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we lost our place in the CampFire in Paradise,Ca. Our house was built back in the late 40's. It had the original hardwood floors throughout that had been covered up by carpet or other types of flooring. When our adjuster does his settlement with a "rebuild" does the insurance need...Read more
My policy says I have $88,000 or 24 months of ALE. It's been 10 months and there is still $40,000 of ALE. Can the Insurance adjuster legally stop payments?...Read more
My question is as the President of the HOA Association, the insurance company issued the check to the HOA association for the repairs. The Unit owner is saying that the check belongs to them. I am telling them that they that I will disperse the proceeds in installments to the contractors who are...Read more
Our insurance company has received the report from the construction consultant that they hired to do a Conceptual Replacement Cost Estimate on our residence destroyed in the Camp Fire. We are very pleased with the numbers in the report which are way more than 150% (173.39%, to be exact) of our...Read more
Should a post Camp Fire victim renew his policy. Ie no house or little personal property with the same company?Read more
I live in a house now owned by my cousin, previously owned by my uncle. A fire destroyed the 2nd floor and damaged many of the items on the 1st floor. Under "Coverage B - Personal Property" my cousin's policy with State Farm says "Property Not Covered . . . property of roomers,...Read more
We suffered a complete loss of our house in the Camp Fire. Nationwide Insurance has paid our claim and is now asking us to sign a Subrogation Assignment Form stating: "As provided in California Insurance Code Section 2071 and the policy of insurance, in consideration of any payment(s) made...Read more
In CA how long is ALE paidRead more
How long does insurance company have to respond? ...Read more
I asked my insurance if they waived the deductible on claims from the storm that went through here causing a huge amount of damage and downed trees. It was declared a state of emergency. Others told me their deductible was waived. When i asked about waiving the person on the phone said that was...Read more
I understood that Insurance code 20519(C) required an insurer to pay out based on the cost of rebuilding at the location of the loss. Chubb is refusing to pay extended coverage because the insured bought a replacement home outside the state that cost not much more than the basic coverage. This...Read more
I received a notice of nonrenewal from American Reliable. It is my understanding after reading CA SB 894 that if an emergency disaster has been declared and my home is located in the burned area then the insurance company may not refuse to renew my policy for one year, or possibly two. My home is...Read more
Can your insurance company cancel your HO's policy when it expires IF your claim has not been settled?...Read more
My Ins. co. is requiring me to continue paying a premium on a destroyed house. Do I need to pay for something that doesn't exsist? Can I lower the insured amt so that I'm still paying for liability coverage?...Read more
My home was destroyed in the Camp Fire. I would like to utilize my Coverage A and Building Code Upgrade funds 25% of A) to purchase another home rather than rebuild. Our insurance provider, Horace Mann, is stating that the Building Code Upgrade can be used if code upgrades are required in the...Read more
Hi, The question is regarding how insurance carriers determine the replacement costs for new structures. Our insurer is CSAA (AAA) and we have a replacement cost policy for our structure. After losing our home in the Camp Fire in Paradise California, we're currently purchasing a new...Read more
My home was a total loss in the Camp Fire. I'm curious how I would go about convincing insurance to give me the extended replacement cost up front instead of after purchasing a replacement home? I originally wanted to rebuild but am having second thoughts because the estimates are coming...Read more
We had a house fire a few months ago. going through our 200+ page inventory, I've learned a lot about RCV vs ACV and all the nuances that go with it! Fortunately, we purchased replacement cost. We had a 60 inch TV that they said would cost $600.00 to replace with a $400.00 depreciation...Read more
Hi there, Can you please advise if the driveway and patios attached to dwelling are covered under Dwelling Coverage A for State Farm? Thanks!...Read more
Our insurance independent appraiser has submitted a very low appraisal of our home using very low comps and deducting the value of the land before the Camp Fire because that is what was on tax records. What is my best option to approach them? They keep referring me back and forth between appraiser...Read more
