April, 2013 Healthy Choices
The Health Insurance Marketplace that will kick in soon will give you new options. They will depend on what your current coverage, employment status and medical needs are, and whether your state is...Read more
March, 2013 Bucks for the bang
It is much easier to save money on your car insurance than your home insurance. Insurers compete hard for auto customers. That's because it's easier for them to make a profit and the risks are much...Read more
February, 2013 Tap in...
People who've negotiated their way through an insurance claim can be an excellent source of success strategies. Many members of UP's staff and volunteer corps fit that bill. If you find yourself...Read more
January, 2013 Go Long?
We all want to be well cared for and comfortable in our old age without being a financial burden to our loved ones. Long Term Care insurance can make those wishes come true. But...if you have a LTC...Read more
Long Term Care
December, 2012 Deck the halls with unclaimed property?
Life insurers are continuing to reach settlements with various states after they were caught failing to pay death benefits despite having reason to know their policyholders had died. Under the...Read more
November, 2012 Speaking UP Pays
In "Sandy Victims Cry Foul Over Insurance" a recent piece that included Executive Director Amy Bach, CNN reporter Deborah Feyerick captured the bad and good news. The bad news is the fear and...Read more
October, 2012 Coverage drying up? UP water alert
As a downpour drenched but did not deter our Giants this week and we watched the East Coast brace for Frankenstorm, it reminded me that it is time to remind our readers that there are now big...Read more
September, 2012 Tiny words... big $ meaning
Disability insurance alert Losing your job and income due to a disabling injury or illness is a scary prospect. 3 in 10 workers will become disabled for some period of time before they retire. Yet...Read more
August, 2012 Let go (please) lender...
If you have a mortgage, the lender is almost always listed on your home insurance as an additional insured. So if your home is significantly damaged ($5,000 or more) and your insurer sends a check...Read more
July, 2012 Ain't it good to know, you've got a friend
The destruction from the wildfires that are raging in Colorado and elsewhere this summer is unspeakably sad. Hard work lies ahead. To those who will soon begin the excruciating process of...Read more