My home recently burnt, and it was a total loss, the mortgage co. say i owe more than what the policy will pay, I got the insurance when i got this loan, to cover the full amount, an i have pain on my mortgage for 8 years,... can they do this to me? I cant even get them to stop charging interest till we can get this figured out...I owe 39,147.00, My original loan was 30,000...they are charging me 4% everyday now on the 39,000, please help me... totally lossed on this. Thank you.
West Virginia

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Amy Bach

Amy Bach has been a professional advocate for insurance policyholders since 1984 and an attorney since 1989. She co-founded United Policyholders in 1991 and serves as the organization's Executive Director and primary spokesperson; shaping and overseeing the Roadmap to Recovery™, Roadmap to Preparedness, and Advocacy and Action programs. She is a nationally recognized expert on insurance claim and legal matters; frequently interviewed in print and broadcast media, and the author of numerous publications including "The Disaster Recovery Handbook", "WISE UP: The Savvy Consumer's Guide to Buying Insurance" and consumer tips and guides in the UP Claim Help Library.  Recognized by Money Magazine as a Money Hero, Bach is in her eighth consecutive term as an official consumer representative to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, and is a member of the Federal Advisory Committee on Insurance.