipts has been a much harder job than expected, and I'm worried we can't make the deadline. My parents are aged 79 and 85. I'm realizing that they are not willing or able to finish their part of the list. They don't seem to understand how the process works and what they're entitled to. I'm taking 2 weeks of unpaid leave from my job to try to finish, but still not sure I can get it all done. Is it too late to ask for them to waive the contents itemization requirement? We're overwhelmed and worried.
Individual disability Denial Accident vs Sickness
Are there any cases lately in Florida with accident vs illness issues decided with cut off at 65 yrs old where several treating sub-specialists with far better credentials and independence from patient who is also specialist in area of injuries all agree with INJURY, and only FT pd UNUM employed Drs - general orthopedic and General Neurosurg said not sure or don't see it as accidental injury DESPITE OVERWHELMING evidence, with witnesses, emergency surgery after fall from ladder and earlier fall had progressed to disabled state and even Sickness theory has NO UNEQUIVOCAL support by UNUM docs, was NOT claimed until 3 1/2 YEARS AFTER disability onset. 35+ yr old policy even allows sickness first manifested while policy in force and no requirement for recently of sickness they claim potentially voiding Basis of cut off. Any Orlando pro bono Disab attys interested in better than McSharry case"?
My question concerns insurance liability in the follow instance. I am a renter in a high rise building in San Diego, CA. There was an overflowed toilet in my unit. I did not have renter's insurance in effect at the time so the landlord filed a claim.
I had a guest staying with me who used the toilet while I was out of the unit and it backed up but was not flooding. I was not made aware of the leaking for approximately 20 minutes until building security informed me there was a reported leak. At which point I shut off the main valve to the toilet stopping the overflow.There were two major contributing factors to the resulting flooding: (1) Defective toilet flapper valve. The flapper valve on the toilet failed to seat properly remaining in the full open position after use. (2) Drain blockage. Toilet paper had blocked the bowl from draining. Had only one of the two contributing factors happened there would have been no flooding. I am claiming that the damage was due to a direct mechanical failure of the plumbing system. The insurance company claims I am at fault and responsible to pay for the damage. Please advise. Thank you.
Gap in what we are offered and our true replacement cost
We had a house fire two months ago and lost our home and all of our possessions. We were told that we had a replacement policy on our home, but the gap between what we have been told that we are insured for and what the true cost of replacement for our home (based on bids from reliable builders) is nearly a $100K difference. We need advice on how to communicate with the insurance company. When we ask how the amount that they are offering us was derived, they keep saying that that is what we were insured for and that they are offering us the full limits on our policy. However there is no way we can rebuild our home for that amount. Several attorneys do not want to take the case because they say it would take too much work for too little help for us and we might as well save attorney's fees for our home. Do you have any advise for us on how we should proceed? Thanks.
Homeowner insurance policy
Had insurance for over 15 years put in my first claim for damaged roof insurance paid out 3,000 and told me to find someone to fix roof,I been with insurance all these years an paying on time first claim 3000 is not enough to fix roof or labor.
Paying for O.S.H.A.
What is helpful to get an insurance adjuster to pay for OSHA line items from Xactimate? These are costs associated with each individual claim. ie: harnesses, anchor points, safety watch.
Wanting to negotiate after receiving the "undisputed" payment
In the next week, we are expecting to receive an estimate for rebuilding our home which was lost in a fire in February. Our State Farm adjuster is completing this estimate and is telling us that it will be no problem to receive additional compensation after this initial payment if it turns out that it costs more to rebuild. We are planning to build a different (smaller) house so we are worried that it will be very difficult to get State Farm to provide any further compensation. We know that we should take the State Farm estimate and have a contractor or consultant give us an estimate but our adjuster is saying that we should just wait until we are rebuilding and if things turn out to be more expensive than estimated, we can come back to State Farm for more money. Really??? Could you explain this part of the process? Do we have any leverage during the meeting with the adjuster?
Home owners policy
We had a claim for hail damage - new roof and siding. My husband was a contractor so he did the work. I told the insurance company this from the beginning and asked for instructions on how to handle things. They told me to log our hours, keep receipts and send an invoice when we're done. I followed the instructions and now they're saying I was told the wrong thing and the price from their estimate is all they'll pay. I had an estimate from the contractor we would have hired if my husband didn't have time and it was about $6000 more. I'm not sure what to do now.
