I live in the northeast, and in February of 2013, water pipes burst in our sun room, which is an addition to the original house. In August of 2013, the sun room collapsed as it got pulled out from the side of the house and essentially the room is collapsed. My experts tell me that the water froze into ice and the ice caused the separation. The insurance company, Bunker Hill Insurance, hired Aegis Engineering of Weymouth, MA, and they came back and said the failure occurred as a result of long term corrosion of nails fastening the ledger board to the concrete wall. We opened the flooring and yes, while some nails have rust on them, the nails are solid and structurally sound. We hired a public adjuster and went at the claim from another angle, "collapse", which is something we're insured against. The insurance company came back and said the floor is not collapsed, but in a "state of collapse", meaning it has further to go and it is therefore not covered. We then removed all the flooring and brought the insurance adjuster and their "expert" back to look at exactly the cause of the separation of the sun porch from the house and the insurance company again denied the claim, saying their original position remains unchanged. Total damages are 30 to 35 thousand. We haven't filed any small claims or any frivolous claims and have paid the insurance company faithfully for 15 years. What advice do you have for me? I've started speaking to an attorney. I would like to resolve this quickly. The room is unusable. It is now going on 7 months.

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