May, 2015 Shop so you don't drop (more $ than you should)
The quality of your insurance really does matter, but figuring out which policy will give you more protection is tricky. UP can guide you on what to look for and avoid, but getting the real scoop and...Read more
April, 2015 Roadmap to Preparedness UPdate
THRIVE-ing after a flood After a winter storm caused severe flooding south of San Francisco, UP answered evacuees' insurance questions at a temporary shelter and help center in San Mateo, California...Read more
Flood, Homeowners
March, 2015 Home Warranties: Thanks and no thanks
If you're buying a home and a realtor or the seller gifts you a home warranty plan, you can say, "thank you very much." If it's one of the better plans, it can save you hassles and money on minor...Read more
February, 2015 TOTALly worth the effort
If your car is damaged in an accident to the point where repairs would cost more than the car is worth - it's a "total loss." Your, or the other driver's insurance company, is supposed to offer you...Read more
January, 2015 Small words big difference
Most people buy life insurance as soon as they have kids. Far fewer shell out for a disability policy, even people whose income keeps a roof over their family's head and food in their bellies. To...Read more
December, 2014 Smart Insurance Math
With the exception of a health insurance policy, where a high deductible can give you pain in the pocketbook all year long, raising the deductible in your home, car, business, or renter's policy is...Read more
November, 2014 Purely a bad idea - "Purely Cosmetic" Exclusion
Thanks for giving: Your ideas and your skills Thanks for putting UP in your wills! Thanks for the info, donations and scoop Thanks to those who keep us in the loop Now here's our tip for the month of...Read more
October, 2014 Shake it UP
"Out of sight out of mind, and I prefer it that way" is most Californians' view of earthquakes. But the UP team sees disasters up close and personal and we know how a few simple preparedness steps...Read more
Earthquake, Renters
September, 2014 Back home safe and sound
We've worked a lot of disasters. But this month a hurricane hit too close to home. While on a well-deserved vacation in Mexico, our Program Coordinator was caught in the path of Hurricane Odile...Read more
July, 2014 Good, Bad or Ugly?
People often ask UP: How do I find a good insurance company and avoid a bad one? The facts and statistics on which insurers are more likely to pay your claim on time and in full have been hidden from...Read more