If you own property in suburban or rural California and are worrying about keeping or paying for your home insurance in today's increasingly limited and expensive marketplace, United Policyholders has put together current and accurate information to help you shop and deal with the situation. As of fall, 2020, there aren't many companies selling home insurance in fire-prone areas, and coverage is getting more expensive and limited:


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Please watch this August 2020 online webinar featuring top experts:

 Keeping Your Home Protected When Options Are Limited

The webinar features nationally recognized insurance consumer advocate Amy Bach, California Department of Insurance Senior Advisor Joel Laucher and Independent Insurance Agent and CA Fair Plan rep Phil Irwin.  Together they offer practical advice to navigate today's difficult insurance market. Watching this video will help you learn what you can do to make your home more resistent to damage and qualify for preferred pricing, what to do if your insurance company drops you, and what resources are available to help you find affordable, coverage through a financially strong insurance company.


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