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Can an insurance company raise a commercial property premium amount because of the size of storm claim settlement amount in Texas? If we settle the claim at $500,000 instead of $800,000, can the insurance company raise our premium because we settled at a higher amount? This is not related to a...Read more
Hello. I filed a claim, the agent sent me the estimate but it's using the actual cash value of my roof. Can they do it even though it's not on the policy? The policy that was in placed when the incident happened does not say anything abou ACV. The new policy came with an endorsement...Read more
I have a NFIP policy through USAA. My adjuster has yet to come back with a settlement proposal on the dwelling but I anticipate that it will be less than or equal to the two GC estimates that I have for ~$110K. The 2017 pre-flood tax district appraisal for the improvement is $224K. Would I be able...Read more
How to get ACV amount to fix everything the adjuster says. Didn't provide enough money to fix. Are on limited income and don't have extra money. What can we do? In Hurricane Harvey ...Read more
My house burned down in December with a total loss. Insurance has already paid the swelling part. On my contents my adjuster sends this email which says. Sharon ; Your claim clearly exceeds the policy limits. You do not have to submit any additional inventory. Your policy limit is $154,650...Read more
We had a very large home in a remote location. Many of the sub-contractors were out of business due to the 2008 market crash. It was very difficult to get like-kind trades to come to this rural ocation. Furthermore, it was difficult to find some of the high end finishes in the home. At no point did...Read more
Time is running out and I hate to shop, we still have not received money to shop with only have one week left until our deadline. But, literally most all of my clothes were destroyed. I gave the spreadsheet to a store of lost items and they are going to create a purchase order for me. I figured it...Read more
The store that we originally bought most of our Furnishings from created a proposal based on previous invoices they had in their records from us, pictures pre fire, and pictures post fire. We were by our insurance adjuster that we had to create a spreadsheet in their format before they would...Read more
How can the adjuster deny what it actually cost to make the repair with a reputable contractor? He states the work was not approved. We are vastly different on the amount of the claim. The ins. co is completely lowballing the amount needed to repair. We have paid our contractor out of pocket. What...Read more
I am working on a claim with Auto Owners and the company adjuster and her manager insist that they do not have to respect the public adjusters contract and constantly call the insured. They have been asked to stop calling the insured and of course The Auto Owners adjuster will not. Said that only...Read more
My insurance company sent a approved contractor to my home and the approved contractor wrote a good estimate which the insurance company approved and paid. This company then sent the sub to do the work with the estimate. He left it one day and when I looked at it all the line items are in it but...Read more
We just realized we lost lesson plans units outlines notes journals for two books -- we have one education book published. We cannot replace these. Will we be able to claim on insurance and how would we get value?Read more
I had damage to my roof in February/March with back to back ice storms and snow. The weight caused damage to my roof. This was finally all settled on 9/12 with a $25k settlement of which I received $12k to replace my entire roof. I had already taken out a $1500 loan to patch a part that was very...Read more
I have a claim against a water supply Corporation in the state of Texas which is listed as a nonprofit organization I do not have homeowners coverageI'm over 50 and on disability I simply can't afford it the claim was filed with the water companies insurance for the damages they calls to...Read more
In July 2016 I had a roof leak during a storm and filed a water damage claim. It DID NOT hail that night. The mitigaton company covered my ridge vent with ice and water shield for emergency purposes to protect my dwelling, as this area was thought to be a contributing factor to the leak. My...Read more
We had a fire over three weeks ago - August 31st, reported the claim at 7 am the next morning (entire home, most likely a total loss). The adjuster came September 9th and we haven't heard anything since. Is there a legal limit that they have to let us know what the answer is when the home is...Read more
I called Roto Rooter to check on my plumbing problem when my washing machine drain started overflowing leaking water under my washing machine and my kitchen sink drained very slowly. The problem was evaluated and determined to be a broken sewer pipe in the slab of my home that was built in 1972...Read more
the policy reads as follows: 1.) We will pay the reasonable increase in living expenses nessesary to masintain your normal standard of living when a direct physical loss we cover makes residence uninhabitibal. 2.)payment for additional living expenses as a result of covered loss will be...Read more
I'm in the process of negotiating a flood claim with my adjuster. In his proof of loss, I noticed that a straight line or simple deprecation model is used. I'm interested in utilizing a compound or double-declining depreciation model because it more accurately reflects the nature of...Read more
We had a fire in early Dec 15, in Jan Allstate issued us a $11,400 4 month living expense check based on what a travel trailer would rent for for 4 months. We used the check to buy a motorhome and live in it so as not to have to board our pets.(no pets allowed in rented travel trailers). We are...Read more
PennyMac’s third party agent is creating unnecessary delays in releasing insurance funds to me. To date, my contractors who have been working at the property for 3 weeks and have not been paid, despite PennyMac having $76,454.05 from my insurance proceeds for the approval and payment of my claim...Read more
