April, 2016 Common Cents
It's common to be nervous about the money you're spending on your wedding and honeymoon. It's also common now for brides or grooms to buy wedding insurance. But do wedding policies exclude more than...Read more
March, 2016 Long story short...
Long story short... If you have long-term care insurance or are considering buying it, here's a relevant UPdate: - If you're in your 50's or older, you may be considering a traditional or hybrid long...Read more
Long Term Care
February, 2016 Dam Ice!
With spring around the corner, home and business owners in snow-prone areas should be on the lookout for damage from ice dams. Extreme cold and unseasonably warm winter weather has caused ice dams to...Read more
January, 2016 Rock and Roll
That's what earthquakes do...and not in the fun way like Bruce Springsteen. So if you live in a quake-prone area (and there are more than there used to be ) you should be considering earthquake...Read more
December, 2015 Appy Holidays!
To wrap up the useful tips we've given you in 2015, here are three free apps you can use and pass on as gifts to others: UPHelp Home Inventory : Download this free and fast tool for protecting your...Read more
November, 2015 Thanks Mom and Dad!
One of the first pieces of the Affordable Care Act to take effect was the rule that lets young adults stay insured under their parent's health plan until they turn 26.This has been a huge help to...Read more
October, 2015 El Niño El Uh Oh
East Coasters and Mexican citizens breathed sighs of relief at Joaquin and Patricia's relatively moderate impact, but West Coast residents continue to brace for predicted heavy El Niño rains this...Read more
September, 2015 Paying more than just attention
Our recent conversations with wildfire evacuees and people who've just lost everything inspired us to restate: Recovering from a loss without (any or enough) insurance is a very bleak prospect. If a...Read more
Flood, Homeowners, Renters
July, 2015 Guess who's turning 50?
Medicare, the program that remains essential for many American's health and lifestyles, turns 50 this month. On the positive side, pressure is mounting to amend the absurd rule that prevents the...Read more
June, 2015 Ruff and Ready?
Pet Insurance Check UP As treatment options for sick and injured animals improve, and new (expensive) medications and procedures can extend your pet's healthy life, you may want to give pet insurance...Read more