Fire Loss Claim
I live in Michigan and have a homeowners policy with an "incidental farming" rider on our policy that covers liability. I own and operate a small beef farm as a sole proprietor (20 or les cattle). We recently had a fire loss of a detached garage on our property. There were two tractors and a manure spreader lost in the fire. I have been told that these items may not be covered if they were used on my farm (business). Could this be true even if I am a sole proprietor and personally own the property? Thank you for your help.
We sent my mortgage company a check that was made out to both of us along with invoices for materials we purchased to start repairing our home. now they are telling me that they want to see some work done before they release anything. we need the money to pay for what has been purchased. My mortgage company is in Arkansas and I live in texas
Hurricane Katrina
My family lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. We had homeowners insurance with AAA Auto Club Family Insurance Company. My husband and I kept getting the run around so we had to get a lawyer to help us. Now 10 years later, 3 different law firms, we lived for almost 4 years in a FEMA Trailor we still are no closer to settling our claim. We were told it is too late for the insurance company to pay our claim. Our claim was never settled - it's like it fell through the cracks. My husband is an electrician (30+years) and I'm a public school teacher (over 26 years). We're not big money people but we deserve to have our case settled a long time ago. Thanks for any help you can give us.
I have ALE and the insurance company wants me to pay $631.00 and I only been in the hotel for one week. Do I have to pay the ALE this soon? I know I have to pay something, but wow. I am consulting with you, because this disaster has changed my life.
Settlement process on government move claim
Hello, We were moved by the government back to our home of record recently and are in the midst of settling with them on several items damaged in the move. One item is a significant cultural artifact made by a well-known artist from our state. Thus piece has been broken in two and in our culture, repair to this item is impossible as it breaks the spirit and thusly, the value of the piece. We are being told that because a High Value Inventory form was not completed (it was never offered), the maximum they can give us is $1500. When I questioned them that electronics and other items cost more than that, they came back with this form issue. We contracted a museum archivist to provide historical and cultural expertise on this item and she says in her "assessment of value" that these items are irreparable and the value to be between 20-35K. They want to settle for 4K which I wrote in form.
Recorded Statement
I provided the lease agreement and the copy of the checks that we paid rent to my adjuster, now he is asking me to record my statment about the owner of the property that we rented, the address, agent! I am not comfortable. I rented my aunt's condo because she was out of country and she let us use her furnished home. But I did not tell them this home is from my relative, now they are asking who is the owner of the house, and want me to give them the recorded statment. If I deny the recording what happened? Is this against the law that we rent from a relative? My husband is the beneficiary of my aunt? But she is well and alive, does this make a difference ? I don't believe we did something wrong, but he is saying if we don't give recorded statment they may open investigation. Please let us know what is our rights, and what should we do the date of the loss so 10/18/14.
Homeowners insurance cancellation
State Farm ins. has cancelled my homeowners policy effective Apr. 5 2015 because I bothered them with 2 claims last year. I have a townehome and share two common wall, on Sep. 30 2014 one next door neighbor had a connection to his kitchen faucet come loose in the middle of the night flooding his place mine and our other next door neighbor. Then 6 weeks later on Nov. 19 2014 my other neighbor on my other side had almost the same problem but this time it was caused by the contractors restoring his home. None of these incidents occurred in my home but State Farm and I was the victim both times and know I am being further victimized by State Farm by labeling me negligent. I have called around and nobody will insure me I have talked to two insurance brokers and one has failed to called back after taking all my information and am still waiting for information from the second broker. NEED HELP!
Kitchen fire claim not yet paid and can't live in house
Kitchen fire claim was low-balled 20% value by adjustor. Builder bids were all 6 figures and then they allowed only 50% value for funds applicable, but contradicted the adjuster appraisals that they used. Builder bids and contracts were not considered Arbitration not carried out Claim is almost 1 year old and paid 40% to date How do I Submit Supplement demand for good faith payment for fair settlement?
ALE. Verification
Would it be possible to get something official to show my adjuster pertaining to receiving mileage for going to look at modular home builders and added expense of winterizing our pressure tank at our fire damaged house so our farm animals could still get water over the winter when the house was no langer heated. I asked about this mileage and he said it was more of a fact finding trip and did not qualify. We live in Iowa and he said we could get mileage for additional mileage for trips to school, but before I present it I would like to know what the rate should be so I am ready. Our fire was jan 15. Thank you for any guidance you can give me.
House destroyed in fire, insurance offer is way below replacement bid. We don't have a public adjuster in AK that I know of.
