EQ Buying Tips and Preparedness Resources

Is Earthquake Insurance Right For You?
Doing the math to find out if buying it is the right financial decision for you. 

The Big One and The Big Question: Earthquake Insurance: To Buy or Not to Buy...?
What to consider when weighing the pros and cons of buying earthquake insurance

Earthquake Insurance Shopping Resources
Shopping options for homeowners

Earthquake Insurance for Renters
Shopping options for renters 

Earthquake Insurance for Condos
This link is to the CEA's brochure on Earthquake Insurance for Condos/Townhouses
Use the Earthquake Insurance Shopping guide below to compare companies.

The Most Practical Ways to Prepare for an Earthquake
Simple steps you can take depending on the availability of time and money

Shopping Guides

Earthquake Insurance Shopping Guide
A tool to compare prices and features of earthquake insurance 

Renters Insurance Shopping Guide
A tool for renters to compare prices and features of earthquake insurance

Links and Resources

The Institute for Business and Home Safety
Enter your zip code to get general information on the risks in your area

United States Geological Survey
Nationwide Earthquake risk information from the United States Geological Survey

Association of Bay Area Governments
Bay Area specific information on earthquake preparedness and retrofitting (damage prevention in advance)

American Red Cross
Preparedness information for your family, home and workplace

Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country
A useful guide to making your home earthquake safe

For information on earthquake claims and damage repair, click here.