If you face an obstacle that you cannot overcome by yourself, you may want to consider hiring professional help.  If you do not find information on your issue below, send an e-mail to info@uphelp.org and UP staff will find additional resources to help you troubleshoot your insurance claim problem.

bullet Fire Insurance Claim Tips for California Residents
bullet Depreciation Basics
bullet Effective Claim Complaints 
bullet Mortgage Issues 
bullet Underinsurance 101
bullet Examinations Under Oath 
bullet Your Insurance Legal Rights as a Property Owner in California
bullet Protecting Your Legal Rights at the One Year Anniversary 
bullet Summary of Legal Deadlines During the Claim Process
bullet Response Deadlines for Insurers in California 
bullet Dropped by your insurer – Where to go for help 
bullet A Policyholders Guide to Mediation 
bullet Reimbursement for Claim Preparation Expenses

Where to go for help:

If you have an face an obstacle that you cannot overcome by yourself, you may want to consider hiring a professional help. If your loss involves a large sum of money, you may need to hire a lawyer or public adjuster to get a full and fair settlement. And, hiring clean up and repair contractors who know how to put their estimates in a format that insurers can process will help you avoid snags in settling your claim. Insurance companies have expert lawyers and claim professionals on their side. You are entitled to the same.

bullet Getting Help From the CA. Dept. of Insurance (pdf)
bullet Hiring Professional Help
bullet California State Agency Help
bullet How to Reach Your Elected Officials (pdf)
bullet California Department of Financial Institutions (pdf)
bullet Organizing in Carrier Specific Groups (pdf)

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