Who can help us advocate for a fair settlement in our state? Alaska? We are in Fairbanks.
black mold due to leak in kitchen
We tried to replace our kitchen floor today. We had no idea we had a leak from our washing machine. There is black mold something awful. My husband has nonsmokers COPD. I have Multiple Sclerosis. Our kitchen can't be used. We own our home. Have for 13 years. Allstate insurance. Filed 2 claims. One a busted water heater that flooded a room downstairs. One for a roof and porch screens from tornado damage 8 years ago. My husband is afraid they'll drop us if we turn this in. I'm afraid for his health. We can't cook. I don't know the rules about what would cause cancellation. Our house is small. No way to get away from the mold smell. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you. Sincerely, Kelly Fisher
Home inventory after water damage
I am ready to fill out an inventory loss form from my insurance company in regard to inventory contents that was damaged by water leaking onto the contents due to a bathroom plumbing/toilet malfunction. Cannot describe/see eveything as very water damaged. Do I need to describe each item accurately if it is so water damaged that I cannot identify some items and can the ins. co. give me one lump some instead of itemizing each item, especially those almost beyond listing due to the water damage? Also, ins. adjuster did mention that ins. co. may forgo some of my deductible i must pay if some of the parts replaced by the plumber such a flange could be defective. How can I prove they are defective? I did save the old parts that were replaced.
Small house fire
We had a small chimney fire. This is the first time I've ever had to file a clam, or have had a house fire. I'm just trying to protect my self from the insurance company and just want the job to be done correctly. What I'm asking is what are the steps? There must be some,all anyone I've asked was call the insurance company. OK then what to protect my self. The insurance clams/adjuster(I'm not sure) will be out Friday. How much of can I clean up? Ive been told don't touch anything. We the wife and I, are still living in the home. Very little water and smoke damage, but what do I really know. Any advice on the steps would be greatly appreciated.
Homeowner Insurance Claim
Hello, We had a water damage in our house in Merrick (Long Island), New York on 12.23.2014 and we finally received an offer from the insurance company but we are totally overwhelmed with all the paper. My insurance company is Tower Group and we heard only horrible stories and truthfully they treated us really poorly and gave false information. Can you please advice me who I could contact to look over the paper in the New York- Long Island area and pay that advisor by the hourly rate. I contacted a couple of public adjuster to see if they could walk me through - one that he is not interested and the other said he will charge a 5 percent of the total claim and he would fight for more money. At this point we a willing to settle to get the house back in order which is unliveable at the moment. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Iris & Pat
lender payoff
I'm confused about whether/how to payoff our loan after a complete home loss in the Feb 6, 2015 Round Fire in CA. The lender's Loss Center has not been able to provide an answer on this question, apparently in part because we don't have an Actual Cash Value estimate on the home yet from the insurance co. (we do have extended replacement). We do have a payoff check from the insurance co. made out to my wife, the lender, and me, but we are still holding it. We're still making house payments, and we will probably rebuild. Shouldn't the lender be demanding this check (~60% of home equity) as we no longer have the house as collateral? I've been surprised and confused about lack of demand/guidance from the lender. It sounds as if it is better to maintain the mortgage if possible rather than paying off the existing mortgage and getting a contsruction loan, but I'm unclear on this.
House in forclosure, bank held insurance, 100% loss in fire. What are my rights?
My house was in forclosure due to a divorce, I was negotiating a Deed in Leiu of forclosure, but last week it burned to the ground. 100% loss of structure and contents. My personal belongings were not covered, only the house. The house was vacant but not empty. I owe about $130K, the bank insured it for 380K. What should I expect will happen? will my debt be paid to the bank? Will I still own the land?
Mold under Kitchen Cabinet and Cabinet repair-Taking over 8 months
I had a leak under my kitchen sink which caused mold growth. It was mitigated right away. However, it has taken 8 months to replace the cabinets. The cabinets finally came in and they were not put in right, they are not the right color and the doors were damaged. I put in a call to my insurance company and they were supposed to set up their adjuster and the company to come back out to look at it to assess. That was two weeks ago. They were supposed to call to set up an appointment and have not. I had another contractor out since to look at what these people did and he said it was terribly put it. What are my rights? Do I have to pay? Do I need to start looking for a lawyer...they just keep passing me off.
