March 19, 2020

Sorry we're closed but still awesome

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March 6, 2020


United Policyholders is providing Roadmap to Recovery services to people and businesses impacted by the recent Nashville Tornadoes.  Thanks to our newest volunteer, Nashville VOAD officer Gary Ward, our Guides are being distributed at official help centers in the region.  Our Roadmap to Recovery help library is up and running and we'll be keeping it updated.  Thanks to volunteer ...

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March 4, 2020

Consumers buy home insurance where legally required AND for the peace of mind of knowing that if adversity strikes, the policy will generate money to deal with whatever that adversity is.  They don't sit around thinking up doomsday scenarios of every possible event that could damage or destroy their home and run every one of them by their insurers to confirm they'd be covered.  They trust the professional that is selling them insurance and believe the promises insurers make in their ads. But of course, insurance policies virtually never cover "whatever...

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October 30, 2019

It is not uncommon for people to break down in tears after getting a notice that their home insurer is dropping them as a customer.  In some cases it's tears of frustration that they paid all that money for insurance they never used, or tears of betrayal (I was loyal to them, why did they break up with me - what did I do wrong?).  Some people just feel panicked about shopping and the prospect of having to pay more than they can comfortably afford.  Some people just get angry. 

Our advice for California property owners:  If your home insurer drops you, start...

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September 19, 2019


Home insurance policies typically limit the amount of time you have to collect all available replacement cost and loss of use/ALE benefits, and to file a lawsuit.  

Your insurance company is legally required to provide you with written notice 60 days before any deadline or benefit expiration they want to enforce.  CA Code of Regulations 2695.7(f). That includes deadlines for submitting proof of the value of your losses and “statutes of limitations” (lawsuit filing deadlines). The notice must...

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