May, 2020 Spread the word about our COVID-19 Loss Recovery Library
Our COVID-19 Loss Recovery library is designed to help small businesses collect all available insurance benefits to offset their losses and get back on their feet. Just as we help individuals after...Read more
Getting organized April, 2020 SIPping lemonade -TCB*
We all know the bad news. The good news is you may have time to take care of tasks that have long been pushed to the bottom of your "to do" list. Getting your insurance records in order and...Read more
cute baby March, 2020 Oh and maternity care
What to expect (from your insurance company) when you're expecting When you bring your new baby home, the last thing you should have to worry about is the hospital bill. So before your due date, find...Read more
medical professional with clipboard February, 2020 How to Get Your Insurer to Cover Treatment for an Eating Disorder
If you or a member of your family are suffering from an eating disorder, your insurer may balk at covering treatment by claiming it's "not medically necessary" or that coverage is limited by plan...Read more
November, 2019 Thanks for giving!
It's time to give thanks. We are so grateful to all our supporters who generously give their time, experience, expertise and dollars to help United Policyholders be where we are needed. A special...Read more
haunted house October, 2019 Spooky Language Hiding in Your Insurance?
Getting a notice from a home insurer that they're dropping you is scary, and UP works hard to help people in that situation. Read our latest tips on shopping for affordable home insurance when your...Read more
July, 2019 Dropped by your home insurer? What to do...
In some parts of the country, home insurance is not as available and affordable as in the past, so UP is working hard to help consumers shop for asset protection. Avoid wasting energy being angry or...Read more
May, 2019 Shaking Your Assets?
If you own property in an area that's prone to earthquakes, chances are your insurance excludes coverage for repairs and rebuilding due to quake damage. Insurance companies carved out coverage for...Read more
March, 2019 Your assets - Your flood risk?
After insurers began excluding coverage for flood damage in the 1960's, most people's homes became unprotected for that risk. The federal government and the lending and insurance industries created...Read more
October, 2018 Trick or treat...what's in yours?
Make sure your policy has more treats than tricks! The only thing scarier than how devastating the last year has been with wildfires, lava, flooding and hurricanes is language we've been finding...Read more
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