unfair claim handling
an insurance claim I have ongoing with the company I have my house insured with its been ongoing now since last October and I just think they are treating me so unfair am still sitting the same way I was the day I put the claim in,
large loss CSAA fire california
I read that State Farm was cited for 78 violations on personal property inventory depreciation. CSAA was also named. Can a person get the specific detail on CSAA? We are in a claim with them. They used CIS. We have to do our personal inventory. It is a daunting task. Do people every ask for a lump sum. thankyou
tree removal large loss fire AAA insurer
We had 8 scorched trees on the property (dead or dying). AAA gave us 500 per tree the total of 4000. We had the trees taken down. The cost was 4800 and we paid additionally. The trees are going to be hauled away by someone who wants the trees. The roots are still there near the previous foundation. We got an estimate of 2000 for the excavator to remove the roots. We asked AAA if this could be provided to us because the work is related to prepping the property for building. You cannot have a root next to the foundation. We feel it is work necessary before you put in foundation. This is an excellent price for excavator to out the roots. Many of the roots are 3 feet in diameter. What is AAA responsibility. They are saying it is restoring the land and they are not responsible. THank you
Dispute - Change from full replacement to ACV
Hello, My rental property was recently damaged by a hail storm and according to my agent (Allstate) I only have ACV (actual cash value) coverage. Apparently when I switched the policy from residential to a landlord policy they dropped (and don't offer) full replacement. When I switched to the new policy no one communicated to me that it was less coverage and I certainly didn't expect less coverage given that the policy premium went up. Do you think I have an argument for them to cover the full replacement cost? The house has a very expensive clay tile roof and their claim doesn't even cover half the cost once they take out depreciation. Thanks for your time.
Can I keep savings from Primary Dwelling Damage Statement payments?
I am in San Diego, California. An SUV was driven into the the roof of my house destroying a portion of the roof and two walls. A contractor, recommended by the insurance adjuster, has submitted a Scope of Work estimate, created from Xactimate. The Scope of Work was accepted by my insurance claims rep and I have received checks covering the amount of the Scope of Work estimate, less depreciation and deductable, to be recovered later. Reviewing the Scope of Work I find three items that are way over the actual cost to repair. If I get the contractor to reduce the price for these items, would I have to return the savings to the insurance company?
Large Homeowners Insurance Claim & Depreciation Release
Hi, We had extensive water damage in Dec 2013 due to a frozen sprinkler system. Insurance estimate stood at $30 - 40K, a fraction of the $210K estimate from our contractor for 6 months. After 4 property inspections we threated to hire an attorney after which they suddenly approved the estimate from our contractor in full. Later they verbally agreed to a hotel stay when our lease was terminated but declined payment once the bills were submitted (totaling to ~$3.5K!). Now they have heavily depreciated our relatively new personal contents. A Dacor wall oven and microwave, which were in excellent shape, are depreciated at 60%, all the tax is withheld, installation/ delivery charges are not paid. Basically the ACV for a $5.5K was $1.6K! On submitting the invoice they still wont pay until it's installed 2 months later as we will be traveling. I am furious after 1.5 yrs of haggle. Help please!
earthquake insurance and auto insurance
I have basic earthquake insurance for both my primary residence and my rental. The policy deductible is 57k and the value is 640k. Afterwards, I would have 380k for dwelling, 5k for personal property, 1.5k for loss of use, and other building code upgrades 20k. The amount is 147.00. I know that is inexpensive, but I always hear that it is not really worth it to have this insurance. On the vehicle, my agent just talked me into increasing my bodily injury limits on each person 250k and each accident 500k. It just sounds like they are always trying to get more money out of me. I am about to look around and compare costs now to change companies entirely. I have State Farm right now. My question on this, is just, what do you recommend on amounts for bodily injury limits please? Thank you so much!
stolen personal property
Hello, My house got burglarized and took my safe with about $ 50,000. worth of Jewelry and collectible coins. According to my insurance per my policy I can only recover $3900.00 of it. Is there any exceptions or language on my policy that I can recover more. I need help. please email me back Thank you.
Claim assistance after fire - Contents lists and valuation
18 months after the Black Forest fire (total loss) I have submitted my first pass at our contents list. I have received extensions to this point and now have until July, 2015. We were paid 60% of our total contents coverage upfront - no list. We submitted a list of nearly 1000 lines in Excel with the best valuations that we could. Farmers devalued and depreciated that down by a whopping 60%. I travel constantly for a living and time is a problem (as well as expertise). It seems obvious to me that I am not doing this well, therefore I *think* I need to pursue professional help with this part of my claim. I see that there are "sponsors" that do this sort of work - but UP apparently does not do recommendations. How should I go about selecting a professional company/individual to help us with this part of our claim? Thanks.
Length of time I have to