My husband and I lost our home from the recent Camp Fire. I’ve read the CA laws several times, but some of the language is still confusing. We had 50% Extended Coverage in our policy. Our insurance co. Is saying that the rebuild is about $30,000 short of what we owe. We are thinking about...Read more
We had a total loss of our dwelling due to the camp fire. Our insurance did not offer any housing advice due to lack of availability for such a large disaster. A family member owns a house that I can lease at fair market value. Is renting from family under ALE in this situation legal in...Read more
Hello. My husband and i lost our entire home in the camp fire. It is a total loss. We met with our adjuster yesterday. Our adjuster said we can use our extended coverage (extra 25%) to rebuild our home, but not to used to purchase a new home? One of your helpful videos says CA Insurance Code...Read more
Spoke to my adjuster five days ago but can't get a hold of her again to get funds for living expenses...Read more
If multiple individuals are filing claims should we attempt to get our claim in expeditiouslyRead more
The mortgage company is holding our re-build funds but with no interest accruing. Is this legal?Read more
I recently had massive damage to my home from hurricane Michael. My insurance (Farm Bureau of Ga) called me and advised they were sending me a check for less than a 3rd of what my contractor advised it would take for my repairs.Read more
Destroyed home Santa Rosa. Wish to replace home in other area OR take settlement. Am I entitled to code upgrade $$ If I don't rebuild? Or if purchase replacement home does insurance Co. Owe me for all title 24 upgrades?...Read more
I have talked to neighbors their rebuild costs are $500-$800 a sq foot. The estamite I was told by the contractor put us at $430 per sq foot. We have 4 neighbors who only had damage claims not full property loss. A neighbor who has had full insurance settlement with AAA for their house and...Read more
Hi there, Having lost our home in the debris flow, we are required to completely redesign our house based on the new FEMA maps and building standards. Would this allow architect fees to fall into Option OL for coverages as they relate to building ordinance changes? Many thanks!...Read more
We are trying to purchase a replacement property and we were assured by the adjuster that we would get approval to use our %50 extended coverage to help fund our down payment. Now, they are saying it is only reimbursable, which means we have to buy the house first and then submit a reimbursement...Read more
My insurance company requires me to provide them with the amount and date of purchase of personal property if the claim is for over $5000.00. My claim was for $5227.00 They are requiring me to replace all the items, submit receipts and they will then depreciate the items I lost and pay me the...Read more
My mom's house which was rented out was hit by the Montecito debris flow. She had flood insurance and AAA rental property insurance. I am looking for information about how those two policies should work together. I understand from AAA that the flood insurance goes first. Mom has received full...Read more
On September 26, 2018 a tree fell in my backyard and partially landed on the back patio awning. I called my insurance to file a claim the next day. My homeowners insurance company is Occidental. They at first said my deductible would be $1,000 but are now saying my deductible is $2,500 because wind...Read more
We have received 100% of our coverage A plus the 50% extension after providing proof of our plan to rebuild (we submitted our rebuild permit), which we had every intention of doing. Initially they were telling us that they would disburse the additional funds as we finish certain stages of...Read more
We have plastic sit on top kayaks and are wondering if they are included as watercraft.Read more
Can you please provide me a 'key' to rank the condition of our personal contents? i.e. 1 = Like new, 2 = Very good...etc. We received a ranking from our insurance company of: Good, Average, and Poor, but this seems very limited. Please help. Thank you!!...Read more
Policy reads Send to us , within 60 days after our request your signed, sworn proof of loss which sets forth, to the best of your knowledge and belief. a) The time and cause of loss, e) Specifications of damage buildings and detailed repair estimates. f) The inventory of damage personal...Read more
Lost our home in Tubbs Fire. We have Extended Replacement Coverage(ERC) ("Dwelling Replacement Cost") of 100%. Therefore we have 200% of Coverage A to replace the Dwelling. We also have "an additional 20% of the limit of liability" for Code Upgrades ("Ordinance or Law...Read more
Is there a time limit on turning in the contents inventory? We are coming up on the anniversary of the fire and are still working slowly on the inventory. Read more
