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IN 2013 my house burned down. According to the fire department, the local news, the local paper and my public adjustor it was a total loss. I was awarded my policy limit for Personal property one week after the fire without having to itemize which goes to show how complete the damage was. I then...Read more
Third-party investigating for insurance company as scheduled repeatedly and failed to arrive for inspection. I have selected a roofing contractor but have a limited window before he schedules other jobs that will delay my repairs. Read more
We lost our home in the recent Camp Fire. Our insurance provider has made payment to our lender for replacement costs. We have concerns about potential issues with working through our lender to rebuild. Our remaining loan balance is relatively low. Can we pay it off such that we would own the home...Read more
Post Tubbs Fire in 2017, we relocated to Florence, OR. State Farm is paying for our rental house, rental furniture and part of our utilities and mileage since moving here in July 2018, while we look to buy a house in a very tight market. Our 13th adjuster and his manager now say that they are...Read more
Hello, I'm a total loss evacuee from the Camp Fire in Paradise, CA. Via my research online, it's suggested not to deposit checks that say. "Final and Complete Settlement" — especially if it's not the correct or fair amount. I also read that this kind of settlement...Read more
We lost our home in the Camp Fire. Most of the town is gone and will take decades to recover. We do not want to rebuild. What can I expect from my insurance payment if we don’t rebuild?Read more
On complete fire loss. What categories of money can be used to purchase property at another location? If the following appraised award was : Dwelling $500k, Other structures $100k, Code upgrades $100k. If the replacement home's selling price is $700k and was built in 2010 and therefore...Read more
Received in letter this statement. Please be advised that although we are still investigating your loss, we are doing so under an express Reservation of Rights. Question's. What does Reservation of Rights mean? How do you respond to this? Claim is on Loss of Use. ...Read more
I lost my house in the Tubb's Fire and I am just now getting final numbers on the rebuild cost. In 2013 my neighbors house caught on fire and damaged several of our separate structures and garage. At the time I was underinsured in my "B" coverage. I brought this up with my agent and...Read more
Under CA law, is it true the insured/policy holder has the burden of proving coverage under the policy and the insurer has the burden of proving exclusions from coverage? Read more
On this site under the "FAQs on replacing a dwelling after a total loss" It is written that "If a policy doesn't authorize a land value deduction, the insurer is not entitled to take one" Is this California law? Where can I find more information about that?...Read more
Our home in Santa Rosa burned down in the October fires last year. We are planning to rebuild our home on a different lot, but our insurance (Liberty Mutual) claims that the code upgrade coverage only applies if we build on our old lot. However, the new lot is only half a mile away from our old...Read more
I have an injury case in California against Farmers & Airbnb. Airbnb insists on arbitration. Is there a way to compel a court hearing?Read more
After struggling with our insurance company, we hired a public adjuster firm who charges a 10% commission on funds they recover from the insurance company. Prior to signing a contract with them, we had received 50% of our dwelling and 25% of our loss of contents limits. When we first met with...Read more
A tree fell on my house in 2016. Insurance company said there was no damage to roof and water blow up under shingles. So I got the drywall repaired. It started leaking again so I had a contractor look it over. The contractor said the roof was damaged from the tree, and the side of the roof the...Read more
I have a fire claim from the Creek Fire and Skirball fire with State Farm. I submitted my claim and the carrier gave me an estimate that was low. After I couldn't get them to pay more, I tried to invoke the appraisal clause in my policy, but the insurer rejected my request stating that I...Read more
I have met with someone who presents himself as a Licensed Consulting Contractor to potentially have him review the Xactimate line item estimate for the rebuild of my house (Santa Rosa Wildfire). His company is RRAAdvisors and he is willing to review my Xactimate estimate, which I believe is low,...Read more
I live in a town home in Houston. The homeowners association has a flood insurance policy to cover the building where my unit is. Our outside central air conditioning units were 1/2 submerged, and the property management company says the policy does not cover central air-conditioning units. Is it...Read more
Bought my house Dec-2016 and my agent insured it for $250 per sq ft. House burned down Oct-2017; rebuilding cost is estimated at $400-plus per sq ft. My agent recommended that I file complaint w/ the CA Ins Dept -- which I did -- instead of legal action. Does filing w/ the CA Ins Dept hurt my...Read more
The AAA Insurance company is refusing to pay for our alternative housing. The adjuster says our neighbors have all moved back into their homes. Our streets still have signs posted by the city warning of being in the area, there are work crews removing the debris from the lots; the city web site...Read more
I had a 3888 sq ft Custom Fountaingrove home, the current estimate from State Farm is $711,000. Coverage A is $864,000. They brought a check for the $711,000 - which I am holding. If I deposit it am I saying that I am accepting this amount? They are very difficult to work with, we are at...Read more
What is the difference between a "advance" and a "Waiver"? SF gave an advance. Will we have to do contents in the future? Don't we have to itemize contents for the IRS anyway? IRS will call it "income" if we do not itemize? Will it have to be very detailed for...Read more
How do I find out whether my homeowner's policy provides replacement cost coverage?...Read more
Hello, a water main burst in front of our house, and the water rushed into our driveway and front door. The water utility agrees it's their fault, but it's not clear if our insurance policy covers the damage. The insurance agent suggested that we withdraw our claim to the insurance...Read more
I am selling my mother's home. After an inspection last May - it was found that the foundation has cracks in the mortar and needs repairs in the amount of $8000. The insurance company cancelled the policy in July since no one was living in the home. Is it possible to successfully file a claim...Read more
Will my homeowners insurance pay for someone to remove fire/smoke damaged items from my garage?Read more
We lost our home in the Valley Fire Sept. 2015. We have been working with clearing the property and an architect drawing plans. We are about to take it our plans to bid. Contractors are very busy here and possibly cannot start until April or May. The 2 year date would be 5-6 months from then and...Read more
My insurance was cancelled without me knowing. They mailed a single letter months ago. I never received the letter. The agent never contacted me in any other way. Do I have any rights?...Read more
Lost home in Valley Fire. Four months ago insurance adjuster says we are eligible for an additional 130k as we cannot rebuild our home and as we had multiple homes we can buy a replacement to replace a rental unit or home. Adjuster replaced and new one says we do not get the additional money as...Read more
I have downloaded the “sample_letter_for_requesting_copies_of_claim-related_documents”; I will customize it for my request to American Family. I need to get copies of all invoices submitted against the claim for reimbursement from the Public Adjuster and/or Contractor and I need the explanations/...Read more
I receive LTD from DOW Chemical, I'm thinking about filing for veterans disability. I have been on LTD for several years with ERISA Plan # 506, applicable to those disabled prior to 1-1-2008. I would like to know if they consider veterans disability payments as an offset. I want to file for VA...Read more
My insurance is covering structural damage to a portion of my house. There is also additional work I would like to do at the same time. If I'm able to get the damage repaired for less than the insurance company estimate, is there a legitimate way to apply the extra money to the additional...Read more
Vehicle vandalism with policy thru State Farm. In the investigation stage and feel my interests are not represented. Who would I call to gain advice and information on the law?Read more
I was misled about having Replacement coverage by Traveler's but I do and the policy language states: If the cost to repair or replace the property described in A. above is more than $2,500, we will pay no more than the actual cash value for the loss until the actual repair or re-...Read more
We are currently trying to settle a wind/hail damage claim on our roof. We have had to fight with Ameriprise Insurance for several months to get the roof replaced and now they are deducting $10,000 for depreciation. stating that in the policy it says that the roof only has ACV coverage. The...Read more
I had a friend who lost everything in a house fire and I had to help him with his inventory loss statement. I sent a bill to the insurance company for my time but they refused to pay me anything. Shouldn't I have been compensated for my time?...Read more
I have been working with my insurance company for a water damage in my kitchen. The damage occurred in January, I reported it immediately, had our lower cabinets torn out for water remediation, and have been since waiting to restore the kitchen. I have a contractor, chosen a floor, cabinets, and...Read more
Ins co wants receipts for new/replacement items matched with items listed on inventory of personal property lost. 1. Am I required to match everything for them? 2. If I have to do this, what is the best, most effective way to go about it? I had a total loss of home and contents therefore have...Read more
Hello and thanks so much, My father died February 24, 2016. My sister found, among his possessions, a single premium life insurance policy my father purchased in 1987. It took a while to find the correct company, since it is no longer in business, but we did eventually locate the company that...Read more
I run a business in my home. I have business insurance and also home insurance. However, I want to know if I can get insured in the event of a neighbor complaint, or if my City revoked my Use Permit?Read more
I filed a claim against Walmart due to their failure to safety they unsecurly set a tent outside for Walmart employee breaks it was windy so the tent flew over my truck doing a lot of damage to it and two other cars they already responded asking me to fax in a quote so they can fix my truck but my...Read more
Is a Massachusetts insurer required to furnish a copy of the insured's policy to the insured upon demand?...Read more
Allied is claiming that my storage structure is not an "appurtenant structure" to my main dwelling because it is not on the same 10 acre parcel and is therefore not insured. My 40 acres is listed on the declarations page and is comprised of 3 parcels (two ten acre parcels and one twenty...Read more
Hi, I am trying to find out definitively the following: My rental home was damaged in a fire. The adjuster called in immediately a structural engineer. He also paid him directly. Now when it comes time to pay for the damages, the adjuster deducted the engineers fees of $6k (I was extremely...Read more
My insurance company will not reimburse me for my burned "storage building" which is appurtenant to my main dwelling. Allied is calling my storage structure an "implement shed" but I did not house implements in it-over 90% of the items were personal property-which Allied will...Read more
a plumber hit my house with bull dozer. He gave me his insurance companies name and infor. My house has very old metal siding. The siding cannot be matched. We have gone from his insurance saying they would pay $2700 to reside the front. I said it had to match and be metal siding. They offered...Read more
How long can we expect AAA to extend the claim now that we are proceeding to want to build on the property. How do we proceed to get it in writing because the extension she gave us in October ends in March. We looked for another parcel but had no luck. AAA has agreed to use the code upgrades for...Read more
