Well the saga continues. We submitted our list of lost items a month ago. It contained what we could remember and we listed make/model numbers and price mostly from Amazon as we couldn't go out and find all this in stores. Now they are telling us we have to submit to an examination under oath about the list. The first adjuster assigned to us told me to just get as close as I could and not worry about being exact. Am I allowed to say that an item is probably not exactly what I had...I listed as close as I could get? And, to add to the ordeal...they sent a letter stating that because the estimates from the builders said the house could be rebuilt in 4 months...they will no longer accept any loss of use claims as it is our fault the house has not been built yet. It took them until the end of December to answer us about what "equivalent structure" meant as we were under-insured by over $50k on the estimates! I have no energy left...this has been a nightmare. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

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