March 5, 2019

UP weighed in today with a letter to Florida state lawmakers to urge their no votes on three bills that will gut policyholder protections in that state if enacted as written.  House Bill 301, Senate Bill 714House Bill 751.

Honorable Florida lawmakers:

Our non-profit organization speaks on behalf of the millions of Florida home and...

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February 12, 2019


Some leaders in the financial services community work hard to weaken consumer protection regulations and the agencies that enforce them.  But it clear from recent history (2008) that the American economy works much better when financial consumer protections are in place and being enforced.

UP is among 80 organizations that co-signed a letter strongly opposing a proposal to seriously weaken the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's...

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January 22, 2019


Generally speaking, home insurance companies are free to pick which homes they want to insure and which they don't.  There has been an explosion in tech tools that insurance companies can use to assess risks and decide who and what they are willing to insure and how much they will charge to sell policies and meet their business goals.  Drones, GPS technology, data mining, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics are making it easy for insurance companies to be far more calculated than they had been about their decisions on the types of buildings, people and...

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December 18, 2018

So many home foundations are crumbling in the state of Connecticut that the legislature passed a special law sealing their records, in part to protect their ongoing efforts to secure insurance coverage to help cover repairs and prevent collapse, damage and injuries.  The widespread problem has gotten extensive media attention and the state's highest Court will hear arguments today (Dec. 18th, 2018) in three related cases against various insurers that have rejected property owner claims to cover repairs.

UP weighed in one of the cases, and the issue has been covered...

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December 3, 2018

Disasters strain insurer's claim-paying capacity in situations where they have alot of customers in the impacted region that all make claims at the same time. 

The vast majority of insurers have enough money on hand to pay their claims after disasters, thanks to regulations that require them to maintain adequate funds in reserve to meet their obligations. But a large catastrophic event can cause some insurers to run out of money.  In insurance lingo, this is known as "insolvent".  There are also regulations that protect the customers of an insurer that goes insolvent...

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