After reviewing a brief filed by Insurance
Commissioner Dave Jones and
an amicus brief filed by United
Policyholders this spring, the California Court
of Appeal flatly rejected a lawsuit filed by the
Association of California Insurance Companies
that tried to overturn regulations designed
to reduce the homeowners underinsurance
problem in the Golden State. Kudos to
volunteer Ivo Labar for writing a brief for UP
that drew praise from CDI’s General Counsel
Adam Cole and helping bring about a good
result for policyholders on a problem UP has
labored long and hard to solve. And as reported
in our April 2012 Advocacy and Action email
UPdate, thanks to volunteer Alan Van Etten,
we scored two very significant amicus wins this
spring in the Hawaii Supreme Court. One was
in a case involving long term care insurance, the
other involved title insurance. For details see the
full Amicus UPdate in this issue.

Published date: 
August, 2012