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After realizing that I was under insured because Ins Co had set the Coverage A policy limit too low back in 2010, I asked them to raise my limits to cover real cost of rebuilding after Cal wildfire in Sonoma County. After 60 day delay, they have now responded with a simple "request denied...Read more
hello. my policy with fireman's has a clause requiring me to submit to an EUO but nothing about a recorded phone interview [with an sui investigator] they want me to have. despite the clear language in the contract, a supervisor said 'a recorded statement is included in the requirement to...Read more
This is a bit complicated, please bear with me. My friend was sued in a motor vehicle accident. Only then did she find out that her auto policy only insured her for minimum liability (in California). My friend does not recall using a broker for this insurance. However, my friend owns properties and...Read more
I filed a claim under my business auto policy in 2008, my truck caught fire. At the onset of the claim, the adjuster acted dutiful; shortly after he was unavailable and did not provide nor respond to communication. After 19 mos. he sent me a check, which grossly underpaid the claim. I told him it...Read more
My mom, my brother and I all live in my boyfriend's sister's house. The house burned down 9 months ago due to an accident that was caused by her. My family personal stuff are all destroyed by the fire and it's completly burned. My boyfriend's sister turn around and told the...Read more
My fiancé was involved in a hit & run accident. She followed the person that hit her & called 911. The car of course didn't match the license plate & the vehicle got away. We filed a police Report & I contacted my insurance company. The first question they asked was if my...Read more