Any time the topic of insurance catches your attention is a good time to check on yours.  Exclusions and high deductibles cause major protection gaps. Once again a UP R2R survey documented that 2/3 of wildfire survivors don't have enough insurance to pay for their rebuild.
Here are questions to ask your insurer or agent based on UP's work with home and business owners:
Your home
"Are there exclusions or caps in my policy for damage from flooding, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires and/or tornadoes?  If so, do you sell coverage for those events and if so how much does it cost?  
"How can I reduce the chances of my home being damaged and do you offer assistance/discountsfor making specific improvements?
Your car
"Do I have rental car coverage while my car is being repaired?  Are my UM/UIM and liability limits high enough to protect my assets in the event of a serious accident?
Your business
"Is my business interruption and inventory replacement coverage adequate for my specific operations? 
Your assets
"Do I have enough liability insurance to protect my assets if I get sued?" Will this policy cover my legal fees and fully indemnify me?
Take notes of the conversations take action to fill the gaps, store your notes in a safe place.