We understand that the insurance policy provides coverage to replace the home with a like kind and size home. However we want to rebuild a home with larger interior square footage. How do we communicate this with the insurance company and would we need to pay all of the associated costs incurred...Read more
The barn was a total loss and we were given standard 10% of Coverage A Dwelling $186,000 or $18,600 (less $412.91) or $18,187.09 ACV. The Dwelling damage was estimated to be $77,940.82 (less $23,042.08) or $52,531.57 ACV. The builder questioned the integrity of the foundation and the Town Official...Read more
In 1989 I bought a property in Cobb, which I lost in the Valley Fire. I discovered in 2012 that I was no longer covered by CSAA who still cover my other house and cars. CSAA informed me that they no longer cover properties in high risk zones such as the one where my house is located. They...Read more
Our house was destroyed by fire while we were out of state, cause was undetermined (by fire chief and fire marshal) Totally destroyed. Ins adjuster has not yet determined total value of the residence. We have decided not to rebuild. Agent says we have content coverage of approx $143,000.00 has made...Read more
Hi - Our Insurance company sent us a building repairs settlement amount before receiving a quote from our contractor. We also asked to delay receiving the settlement until after demo was performed. (There are questions over whether part of the structure can be saved - and we won't know the...Read more
House fire in Oklahoma. Partial damage but house uninhabitable. Requires replacement of 80% of ceiling and roof structure, all walls and unburned ceilings to be stripped down to framing and treated. 100% new hvac and electrical. Partial plumbing replacement. I do not want to start the...Read more
I'm dealing with the vehicle claims adjuster of the insured person who hit my car. After the first 5 days of trying to contact him to find out when was he coming out to inspect my car I was able to talk with him and in summary this is what he said. -- I don't work for you -- There is...Read more
Hi - We are using a general contractor who is not familiar with Xactimate. Do you have resources we can use so he can structure his scope of work estimate accordingly? Or can you recommend a Xactimate professional - or public adjuster - we should work with during this process? We are looking...Read more
I asked my insurance adjuster that ACV is very low and I cannot restore with the ACV . Probably it could be possible if I could get RCV now. Adjuster told me to submit estimates from contractors. I collected 3 estimates. I want to know the format how I will submit these estimates. My depreciation...Read more
I am insurance poor. Yet, although all of my insurances are and have been automatically withdrawn directly from my bank account, I am penalized for my credit score & reports. By the way, my credit is somewhat negative from lack of reimbursement from "Fidelity Flood Ins". But,...Read more
What is the statute in Mississippi to file a bad faith claim?Read more
My grandpa died and they have been charging him for a dwelling that burned years ago. He didn't file claim and they have charged all these years. What can be done if anything? Please help. I would like either them to refund money from yearly over charge or the claim amount. What can I do?...Read more
Please explain how code upgrades work for a home rebuild for the homeowner. Does the contractor receive the money or the homeowner?Read more
does this have to be done in person or can I request an examination under oath by mail where I answer questions and notarize the document then send back to the insurance carrierRead more
I had my house insured for almost 500K until october 2014. Farmers increases the premium each year, then now wanted 3.3k. I went on pension and could not afford it. In 2010 I had finished the upgrades to the house, it was deluxe. To get the coverage up to 500k the agent included the decks etc in sq...Read more
Will my washing machine be included in my homeowners policy for loss. The washing machine did cause the fire and the adjuster said there would be no coverage for the machine. Please advise thank you. I do have replacement coverage. Read more
I lost my beautiful home in Mtn. Ranch in the butte fire . I do not want to rebuild. I want to relocate in Oregon. I am renting motorhome through Travel America to make the trip, I have two large dogs and it is hard to find a place to stay. My question is how do I get State Farm to pay for this...Read more
My husband was involved in an accident on Sunday 01/24/2016. He was struck by a driver going the wrong way on a 4 lane. We have contacted our insurance and the insurance of the other driver. They will not proceed with our claim until they speak with him. They have spoken with the policyholder which...Read more
BACKGROUND: Since Rick Scott was elected governor, the FL OIR has become a tool of the insurance companies. It never answers the phone, does not answer basic questions about the insurance commission, has approved a 40% increase in my condo (H06) coverage in 3 years in spite of zero catastrophes or...Read more
our house was flooded from a frozen pipe bust, we called a disaster crew to help with this. they later sent out an estimator to figure the damages. he is being real shady now and won't let us see the estimate and wants to send their estimate to our insurance adjustor. is this legal or fair?...Read more
I just called the CA Insurance commission to ask about section 2051.5 in regards to rebuilding after a partial loss fire. They said this section only applies to "open" policies, for items such as cargo loads for trucks. They said it does not apply to residential property insurance...Read more
Our home was a total loss in the Butte Fire. Have insurance with Lloyds of London. When appraiser came out to see damage, he advised that it appeared that the person who originally came out to see the house for the carrier indicated that the house was 1900 square feet whereas it was actually 2640...Read more
I just had a house fire about a week ago I already file a claim just need help understand time delay so I'll be prepared, I read on your site about the ALE you are supposed to get, but cant find it so can you walk the steps with me?q...Read more
I requested a review for a Sandy claim and have not heard back. It was made well within the deadline and I received a Claim #. Several follow-up calls were made without effect.Read more
We added a vehicle to our Commercial policy. It was a limousine used for personal use only at this time. We went to the office and picked up a declaration page and proof of insurance cards. On the declaration page there was no amount written in the space under "Stated Value". I had an...Read more
Hi, unfortunately ignorant about insurance, but of course have a home policy. I asked for an adjuster to come and look at storm damage thinking they would tell me their thoughts about whether or not they would cover the damage, and then tell me their estimated amount of damage so that I could...Read more
My current home had a small fire. I have a second home I usually rent. Can I rent the second home to myself and have ins. pay me ALE?Read more
If I have auto and umbrella from one insurance company and home owners from another company, is there any draw back? should I buy all from the same company? Apart from bundled policy discounts, are there any other advantages of having from the same company vs. any disadvantages for splitting them...Read more
A sewer pipe located under the slab of our home had to be replaced. We filed a claim with All State on August 8 and was was issued a claim number August 12. The insurance claim representative went on vacation so we were speaking to another representative in his absence. We were advised to make the...Read more
We had a bad fire in our house and total to repair was over our policy limit. The insurance company gave us check with the mortgage company (bank) name, mine and my husband name on it. Because it was a large amount the bank is holding the check and sending checks out as property is getting...Read more
We hired a contractor to rebuild our house after a fire. He is reluctant to give us a completion date. He has not officially started building but has a building permit- we paid for out of pocket. We have money from our insurance but would like to utilize our construction loan at some point. Our...Read more
I had a roofer stop by after a storm and ask if he could take a look at my roof - unfortunately I said yes. After his inspection, said he could get me a new roof for virtually nothing. He had me sign something saying he could contact my insurance company. After speaking to my insurance company, he...Read more
Does this sound right? My neighbors house burned down and damaged my house in the process. I hired a private claims adjustors to work with my insurane company on the claim so I could repair my house. I just received a renewal for my policy and it increased by 41%. After calling the broker to ask...Read more
I had been providing both material and labor in the renovation. I had been working on the property since April of this year. Mowing the lawn, etc. The homeowner and I had an agreement where I would get paid ten persent of the sale of the home. The owner has locked us out and refuses to give us...Read more
Do you have any suggestions for earthquake insurance in Portland, OR? My broker only offers GeoVera and I'm interested in at exploring other options. Thank you. ...Read more
My friend is disabled and has a hard time getting around. He recently lost everything to a fire. He is not capable of performing the task physically. The agent told my friend that the state of alabama does not allow a content settlement. I just need to know if I can still submit the letter...Read more
My mortgage company (JPMorgan Chase) is requiring me to hire a contractor to rebuild my garage and barn. I have never hired a contractor and am fully capable of rebuilding to county codes on my own. I there a way to approach the mortgage company so they understood this and will allow me to rebuild...Read more
The cabin I was renting burned down in the Valley fire. I have renter's insurance with CSAA. I filed a claim on Sept 14. I spoke with my adjuster a couple of times in the next week. She agreed to send me a $5,000 check or direct deposit it to my account right away. It never happened. Since...Read more
I had a fire in the garage which totaled the car and caused extensive smoke damage throughout the entire house. The FRSTeam came a day after the fire and took all clothes and fabric for cleaning costing over $9K not including storage. The second crew from Restoration Cleanup Company removed all...Read more
We had a fire destroy our rental home. Thank God everyone is OK. The fire was ruled an accident from the fireplace. The insurance adjuster seems to know nothing about our policy - he never calls. His first contact was THREE DAYS after the fire - when I tracked down his name and number! I...Read more
Even the undisputed becomes disputed. August 17 house fire with little burning, but everything smoke and soot damaged. We have yet to have even the undisputed inventory items pass submission. Instead of appreciating that I am willing to use his form, the adjuster is critical of the way I am...Read more
Hi, I was only paid a fraction of what was needed to repair my home due to Sandy damage. As a result I was unable to make repairs & have been displaced for 3 years. I've re-opened my claim but the adjuster says he only sees $20,000 underpayment that they can give me. I provided a very...Read more
We submitted a partial personal property loss claim due to a house fire and received and cashed the check from the insurance company. When we submitted the rest of the personal property losses, the insurance company said they looked back at our first submission and discovered they had accidentally...Read more
Total loss but I am concerned that to get the extended coverage and code upgrade coverage which is 35% and I need to rebuild I must have incurred the costs within 2 years. Given the severity of the situation who knows if I am able to rebuild in 2 years. They tell me the clock starts once I am...Read more
We have asked our insurance co, American Modern to mail and e-mail our entire policy and they say they don't have it. our broker was in the fire and not sure he has it. how can we get it?...Read more
The insurance company paid about $170k initially for house rebuild. But the construction company only did repairs to the parts of the house that was damaged , did not completely tear down. When the house was completed in Sept. 2012 , the insurance company actually paid $191k . I would like to...Read more
Hi, I had a devastating house fire in May, 2013. State Farm was my carrier and they cancelled me earlier this year. I got a new policy from Farmer's and they just cancelled me, citing the fire claim as their reason (even though I reported the fire when I took out the new policy a few months...Read more