I recently gifted a vehicle to my college aged daughter. We are both named as the registered owners because my daughter and the vehicle are under my auto policy. My college aged daughter went out of town and without our knowledge or consent, my eldest daughter borrowed the vehicle and was involved...Read more
We lost our home in Santa Rosa during the Tubbs fire in October 2017. Rather than rebuild in Santa Rosa, we purchased and are remodeling a home in Healdsburg. We settled our building claim for the lost property with the exception of code upgrades, which are reimbursed as incurred. Can we rightfully...Read more
The FEMA filing deadline is coming up - should we file even though it was a second home? Does our fire insurance cover the additional improvements to the house, even though we never upgraded our insurance? Since it was going to be a rental, should we get the improvements to the home for purchases...Read more
Hi, We lost a family duplex we had as a rental in the Tubbs Fire. We were reimbursed rent for 1 year butcare wondering if we are entitled for rent beyond the first year (Just as ALE extended to 24 months for my personal home I lost) because of it being a National Disaster? We are rebuilding but...Read more
I have documented my rebuild costs and been paid out 150% of dwelling policy limits by Travelers for rebuild or replacement. In terms of replacement option, I am trying to better understand the process and factors that may influence my decision. 1. Can I use the 150% rebuild amount to pay for...Read more
Are there obligatory deductions created in the total settlement amount (ie. do you sacrifice the 20% extended or 10% code coverages) if you either opt to repurchase a home elsewhere or if you elect to take a cash out payment without rebuilding or replacing your home? Its pretty certain we will max...Read more
Hi, We lost our home in Sonoma during the October 2017 fires. Our insurance helped us secure a rental through a relocation service, and agreed to pay the rent, though only for the initial 6 months. Later in October of 2017, they advanced us an additional $30K from our ALE to cover, as our agent...Read more
Is there a statute of limitations to file against an insurance company? I’m working with State Farm but may claim is moving slowly and I’m concerned that the 1 year anniversary of Oct 8th fires approaching. Read more
I had a total home loss in the tubbs fire in Oct 2017. Instead of rebuilding, I choose to buy a replacement home. The insurance company only allowed me to use some of the money from the extended rebuild/replacement funds of the policy. They justified this by subtracting the value of the land of...Read more
Is it necessary to meet the claims adjuster at the site? This will be the first time to the site for adjuster. Due to health reasons, I would prefer not to meet them. They brought up that it would not be necessary for me to meet them, I planned to, but do not feel well. CARR FIRE, Shasta County...Read more
Do you have ratings for homeowners insurance companies?Read more
we need defensible space requirements with specific measurements. example: do we need to "clearcut" trees for 100 feet around our house? ...Read more
Hi. I live in Santa Rosa, a victim of the Tubbs fire and I am considering purchasing a house instead of rebuilding on my burned out vacant lot. I understand that the insurance laws in California allow that option. My question is: Will my insurance company pay me the same amount of money to purchase...Read more
Hi there, We have been getting the run around in receiving a certified copy of our policy from State Farm. They sent the same homeowners policy packet that they provided already, although this one doesn't have "sample" written across it. Is this all I am to expect from a certified...Read more
I was in the moving process and my uhaul truck was broken into and most of my personal property was stolen . I had 2 file boxes which contained most of my receipts and important paperwork . What do i do Read more
I have looked for a form to start the process haven't found one yet . Do you have a form letter or any suggestions. Who do I talk to how do I start it...Read more
My gf and I are both in the policy and the settlement check is written out to both of us (AND). We cannot agree on how to spend it so a joint account is a non starter. How do we split this check without utilizing a joint account?...Read more
My neighbor is completely disabled and is currently residing in a skilled nursing and assisted living facility, which is being paid by ALE. She is coming to realize that she may not be able to ever move back to her home and is likely not going to rebuild her home. Right now, she cannot even look...Read more
My wife and I evacuated our home in Leilani Estates, Hawaii on May 3rd 2018 when the volcano erupted. We relocated to Hilo 30 miles away to a rental unit within a couple days. During the following week of May 7th I opened a claim with HPIA due to the threat of impact to our home. My agent called...Read more
