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I received a dwelling payment from AAA for less than I am willing to accept. However, I do need the money to rebuild and give to contractor. On the check, it states: Endorsement constitutes acceptance of the offer of payment. Does this mean, if I endorse this check, I am not entitled to fight...Read more
We lost our home in the 10-9-18 Tubbs Fire. We are insured by State Farm. In response to the Insurance Commissioner's request that personal property claims be paid at 100% without inventorying, State Farm has offered 75% but requires an attestation that the personal property was worth 75%. The...Read more
I attended the UP "Insurance Consultation Clinic" this past Saturday (1/6/18) here in Santa Rosa, during the presentation they mentioned that their slides would e available via the UP website. Could you please direct me to where I can find them. ...Read more
I am wondering since I am not the Policy Holder of my twin sisters homeowners insurance, that I lost a tremendous amount of content after a fire in our garage. My twin sister is the policy holder and I owned most of the content destroyed and she does not want to give me the money from insurance...Read more
I'm not sure whether it is worth it to make a claim. A tree landed on our barn due to wind damage. There is siding and roof damage to the metal room. First, will the roof be replaced or repaired? A replacement cost much more and we would not be able to afford that; whereas a repair we may...Read more
My annual premium is $200 - limit is $719000, deductible is $107850. What's the general advice - pay the premium and keep expectations low (lots of exclusions)? Thanks!...Read more
I filed an auto theft and loss claim with my insurance company and now they are investigating me. They said they are going to have a lawyer contact me. Can they do that?Read more
I would like to write a complaint to AAA Home Insurance regarding my experience. Can you tell me the proper titles (Manager, Division Manager, CEO, etc..) to whom my complaint should be addressed to. I thought I read it somewhere in your book but cannot find it. Thanks.Read more
We lost our home to a fire on 4/1/16 and are waiting for Allstate to settle claim for a possible rebuild. I say possible because we still don't know what we want to do. My question is "can I tell my insurance company that I want to purchase a new home or will it hurt my claim? We think...Read more
Via Mail Is the postage stamp date used to indicate whether or not the information was provided during NTL date in letter? Via email What do I do when; Insurance Co. fails to provide requested information via the mode and in the amount of time allocated?...Read more
We lost our home to a fire and will have to rebuild. My question is, after we are paid our full limit are we able to be reimbursed for the O&P once the rebuild is completed? Read more
We have state farm and lost our home to a fire. Once our dwelling limit is reached is there an additional percent over we could receive for the rebuild?Read more
I lost my home in the Butte Fire in September 2015. It was declared a state of emergency by both the Governor and the President. I was told that my additional coverage percentages are doubled. For example, I have 20% for Increased dwelling and 10% for Law & Ordinances. These percentages would...Read more
My house was destroyed by fire in March. I was told to retain a public adjuster and he did a contents inventory immediately and told me to hire a contractor next. I interviewed 4 contractors and went forward to rebuild in June. The insurance for structure was less than the contract amount and I...Read more
I am on LTD since Feb 2014. The LTD contract states combined income will not exceed 60%. I am at the max monthly insurance benefit,approx 5.5%,$400 below 60%.I have received a retro SSDI award. Insurance has requested entire amount and is offsetting going forward so monthly income continues to...Read more
Our misclassified HOA is about to hand the responsibility for FEMA Flood insurance back to the individual home owners. Is there a website out there that compares what kind of flood coverage is available for SW Florida? What is going on with the Flood Ins. Market in SW FL?...Read more
our house was struck by a tree - 4 tons of Spruce tree to be exact. the Adjuster and Engineer deem it a total loss as are the majority of the contents since it was raining, snowing and freezing out and the entire roof was caved in. We are trying to understand the process of personal items claim...Read more
My house was partially damaged by fire (about 300k damage). I would like to sell the house, as is, to a contractor before starting any repair. Instead of this house I plan to buy another property in another state which would cost more than the replacement value of the house that burnt. Would I be...Read more
Are there any companies in Texas that provide coverage for mold damage?Read more

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