How do I get our insurance company to pay for damage to our house? Our newly purchased house had a ~4 year old roof that began leaking after a derecho storm here in Virginia. Various individuals told us roof incorrectly installed. One of the roofers, who videotaped roof on my behalf before...Read more
My insurance company gave me a check for half of the claim, remainder when repairs are done. Now mortgage company will not release any funds. I have been doing everything they ask. It keeps changing. Everyone tells me something different. Now, they have been saying that they will give me 25% down...Read more
i work for kroger. sedgwick denied my claim. the denial letter i received is nothing more than a form letter marked denied. my short term disability was denied because they do not have a denial letter with the reason for denial. my employer claims they do not keep any files, only sedgwick has them...Read more
AAA is the insurer. October 2, 2014 large loss fire. How can we find out what are time limits for ALE benefits are. It is not in our booklet. I wrote a letter to claim's adjuster supervisor for a settlement price. She misunderstood my total figure but wrote back. She did hint in her letter...Read more
Is it ethical (legal) to claim a total loss of $22,000 against my personal property portion of my Homeowner's policy for a Kubota tractor (Model BX25-D) which was totally destroyed as a result of a barn fire which occurred on my property (ruled accidental in origin). I financed the tractor,...Read more
I am on Medical Leave from my job and on CA Short Term Disability. I have multiple medical conditions I am managing. I have completed my FMLA 4-months job protected leave. 1. If I am terminated, will I lose my Company Benefit to receive UNUM Long Term Disability? Or, if I agree to "...Read more
Our home was severely damaged by fire July 30, 2015. Our home is and remains uninhabitable. Our adjuster (contracted) informed us we can get a advancement to use for living expenses we were happy to get it. Now our adjuster informed us that the advancement came out of our personal property claim...Read more
I am requesting they change the carpets, mattress and furniture made out of material due to smoke damage. My daughter lives with me and she is pregnant due in Nov. She has a one year old and a two year old. They have cleaned but it still smells like smoke can I force Insurance to replace these...Read more
What is the average cost per square foot to rebuild a house in Ohio?Read more
I am stunned to have just been turned down twice online when trying to secure homeowners insurance. I currently have AAA homeowners which renews next month and I have not been happy with them. I have never even had a claim! However, I replaced my roof this year and more just out of curiosity...Read more
We had a house fire and they took our furniture and cleaned it and brought it back and the wood has a smoke and mildewed smell. The adjuster says he can't smell it. He sent a person to look at it and they say they can't smell it, but my husband and I live here and trust me u can smell...Read more
We are having a hard time with getting paid for our contents...they want us to buy the stuff back and then they will give our money back as we buy back.....we had a 31,000.00 dollar loss and they want to give us 19,000.00 dollars is this fair? Also can we cash out and just take the money with out...Read more
I live in New Jersey, purchased my first home. Home is NOT in a flood zone, but I want to be protected from theft, fire, anything that might happen that would prevent me from living in it. I want contents covered to the max, and I want loss of use to the max. I want to make sure I have every...Read more
My mother's whole life policy was written in 1979 with a face value of $5,000 with quarterly premiums of $49.85. By the tenth year, the policy had accrued $499.24. By year 15 it totaled$1,294.31. There are many questionable details about this policy which are too lengthy to put before you now...Read more
I have been denied insurance claim for bat removal, guano removal, and new insulation installed because my insurance company stated this is a maintenance and polution issue not a health issue. Is there any recourse here? Are there insurance companies that will cover this issue?Read more
The home I lived in for 3 yrs with my boyfriend burned down May 2, 2015. All of a sudden, he's decided he's not my significant other and refuses to tell me the name of who our insurer is. Meanwhile, he's being made whole again while I'm devastated with seemingly no recourse to...Read more
in NJ, my insurance company brought a salvager/restorer with him the day after our fire. Despite requesting invoices and pricing, I never received anything until 13 months after the fire. We were 'held hostage' by this company because they had our things. Do we have any recourse?...Read more
My Homeowners Insurance has been with State Farm for many years. Recently, I was informed that my deductible would be changed from the current $1,000 to .5% of the insured value. This would change my deductible from $1,000 to approximately $3,250. Since I am a long time policyholder, I am able...Read more
Insurance company will only agree to replace the now-discontinued siding on two sides of our house that were affected by a garage fire. They updated my policy 3 weeks prior to our fire to state that they are not required to match siding. We live in Colorado. To avoid being left with mismatched...Read more
I have a dispute with Allied Property & Casualty Company adjuster’s report of the cause of my vehicle accident. Allied never visually inspected the vehicle but only reviewed pictures taken by the body shop. Under CA Insurance Department requirements that Allied’s adjuster personally look at...Read more
we have been w/state farm for 49+ yrs., Had two claims in less of five yrs on the home owners one was for $1,100.00 the other was $3,000.00, just received a termination letter, because of claims is this fair? we have always made our home ins. pymt. and been loyal to State farm, we also carry our...Read more
10/2009 fire did $313,000 in damage to home. Insurance contractor’s estimate for $125,000, 8 supplements for $75,000, 22 months, plus Appraisal $16,000 after another 20 months, $97,000 short; personal property more of the same. Bank gave ⅓ of $200K, demanded ½ of $313K work done. Estimator’s...Read more
An insured motorist ran into my 1960's Rambler. Damage includes shifting of house on I-beam by ~1 inch, block damage on impact side requiring removal, cracks in mortal on opposite side, ceiling, cracks at doors, scratch on laminate flooring, etc... My problem: I am working with my...Read more
I filed an ask the Expert on this site a week or two ago. Do you provide A referral svc to attys who have prevailed against Specific insurers ? Read more
Hello, Last week, my condo apartment (rental property) burnt down in a fire and I am finding myself extremely under-insured under Liberty Mutual ($10K dwelling and $4K loss of use- property cost $189K in 2004). This is financially devastating to me as I could end up paying out $50-$100K to...Read more
I have had a tremendous amount of difficulty with Blue Shield and the billing on my account. Their 3rd party billing on my account has been egregiously incorrect for some time...since March 1st, putting me in the rears which prevents my claims from being paid out. This occurred after I was...Read more
Are there any cases lately in Florida with accident vs illness issues decided with cut off at 65 yrs old where several treating sub-specialists with far better credentials and independence from patient who is also specialist in area of injuries all agree with INJURY, and only FT pd UNUM employed...Read more
We had a house fire two months ago and lost our home and all of our possessions. We were told that we had a replacement policy on our home, but the gap between what we have been told that we are insured for and what the true cost of replacement for our home (based on bids from reliable builders)...Read more
We sent my mortgage company a check that was made out to both of us along with invoices for materials we purchased to start repairing our home. now they are telling me that they want to see some work done before they release anything. we need the money to pay for what has been purchased. My...Read more
My family lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. We had homeowners insurance with AAA Auto Club Family Insurance Company. My husband and I kept getting the run around so we had to get a lawyer to help us. Now 10 years later, 3 different law firms, we lived for almost 4 years in a FEMA Trailor we...Read more
I have ALE and the insurance company wants me to pay $631.00 and I only been in the hotel for one week. Do I have to pay the ALE this soon? I know I have to pay something, but wow. I am consulting with you, because this disaster has changed my life.Read more
State Farm ins. has cancelled my homeowners policy effective Apr. 5 2015 because I bothered them with 2 claims last year. I have a townehome and share two common wall, on Sep. 30 2014 one next door neighbor had a connection to his kitchen faucet come loose in the middle of the night flooding his...Read more
Who can help us advocate for a fair settlement in our state? Alaska? We are in Fairbanks. Read more
Hello, We had a water damage in our house in Merrick (Long Island), New York on 12.23.2014 and we finally received an offer from the insurance company but we are totally overwhelmed with all the paper. My insurance company is Tower Group and we heard only horrible stories and truthfully they...Read more
My house was in forclosure due to a divorce, I was negotiating a Deed in Leiu of forclosure, but last week it burned to the ground. 100% loss of structure and contents. My personal belongings were not covered, only the house. The house was vacant but not empty. I owe about $130K, the bank insured...Read more
I had a leak under my kitchen sink which caused mold growth. It was mitigated right away. However, it has taken 8 months to replace the cabinets. The cabinets finally came in and they were not put in right, they are not the right color and the doors were damaged. I put in a call to my insurance...Read more
an insurance claim I have ongoing with the company I have my house insured with its been ongoing now since last October and I just think they are treating me so unfair am still sitting the same way I was the day I put the claim in,Read more
I have basic earthquake insurance for both my primary residence and my rental. The policy deductible is 57k and the value is 640k. Afterwards, I would have 380k for dwelling, 5k for personal property, 1.5k for loss of use, and other building code upgrades 20k. The amount is 147.00. I know that is...Read more
18 months after the Black Forest fire (total loss) I have submitted my first pass at our contents list. I have received extensions to this point and now have until July, 2015. We were paid 60% of our total contents coverage upfront - no list. We submitted a list of nearly 1000 lines in Excel with...Read more
After a fire, the interior of my home has been torn down to bare studs. I can't seem to get a contractor to quote the cost for purchase & installation of all new plumbing and electrical for my standard, 2,200 sf house. Please??...Read more
My wife and I had a house fire in september 2013 that was a total loss. My insurance company was/is been very good to us during this whole process. I am still turning in receipts to recover depreciation on contents and have not met my limits. The fire was caused by a laptop and Toshiba sent...Read more
After a fire loss can insurance company non-renew all coverages at time of policy expiration date. Per the insurance code it states that liability coverage cannot be removed while a claim is still open. Not clear about this provision of the code. Fire claim is still open and we received a...Read more
The insurance adjuster's estimate for property damage as a result of the Aug. 2014 South Napa Earthquake specifies a "price list" as CAEB8X_NOV14. I surmise it is a California list for Nov. 2014 (the estimate is dated 12/17/2014). My question is: what does EB8X mean? The UP...Read more
In Louisiana if over 75 percent of your house in burnt is the insurance suppose to total the home? If the contents person for the insurance company came out to look to see in the contents were totaled he told me contents were totaled also are they supposed to cut me a check for the total amount I...Read more
Two weeks after our claim (Oct 2nd fire) claims adjuster asked us to just keep liability. Seemed fast. We called local insurance office as there was another structure on property that did not burn. They advised keep insurance declaration in effect. AAA has sent us a letter of non-renewal. We are...Read more
