Cliff Merritt has taken applications for 300 loans in the past two weeks at his small Louisiana bank.

It’s not that the economy or housing market in Vidalia has suddenly picked up. Rather, people worried about levees failing along the swollen Mississippi River have found a way to beat a mandatory 30-day waiting period and get instant flood insurance by taking out mortgages on their properties.

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency is making sweeping reforms to the nation's flood insurance program in the wake of a series of critical reports on NPR and the PBS series Frontline. But lawmakers say this isn't enough when private insurance companies are profiting millions of dollars from a program that is already $23 billion in debt.
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Steep mountains, narrow valleys and a deadly train of storms came together in West Virginia  to cause the horrendous flooding that killed 23 people last week, forced thousands to evacuate and destroyed or damaged thousands of homes and businesses.