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Several condos have had severe water damage by a unit above them. (leaked down several floors) Is there a way to get some living expenses/damage payments while the insurance company investigates legal action against pipe manufacturer? How should they go about it? They are getting no response...Read more
Our house fired occurred in Oct. 2013 and the rebuild will be completed in March 2015 due to delays beyond our control: 1. permitting process; 2. contents removal company was incompetent; 3. foundation work, which was scheduled PRIOR to the fire, took longer than expected and caused delay to the...Read more
Hi, I have some questions regarding an old claim that was filed with my insurance company as a result of the San Bruno PGE Explosion. I'm insured by Liberty Mutual, I had filed a claim after the PGE incident. The repairs to my home we mostly cleanup, paint, etc. Due to the proximity of...Read more
I have brought three different licensed building contractor to my house to obtain estimate on the repairs needed, but so far, none of them had given any estimate nor bid on the job. The insurance company adjuster had given me the written estimate and a check and an unfunded credit card to use for...Read more
We had a total loss to our home and contents to a fire. We were underinsured. Our insurer is honoring the evaluated replacement of loss of dwelling. The loss of contents is based on a percentage of the value of the dwelling. Are we entitled to the higher percentage value on the contents of loss?Read more
How long does an insurance company have until they pay my claim? It's been three months since the fire that destroyed everything but the foundation of the home that was being newly built and almost ready to move into. The claim was submitted immediately and a professional estimator met with...Read more
My tenant admits her negligence started a fire in her apartment and my insurance company wants to recover damages from her. She had a lease that said she was responsible for damages caused by her actions if the landlord asked for them. The lease is no longer in effect (it was for the first year...Read more
The adjuster had no doubt it would be declared a total loss, but because there are still standing walls, they're calling it an "economic total loss", which boils down to a lot more beaurocracy and a lot less compensation for us. What can we do?...Read more
I am employed as a housekeeper/gardner and I lived in my bosses home until it caught fire and burned down the whole house. I lost everything I own. She said I was not covered by her homeowners and that I should have renters insurance. I was not a tenant I was her employee. What do I do? The...Read more
State Farm insurance said to keep two walls of my house. The Tuolumne County Inspector said to demo the remaing walls because they are substandard. We have hired an engineer to inspect the walls and foundation and he agrees with the county. Now how do I deal with my adjuster? This makes my house a...Read more
A neighbors' house was severely damaged by fire. Their fire also caused substantive damage to my house - although not to such a serious extent. However, their clean-up was sub-standard and to this day their house remains in damaged condition. It is vacant - basically abandoned as no is...Read more
My sister and I own a 40% interest as tenants in common in a California home that was partially destroyed by fire in June. The occupant owns 60% and is the policy holder on the insurance with us as additional insureds. What role, if any, can or should we play in the negotiations and settlement with...Read more
What happens to my policy coverage when an insurance company goes bankrupt?Read more
I own 3 unit condo building (all 3 units). It appears that windows have failed or where not properly installed, and allow water in behind the stucco, which deteriorated after several years of raining. Framing has suffered too (dry rot in places). Needed repairs include stucco and windows...Read more
I own a 100,000 sq. ft. commercial building in Lousiana, and I am considering a policy that includes an 80/20 co-insurance provision. My question is this: using the formula for co-insurance, can the Insurance Required denominator be figured as a market value, as opposed to a construction...Read more
Is there an industry standard for determining what contents items are restorable by cleaning and what are not after a wildfire causes smoke damage? In particular, light-colored upholstered furniture, interior tongue and groove wood paneling, rustic log furniture and exterior wood siding.Read more
My house has "popcorn ceilings" that the cleaning/restoration company cannot clean after smoke damage from a wildfire. My insurance says they will pay to paint the ceilings, but I want to remove them and retexture then paint. Painting them will only make the popcorn ceilings more...Read more