I am starting a small mobile tire service business and I'm having a hard time finding the right coverage to start with. Example: Do I have enough coverage? Am I paying to much for my coverage. ...Read more
Is there anything that can be done when your policy premiums are too high for you to continue paying but you have invested 15 years in the policy? Class actions? Partial premiums returned? Any suggestions at all. ThanksRead more
We had a fire at our home that resulted in significant damage. Are we required to use the funds provided by our home insurance company to rebuild our house exactly as it was previously? For example, could we use the money allocated to rebuilding our sunroom and refinishing our basement to instead...Read more
We closed on our house on May 16th 2014 and a severe hail storm occurred in our neighborhood on May 23rd. We were still in the process of moving. In July, we noticed roofs o several homes in our neighborhood were being replaced. We got 2 separate reputable roofing companies to look at it, both of...Read more
My ceiling started leaking. The plaster cracked off and there was a lot of mold underneath. The roof continues to leak. I went up on the roof and discovered my roof has roof rot and is about to cave in. Is this something that insurance would typically cover?Read more
1. Client would like to know if an independent insurance adjuster can deny a claim (submitted prior to the insurance claim filing deadline) for not signing a proof of loss because they are working on an addendum to the inventory list. 2. Client wants to also know if she signs the proof of loss...Read more
Insurance is constantly paying less and no contractor is willing to do the job. I need some names of General Contractor who can write up an estimate, negotiate with the insurance and will not be adulterated by insurance undercut the scope of the Job to meet their profit.Read more
PA said a restor. pol means ins. req'd to restore house to prefire cond, & we must clean out all soot & odors in dead-air-space behind the brick. To clean it from inside is impossible, so from outside they have to remove all brick to access the area. They would destroy exterior...Read more
In Virginia, can a mortgage company hold back funds to repair a fire damaged house when the funds they are holding are over the amount of the mortgage? I know in some states they can not, but I can't find any information for Virginia. Thank you...Read more
Hello, I have a question regarding online direct-to-consumer lab test companies. A consumer wants a certain test, and wants to bill the insurance. Is it an insurance fraud for a physician to authorize a lab test without diagnosing a patient first? ...Read more
Fire loss October 2, 2014 El Dorado County, Somerset (Large Loss) On a second home what are we allowed? We estimate that we use this vacation home about 74 nights per year. Claims adjuster wrote we can stay in a hotel. They gave us no specifics. It is very hard to know what we can and cannot do...Read more
Am I entitled to use the total amount of money in homeowners policy under Loss of Use for ALE expenses when there is no time limit stipulated in the policy? The policy states "Payment under will be for the shortest time required to repair or replace the damage...or shortest time required for...Read more
My brother has been deceased for 14 years and has a life insurance policy in effect. The insurance company asked me to fax them the death certificate and copy of obituary approximately 15 days later they send a letter naming a beneficiary who has our last name but the first name is not anyone we...Read more
We are a small HOA in a 104 year old 3-flat building in San Francisco and we understand that our options are limited. We've had a master policy with Travelers for years but looking at other options since premiums keep rising. Current broker offered us cheaper policy with Allstate but price...Read more
I have a client affected by Superstorm Sandy in NJ who is going through the NJ State RREM program to elevate his home to base flood level. His homeowner's insurance has indicated that his policy will not be in effect during the time of elevation when his family needs to vacate the home. They...Read more
If you scraped some paint off someone's bumper on the left side because you turned too sharply, would your insurance co. pay 100% of the cost to repaint the bumper, if the right side already has damage? The right side damage had significantly more paint scraped off. I want to pay for damage...Read more
We have a 25,000 sq. ft. warehouse which was vandalized, a major damage to wiring and plumbing. Is it a good idea to hire a Public Adjuster? How do I select a good public adjuster? Does the size of the firm matter? Thanks...Read more
In Aug 2011 my home was devastated by "HURRICANE IRENE". We had FLOOD INSURANCE (FIDELITY),I documented everything, photo's ,compiled receipts,submitted all invoicing. Not including the loss of TWO CARS, we spent & lost upward of $100,000. My husband & I were never directed...Read more
After receiving 12 months of long term disability payments, my employer decreased the amount of my disability payment. I am not receiving social security beneifts. Can the employer do this legally?Read more
On Oct.19th 2014 the second floor unit right below me had a severe dryer fire that destroyed their whole unit and the fire came into my unit on the 3rd floor and destroyed my bathroom and I have extensive smoke damage to the point we were told by the association that we are not allowed to live...Read more
I had a vendor do work on my house and finish now he wants to get paid but adjuster want to talk to them to negotiate price but the person don't want to negotiate so will he get paid. ...Read more
I am in dispair when it comes to automobile insurance in Detroit! I live on a very fixed income month to month and will be turning 60; my birthdate coming on Sunday, October the 26th. My tags will expire soon as well. I have my tags fee but am having great difficulties with a fair premium auto rate...Read more
I have a dirt/ledge unfinished basement with my heating system (forced hot air)located within. I have lived here for 14 years and have gotten incredibly ill since living here with Multi systemic immune disease. I have made two claims to Amica Insurance. They sent an engineer out the second time...Read more
I am receiving LTD and SSDI benefits. I have 1 primary house and 3 investment properties that I am renting out. My health is getting worse! 1) Should I have a company to protect my investment? 2) How can I keep the LTD co and SSA from denying me any of my current benefits if I have a...Read more
Is there any protection against 55% premium increase just after a 37% premium increase on two Genworth LTC policies in force for 20 years? Indicate they will likely increase again every yearRead more
My 3 contractors have quoted a $19,000 cost to repair a bathroom and dining room with water damage. The homeowners wants to allow only $5,000 to replace hardwood floor, ceiling, walls, electrical, plumbing. The say they are not responsible for code upgrade yet they sent the municipal building...Read more
Are there are any groups that will help an insured sue a carrier for denial of coverage for the treatment of Lyme disease? The denial was based on claim that treatment sought was experimental and/or investigative and unproven. ...Read more
I am a victim of a theft/ID fraud case which occurred in October 2013. My question is the impact on my premium would be calculated by number of claim only, or also amount. With the same criminal incident, I lost a valuable goods, and large number of legal cost to recover the title of the...Read more
Home co-insured with ex husband was destroyed over 2 months ago. Arson is the cause and my ex is the subject of both the state and insurance investigations. My items were lost and I need assistance in communicating with my insurance company and how to pursue payment for my contents should my ex be...Read more
I have issues from the city's water line leak.. their leak caused foundation damage to my house additionally their repair ruined my yard . how do I file a claim? how do I get them to pay to restore my home? can an adjuster help me or do I need to get an attorney?...Read more
Nationwide Insurance is refusing our claim for 3 floors of water in the walls and flood damage from pipes that broke in the walls after they saw the water seeping through the ceilings and the mold growing - it then blew up traveled 3 floors in the walls coming out the ceilings and walls now we have...Read more
In your "Getting Your Mortgage Company to Release Insurance Proceeds" article, you stated: Q: Can the mortgage company just use the money to pay off the mortgage, even if I do not want them to? A: The short answer is NO. That would also be a “bad faith” problem. Is there any legal...Read more
We have rebuilt in Black Forest and are now ready to insure the new house. Our agent gave us two options: keep the 'old' policy and update it to carry more coverage for the new house or start a 'new' policy on the new house. For the new policy, an adjuster was out to our...Read more
Page 45 of the Disaster Recovery Handbook states: "if your adjuster tells you the insurance company doesn't owe to "match", check around..." Can you please tell me where and/or with whom we check to verify this as true? ...Read more
Hello. I work with a bunch of commercial roof contractors. One of our contractors recently had a question come up with a building owner he's working with. It seems that it's not unusual for big public adjuster firms such as Empire Public Adjusters to obtain claim settlements that are...Read more
I am trying to find a Guardian Life and Berkshire life claim manual as well as copy of marketing material from these companies from the year 2000-2001.Read more
My dad lost his home and his life in a housefire. We immediately notified the insurance company who promptly sent one of their employees out to board up the house, take photos, etc. They then hired an independent adjuster to complete the process. It has now been more than 3 months since the fire...Read more
Is it legal to hire a PA in Alabama?Read more
If I have equipment in my house that is not UL listed and there is a fire caused by the equipment will I still be able to file an insurance claim?Read more
We have federally mandated flood insurance. Our rates have doubled in 6 years! The insurance co. tells us that the rates are generally set by the gov't but our mortgage co (who pays the bill out of escrow) tells us this is untrue. We live on a river, so we are categorized as high risk. I have...Read more
One of my clients received a check from his insurance for $44,000. His mortgage was purchased by a company, Ocwen. They have a F rating for the BBB along with 2499 complaints. He needs Ocwen to endorse in order to disperse money to appropriate contractors to repair his home. Ocwen wants him to...Read more
My primary care doctor recommended a procedure after his examination indicated blood. I also have a family history of this type of problem which this procedure is designed to find. I didn't check with our insurance company. Insurance company has denied as I am not at the age level for this...Read more
I'm a volunteer case manager for flood-affected residents. One of my clients had her homeowner's insurance coverage dropped by Travelers after she suffered property damage from the September 2013 flooding in Boulder, Colorado. She believes her coverage was dropped because she complained...Read more
I had a business fire 2 yrs ago - never had a fire before so the company did not pay me for my fathers stuff (who was in a nursing home at the time) that was being stored in my business. The owner was questionable so they advised me to me to move - mind you they never paid for my bills. I paid them...Read more
I am interested in buying a pre-FIRM house. I have a premium quote from before Biggert-Waters (the subsidized rate) and one from after (unsubsidized). My question is about the bill the U.S. House just passed: Does it simply eliminate the effect of Biggert-Waters for pre-FIRM houses, or does it...Read more
I have received some money towards my contents claim but it is coming to a year will I lose the rest of my claim if I don't file in court to extend the duration. and if I do have to file in court what form do I use?...Read more
After my house fire why was my policy date changed to 5/2001 to 5/2014 when it is usually year to year?Read more
We live in a CA co-op unit. On our Renter's Policy we have 76,700 in building property coverage, 30,700 personal property. Actually in a coop, how much building property coverage do we need? Could we shift the numbers so we have greater personal property coverage?...Read more