If I have a theft claim on personal property from endorsed replacement cost policy that says replacement cost at time of loss today pay me actual cash value our replacement cost value and am I required to go out and replace everything before I get the additional money on personal items that was...Read more
My son, his wife and young daughter moved from CA to TX to care for his father, who had cancer. The plan was to live with him, and replace items in his house with theirs. They put an entire household in storage nearby, but before they could begin the process, a fire destroyed 8 units at a public...Read more
My son and his wife suffered a total fire loss. They were caring for his father full time in his last few months, so what savings they had were consumed. They have replaced a few small items like kitchen utensils and some clothing, but they don't have the money to purchase major pieces and...Read more
My son and wife need to file an insurance claim for a fire loss (full household in storage) incurred while living full time at his father's home and caring for him while he had cancer. His father passed away, and they're emotionally ready to make the claim now. We are using a letter on...Read more
I have a policy with NFIP that has issued payment. The contractor I originally hired to perform the work has been terminated (for theft). The contractor is insisting that if we finish the work ourselves with another contractor, and for less than the insurance proceeds paid, that we must pay the...Read more
I've had to use a public adjuster on a insurance claim in the past with great results. My problem was a leaky shower pan, Allstate allowed $1,200. After contacting the adjusted and 2 yrs. later, we finally settled for $21,000+. This was due to a insurance code in the state of Texas that...Read more
We had a small chimney fire. This is the first time I've ever had to file a clam, or have had a house fire. I'm just trying to protect my self from the insurance company and just want the job to be done correctly. What I'm asking is what are the steps? There must be some,all anyone...Read more
the house measurement on the appraisal before the fire are 1032 living area and 319 garage and laundry room. we added a bay window were the garage door was (22 sq ft) are we entitled to receive money for the garage? they said they are replacing our house as it was before the fire, I told them I am...Read more
My home was destroyed in a fire, Im in the process of listing contents lost. What are some examples of turn over items?Read more
At about August 1st my quonset building shop was damaged when a large tree branch fell on it. I called in my claim and the agent came and carefully examined the damage, put me in contact with an appraiser/estimator who visited and checked the damage. I was told the estimate would be prompt and I...Read more
I haven't owned a home before. There was a big storm last night & water came through my bathroom ceiling exhaust fan. I have a ranch house. I assume the water came in around the exhaust outlet on the roof. Some branches (medium size) have come down on the roof. Should I have the my...Read more
My friend's house got burnt down completely yesterday due to fire. Cause of the fire is still unknown, but looks like the fire started in garage where they had full blown kitchen built after moving into the house. Would their Insurance honor the claim considering they had kitchen in the garage...Read more
I'm not sure whether to build or "take the money" - can I do Ins. co's "buy you out for more to get you off the books? I've been paid 50% of the 124,000 policy, but the 50% cap will not apply unless I rebuild? or would they pay half to get rid of me ?? have any...Read more
Can we sell our condo to new owners who would like to upgrade our condo to their specifications with our insurance company?Read more
We had a fire at our home and lost lots of contents. We performed the contents inventory and were paid for our items but recoverable depreciation was also withheld. My question is as I go to purchase and retrieve my contents can I claim the mileage associated with having to do this? Once I purchase...Read more
Should insurer pay for shipping/handling fees in order to replace personal contents. The adjuster says the policy states costs of replacement value only. Also why not sales tax? Those are costs incurred to replace items. Read more
Vandals tried to steal my car and caused damage on the inside and outside of the car and insurance says that i will have to pay to claims because "they dont know" if the damage on the outside was caused by the vandels. it might have been done at another time. I know that it was not but...Read more
When my adjuster told me this process (clearing the contents from my home after my fire (smoke and water damage throughout), taking some away to be restored or cleaned and then stored until redelivery to me, and dumping those totally lost)would be charged against my contents I had some questions...Read more
Received denial of claim via email Oct. 9. Need to know how to challenge this denial for a situation that we were unaware of until the leak presented and then took prompt action to address. Contacted claims adjuster and they indicated would be denied even before viewing damage some 4 or so days...Read more
My home was damaged by a water leak. I have antique furniture. How to I show that on a claim?Read more
Does the insured have the right to choose his own contractor or can the mortgage company make him use their perfered contractor?Read more
How can I be sure that I don't have something pre-existing about a house built in 1984 that I bought that would cause a claim denial if I had a claim? For instance, what if a previous owner did some kind of work on his own, without a permit, that caused a need for a claim?...Read more
I had a house fire 5 months ago and now the insurance co. is pushing me to get the rebuild done because their paying my rent. I have to work a lot of overtime and have very little free time to deal with contractors, etc. to get the things done I need to. Between the pressure and the lack of...Read more
We get policy holder to sign Direct Pay with Limited Power of attorney. But the insurance providers are not complying and sending our invoice amount to the policy holder and then we have to make concessions with home owner to receive whats owned to us for services rendered. What can we do?Read more