January 14, 2018

It’s hard enough thinking about what things we would, or did, grab when our houses were threatened. It’s another to have to remember everything — every pot, every package of food and every keepsake — that was left behind when our houses were lost.

Then imagine having to take time every day proving the existence of those items and...

January 11, 2018

As the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is set to hear arguments in a coverage dispute between Office Depot and AIG, an amicus curiae brief was filed by nonprofit United Policyholders. 

The dispute stems from AIG’s denial of...

January 10, 2018
Courts around the country are set to grapple with critical coverage issues under directors and officers insurance policies in 2018, including at what point a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission investigation triggers coverage and when an insurer can withhold consent for a policyholder's settlement.
Here, Law360 breaks down three key D&O cases that will...
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January 8, 2018


Debra Salem-Drake was packing to evacuate  as a wildfire moved within a half-mile of her Ventura home when she got a surprising call. Her insurance company was offering to come spray her home with fire-blocking gel...for free. 

It was Dec. 5, the second day of the disastrous Thomas Fire, which went on to burn more than 1,000 structures, mostly homes, and more than 440 square...

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January 7, 2018

When the overnight firestorm raged through Santa Rosa in October, nothing in the three-bedroom house at 1445 Starview Court survived.

“Nothing,” said homeowner Holly Webb. “It’s all gone.”

And so, Webb was stunned when State Farm told her that getting the full $237,000 listed on her insurance policy for the contents of her home will...

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January 4, 2018
California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones today released a report on the growing problem of homeowners fire insurance availability and affordability in many areas throughout the state. The report recommends needed changes in law-the legislature...
January 4, 2018
Courts across the country are primed to grapple with critical insurance issues in 2018, including whether email-based theft schemes trigger computer fraud coverage and whether policyholders must foot the bill for pollution claims in years insurance was unavailable for those risks.
Here, Law360 breaks down significant cases insurance attorneys will be tracking in...
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January 2, 2018


Two days before Christmas, Oakland hills resident Anil Prasad got a letter in the mail saying his longtime home insurance wouldn’t be renewed, citing his property’s location “in an ineligible brush area.”

The company offered to reinstate his policy but said it wouldn’t cover damage from fires, lightning, windstorms, hail, explosions, riots, civil commotion, aircraft or vehicle...

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December 21, 2017

State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones on Thursday urged insurance companies to provide North Bay fire victims up to 100 percent of their personal property coverage limits without requiring them to fill out a detailed inventory.

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December 18, 2017

California homeowners and regulators have a new fear about wildfires ravaging the state: that insurers will drop coverage.

Massive, out-of-season fires in northern and southern California are causing billions of dollars in claims and challenging expectations of when and where to expect blazes. State law gives insurers more leeway to drop coverage than to raise rates, and some are taking...

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