My tenants caused a garage fire that totally destroyed the detached garage. My insurance which is replacement coverage had a limit for other structures (the basic 10%) that is much lower than the RCV and even somewhat lower than the ACV. The tenants renter's insurance agrees to the liability...Read more
I live on the 2nd floor of a condo complex that is in the Boulder flood plain. The HOA sent a newsletter in 2010 stating that only people on the garden level should consider buying flood insurance. Because of this I did not buy flood insurance. I have condominium insurance as recommended by my...Read more
I would like to find out if I can file/open a claim. This claim occurred about 1 to 2 years ago. I had a fire in my living room causing damaged to the carpet before it went out. I placed a claim with my insurance company. My husband and I have had the same policy for 7 years. When we signed up...Read more
I am sorry to miss your workshop on “Flood Damage and Insurance” in Boulder yesterday, but I had a conflict. I was impacted by the flood when a drainage ditch behind my house overflowed. The original ditch was put in to keep our lot out of the 100 year flood plain from a small stream about a 1000...Read more
What is the simplest way to find out if I'm properly insured? I had a total home loss and I'm not sure if the amount for my dwelling, with the policy I bought, was/is 'correct'. At the time of buying the policy, the Nationwide insurance agent printed off a quote. When I asked...Read more
I live in the northeast, and in February of 2013, water pipes burst in our sun room, which is an addition to the original house. In August of 2013, the sun room collapsed as it got pulled out from the side of the house and essentially the room is collapsed. My experts tell me that the water froze...Read more
My agent was provided a detail set of blue prints to calculate replacement cost value and did not get the square feet correct. Thus we were under insured at the time of our loss. What is an agents best practice when it come to establishing replacement cost values in Nebraska? Read more
My wife and I sustained damage to our in-ground pool from Hurricane Sandy. The insurance company is Liberty Mutual. Because the check was over $5000, Liberty Mutual stated that the check must be double endorsed by the homeowner and the mortgage servicing company. The mortgage servicer advised us to...Read more
I recvd a check for some items I was reimbursed for. I decided I don't want them and want to return the item to the store for a credit. Can I do that?...Read more
My friend was just notified by her auto insurance that they were raising her "5 points" because of "Homicide or assault arising out of the operation of a motor vehicle." My friend did have a misdemeanor conviction, but it was certainly not a homicide or assault! What can I do to...Read more
I was in a car accident at the end of October--it was the other guy's fault. The car looked to be totaled but it was decided that they were going to fix it. My car was in the shop for 51 days. I did not CHOOSE the body shop; the cops had it towed there. I had never worked with a body shop...Read more
My liberty policy reads as follow: Section I Coverage: C. Personal Property with Replacement Cost $600,000 I suffered a fire back in April of this year, I have been submitting my receipts for personal property for RCV and I noticed on the recent payment worksheet done by the content specialist...Read more
My home was damaged by Superstorm Sandy. Several months after the storm my roof started to leak. Home insurer sent me a letter in June and denied my claim. Stating they wanted the roof completely replaced within 14 days. I wrote a letter advising them I am in a program that will most likely...Read more
Where or who do I go to to discuss a possible class action law suit against an insurance company? I have been on claim and have discovered some information about an insurance company that is affecting thousands of consumers. I am looking to find someone to speak with concerning the issues I have...Read more
What is a consumer to do if an insurance regulator department is not following the court cases for interpretation of a policy? Can a insured file a claim again the Department of Insurance in the State?Read more
I had a house fire in April 2013. I need to know who gets the money first, the bank (mortgagee) or me the homeowner? They are saying that the whole check would come to me and then I have to pay off mortgage company. This is a difficult case as the house fire was caused by my ex husband and the...Read more
Can your recommend someone that can help me evaluate two polices? My current policy (Amica) looks like its $2,500 more/year than AARP Hartford. I've compared all major issues (see below):. I want to know if: (a) I'm overlooking something and (b) might there be a good reason to remain...Read more
My question for UPHelp is whether you think there is a risk to the policyholder by providing the insurer details of the insured property at the time of signing a policy or during the term of a policy. I appreciate any insight on risk you can provide on this topic. ...Read more
Is it a good idea to let the insurance company know that you are submitting a claim with the NYS Department of Finance?Read more
Who's insurance is responsible? Should this be reported to authorities? Delivery man came back to mitigate damages. Still smells, children feeling ill. What should he do? thanks, JIM...Read more
We had a flood caused by a city water line breaking. The city told our public adjuster that they have given us money. They have not. We have had no hot water nor heat. Going on 3 mths. We have no help. I am using a note pad because we lost our laptop in the city-caused flood. Is there anyway we can...Read more
Hello, I talked to Bruce and UP and understood that there is a form to file in regards to extending the 60 day proof of loss statement deadline. I am looking at the NFIP website and i cannot find the document I am looking for. Can you help? The deadline is tomorrow. Thank youRead more
Our adjuster of the NIFP has sent proof of loss for us to sign. Even though we think that some line items are below what we need, HE HAS INCLUDED A LINE ITEM FOR REPAIR TO OUR GARAGE FOR SHEET ROCK AND FLOOR REPAIR THAT DID NOT EXIST. IF WE SIGN THIS PROOF OF LOSS STATEMENT, WILL WE BE COMMITTING...Read more
I am a Disaster Case Manager in NJ and a client asked me whether he can use his flood insurance payment to pay down his mortgage if he is not going to rebuild his home and then use the approved Blue Acres Buyout money to buy a new home; in addition, what happens to the flood insurance money...Read more
I have an NFIP policy for my flood damaged Colorado home. FEMA sent me a check today for the amount that the adjuster requested. The check is the bottom portion of a letter. The letter says "Final flood claim payment for building loss". The check itself, however doesn't say...Read more
I have a home in Denver, Colorado. With the recent flooding in other parts of the state my homeowners insurance has risen quite a bit (even though there is no possibility my property could be flooded). I spoke with the State Farm Agent and was told that my rates rose as a result of the large losses...Read more
I cut down a fence that was on my property, or I had good reason to believe was on my property, faxing the local district attorney what part of the fence that I was going to cut down. I was maliciously prosecuted for Felony Criminal Mischief and convicted of a Misdemeanor, based on the perjury...Read more
Does renters insurance help pay for housing expenses because of a mandatory evacuation? (Colorado flood)Read more
Was given a figure of $154,000 for complete project [house raising and refinishing interior with appliances etc.included.] My contribution would be $54,000 from insurance proceeds.I am entitled to up to $30,000 from the ICC insurance. They told me at RREM that if I do get the ICC money of $30,000...Read more
I was involved in a no fault accident on the 28th of Sept. On the 29th I discovered that my car was still listed as storage coverage only and after speaking to a claims rep my coverage was backdated to the date I had originally taken the car out of storage.On the 2nd of Oct, a claims rep, (...Read more
My home recently burnt, and it was a total loss, the mortgage co. say i owe more than what the policy will pay, I got the insurance when i got this loan, to cover the full amount, an i have pain on my mortgage for 8 years,... can they do this to me? I cant even get them to stop charging interest...Read more
I just saw the KPIX 5 report and have been trying to get flood insurance for my home in San Francisco. Nobody seems to know anything about it...finally, a FEMA recommended insurer will write a policy for me with $100,000 structure/$50,000 content policy for a whopping $1350 annum. Is this the best...Read more
Our neighborhood experienced severe hail 8/23/2013; everyone in the neighborhood is having their roofs replaced. We have a 20 year old wood shake shingle. Our State Farm agent discouraged us from even having a claim adjuster come out and look at it - telling us that it will be a black mark on our...Read more
We live in Boulder, CO and were one of the many who were subjected to water damage. In our case we do not live in a flood plain. During the recent storm, we had our basement flooded. The sump pump could not keep up with the water. According to insurance inspection, they concluded that the water...Read more
A settlement was reached through mediation, my attorney violated our client/attorney privilege and the confidentiality reflected in the mediation agreement. The mediator's proposed settlement agreement did not specify the check be made payable to my attorneys office,only to myself and the...Read more
How can I get out of a comp policy assigned by these ppl fraudulently and also we have now hired a bookkeeper and they are retaliatory company because we do not agree with their biz conduct. Cant get any direct answers from them.Feeling outraged and conned. ThanksRead more
My home in Mantoloking was classified as less then 50% damaged but I will have to elevate my home and also gut and rebuild. I'm told I do not qualify for any grants to aid in the elevation. Do you have any info on help that may be available to me? This home was not my primary residence. Thanks!...Read more
I had a house fire 4/13 that was ruled arson by the fire marshal. Insurance Co wants an EUO . The house was under remodel. One of the contractors subs is who best I can figure did it. His issue was I said he could have a motorcycle of mine for part of the labor on the plumbing. The job took over...Read more
We lost everything we owned (plus over 900 trees) in the Black Forest Fire. We understand that our policy means we are to receive replacement value (like kind and quality) on the contents of our home. For the items we will be replacing, that's easy. But for the items we don't necessarily...Read more
It is upsetting to me that when you rent a car you must endure pressure from the rental agency to purchase their additional insurance. Since Visa and other credit card companies automatically cover damages to rental cars, it seems more reasonable that the Car Rental Agencies simply require that the...Read more
When sold the poilcy and later during claim processing, we were told policy is a replacement cost policy, but now the adjuster is saying limit for dwelling is reached.Read more
I filed a flood insurance claim after Sandy in Nov.. Then I filed an appeal (March 1st) after hiring a structural engineer and was denied (June 30th). Mid July I filed a supplemental claim (minus the structural rebuild) that still hasn't been processed.Will there be a problem processing the...Read more
After the recent Black Forest fire, at our request, our insurance company sent an adjuster to check for smoke damage to our house. Using something he called a kim sponge (not new and didn't look particularly clean), he wiped a number of walls and objects inside and outside the house. He...Read more
Can Allstate sell you a flood policy and take you money and then say rules changed by the federal government that changed your policy coverage and even though you were not aware and Allstate kept taking your money they can hide behind FEMA now and say I can't help it? Then close or deny you...Read more
Would I possibly have an claim due to STD Insurance company is causing the above suffering while currently receiving STD benefits from my employer. Also adding more illness from my current disability by not receiving STD benefits in a timely manner.Read more
A retaining wall supporting an in ground gunite pool attached to the structure of our home collapsed after a record 11" of rain fell in a 24 hr period and our insurer USAA will not cover repair or replacement due to "earth movement" as the cause we disagree should we push the issue...Read more
