Hello, we had a very large apartment fire occur right behind our house. We share a common fence line with the apartment complex but we both have separate fences (One six foot fence and one 12 foot high fence). The tenants of the apartments along with the fire department cut and tore down their fence along with two of my fences to create an evacuation route for the tenant and their cars. They drove through the hole in the fences through my back yard out to the front yard into the street. I understand completely why they did this but question the location. As just down the fence line 40 yds. or so was a part of the fence that dumped right out into the street. They destroyed two of my fences along with the grass from the front to back. The fire department is immune to any liability and the apartment complex is blowing me off and will not give me the name of their liability insurance provider. So, I feel really stuck and am not sure what to do and can’t afford my premium on my own insurance or to pay out of pocket for the repairs. More importantly I do not think it is reasonable or fair for me to have to pay for this. Thank you any advice would be appreciated.

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