My insurer is stating that moving expenses are covered by my Personal Property coverage (which they have paid in full) and not ALE (where more than $100K balance remains.) It seems odd that moving ... which is a service ... would be covered under property coverage. Read more
I am currently under an evac warning where I live (Ukiah,CA.) due to the Mendo Complex Fires. My State Farm Insurance coverage indicates I have a $1000 deductible per loss event. Not bad. Outside of this, can I be reimbursed for hotel expenses during the mandatory evac if it comes to that? And...Read more
Ok so another question, this one more specific. Our insurance has been kind to my mother and I so far as to do with this house fire we dealt with a couple weeks ago. We did receive a draft of items from our insurance which shows what and how much we will be paid for (items in the house that were...Read more
Our basement flooded. We don't have flood insurance. How do we file a claim?...Read more
Hi. Our house burnt down and I was given a draft by our insurance of items that they have noted the value to. I noticed they missed some items. Am i I intitled to submit an inventory list of my own (I even took pics) to add-on to my insurances initial draft???Read more
My mother and I just recently lost our house to a fire, about 10 days ago. We barely made it out at about 2:30am. State fire investigators say the fire started in/ around our shed and then worked its way in to our home fast. Cause has been ruled “undetermined”. We do have insurance. But we’ve never...Read more
My mom lost her house in Carr fire, I need a checklist of specifics we need to accomplish in next few days, weeks, months etc.Read more
Is it difficult to get homeowners insurance if your home is on top of or near a fraking site. I understand that nationwide insurance and State Farm insurance will not offer a homeowners insurance at all to homes that are on or near fraking drilling sitesRead more
What is the best way to start negotiation on contents? We need to increase our Acv, found discrepancies.-letter? if so do you have a sample? Or just start sending them emailRead more
One of the special conditions our homeowners policy states: "Any suit or action must be brought within one year after the inception of loss or damage." Our house was totally destroyed in the Tubbs Fire on October 9, 2017. We are trying to rebuild and have not yet settled various "...Read more
My house was destroyed in the October wildfires. My renewal for my insurance is coming due in August. I called the company(ASI) and asked about what to do since the house is no longer there. They said that they wouldn't issue a building policy until the house is 6 months from completion...Read more
What happens to the funds if we refinance ? We have shelled out a lot of our own money doing repairs. Mortgage Company says they will release SOME of the funds after we supply some additional documents. A lot of the repairs and clean up were done with cash, how do we prove that ? Licensed and...Read more
We lost our home in the October 2017 wild fires in Sonoma County. There were almost 6000 homes destroyed in Sonoma County alone as a result of the fires. Give the magnitude of the loss, it may take more than 24 months to rebuild our house given the number of people vying for the limited supplies...Read more
I’ve been collecting data to make a case to ask the insurance company to increase limits. In preparation for that what documents should I request from them? I’ve heard file claims etc. Please advise Read more
Hi Again... I have another question about the "Loss of Use" My home burnt to the ground Dec 2017 as I was renovating it. We were about a month or so from completing the inside. I had a renter lined up to start renting it Feb 2018. I had asked the insurance people about recovering "...Read more
So I had a house fire Dec 2017 and have been anxiously working thru the claim with the insurance people. I have also been tirelessly working on a new plan to rebuild the home as it was a total loss. So I am now at the juncture of getting a builder risk policy for the new build and I am confused. I...Read more
Filed a claim on our camper and tje claim was in motion and 2 weeks later we had a bad hail storm and ins totatled our camper so she told us we couldnt have the first claim check not to cash it. Its 2 digferent claims?Read more
First thank you. You have saved us heartache and anguish related to Tubbs Fire. We have large claim on a new construction completed in 2016. We have been switched to new adjusters 4 times within Travelers within the ‘major case’ division with no explanation. There is ~$1million delta on...Read more
We have an additional Endorsement for Dwelling Replacement Cost (DRC). It reads "we will settle covered losses to the dwelling under Coverage A, up to 150% of the limit of liability shown in the Declarations for Coverage A ..." While trying to clarify our coverage limits, the Director...Read more