Is 2 years the end date that I can collect on an Hurricane Irene Damage claim. An 80 ft oak tree fell on our house taking out two roofs in Hurricane Irene, 8/29/2011 causing extensive document damage. The house was tarped for months, as our insurance company sent out one adjuster Sept, then...Read more
I am case managing a Superstorm Sandy survivor in NJ. His home sustained major damage from the storm and is in need of repair. His homeowners insurance company has disappeared after providing a small settlement and he is now pursuing a legal solution. In the meantime, he's applied for a...Read more
Our finance committee of our board of regents wants me to create a policy that determines when the college files an insurance property claim. Where can I find policy examples or help in creating such policy?Read more
Our home was affected by the Black Forest fires from smoke damage. A professional cleaning company came to our home for three days to restore our home. Upon our return we found that our antique 6 panel chest from North Carolina had been damaged. My question is, will cost $160 to repair...Read more
Total loss in Black Forest Fire -- Shelter Insurance is deducting 20% for Contractor Overhead and 10% for depreciation. I do not plan to rebuild in the near term, so how should address the insurance company to get the 20% they owe me?Read more
I lost my home in the Black Forest fire on June 11, 2013, and am working with my insurance company, Safeco, on the claim. My policy states that: "In the event of a covered loss from an Insurance Services Offices declared catastrophe for the state in which the residence premises is located...Read more
I bought back in 03/2012 a non-owners auto insurance policy. I explained to the broker I didn't own a car and was required to have a sr-22 on file and wanted insurance to cover the state law minimums in case I need to drive. She told me that a non-owners policy is what I wanted and it would...Read more
Our home was a total loss in June of 2012. Our insurance (State Farm) refuses to pay additional living expenses even though the policy plainly states up to 24 months. They refused to pay without explanation or warning. What do we do?Read more
My public adjuster and I are prepared to file a lawsuit for total loss. Predominantly bad faith, consumer protection, and product liability. Can you recommend an attorney who is competent, and won't be bought by ins. industry? ...Read more
I have been requesting in writting that my bank answer in writing if it will release my flood insurance funds or apply them to my mortgage if they will not release the funds because they have taken so long that I have started to do the repairs with my own resources. I could not get a contractor to...Read more
I was recently in a car accident and am being told I have no insurance. I called Farmers insurance where I thought I was insured, and was informed my agent was not licensed to insure outside California. I had been given a quote and they had all of my vehicle information. My question is will Farmers...Read more
Are long term disability insurers subject to the "good faith" requirements (to include the requirement wherein all representatives are legally required to tell you the truth) as discussed in "A Guide to Your Insurance Legal Rights"?...Read more
I had a house fire Feb. 2013. It was protein fire so I had smoke damage thought the entire house. My Boyfriend (who name is on the policy but I own the house) is doing the repair so negotiation has been a nightmare. I have had two public adjusters come out both say we are being treated very...Read more
Am I not legally entitled to receive a copy of the Structural Engineer's report once it is released to our insurance company? They will not allow us to see this report in advance for our review and our contractors review prior to a sit down meeting with our adjustor and his supervisor? They...Read more
I hired a structural engineer on my own to determine if the extreme flooding our home endured had caused any structural damage to our foundation (we already knew something was wrong as we had a hump and a sag in the floor that was not there prior to the flood). The insurance company is now sending...Read more
I hired a Public Adjuster that never came out to the house with the I.A. and the I.A closed the claim based on the P.A not providing information about the claim to him. I tried to get the P.A to rectify this and get the claim re opened with no success. Finally I released, in writing, the PA and...Read more
A insured driver sped down my road. Missed the curve, went airborne, landing at my front door. I am having to deal with HER company, not my own. They are not forthcoming or helpful at all. I have finally resolved construction issues. They won't give me any information besides "send a list...Read more
Just received policy renewal documents from Liberty Mutual. We live in Waldo Canyon Fire burn area of Colorado Springs, CO and have a claim pending for losses from fire. They raised our premium 47%. How do I find out if this is legal/consistent with other premiums of LM? Our area was declared a...Read more
We were being double tracked here in Cal. By JPMorgan Chase, orignal lender Fannie, when we lost the property to fire, the mortgage co. told us to take out of modification in order to rebuild, we wanted the short-sale if modification wasn't possible, then the fire, the mort. co said if we take...Read more
We just finished our fire reconstruction. We have turned in some contents, but we have about 2/3 to go. It has taken us a year to get rebuilt, and now we have been given a date of April 22 to turn all personal property in. My adjuster said something weird about contents lists turned in in the...Read more
I have been an Allstate policy holder for the last 20 years. I have never lapsed a policy, and have put in few claims on my automobile and none on my homewoners. More recently I have added my son to my automobile policy and noticed an increase in my premiums beyond what my friends and familiy...Read more
If I have an adjuster that I no longer trust, how can I fire him, and hire another, and what is my exposure to the first adjuster. I've only had him 1 month, and very little has been done, the company adjuster came out, the cleaners guy came and took clothes, and a mitigating company came and...Read more
We assume you're asking about the reserve an adjuster or supervisor has set on a particular claim - Not an insurers overall reserves/surplus. ...Read more
I am currently dealing with a claim against my contractors insurance co. for the past 1 1/2 years. Last week i get a call from an investigator from insurance co. that is newly assigned to case and wants to sit down and interview me regarding the loss. My questions is do i need to sit down and have...Read more
My friends house was burglarized and my golf clubs were stolen and now the adjuster is saying I'm not covered and need to file under MY insurance policy. AND this is per new mexico statute. I disagree as care custody and control were my friends and a reasonable prudent man would conclude HIS...Read more
The ex-wife hasn't lived in the burgled and vandalized home for 6 months but is on the policy per the divorce decree. How do you recommend proceeding...Read more
"Because our insurer already maintained a policy insuring our interests in the loss location we rejected a second policy mistakenly placed by the same insurer when the property was refinanced two years before the loss. After the fire the claim was denied, however, for reasons I cannot explain...Read more
The loss was related to one of the wildfires in Calif. and was declared a Federal disaster. Our recovery was frustrated by challenges with our insurance claim however, due to the mass destruction there was also a demand surge for qualified contractors which added to our delayed recovery. Five...Read more
Hi. I'm at a stand still trying to get documents from my mortgage company to no avail for almost a year now. I came across an insurance check for a policy I paid for and damages in which I had repaired. The check was misplaced in my moving after the house was foreclosed. I need the mortgage...Read more
We hired a restoration company whom we are now in litigation with. We are doing the rebuild ourselves open items on the scope. I contacted my agent to ask how long do i have to submit the code upgrade receipts and he wont tell me. he said answer these questions and i will answer you so i did and...Read more
My friend has a rental property (house) in California. About 9 months ago, her tenant moved out, and she discovered that he had extensively damaged the house: holes cut in the ceiling and floors, carpets wrecked, etc. Her insurance adjuster came out and said they could not pay for what they called...Read more
I discover my home owners insurance policy the following phrase: "sudden and accidental direct physical loss". Somewhere in the information of I learn that this phrase may restrict my rights in a claim. I will be shopping for a different insurance carrier because of that phrase...Read more
My home was damaged by Sandy. Thus far the insurance adjuster has given no assessment or indication of payout. Am considering selling my home "as is" even if I should ultimately get insurance payment. Would it be fraudulent to use payment for purposes other than repair of the home?...Read more
My policy, I've discovered, contains the phrase “We insure against "sudden and accidental", direct, physical loss to tangible property described in PROPERTY WE COVER –“ [internal quotes are USAA’s]. I know the phrase indicates possible trouble for me in collecting disaster...Read more
Our house was substantially damaged by Superstorm Sandy. it was an older home, and was tested for lead paint. Many of the door frames contained lead paint, and were included in the adjuster's report to be replaced. However, what was not included was the expense to properly remove the frame by...Read more
We had a house fire in April 2012. We hired a public adjuster, and we have not been dealing with the Insurance company directly. In September we agreed to the settlement terms of the insurance company's adjuster, and were told that the insurance company itself had not approved those terms...Read more
A subcontractor added me as holder to policy while adding 2nd story. He didn't tarp the roof and caused the whole 1st floor to have water damage. 80k worth of damages. His insurance came out to the property and estimated only 24k worth of damages and offered 50% coverage - 12k - since i had a...Read more
A shopping tip on this site says that one should not without the advise of an attorney sign a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement. My question is what part of the insurance contract, where would I find, this agreement to (not) sign? I am currently shopping for a better company to cover my...Read more
How does an insured begin arbitration proceedings with an insurance company? The insured is not accepting the settlement offer...Read more
I saw on the UP facebook page that if your home was built before a certain date (differed by town, depending I think on when the town was added to the Flood Map) that your house could be grandfathered in to allow content coverage for below grade rooms. I am sure it's too late for the loss we...Read more
I am in Colorado Springs and live in the Waldo Canyon Fire area. Our neighborhood is struggling to find OBJECTIVE companies to do smoke testing of homes allowing us to accurately assess damages so we can move forward in the insurance claim process. Are there any companies in other states who...Read more
My home was completely destroyed by Superstorm Sandy on October 29, 2012. Is there any reason I should continue my insurance policies in effect or should I cancel them? It will take many months and perhaps as long as a year or 18 months before the wreckage is demolished and a new house built.Read more
What is the likelihood of not getting paid on a homeowners claim (fire garage and workshop) total loss because we INTENDED to start a business although we had not yet?Read more
Hello - Can you kindly tell what does it mean -- first/third party insurance attorney? I was recommended to search for a plaintiff attorney should my claim call for some legal guidance. I just found out that the attorney I have been speaking with regarding some general questions pertaining to my...Read more
Claim filed and assessed with $12,024.59, covering over 9 areas to be repaired and replaced, including City Permits and TWI Engineer Fees. Insurance company's' estimate was matched, however Did Not include General Contractors Overhead and Profit of an additional 10% each. Agent claimed...Read more
