October, 2010 Water water everywhere…and not a drop of coverage?
We're not there yet, but we're getting close, and UP is trying to stop the trend. It's commonly known that you have to buy separate coverage for flood damage because it's been excluded under most...Read more
August, 2010 Hot button words to avoid when making an insurance claim
When talking to a claim representative or insurer, it's wise to choose your words carefully. A claim can get off to a bad start if you report it using "hot button" words like "mold" or "flood." Those...Read more
August, 2010 Recent graduates: You can go home again ... (at least for health insurance!)
Whether your graduating baby bird is returning to the nest or taking flight, you want them to have health insurance. Most students lose their coverage when they turn 19 or graduate high school or...Read more
August, 2010 April Showers, Nature's Power
The threat of mudflow/landslides from heavy winter rains is subsiding in most areas of the country. But especially in hilly areas that have been deforested by wildfires or development, homeowners...Read more
August, 2010 Your Car, Your Choice
Your car mechanic is like your spouse - once you find a good one, you try to hold on to them for life. And no one should interfere with this relationship, including your insurance company. If your...Read more
August, 2010 Anthem Blue Cross insureds in California just got a temporary reprieve from a BIG rate increase of up to 39%, but premiums across the country continue to climb.
What can you do when your health premium jumps? Ask if your insurer offers any discounts for health club or fitness class enrollment. Find out if a “Consumer Driven Health Plan” such as a Flexible...Read more
August, 2010 Speak UP: Talk so your insurer will hear you
Here are just a few of UP's many tips for communicating effectively with an insurance company: Create a paper trail. Be proactive: Document your losses and make specific reimbursement requests. Use...Read more
August, 2010 Need quick, useful gifts for the holidays?
How about buying an emergency kit or safety supplies for the people on your gift list this year? They're non-fattening and really useful! Click on one of the images below to start shopping at UP...Read more
August, 2010 Buy Your Safety Supplies at 10% off and Support UP
Essential supplies for making your home or work place emergency-ready can be purchased at 10% off from United Policyholders’ newest preparedness partner, Your Safety Place. And, not only will you get...Read more
August, 2010 The Great Shake Out: Drop, Cover and Hold-On!
To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake, United Policyholders is participating in The Great California Shake Out today at 10:15 AM! Find more information about this drill at...Read more