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Hi! I had a house fire in Louisiana. According to our Parish laws, if greater than 30% of electrical wiring is birned, the entire house must be rewired to bring it up to code. My insurance company is saying they will only cover the actual wiring burned, and anything required to bring it up to code...Read more
I have a $10,000. limit on fungi and or mold. The damage has been agreed to be water damage with ensuing loss or fungi or mold resulting from water damage. Can they limit the remediation to just $10,000. Also, there were two covered events; 1. Water pipe broke 2. Roof leaks.ThanksRead more
Any leaving and entering the Nuclear Program in the service, then almost forced into retirement due to my mental state of surviving all of this. I have been totally paralyzed emotionally and have done absolutely nothing. Now I am in a panic and don't know what to do next. Any advice or...Read more
Our garage caught fire in May 2015, we had a lot of content,that was collected over years, content that I was going to use to start a business, but didn't get to because it was destroyed by the fire, but the insurance company want me to write it off as business. Now they are requesting a...Read more
My permanent address is in Ms., but I was staying in La. in my RV. I got insurance for my RV while I was staying in it working in La. My Allstate agent put my RV lot as my address on the policy, but he knew my permanent home was in Ms . Now when I had a claim they said I'm not insured under my...Read more
My neighbor backed into my truck in december of last year. He said he would take care of it and i gave him the repair quote. He called me from the hospital saying he was talking to the insurance and later passed away. What do I do next? I dont know what insuracne company he was with. His relatives...Read more