While first responders are saving lives, UP is building our capacity to provide services once the flood waters recede.



If you’re as moved as we are by images of Hurricane Harvey’s devastation, please help United Policyholders provide guidance and expertise to the impacted people and businesses.  Your donated dollars go a long way when you support UP:  Our overhead is low, we're "small but mighty" and we have a powerful network of volunteers and partners that help us make a big impact.

Your tax-deductible donation will help deliver our Roadmap to Recovery™ (R2R) services once the flood waters recede.  

Help us support Hurricane Harvey survivors with:

  • Educational events and workshops on the ground in coordination with local partners and volunteers in the impacted areas
  • The Harvey Claim Help Library, which will provide long-term recovery resources and insurance-related information and guidance in one place -- just as we did for Katrina and Sandy and many other smaller scale disasters
  • Advocacy to ensure that insurance claims get processed fairly, timely and paid in full

Donate online or mail a check payable to: United Policyholders, 381 Bush Street, 8th Fl., San Francisco, CA 94104