November, 2017 Holes in your safety net?
UP has been in the news lately working hard to help Americans focus on the dry but important topic of properly insuring assets. Victims of devastating hurricanes and wildfires in Puerto Rico, Florida...Read more
October, 2017 "Total Control" Tip of the Month, October, 2017
An insurance company's decision whether to classify your severely damaged car as fixable or a total loss has big dollar significance to you, the policyholder. You can influence that decision with...Read more
August, 2017 Loaded for Bare: Policyholders Beware...
By Amy Bach, as originally posted on Once again, a storm has devastated a region and broken records. Hurricane Harvey dropped so much rain on Texas, the National Weather Service had to...Read more
July, 2017 Too Close for Comfort
With both wildfire and hurricane season in full force it is so important to know what to do if a fire or storm come too close for comfort. If you are told to evacuate immediately, do so ASAP. If...Read more
June, 2017 Tried and true may be best for you
Does the idea of skipping the traditional blood and urine test to buy life insurance appeal to you? Some life insurers are using "big data" tools to size you up and price your policy instead of tried...Read more
May, 2017 Gardening and Hardening
After a homeowner was dropped, they asked their local fire department for help making their home more fire safe. The fire department gave the homeowner recommendations and a form to show their...Read more
March, 2017 Ability re: disability
If you're fortunate to have disability insurance, but unfortunate to need to use it, there are a few key points to keep in mind when gathering proof of your eligibility for benefits , presenting it...Read more
February, 2017 Here to help
The insurance premiums you pay as an individual or business entitle you to benefits and good claim service in the event of a loss. You should not have to hire professional help to get your claim paid...Read more
January, 2017 Prepared, not scared
No, we're not talking about doomsday predictions... We're talking about the simple things you can do to create your own financial safety net to prepare for extreme weather and what that weather can...Read more
December, 2016 Speaking UP works
Our final tip of the month this year is simple: When it comes to insurance, have a pro-active mindset. If you've had a loss, ask for a cash advance while your claim is being processed. If you've got...Read more