We lost our home to the Tubbs Fire Oct 2017. We received full replacement for our scheduled property (jewelry). Are we required to replace the scheduled property with ‘like and kind’? Is there a time limit to replace (1 vs 2 years for national disaster)? Are we required to show ‘proof of...Read more
My two homes were completely destroyed by fire/Lava in Kapoho Hawaii. June 2018. My claims adjuster called saying they would pay the maximun for the dwellings $182,000 $85,000 He went on to say I was underinsured and a conservative amount to rebuild would be $251,000 $130,000 My...Read more
I asked my insurance agent to whom a payment would be made in the case of a claim for my home since I have no existing mortgage or liens and own my home outright. He said :"...any checks for structural damage that is over $5000 are written to you and your bank..." I have asked him if...Read more
We lost our property in Kapoho Vacationlad om the Kilauea lava eruption. We were insured for both fire and loss due to volcanic eruption. It appears that landscaping is covered by our policy, but I'm uncertain how to estimate the replacement value of mature trees, bushes and other landscaping...Read more
I lost my home on June 4th, 2018; it was totally destroyed. The land is also totally destroyed and worth $0.00, according to the County of Hawaii Property Tax office. I am insured by Lloyds of London, and RPS is processing my claim. RPS sent me a form by email on June 8, 2018 to sign to get a $...Read more
I just had a home remodeled, not my primary residence which was destroyed. My rental home in vacant. Will the insurance company pay me fair market value for my rental if I move into it instead of me having to renting something else? Read more
My home was destroyed by lava. do you have a sample of what should be in my personal inventory list? some of it I do not have pictures of and I do not have any sales receipts is this going to make it so I can not get any reimbursementRead more
My mortgage lender is in another state. I am in Calif. I am requesting they send back all the excess funds sent via my insurance co. for my rebuild. They want to hold all the funds and disburse accordingly. My builder needs funds upfront for the rebuild. Please advise...Read more
I requested a certified copy of my Safeco policy after the Tubbs fire in Santa Rosa, which destroyed my home. I requested a certified copy of my policy. They send me a policy, and the Policy Declarations page has my name on it, but the actual policy does not hame my name of it,, and it doesn...Read more
Hello UP Experts, We are California Wildfire survivors in Santa Rosa, CA and lost our home completely to the Tubbs fire. We have recently begun to consider purchasing a home instead of rebuilding. Allstate has paid out our dwelling limit, which is currently being held in an escrow account with our...Read more
Me and my family had a fire back in August 2017, there was a Restoration company that came out to board up the property. They offered there assistance to restore my home gave me quotes worked with the insurance company and I gave them the contract. We found a house to rent. I had funds for six...Read more
In 2012 my insurance carrier lowered my coverage mid year from $816000 to $643800 without my consent or knowledge. The limit was raised to account for inflation every year since and in 2017 my limit was $772200. I lost my home in the Tubbs Fire. I had not paid close enough attention to my...Read more
I lost my house completely at Santa Rosa wildfire Oct 8 2017. Currently I have a mortgage on the property and mortgage is also holding the equivalent amount in escrow for insurance proceeds I received. I wonder if there is any downside from Insurance claim process perspective to use that escrow $$...Read more
We have been living in a very small home that we already owned since the Tubbs Fire. We would like to sell it and buy a larger home to live in while we rebuild. Our burned home was 2200 sq ft. Our current house is 900 sq. ft. We are looking to purchase 1600 sq. ft. Will this jeopardize our...Read more
As a victim of the Northern Ca. wildfire (coffey park) I have just completed my inventory list. 1. Do I make an entry for sales tax on the list? if so how much %? 2. My limit is 314,000. My list total is $309,000. Got a payment of 60% of contents coverage several months ago with most others?...Read more
My wife and I am very underinsured. Our insurance carrier is State Farm. I have had a scope of loss prepared to recoup Option ID and Option OL. I would like to obtain above coverage limits (there is over 1 million dollars difference between the coverage and the scope estimate). There is a cover...Read more
Our insurance company has been reluctant to pay for any of our living expenses after water damage left house uninhabitable. They have given us a date to move out of the living arrangements they gave us saying that they will not approve for any further time. This claim has dragged on for so long due...Read more