Hi - First I would like to send a special thank you shout out to United Policyholders for the Ask an Expert feature you offer on this site! Simply want the experts to know that your efforts do not go unnoticed:-) My question is that I recently inquired with an insurance attorney from your sponsor...Read more
I had a fire on June 30th. dwelling cost to repair $125.000 thats not the issue. its with the personal items. my inventory shows about $ 247.000. state farm declared all contents as a total lose. so far they paid $73.000 and i'm going through about 100 open items and depreciation and all of...Read more
I recently was informed by my insurance adjuster that I will be receiving a Reservation of Rights letter that I will be asked to accept and sign for it. I am not sure if it is in fact the right thing to do? Lately and suddenly it appears that my insurance company is getting ready to deny me...Read more
My parents had tree damage to their home during Sandy. The ins. company hired an engineer to inspect the home. In New York State, are we allowed to see that actual report, or only the insurance company's estimate based on the report? Thanks...Read more
We had 2 separate losses, 2 weeks apart; first a windstorm, and then a fire. Neither was a total loss, but damage is significant from both perils. The insurer has paid some covD expenses from each claim and then quickly changed to only paying them from the fire loss claim. Now the fire loss covD is...Read more
Are insurance companies permitted to change the description on the Declaration Page of your policy from enclosure to no enclosure? This is a total inaccurate description of my home and now they are saying that I am not covered for what I believed I was covered for. How could they possibly be...Read more
A large insurance company sued me and my company on various charges including Fraud, Wire Fraud and Theft. These charges and others were dismissed in Florida Civil Court. I suffered loss of wages, my home, interest, opportunity, non economic losses, and am also seeking exemplary & punitive...Read more
Hello, we had a very large apartment fire occur right behind our house. We share a common fence line with the apartment complex but we both have separate fences (One six foot fence and one 12 foot high fence). The tenants of the apartments along with the fire department cut and tore down their...Read more
Regarding the "How to Communicate with your Insurance Company" webpage ( My company seems to be organized differently in that the adjuster works for a 3rd party company and not for the insurance company...Read more
Thank you Amy, for your response. I received an answer on the Loss of Use for the sewer back up damage. Our Insurance Co's reply was the endorsement (water back up and sump discharge or overflow) is not a covered cause of loss on the "policy", and because they are paying us the...Read more
I have been working on my contents inventory for the total loss of my home per the guidelines and suggestions in the yellow book. I am near the limit of my personal property. Why is it advantageous to get to the limit? I see that mentioned in the book but not sure why that is important? Isn...Read more
Hi, so I'm in somewhat of a unique situation. I live on the 2nd floor of a 3 story apartment complex in Long Beach, NY. I did not have any water enter into my apartment from Hurricane Sandy but the first floor of my building was destroyed by flood water also destroying our utility...Read more
I do not have a Flood Policy but a sewer/drain backup policy withing my Homeowners coverage. It is an old policy that covers up to policy limits plus contents. My sewer backed up from the first ground level up to the first floor. Fecal material residue is still present. The first examiner hired by...Read more
Hurrican Sandy - I do not have flood insurance, but our Homeowner Ins. has included sewer back up as part of the estimated damages. They have denied Loss of Use. Shouldn't Loss of Use be included in the claim, as the bathrooms are unusable, therefore the home uninhabitable, due to a covered...Read more
Last year we had floor damage due to Hurricane Irene. When we were reviewing people to fix our floor they told us that we needed a sump pump before we could put new floors down. When we receive the claim money from FEMA we sent the check to our mortgage company and got a quote for the pump. We...Read more
My trailer burned on 10.18.2012 the process is still on the insurance company is neither paying me or denying. What should I do as they are delaying.Read more
I'm curious if you know offhand (I haven't yet dug for this myself)...if there is any legislative action or ideas about addressing Henkel in the aftermath of Flour (on assignment of liability policies despite anti-assignment clauses)? Also, are there any active cases addressing these...Read more
I had a fire in my home on 7/14/2012 where the contents of my garage and family room were completely destroyed. The consents of the rest of the house were deemed unsalvageable due to water and smoke damage. I submitted a content list, including age and cost, of my garage and den to my insurance...Read more
If I have a fire in my store and it does damage to other stores, does my insurance cover that?Read more
In 2005, my home experience some minor flooding from Hurricane Katrina. The water damaged our wood floors and the insurance company gave us a check made out to us and our insurance company for 30k. We had the floors fixed and the mortgage company sent an adjuster for approval. Now Hurricane Issac...Read more
Dwelling insured for 270,000.00, acv is 103,000.00....I owe 88,000.00, is there any way to walk away? They are completely rewiring the 104 year old home, bring up to code the plumbing, and some structural issues. Can they spend the entire 270,000.00 on this property?Read more
My friends car was stolen, then recovered after 42 days. The insurance Co hadn't yet settled. They said they needed 30 days to investigate after which they would settle. The car was found, the following day a final agreement was supposed to be reached. Is there a specific time period in...Read more
Is it true that after a fire no other company will take you? And how much should insurance go up?Read more
Hello, The house that I own was recently in a fire back in 03/2012. The 1st floor and basement were affected by the fire. I did get a Public Adjuster who was trying to help me out. My claim was denied bc my insurance had me as Owner Occupied but I had moved out at the end of 12/2011 and rented the...Read more
I lost my home in the High Park Fire in Livermore, Colorado. I have already previously been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I would like to know if you folks have created a form for requesting waiver of listing items lost (more traumatizing and inhumane than nearly anything I'...Read more
My home burnt to the ground, deemed electrical fire. While in the hospital, my agent allowed a couple to befriend my 83 year old mother and convinced her I burned the house down and they were out for her best interests. The adjuster was told by my agent it was my mothers house and her policy,...Read more
I live in the mountains in Colorado. If my house is lost in a fire, I probably won't rebuild. Should I still have full replacement value insurance coverage on my house? If not, how much coverage should I have?...Read more
I have a complaint filed with the Texas Dept of Insurance [TDI] which was deemed justified. Without telling names, a PA contacted me after learning of this on TDI's website. He sent me his contract which I agreed to sign [and did and sent back contigent that he would mark out the section in...Read more
I have soot damage to my carpet. Now the insurance company wants to come out with an adjustor to test the carpet for soot with a chemical sponge and look underneath the carpet to see if the soot has affected the padding. I think they need to pay for everything. It has been a few days over one year...Read more
I own a 2012 Honda Accord LX an MSRP (per Kelly Blue Book) of $22,250; I was rear ended in July and the cost to replace my rear bumper was $922.56. My question is how much is a fair amount to ask that I be reimbursed for diminished value, and loss of use for one day (time it took for repair)...Read more
I have insurance through State Farm and in the Section "Your Duties After Loss" it says that " an inventory of damaged or stolen personal property" is required with my Sworn proof of loss statement within 60 days after the loss. I'm not sure that I can do that, what...Read more
I have insurance through State Farm and in the Section "Your Duties After Loss" it says that " an inventory of damaged or stolen personal property" is required with my Sworn proof of loss statement within 60 days after the loss. I'm not sure that I can do that, what...Read more
We had a home fire in March of this year. After MANY weeks of insurance "dealings" we finally started receiving payments and are currently in the process of rebuilding. We had lender based insurance with Bank of America (BAC). Last week, we were notified that our loan servicing has been...Read more
Can I recover the recoverable depreciation on my claim as the monies are expended?Read more
If my home is appraised at 111,000.00 can i get insurance on the home in the amount of 200,000.00Read more
We lost teak dining room set (purchased in 1986 for about $ 4600.00) items no longer made. Our current dining room is too small to accommodate replacements now valued at 75% higher for like pieces. What should we request from our insurance co?...Read more
We have lead in the house, and we think our landlord has no rental insurance.Read more
I am in the middle of the appraisal process. The process was invoked by the insurance company due to our disagreement as to whether or not my kitchen cabinets that were not damaged would be replaced since the island that was damaged and removed cannot be matched would fall under my "my loss to...Read more
My 96 year old mother is living in a house in a severely depressed city (Detroit) and her HO3 policy has $370,000 listed as the limit of liability for "Dwelling I" coverage. While this would be acceptable if she wanted to rebuild, at her age it is unlikely that she would rebuild, and...Read more
I need help. My wife and I are in the process of buying out her brother from a family lake house, and the only way we can afford to do that is to take a loan/line of credit against the house. 1 of the requirements though is the house needs insurance before we can get the loan. Problem though is...Read more
I read about the possible cash out part of the personal property loss. I was wondering how that worked. Do I still have to make a list of property items and the value?Read more
My insurance company invoked the appraisal process due to a disagreement between "loss to a set or pair",the insurance companies appraiser sent our representative a list of umpires (which i previously asked a question on ..thank you for your response) I just received an email from the...Read more
The vendors used by our insurance company after our fire lost many items and damaged others. My wedding gown was among those items lost by FRSTeam. The adjuster for Liberty Mutual wants to apply depreciation on all these damaged and lost items that were not damaged or burned in the fire. I have...Read more
My home was broken into several months ago. My wedding/engagement ring was stolen along with many other items. When I filed a claim Allstate sent a check for 1,000.00 for my ring. My declaration read up to 5,000 for the theft of Jewelry. Can this be right? My policy has been with them for 25 years...Read more
I have an urgent question and I would appreciate some input. I had a total loss fire on jan 15 of this year. The house was so badly damaged it was required to be demoed by the city. I decided not to rebuild becasue the house was in a bad area and i really didnt want the hassle of building if i...Read more
Are there any reputable companies that cover sewer line replacement or damage to the home if sewer replacement can only be accessed by going through a slab inside the home. My State Farm HO3 policy does not cover inside damage caused by accessing sewer lines. I do have sewer backup coverage for...Read more
I have quotations from two quality companies. They differ substantially regarding "full replacement costs." Each has similar provision for coverage over the covered amount. The premium costs of each differ. (That is an important but a secondary matter.) I do not want to over insure, but...Read more
Looking to know what the average percentage rate is for a public adjuster? Is it negotiable?Read more
I have (2) bedrooms on the 2nd floor of my house, each with new water damage to their ceilings and I've filed a claim with my insurance co. My claim adjuster who did not go on the roof but looked at it from down the street said that there is only wind damage to the west side of the roof and...Read more
