May, 2014 Double Check UP
The recent wildfires in San Diego and Arizona are a chilling reminder of how long wildfire season has gotten in the west and with hurricane season fast approaching in the East and South, we encourage...Read more
Homeowners, Renters
April, 2014 The UPHelp App is a snap
After every disaster we feel people's pain over how time-consuming and emotionally difficult it is to prepare the detailed loss inventories that insurers require. We also know that after a traumatic...Read more
Homeowners, Renters
March, 2014 Taxing tasks
April 15th is right around the corner, and while filing for an extension is certainly an option, disaster survivors get no automatic exception to the tax filing deadline. The IRS did just announce ,...Read more
Leaking Pipe February, 2014 Getting UP to business: Read 'em and leak
UP helps home and business owners and the two sectors have a lot in common when it comes to insurance. Both pay quite a bit of money for the insurance protection they count on as a financial safety...Read more
Business, Homeowners
January, 2014 Work from home? TCB
Thanks to the Internet, FedEx, Priority Mail and UPS - more and more people are avoiding the drag of commuting by working from home. If you're one of the estimated 43 million Americans in this mode...Read more
December, 2013 Don't Bark UP the Wrong Tree - Pet Insurance Tips
If you are among the 70 + million households in the US that own a dog or cat, you may not have considered pet insurance. But one emergency visit to your vet can make you rethink that decision. There...Read more
November, 2013 Too Good to be True?
Enjoy this week's holiday, and: THANKS FOR GIVING... your time , your expertise and your dollars to keep UP strong. So far this year we've sent you monthly money-saving tips and the straight scoop on...Read more
October, 2013 What's UP with Renter's Insurance?
Here's a quiz for renters – 35% of all the households in the U.S... True or False? A nearby fire leaves your clothing, furniture and rugs smoke damaged and water logged. Your landlord's insurance...Read more
September, 2013 A Healthy Attitude
Today is a big day in the health insurance world. People with no insurance or who need to change their coverage can now start researching new plan options. As this phase of the Affordable Care Act...Read more
When buying rental car insurance: Don't bother checking the "yes" box and paying for Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) coverage if you've got a credit card that offers that same coverage. Most credit...Read more
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