So I discovered a hot spot on my concreate slab. Plumber came out and Figured out the hot water was running constantly with all faucets turned off. So I shut the hot water line off. Called insurance company and they said “no damage no claim” and for me to call a leak detector. well not even 48...Read more
After the recent fire in Santa Rosa we settled with our insurance company regarding the bulk of our reconstruction payout. We currently receive loss of use funds from our insurance company to offset the cost of not living in the home that was destroyed. Fortunately we have a small rental...Read more
I met with ajuster right after the fire a total loss of contents. We together walked thru mentally and idenified items and estimated cost, which resulted in a 16 page inventory / uncompleted inventory list of contents . I have recieved 50 percent payout of total inursed contents dollar amount.With...Read more
We Fortunately we had flood insurance!!!! The claim on the structure is fine, no real issue. However the Contents portion of the claim has depreciation on everything, not a single item had $0 depreciation. •The repair estimate to our 70 year old piano, along with professional evaluation fee...Read more
Is the public adjuster I hired entitled to a percentage of money I received from the insurance company before I hired himRead more
We had a total loss in the Lilac Fire of a custom home. Our insurance's appraiser did a poor appraisal and lost 900sq of living space, did not use a comparable comp., or read the prior pre-fire appraisal. He gave us a low-ball value (43% of insured value). We stated our concerns and were told...Read more
Is there a website or chatline addressing low-ball insurance offers to rebuild homes lost in the Tubbs Fire? Our insurer is State Farm and they are refusing to honor our 2 contractors rebuild estimates. Their offers contemplate a rebuild cost per square foot of less than $250 not including the...Read more
Hi, I am writing on behalf of my 93-year-old mother who lost her home in the Thomas fire. For the first few months she lived with us. 2 weeks ago she moved to a retirement home in Ventura. Her Allstate agent isn't being clear on what she is entitled to as far as loss-of-use goes. First he said...Read more
We have additional insurance for O&L and "replacement costs" (i.e. inflated costs of labor and materials. Can we apply insurance proceeds to rebuild on an adjacent lot, using the above-referenced proceeds? ...Read more
We lost our home in last October's Tubbs Fire .... There is a vast difference between the adjuster's estimate for the value of our house and our preliminary estimate (not a Scope of Loss document). Although the insurance company (Allstate) is calling their Exactimate evaluation a Scope of...Read more
Our home insurance policy has a 75% extended replacement of dwelling clause. Since our Coverage A limit on the dwelling is $800,000, our extended replacement limit is $600,000. The insurance company has agreed that the cost to rebuild our home would exceed the combined limits of both the dwelling...Read more
Can we sell our lot before we've settled with our insurance company for the dwelling ?...Read more
How do I file in court if the insurance company drags out and it comes to my 2 to year deadline in auto accident injury claim case? Read more
COVERAGE D - LOSS OF USE The limit of liability for Coverage D is the total limit for the coverages in 1. Additional Living Expense, 2. Fair Rental Value and 3. Civil Authority Prohibits Use below. 1.Additional Living Expense: If a loss covered under Section I makes that part of the "...Read more
We have 10 acres and many, many burnt trees that need to be removed. Can we use debris removal for the trees or do they usually fall into the landscape portion of the claim.Read more
We need to complete tests on our well and septic system. Can we use ALE for those expenses? We also need to complete soil engineering tests to move forward with our rebuild. Can we expense these to ALE as well? Thanks!Read more
I would like to know if the above California insurance codes if in any way states or infers that all residential policy holders with policies from the same insurance company, must be treated the same to avoid engaging " in unfair .....practices in the business of insurance"...Read more
Feb. 2017, I received a premium notice. Phoned my agent's office, spoke to an associate, questioned the increase in price. Was told that it was due to a report from an assessor who walk the exterior and stated that the roof tile was not the same. I stated that it had never been replaced...Read more
My house on 8+ acres was lost to fire. I lost 3 acres of established gardens and several hundred native trees, shrubs and mulch/loam/wood chips. Currently have case with power company to recover losses. How do I value cost of and labor to replace ESTABLISHED plants, trees and ground cover/...Read more