On 7/1/2012 my Hartford auto & homeowners insurance is due for renewal. I was in the 1991 Oakland fire, so I remember how the insurance companies treated people. What is your latest experience with State Farm and their treatment of policyholders after a total loss? Also what is payout record of...Read more
I am a contractor that works in both Kansas & Missouri. My question is how long does a homeowner have to complete repairs once they have filed a claim. Many insurers say that the repairs must be completed within 12 months. Is this time frame set in stone? The reason I ask is that we have...Read more
I am concerned that I will lose money in this policy. What can I do about it? Should I exchange it or cash it out? Read more
Hello I wanted to know how much would New Mexico insurance be and how would I find that information, because I am doing a project for math class to make a brochure for earthquake insurance please help Read more
I do not have a monetary cap for ALE, however the insurance's claim adjuster is trying to make me pay the deposit out of my content claim. Is this in line Arizona's law?...Read more
My wife set up a policy for mortgage insurance if/when one of us dies. We were in mid-move packing when she was taken ill. Is there a way to find the insurance company that holds our policy?Read more
Well the saga continues. We submitted our list of lost items a month ago. It contained what we could remember and we listed make/model numbers and price mostly from Amazon as we couldn't go out and find all this in stores. Now they are telling us we have to submit to an examination under...Read more
Recently purchased a Water Line insurance policy from Home Emergency Insurance Solutions through WESCO Insurance Co. Just read a past article in the LA Times suggesting we got suckered. Are there good options for Water Line insurance. Three of our nearby neighbors have had extremely expensive main...Read more
My husband became disabled 2 months before his 66th birthday and was at the time employed full time. He is on short term disability until the beginning of May, and on his 66th birthday, in January, began receiving Social Security retirement. We never applied for Social Security Disability and now...Read more
Hi, if we will have other construction work done (add more room) beside the damages room where the tree fell into, will the insurance continue to pay the rental house for us? Is the insurance will have us fix the damage area fist and stop pay the rental house as soon as that done even the rest of...Read more
Other than the auto industry car parts, can you cite or point me to specific or body of case law which speaks to and defines Like-Kind-Quality for replacement of personal property; specifically household furnishings. I've run out of resources looking for an answer. Many thanks, chris...Read more
My insurance company is denying overhead & profit to my contractor. They are telling him he is a remodeling contractor & not a general contractor. He is licensed, insured and specializes in remodeling projects. He still subs to different crews. Is he entitled to Overhead & profit? Read more
Who can help when our home has been totally destroyed in a tornado almost a yr. ago. The ins. co. paid & the check was sent to the mortgage co. to disperse funds in order to re-build?Read more
I received a quote for a rebuild of a rental duplex in NV in which the depreciation reduced the toal by 24%! I am shocked. I am away on vacation and do not have a "full" policy with me. Is depreciation like this a normal feature of fire insurance? Is there any way to legally negotiate...Read more
Hi. We lost our home in the FourMile Fire of September 2010. United Policyholders has been so supportive during this process. We were significantly underinsured, and are currently rebuilding. I have two questions: 1. I received a letter from Safeco saying they were proceeding to '...Read more
I just recovered my rental house from tenant who cut 5 holes approximately 2' by 3' rectangler shaped through the popcorn ceiling and about 30-40 round holes (about 2" diameter. Insurance company (Liberty Mutual) will not cover the repair as tenant attempted to patch up the holes...Read more
A pedestrian claims to have fallen on my broken sidewalk. Her lawyer claims to have served notice via mail and personal delivery service. However, I did not find out about the lawsuit until a judgement had been. Therefore, the insurance refuses to indemnify me even though a judge has agreed that...Read more
I had a fire in oct 2009,allstate had their so call trusted contractor pull a investigation permit from the county,none of the finding were included in the estimate for repairs where allstate says their code upgrade but the county says its all from the fire,which would it be..Read more
I worked for an employer where I was seriously injured on the job. At the time of this accident my ERISA LTD was not efective yet. I received Workmans Comp Benefits for these injuries. A few months after this accident I returned to work in a lower paying sedentary position that offset my Workmans...Read more
How do I find an insurance company to cover my woodstove?Read more
What type of settlement should we expect? Wife got rear-ended in our 1999 Toyota Corolla (~90,000 miles) in October 2011. State Farm considered the car totalled and gave us ~$5,200 for the car (I had just spent about $2,300 to paint and replace parts on the car and State Farm said they gave the...Read more
My house had a slab leak. I notified my insurance and they sent their approved vendor to dry out and remedy the situation. They did not do the job right, they did not isolate the area and as a result, mold spores was spread throughout my house as per the mOld report. Now, many items of my...Read more
We Live in Sevier County, TN and have rental properties and sustained severe Hail damage to several of them after last years (April 27) hail storm, our insurance company is a "County Mutual" Ins. Co (Farmers Mutual Fire Ins. Co. of Sevier County) and they have lied to us, denied our...Read more
Our home was destroyed in July, 2011 by a fire. The insurance agency determined it was a gas explosion. We have "replacement cost" insurance and even with the 125% additional payment towards the dwelling we are over $40K short of the actual cost to rebuild. Is there a way to collect...Read more
My husband recently needed physical therapy. He went to the physical therapists in mid December and they verified our insurance coverage, including the fact that there was no deductible. They printed off his list of appointments, which spanned into late January. We just received an EOB (in February...Read more
This summer the cross street near me was rebuilt. My house is the second one in from the street. My house sustained a considerable number of new cracks in the plaster walls. My claim for compensation from the construction company's insurance carrier was denied. My homeownwers policy does...Read more
My mother has been in a car wreck and she is waiting to get paid for her car. The insurance adjuster says that he cannot make the check out to her because the car isnt in her name....but she had bought it from someone and never got the title switched over. What do she do? or cant they put both of...Read more
My family's home was damaged by a fire in Oct 2011. This is now the middle of February and our insurance company has not yet paid out. They have hired a lawyer and demanded that we submit to an examintion under oath and provide extensive paperwork showing our financial situation, telephone...Read more
I suffer loss on 12/18/11 from water damage. The insurance company has not given any money for repair and I am forced to live in an apartment. The contractor and insurance company agreed to a price for repair, but they refuse to issue a check until I sign a release of all claims, which would...Read more
We had a kitchen fire and we need advice how to handle our insurance company. There is still smoke damage, odor and soot in our home after being out of our home for over 12 weeks. The insurance company will not give us a written plan of action and has not gotten the burnt cabinets out of our home...Read more
Among the many requests, they are asking me to provide 5 years of all bank statements, 5 years of all credit card statements, along with telephone records for the months of May and June. I think 5 years is excessive. I am in good financial standing never filed bankruptcy and have no criminal...Read more
My home is partially damaged from a fire. My insurer does not want to pay to match the new siding to the old siding on my home’s exterior walls. What can I do?Read more
My insurance company's adjustor (American Modern Ins. Grp.) is still requesting a set of plans for the new house. My last letter to him clearly stated that 'what I lost' and 'what I rebuild' has no bearing on my claim whatsoever and no plans were sent. Are there other...Read more
After a fire loss and claim, can the insurance company cancel a policy? If indeed it is cancelled how difficult it is to get another company to insure the home? Read more
“A” Insurance Company is refusing to pay anything up front for my contractor’s overhead and profit. I don’t have the cash to advance this item and he won’t get started without it so I’m stuck. “A” Insurance Company is refusing to pay anything up front for my contractor’s overhead and profit. I don’...Read more
and my home insurance company is telling me that all the hurricane damage to my home is excluded/not covered. Are they right?Read more
Is there any reason to pay for cleanup if we are not rebuilding and due to no legal access the land will not be buildable for anyone else?Read more
I am a victim of the four mile fire in Colorado this past fall. I am now submitting content loss items to my insurance company. I read that for items being depreciated that the tax you spent on the item is not depreciable. Example: If I paid $200 for an item plus $20 in taxes, only the $200...Read more
Our insurance has revoked our replacement cost provision, plus the 5% added inflation adjustment because we did over $5000 of improvement to the house without reporting it. The improvement was not affected by the fire. Our house was "smoked", but we just moved back in. Can insurance...Read more
Our home was destroyed in last year's Lake Arrowhead fire. We were underinsured and are protesting with our insurer. The insurer sent us a check that does not say anything like "paid in full" or "final settlement" on it. Can we cash the check without losing our ability to...Read more
When State Farm's adjuster stopped working on our scope of loss he said it was because he had already reached policy limits and we were under insured. I have now had my own scope of loss done and have asked State Farm to investigate my issue of underinsurance. I have since been...Read more
We notified our carrier, State Farm, that we were under insured through no fault of our own. In lieu of a recorded statement, they have responded with a 40 question survey. We are very interested in reporting to them only factual (and truthful) information. Before we shoot ourselves in the foot...Read more
We are almost at 6 months post-fire. Are there any triggers at 6 months? Is there anything you know of that claimants need to do by a certain point in time (example- file suit w/in 1 yr)? Thank you!Read more
I am having trouble with the SBA in regard to my disaster loan. My contact at SBA has been replaced three times and they seem to be getting more and more mentally challenged as they are replaced. Currently my contact claims that he has just been transferred there and it will be several months...Read more
We did a Scope of Loss thru a higher recommended company. We submitted it to our insurance when the last estimate from their insurance estimator came in $200,000 less than what our SOL said. We have been on the joint phone call with our SOL rep, our insurance claims person and insurance estimator...Read more
Our adjuster told me he would negiotate with our contractor to get us the best price on replacing our home. Is that within the scope of his job? I know who would benefit from what he said, and it is not me. Is it ethical and legal for him to do so? He has spoken on the phone a couple of times with...Read more
We are not underinsured, but our insurance company came up with a figure in their scope of loss that is way too low. Where do we go from here, how do we negotiate and what is our leverage?Read more
Once an attorney is involved in my insurance dispute, will I no longer be able to talk directly with my insurance adjuster? Does all correspondance have to go through the attorney?Read more
all of our stuff, including our art work, which should not be depreciated?Read more