January 12, 2011

Grass is beginning to grow on the vacant sites where homes once stood
four months after the fatal San Bruno explosion and fire, leading
residents to consider restarting their lives but some may have questions
about the details of construction.

January 12, 2011

Life insurance is an important monetary investment, and you don’t want to buy an unsuitable policy or discover that you’ve purchased too much or too little. But if the fear of making a bad life insurance decision is stalling your effort, know that ...

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January 11, 2011

Raúl and Laura Zamora, like many homeowners in the Crestmoor neighborhood who were affected by the Sept. 9 fire, still haven’t been able to figure out how they’re going to move forward. 

January 11, 2011

When your car battery dies or you get a flat tire, having a roadside assistance plan can be a godsend. Car insurance companies generally...

January 11, 2011


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Bach, United Policyholders, (415) 393-9990


January 10, 2011

Karen Reimus bought her Southern California home just four months before the flames from the massive Cedar Fire consumed it in 2003.

Reimus and her husband, both lawyers, had been careful to choose a good insurance policy, one they believed would cover the full cost of replacing their home. So the couple was surprised to find themselves underinsured when their new home was reduced to...

January 10, 2011


One company offers policies covering the pipes that bring water to homes for $4.95 a month, but the exclusions are so broad that homeowners could be stuck with the bill for just about all repairs.

Thousands of California homeowners recently received official-looking letters from a company called Home Emergency Insurance Solutions informing them that they face the prospect...

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January 5, 2011
When dogs bite people, insurers often pay. But what happens when bed bugs bite?
Bed-bug infestations in the United States have multiplied at an alarming rate in recent years.
A recent survey of almost 1,000 pest exterminators found that 95% of the firms had dealt with a bed-bug infestation in the past year. That was up from 25% of firms in surveys conducted before 2000...
January 3, 2011

Some residents who lost
their homes in the Fourmile Canyon fire are telling horror stories about
trying to get their insurance companies to reimburse them for the full
cost of their belongings and rebuilding their homes.

January 3, 2011

LITTLE ROCK, AR - It's disaster season; do you know where your insurance
policy is? Think your odds of disaster are low so you don't need to
really worry about what's covered? You're not alone. A recent survey
shows a lot of us don't have any idea what's insured, or what to do when
we need that policy's protection. But experts warn we need to find out,