July 10, 2020


Through our Roadmap to Preparedness and Advocacy and Action programs, United Policyholders is continuing to work hard to help the thousands of California households that are struggling to keep their homes properly insured at a price they can afford and with a company they can count on. 

We are:

- Publishing and updating written...

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May 21, 2020

A record number of Americans are in dire financial straits and relying on charitable sources for their meals.  The food banks and meal delivery services providing those meals are non-profit businesses. 

So is United Policyholders and the many partners we work with to provide free services to disaster...
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May 13, 2020


Insurance benefits should be the primary source of funds for people and businesses to make repairs after adversity strikes. Unlike government aid that's contingent on submitting an application, meeting eligibility criteria, waiting/processing time and taxpayer dollars, insurance funds are paid-for benefits that can be collected promptly.  Funds that are made possible by our private insurance system through which large numbers of...

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May 12, 2020

The Restoring Insurance Safetynets Coalition (RISC) is a national initiative launched by United Policyholders in 2020.  The purpose of this initiative is to reverse the trend of insurance policy re-writes that are shrinking coverage for damage to homes. These re-writes are dangerously eroding insurance safety nets that homeowners are paying for and expecting to be able to rely on when disaster strikes. They are causing a ripple effect of harm to...

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April 8, 2020

David Goodwin receiving an award from UP for volunteer serviceIn a time when U.S. businesses are turning to courts across the U.S. to enforce their rights to insurance protection for COVID-19 losses, the...

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