Luckily my house did not burn and I only lost a barn and greenhouse. My insurer is Farmer's and so far except for the following issues I have been pleased with their service. The problem with the soil sampling is that while it is required by law (?) that I have the debris tested before it is...Read more
Hurricane Irma caused damage to our home. No area contractors able to do any interior repairs in timely fashion. Wife and I have the skill sets to do drywall repairs, tiling painting etc. Are we entitled to reimbursed for our personal labor. Read more
We had $140K coverage on our house and $14K coverage on outbuildings. Our well and well house were destroyed in the fire that damaged but did not destroy the house. I asked this question of our first adjuster and verified her answer with the second adjuster: “The repair of the well will be...Read more
While still standing, our home built in mid 1980s (cinder block and slump stone with tile roof) was damaged in the Tubbs Lane fire. Our metal barn (adjacent to the house) "melted" as well as most of the trees behind the house were destroyed. All homes around us were completely destroyed...Read more
Our claims adjuster agreed to a rental amount on December 11, 2017 for a rental home we needed due to the loss of our home from the North Bay Fires in October. We moved into the rental on February 1, 2018. Then on February 16 we were advised by the temporary housing manager that our adjuster had...Read more
We lost our home in the October, 2017 Tubbs firestorm. We are still considering whether or not we are able to rebuild depending on insurance and costs yet to be determined. We have contacted the original Architect that did the plans for our home in 2002 to obtain a copy. He indicated that the...Read more
My AAA coverage (that is too low, but this is another topic…) proposes the Fair Rental Value option as a monthly for D coverage as long as we are living in a temporary situation (up to 24 or 30 months). This option is a way for us to simplify our everyday life now without accounting for every ALE...Read more
Our insurance required us to get a lease for 12 months for the rental after we lost our home in the Oct 8 fire. If we decide to buy a home instead of rebuilding, before the 12 months do we have to suffer the consequences of breaking our lease and what are they. What can we do to prevent this?Read more
Dear United Policyholders team, We are victims of Santa Rosa CA wildfire, on October9, 2017. My AAA coverage (that is too low, but this is another topic…) proposes the Fair Rental Value option as a monthly for D coverage as long as we are living in a temporary situation (up to 24 or 30 months)...Read more
I need to send my insurance company a letter of intent to rebuild. Is there anything specific I should include in the letter besides the desire to rebuild? We are still in negotiations over Dwelling A, extended coverage and code upgrades. Should I indicate that I expect I will need full policy...Read more
We lost our home in the Thomas Fire. When we bought the insurance, we were told that $200 a square foot was more than enough to rebuild in Ventura County. Consequently, we had $364,000 in insurance. After the fire, the insurance company brought in MKA to estimate rebuilding costs. They're are...Read more
My smoke damage contractor, ServPro, informed me they will place a lien on my home in less than 3 weeks. They are still negotiating with my insurance company, Travelers, and my agent has been unresponsive to my requests for information. If I send Servpro all the funds the insurance has sent me,...Read more
I would like to if I have a right to a new adjuster for my claim. I lost my home in the October Wildfires and from the very beginning she didn't return my calls or respond to my email. It took her 10 days to actually contact me in person. She left one voicemail before that. Most transactions...Read more
I had a collection of vintage guitars and vintage stereo equipment all of which were very expensive . They were of course purchased used from individuals. Does the insurance company have the right to go beyond verifying the receipt with a seller. And ask for a physical visual inspection of said...Read more
I lost my home in Santa Rosa (Coffey Park neighborhood) during the October 2017 wildfires. I was told by a builder and an architect in separate conversations that once I break ground on rebuilding my house I will be 99% "locked-in" with the Dwelling Unit (structural) value/payout amounts...Read more
We demoed our kitchen, and some drywall and flooring in the living room. Bedrooms and bathrooms still intact. How does this affect our claim, do we disclose this information to our adjuster? All of our new appliances when boxes in the garage. Everything was lost our new cabinets which we paid in...Read more