A insured driver sped down my road. Missed the curve, went airborne, landing at my front door. I am having to deal with HER company, not my own. They are not forthcoming or helpful at all. I have finally resolved construction issues. They won't give me any information besides "send a list" on contents. Additionally I either injured,or further injured a former knee injury as I frantically ran around up and down stairs and the hill I live on in the middle of the night with glass everywhere. By second day after accident I couldn't walk. Former knee injury was never anything like this. I thought it would get better. It didn't. I don't want to claim personal injury or get attorney as I didn't go to the doctor right away. I had to lift a large piece of sheetrock over my head to cover the hole the night of the accident as well as go down the stairs one last time and drag boards back up to the front to block the hole from the outside. I knew my knee was hurt. I just expected it to feel better in a day or two. I live halfway down a large hill. My front porch is totally gone. To leave my house, feed my dogs, go outside period, I have to go down stairs. No one could get in or out of the front door. Period. The porch was gone. I was lucky to have a friend come stay with me because I could not do the stairs for weeks. When I vacation I pay 50$ a day for a petsitter. My friend has taken care of pets, cleaned house, bought groceries, etc...for weeks. She has to drive further to work, and I'm also paying utilities, food etc... for her to stay with me. (I live alone with cats, litterboxes, dogs, and a pond.) Can I claim any out of pocket costs I've incurred due to this accident? I've had to go into savings. Additionally, I had a knee that might hurt every once in a while. Now I'm in PT and have surgery coming up. The company has stonewalled, delayed estimates, didn't even come look at the house (with a hole through the wall to my basement) after they received call Wednesday evening. They sent adjuster finally the following Monday. Worries about foundation meant they sent construction company the next day. They told me not to get any outside estimates until I received theirs first. It took them over 2 weeks, and lots of calls from me going up the chain to get their first estimate. It's been a nightmare. I need to know what is covered because they won't tell me. I have paid people to help me move contents because of my knee as well. Safeco basically told me I'm not 'their' customer. I don't know what to really look up on the site because I don't know what auto liability the driver had. I don't know the coverage because it's not my policy. I did contact my own homeowners. They told me to work with driver's company, and if I wasn't pleased to file with them. But I know if I file a claim with my own homeowner's my policy will increase... I'm trying to leave them out of it. Home repairs are now handled. I'm still finding broken contents. I've asked repeatedly if there is a form, what paperwork is needed, etc... And I haven't been up to running around shopping for "like" items. I don't know if there's a category for the personal expenses I've incurred because I've been unable to do very much due to my knee. Many people told me Safeco would take care of everything because it was their driver's fault. Others told me to get an attorney. I think I should have, but it's too late now. I'd like to cover expensed incurred due to this accident. I'm not trying to recover medical fees. But I was able to take care of my home before the accident. I haven't been able to do normal activities since. Can you direct me to any helpful information or give me any advice? Thank you so much! I live in Georgia, as did the driver. My best friend owned an insurance agency so I have NEVER dealt with any details in this area. Unfortunately, she died in 2011. I am pretty clueless about insurance.

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Amy Bach

Amy Bach has been a professional advocate for insurance policyholders since 1984 and an attorney since 1989. She co-founded United Policyholders in 1991 and serves as the organization's Executive Director and primary spokesperson; shaping and overseeing the Roadmap to Recovery™, Roadmap to Preparedness, and Advocacy and Action programs. She is a nationally recognized expert on insurance claim and legal matters; frequently interviewed in print and broadcast media, and the author of numerous publications including "The Disaster Recovery Handbook", "WISE UP: The Savvy Consumer's Guide to Buying Insurance" and consumer tips and guides in the UP Claim Help Library.  Recognized by Money Magazine as a Money Hero, Bach is in her eighth consecutive term as an official consumer representative to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, and is a member of the Federal Advisory Committee on Insurance.