July 16, 2015

With surprising (and sad) frequency, United Policyholders hears from senior citizen victims of unfair insurance practices.

And as hard as it is for me to understand businesses and people that intentionally take advantage of the elderly - let alone those who lose their homes in disasters...its a common occurrence. That's why Americans should feel fortunate that we have a civil justice system that can deliver remedies in these types of situations. And that is why the contingency fee system is so critically important to consumers - especially low income seniors.  


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June 23, 2015

Why would flood insurance adjusters underpay claims when they get paid a percentage of settlement amounts?  Doesn't that give them an economic incentive to pay higher settlements to increase the fee they earn?  These questions come up after every flood disaster.  These questions have been on many people's minds since the Sandy engineering scandal broke.

The simple answers are:  No, because they make more money by what's known in the biz as "running and gunning" (closing the file and moving on to the next one). And, because of the unwritten industry rule that...

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June 10, 2015

We love New York.  That's why we and our Superstorm Sandy survivor base are pulling out the stops to support legislative reforms this legislative session and are saying: Come on New York! Step up into the 21st century and give your citizens who spend their hard earned money on insurance the same rights and leverage that people in other states have to hold an insurer accountable for paying what's owed on a claim.   This legislative session there are two bills that would work - S29A...

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April 22, 2015

Insurance has always been a big deal to loss victims, disaster survivors, and needless to say, United Policyholders.  To the rest of the world...not so much.  

As to paying for insurance policies that are optional, consumers can just say no, not buying. End of story.  But as to insurance policies that are legally mandatory:  Auto, Home, (if a home has a mortgage) and Flood (if a property is in a flood zone and has a mortgage), and certain types of business insurance, it's another story entirely.  What happens to a driver who can't afford auto insurance?...

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April 7, 2015

Some of you may remember the kid's song: "I knew an old lady who swallowed a fly...” The Sandy scandal that the National Flood Insurance Program is digging out of reminds me of that song.  An engineer hired by an IA.  A WYO hired the IA.  The WYO was hired by the NFIP.  Congress created the NFIP.  It's no surprise that an acronym soup designed by committee doesn't taste good.  The scandal? An engineer blew the whistle on a play we've seen before: Strategic claim adjusting aimed at minimizing/underpaying/avoiding paying for damage.  To the consumers harmed...

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