June 29, 2018


Liability insurance is considered such an essential protection in our society that anyone who drives is required by law to buy it in every state except New Hampshire. Renters and homeowners buy it. Businesses buy it. Why? Because accidents happen, people get hurt, property gets destroyed and the victims need compensation.

People and businesses in the United States pay insurance companies alot of money for liability coverage.  Liability insurance consumers big and small deserve the protection they pay for.  So when I was invited to be one of the Advisers to...

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June 4, 2018



Organizations to host insurance forum for residents affected by lava flows

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May 24, 2018
The California State Senate Insurance Committee
Insurance funds can and should fuel an individual's or business' ability to repair, rebuild and regain financial health after a disaster. But as our surveys show, these funds don't always flow as they should. Overly detailed proof requirements, bureaucratic delays, confusing depreciation and unreasonably short deadlines create obstacles that get in the way of successful recovery for far too many disaster survivors. So after past disasters in many parts of the United States, United Policyholders has...
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May 4, 2018

Wildfire survivors in regions throughout California are using UP's guidance on how to remedy the fact that they are grossly underinsured.  Upon learning that assurances they'd gotten and relied upon from insurers, agents and brokers that their homes were adequately insured were untrue - these homeowners are looking for answers, and remedies. 

UP is doing our best to answer individual questions and stay on top of the many court and legislative developments related to this battleground.  Policyholders need to be able to hold insurers and their sales representatives to...

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March 23, 2018

Congress has again reauthorized, not reformed the National Flood Insurance Program in another in a series of short-term extensions that began in September, 2017 when the program expired.

FEMA instituted some reforms of it's own via the agency notice/rulemaking process and will be accepting public comment until June...

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